Syfy Orders One More Episode of ‘Eureka’ – The Series Finale

Published 4 years ago by , Updated May 12th, 2013 at 7:57 am,

eureka season 4 cast Syfy Orders One More Episode of Eureka   The Series Finale

Eureka fans have had a hard week, after being teased with a bogus six-episode order only to be told the series was cancelled a few days later.

It seems like Syfy has heard the hue and cry: they’re allowing the Eureka team to produce a final episode as a send-off for the series.

The news came as E! Online spoke with Eureka showrunner Jaime Paglia on a Vancouver set visit. The mood was somber given the recent news, but Paglia confirmed that executives at Syfy are allowing production of a single episode, serving as a finale for the five-year show.

“[The writers] have the opportunity to give us and the viewers closure—they’ve been loyal, loyal fans for years.” said Erica Cera, who’s played Deputy Sheriff Jo Lupo since the series’ inception. Prior to today, the last episode of Season 5 was to be the finale, an arrangement that was less than tenable for Eureka producers and fans alike.

Eureka star Niall Matter had this to say earlier today, before news of the finale episode broke:

There’s just not enough time to button everything up. They’re going to work really hard to tie things up, but I read the episode and it’s not how I would want to end this series, that’s for sure.

syfy orders eureka finale Syfy Orders One More Episode of Eureka   The Series Finale

According to producer Amy Berg, the decision to end the series was a hard one for Syfy. Eureka‘s considerable budget, even in the face of steady ratings and loyal fans, was the nail in the coffin. Based on Berg’s comments, the final decision may have come down to their parent company Comcast-NBC Univeral. Comcast merged with NBC Universal in 2010.

While it’s a shame to see a successful and audience-pleasing show suffer such an ignoble fate, the addition of a final episode should soften the blow for Eureka‘s dedicated fanbase. All too often shows are cancelled without warning during or after production, and have no time to create a satisfying conclusion – see fellow Syfy casualty Stargate Universe, which went out on a sour note in May.

Eureka Season 5 is currently filming and is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2012. Depending on the network’s decision, it may be split across two summers (as Seasons 3 and 4 have been) or air in a single four month run. The thirteenth episode will be the add-on finale.

Eureka Season 4.5 is currently airing Mondays at 8PM.


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Source: E! Online

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  1. give syfy NO ratings for the lasts episodes! just download! f them!

  2. Well, no wonder it is being cancelled…..the parent company is NBC, probably the worst network to be a part of. They consistently cancel top rated but quirky shows. Syfy, listen to your viewers!!!! I want Eureka….and StarGate Universe, not wrestlng!

    • I hate wrestling.

  3. I hope it’s at least 4 hours long.

  4. This does not surprise me in the least. Matter of fact, I was just waiting for the hammer to come down. Stargate Atlantis and Caprica, anyone? True science fiction shows are being cancelled at an alarming rate, and NBC/Syfy are to blame for most of it. It should be called the wrestling and pseudo paranormal reality channel. Nothing but crap.

    Syfy: Can’t Imagine FRAK.

  5. Other networks should do this

  6. The only reason I watch SyFy (Sucking Your Fiction Yearning :-D ), is Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Star Trek, Warehouse 13, Alphas, and Eureka….all sci-fi/fantasy shows. When are these….people going to realize that people want science fiction/fantasy/horror, not guys going around jumping at every little noise and definitely not wrestling. Did they get rid of Quantum Kitchen? If so, great, because I couldn’t figure out what that was doing on a science fiction channel anyway. If they want to save more money then cancel Alphas and make more Eureka.

  7. What a load of BS. They managed to “afford it” for 5 years (and SG: Atlantis for 5 years AND SGU for a paltry 2 years) so why is it now suddenly too costly? I guess they would rather produce shows like Alphas with much smaller casts and lower FX requirements instead of supporting better shows like Eureka.

    Who the hell do I call to have someone go bust these idiot’s knee caps? Wait…..anyone have Tanya Harding’s phone number? :D

  8. Thank the Corporate masters at COMCAST. That’s why I don’t use Comcast, they are cheapskates.

  9. Let’s see how SyFy and NBC work:

    1. They develop a great, successful series that fans absolutely love, and, in contrast to other fan-loved shows, gets high ratings.

    2. They show their disdain for the fans by messing up the schedule terribly: splitting seasons into small segments that come and go with little warning, put re-runs in the middle of those short runs, and now move it from its original slot to another day and time

    3. They (NBC) pay ridiculous salaries to stars of series (e.g. Friends, Seinfeld) then claim they can’t afford to keep things going.

    4. They (SyFy) waste money on increasingly laughable “original movies” that, although I’m sure they had small budgets, could have paid for new episodes of Eureka.

    Yeah, this all makes perfect sense.

  10. Just like the did for Farscape. Good ratings, a growing fan base but it wasnt getting better fast enough so they pulled the plug event with contracts that said 5 seasons.

  11. They just made a quick buck on having wrestling. Wrestling just does not make any sense on Syfy. Wrestling should have its on separate channel. I bet the ratings are terrible for Wrestling on Syfy. When are they going to cancel two hours of moronic Wrestling on Friday night and have the type of shows we love?

  12. NBC is notorious for cancelling good shows before their time. Just look at JAG. Without it there’d be no NCIS.
    SyFy needs to get their act together. They’re letting a good thing go. I watch that channel alot – except when wrestling is on! What’s sci-fi about wrestling?! If they’re looking to save some dollars how about dropping production on a few of those lame movies they produce and stick with the good stuff.

  13. My fellow fans have said it all.

    Get rid of the wrestling.

    Get rid of the poorly made ‘D’ movies.

    Get rid of the nonsensical reality shows that never go anywhere.

    Now with the money you just saved keep Eureka on the air and bring
    back Stargate Universe out of deep sleep.

    A Perplexed Fan of Good Sci-Fi Shows.

  14. I liked this channel better when it was still Sci-Fi. Since the name changed to SfFy all of the interesting Sci-Fi shows seem to get cancelled. Stargate Universe, now Eureka. I guess the next show to go will be Warehouse 13 – anything that generally fits the genre of “science fiction” doesn’t seem to fit anymore on a channel that is dedicated to weired and quirky. And we all seem to agree – WHY is wrestling on this channel! I hate wrestling and showing it on the SyFy channel makes about as much sense as showing football on the Tennis Channel. Way off base with the target audience.

  15. Dropping a fantastic show like Eureka frustrates me to no end!! Sadly, what can we do about it? We watched the show with great loyalty, tell our friends about the show and wait patiently for new episodes to come out. But I guess Syfy/NBC/Comcrap don’t really care what fans like. What a way to run a network/channel. I hope another network would pick up Eureka and run it. You know what happens then, actors and audience become disillusioned and don’t trust the networks. It’s getting harder for me to watch any new series because networks have no integrity what so ever. If they have a show that does good but has a week of less than better ratings for whatever excuse, …boom!..the show is gone. So long, Eureka! You were such a wonderful,(and sometimes deadly,) place to escape to.

  16. Now two more hours of Wrestling on Tuesday Nights!!!!! :(
    The World must be coming to an end! At this rate soon there will be Wrestling on every night! If that is the case we will all stop watching this channel all together.

  17. Hers an idea since Wrestling is taking over the Channel. Combine the Wrestling with the Stupid movies they have on Saturday night with them Wrestling Giant Snakes, Sharks and Crocks! :(

  18. I heard they are going to replace Eureka with Hulk Hogan’s ‘Micro Wrestling!

  19. Now I figured out what they are doing. They are going to take the Wrestlers and turn them into Actors sort of like Dwayne Douglas Johnson “The Rock” Next week they put their grand plan into action on Haven by putting one of these Wrestlers on the show. Can’t wait for them to do the same for the Series finale of Eureka! :(

  20. I can’t believe SyFy is cancelling Eureka. It’s one of my most favorite shows. I use to watch SyFy all the time. Now, they have Paranormal Witness and Wrestling. I use to watch SyFy more than my local channels. Now, I’m watching a lot of reruns of Monk and Psych. Eureka is a delightful show, nothing too serious, a lot of laughs, and enjoyably entertaining. Maybe they should put Eureka on NBC; it would probably raise their ratings and viewer numbers.

  21. Syfy started to really change when its name changed to Syfy. It was better as Scifi. The NBC/SyFy is moving, the world is getting closer to a little movie titled, “Idiocracy.” Stupidity and realty tv rule.

  22. I think they that’s syfy sucks for taking it off one of the only shows I enjoyed

  23. So I’m based in Zambia do perhaps I just don’t get American culture but I think cancelling a show that even 100,000 PEOPLE are watching and leaving them in suspense FOREVER is just plain rude! Much like sticking you middle finger in their faces. But like I said it’s probably just cultural misunderstanding……….:(

  24. Wrestling on the Scifi channel, what are these people smoking? I am among the masses that really enjoy Eureka and don’t want it to be canceled. It may be expensive, but sometimes you just need to step up to the table and do it. Keep Eureka on the air.

  25. Saw the handwriting (or picture in this case) on the wall for the inevitable cancellation of SyFi’s Eureka. Obama’s photograph so prominently displayed in Lupo’s office and constantly shown in recent episodes was a ominus sign of the kiss of death. Look what this administration did to NASA and future space exploration. Global Dynamics and Eureka would have no chance to even exist. I know its scifi, but you cannot ignore the irony either.

    • Yeah I noticed that too.

      I actually started noticing when I saw all seasons together and you BARELY if you actually TRY to look in the background see a little picture of BUSH high up in the Sheriff’s office and not focused.

      But for Lupos security offfice (is she even a federal agent now?) has a GIGANTIC picture at eye level prominently shown and made to fit ridiculsy in several scenes.

      Funny how DEMOCRATS derided the STAR WARS program and mostly hate DEFENSE budgets…

      The Irony is that Eureka wasn’t shut down the Fauxbama came to visit in that one episode in the Fourth Season…

  26. I am not ready for Eureka to leave. I look forward to it, please don’t end it. It is bad enough that I don’t see Haven. Keep Eureka going!

  27. RIP Eureka, you will be sorely missed by many more than they realize…
    Thank you for a really great ending, what a nice change. You left a grown man with his heart in his throat!!

  28. Eureka is one of the best shows on TV. It was too soon for the show to end, however, I do appreciate the season finale show.

    Eureka kept me tune from the start to end! Yes, like all the previous comments I dont care for wrestling.

    Syfy, the only reason you keep me watching on your network where for shows like Eureke and Stargate Series.

  29. Please put back what’s right here in my town people loves eureka we would have eureka get togethers come back

    • I would just like to know, who are the geniuses that would cancel one of the best science fiction programs on television? The SciFi channel was the primary channel I watched, but since the SyFy channel’s programming is being filled with crap I’m starting to surf the channels for better shows. I hope the SyFy wakes up and keep Eureka in the air and in production or let another network picks up Eureka.

    • I would just like to know, who are the geniuses that would cancel one of the best science fiction programs on television? The SciFi channel was the primary channel I watched, but since the SyFy channel’s programming is being filled with crap. I’m starting to surf the channels for better shows. I hope the SyFy wakes up and keep Eureka in the air and in production or let another network picks up Eureka.