‘Eureka’ Producers On Why The Show Was Canceled and How To End It

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Eureka Season 6 SyFy Eureka Producers On Why The Show Was Canceled and How To End It

The news of Syfy canceling Eureka was a shock to everyone – especially to those who create the hit series. After briefly announcing that Syfy had ordered six episodes for Eureka season 6, plans at the network quickly changed and the series was unceremoniously given the axe.

We spoke with Eureka executive producer Bruce Miller a week before the cancelation was announced, and he showed no signs of the series being in trouble. In fact, Miller went as far as to highlight the fact that “we have a bigger audience now than we did in our first season.” This sentiment was certainly championed by co-executive producer Amy Berg following this week’s ratings – and the unfortunate news of the series being canceled.

Said Amy Berg (via Twitter): “Ratings in for last night’s show. They are excellent, and continue to rise with each new episode. The definition of bittersweet, I guess.”

Upon the announcement of Eureka being canceled, Berg revealed exactly why Syfy decided to cancel their long-time staple (that continues to grow in popularity), and it all has to do with profit margins.

“We are the network’s golden child in every way, except profit margins. Fact is, Eureka is an expensive show to make. And we could not maintain the quality of our show with the cuts it would take to make us profitable for Syfy’s new parent company.”

While it can be said that many previous series – Caprica, Stargate Universe, for example – have fallen because of the Comcast-NBCUniversal merger, this is the first time that the reasoning was directly revealed to public. That being said, Berg continues by saying that the executives at Syfy didn’t exactly roll over to their parent company’s wishes.

“Our creative execs at Syfy fought hard to keep us. Trust me, they LOVE us. We just couldn’t make the numbers work.”

Considering that Syfy is the most forward-thinking network on television (honestly), it’s a bit disheartening to hear that profit margins are coming into play for a series that continues to grow in popularity with every episode. It’s not as if the series wasn’t profitable, it just wasn’t profitable enough.

Eureka Season 5 final Syfy Eureka Producers On Why The Show Was Canceled and How To End It

At a point, this discussion about profit margins becomes humorous. NBC has been digging themselves in hole for years with an ever-changing line-up of television series. With almost every new series they picked up last year being canceled, one might point out that making a profit – even if it’s small – is still better than not making a profit and continuously churning out expensive television pilots which are by and large canceled in their freshman year.


Eureka is, sadly, canceled, and the producers must figure out how they’d like to end the series. In the same conversation we had with Miller, he discussed the talks that have been occurring about how they’d like to end the series, when it came to that point. Unfortunately, that point came quicker than Miller ever thought.

Here’s what Miller had to say about how to end Eureka:

“Our show has been on for seven years – give or take. You want to start thinking about, ‘Ok, if we wanted to end it, how would we end it.’ You have some jokey answers to that, and some more… what would be a satisfying ending, but not something everybody predicts.”

“The expression we always use: you want it to feel just absolutely inevitable, yet unpredictable.”

Even though Eureka is currently filming their fifth and final season (set to premiere in 2012), there is enough time for them to create an appropriate ending for the series. While some storylines may be moved around and shortened, fans need not worry about a ridiculous ending to their favorite series.

Unless, of course, a ridiculous ending is exactly what the producers are aiming for. If that’s the case, I have no doubt that it’ll be sublime.

Eureka airs Mondays @8pm on Syfy.

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  1. you know this is a syfy channel when you take off show like Stargate Universe, and eureka .That’s not right . But you put things like face to face and hot set . what the s*&^%$^&*t is that all about.stuff like that .I use to always have my TV the the syfy now I think I put it on when warehouse 13 alph that about it and if you don’t start putting back some good stuff you mite as well call the syfy something eles

  2. I enjoyed EUReKA because it was a fantasy that is somewhat close to reality. Most if not all of the subject matter, is based on real science.
    Yeah, I know that’s a stretch, but compared to other TV fare, which are written for a 6th grade education, it was refreshing. It wasn’t just the writing, the cast pulled it off, too. It was just the right mix. I’ll miss Henry, the Carter’s, Fargo, Jo, the gang at Global and Cafe Deim. If I ever win the lottery, I’d resurrect the show, myself!

    • You have the best idea I have read. Maybe we can get all the fans of Eureka to join in.
      I miss that program because it allowed us to think in the future just
      like the original Star Trek.
      Count me in for your idea.

    • My sentiments exactly! I was really hoping it would get picked up by another network.

      • Im in. Ill go play today

  3. Okay. How long did that piece of crap show “Jersey Shores” (I think) with Snooki stay on the air?!!! What no brain, no life idiot at the SyFy channel makes these stupid decisions? I know Jersey Shores wasn’t Science Fiction (or was it???) but what the hell is going on with the networks? I can imagine some little snot-nose kid sitting in a big chair that he is falling out of, peering over the top of his executive desk, saying, “Don’t like it…cancelled! Don’t understand it…get rid of it…doesn’t have enough of my favorite color purple….trash it!”

    Maybe everyone should refuse to watch the SyFy channel and then let’s see who will be around to change all those diapers!

  4. Perhaps you should change the channel on the stupid shows, like the one in the dark and the other junky ones. It blew me away when I found out wrestling is syfy. Hey I new it was fiction, but science fiction?

    What a trip that Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and other Syfy type shows now have other homes. I never expected the Syfy channel moved so far from itself. Now it is more of a cross between one-third syfy, one third “reaity”, not even good reality, and one-third split between sometimes good movies and then mostly infomercials. The only reality show they have that really fit syfy may be the paranormal and ones like faceoff. They git the sci-fi genre the channel was designed to have as an audience.

    The sci-fi, syfy, channel was not to be a “Netwirk” channel, lince for instance:NBC.

  5. I am so, so sad Eureka is gone! Are we in another time line maybe? I LOVE those guys! Especially, Zane, Fargo, Jo, Allison, and Carter! I WANT THEM BACK!

  6. Are they planning any Eureka movies or mini-series? I truly hope so! :)

    • I enjoyed eureka, All of the Star gates great shows sad they are all gone and I can’t stand jersey shore bs Worst show idea ever !

  7. sooooooooooo sad :(

  8. Others have mentioned this already, but man am I disappointed in SyFy.

    I no longer have a reason to go back to that channel.

  9. So sad, we love love Eureka, now what can we watch that is interesting and entertaining? Warehouse 13 is ok, but Eureka was the best. Lame move by the syfy channel.

  10. It’s funny. I haven’t watched SyFy since the last episode of Eureka. I have no plans to return, ever.

    SyFy is not trustworthy, and they do not deserve my viewership.

  11. Plz no me my husband n 2 girls love this show plz dear god bring it back its our faveorite show !!!

  12. Wish you’d try a little harder to make eureka work its worth keeping

  13. I followed this show from episode 1 to the last, I didn’t know the show had been cancelled.SYFY is now on my S–t list, as good as the show was credit to writers and actors I despise the fact I wasted my time watching only to find out there is no proper ending.You s–t heads at SYFY left us all hanging with no regards to us. Sounds to me that it is time to boycott SYFY I hope many others agree and follow suit. SYFY Executives Kiss my A–.

  14. Why can’t another network pick up Eureka? Like AMC, or even one of the premium channels like HBO? They would have a much bigger budget and possibly a bigger audience.

  15. I still can’t believe that this series is over. It was one of my favorite shows. I just now got around to checking on why there are no new episodes and it is still a very sore spot. I feel like all the characters were abandoned right where they left off and will be stuck there forever. Maybe one day it will come back.

  16. I am stunned this has been cancelled. I loved this show and its massive mistake to cancel it. Thanks to the bean counters we have lost another classic show and there were so many story threads which had not been fully exploited yet, sad so very very sad that profit margins get in the way of quality. As stated above its not like they were losing any money it was in profit!

    I agree with another posting about shows like Jersey Shore. Over here in the UK we have Geordie Shore and believe me it is equally as painful to watch as the Jersey Shore, trouble is these shows are cheap to make and so therefore maximise profits.
    As if these two terrible shows were bad enough in the UK we now have one about a fried chicken store yes that’s right a fried chicken takeaway store which films its clients and what they get up too *groan*. Oh and its not the obvious fried chicken franchise you might expect but some privately owned back street little place. Is this really what passes for entertainment these days? Feel like cancelling my cable subscription and throwing my TV out the door for all the use it is.

    Bring back Eureka NOW THE FANS DEMAND IT NOW NOW NOW!!! I would imagen they must be losing more money by cancelling a profitable show in favour of what exactly? From what I can see there is nothing to replace it with.

  17. i have stop watching syfy nothen ever good on it anymore.. i wish the bring back eureka it was a great show

  18. i came here to find out when the next Eureka was going to come out. IT”S CANCELLED???!!! Does this make sense?! They aren’t in the red, they have a great following, the cast is superb and the writers are frickin’ amazing!!! Someone else could pick them up? (and not change anything as far as cast and writers). You have to wonder what the Syfy guys are doing to earn their paychecks. It’s not getting earned, that’s for sure. They are playing a game that only they can play, no one else gets to participate in the decision and they don’t care about happy viewers.
    They gave us such great ideas for future inventions for goodness sake! And kids could watch too! I believe we got a lot of ideas from Star Trek and invented from just the ‘planted idea’.
    This is such a sad decision…

  19. I just started watching Eureka recently, it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. Is there seriously no way they could bring it back? It pisses me off that intelligently written shows like Eureka get cancelled and these idiotic reality shows and teen dramas, where the main plot line revolves around how many people the main character can sleep with, are running for so long.

  20. I can’t believe that you canceled this show .
    Because your profit wasn’t Big Enough!!
    Some Profit is Better than No Profit !!
    If you will notice Big Bang Theory had very Low Ratings until they Ran Rerun after Rerun , Now it is # 2 or # 1 why Because it’s a Great Show as is Eureka !! And you Keep the Stupid Sitcoms and Reality shows !! They are mostly mindless nonsense!! Eureka , Big Bang , and warehouse 13 at the very lest have intelligent
    Scientific situations !! Giving our children reasons to maybe Go into those fields . Instead of Flipin Burgers!!

  21. As an engineering student, I completely agree with Rebecca here. Eureka, Warehouse 13, Big Bang Theory, and also Fringe are my all time favorite shows. I haven’t gotten over the Eureka cancellation though and once WH-13 gets the ax I’ll probably forget that SyFy even exists. Abruptly cancelling the best shows on tv only to be replaced by wrestling and other fake reality shows is not the consistency I was looking for.

  22. I never watched Eureka until it came out on netflix.

    I just finished season 5 after waiting almost a year for it to come out on netflix and I was saddened to learn that they cancelled the show…

    wish netflix would pick up the series similar to how they picked up Arrested Development.

  23. Could they not just shut those sh*tty shows off and put stargate universe and eureka?
    i mean there is some seriously bad business decisions made here.

  24. I love Eureka so as usual it gets cancelled. Why is it always the great shows that can’t make the money hounds happy but make the people only profit by good entertainment.

  25. Please! Someone pick up the show! I cannot bear it being gone!!
    Its hard for me to sleep at night knowing the show is being cancelled.

    I’m 14, and I’ve watched every tv series on Netflix from Malcom In The Middle to Big bang theory which isn’t on Netflix anymore and Eureka is by far my favorite show. My favorite characters were John, Alison, Jo, and Henry. Not to mention Fargo, he was cool too!

    Pkeaze, put the show back on!! Or some pick up the show, make the people who started Eureka feel like an ASS for dropping the show!

  26. Please! Someone pick up the show! I cannot bear it being gone!!
    Its hard for me to sleep at night knowing the show is being cancelled.

    I’m 14, and I’ve watched every tv series on Netflix from Malcom In The Middle to Big bang theory which isn’t on Netflix anymore and Eureka is by far my favorite show. My favorite characters were John, Alison, Jo, and Henry. Not to mention Fargo, he was cool too!

    Please, put the show back on!! Or some pick up the show, make the people who started Eureka feel like an ASS for dropping the show!

  27. I hate that good shows get the axe and stupid shows keep going on. Eureka was a great show for the whole family and kept us on the edge of our seats. It was 100% great. I will no longer watch syfy. I hope syfy will at least let some one else pick it up if they want to. Its so upsetting to see crap like face off, and all those stupid movies they make.

  28. Maybe they should cut a show that means nothing. like something no one really watches. This show is not just a fun loving show but it teaches you things. And with this people actually LEARN something instead of watching a show that has no point and you loose brain cells just by watching it. Eureka rules and everyone knows it… Hopefully money works out and they come back… but I know I can hope for something anymore because the debt in the USA itself is just horrible…

  29. I really wish they had not canceled Eureka, it was an amazing show with the best actors characters plots ideas and graphics. The thing that makes me angry is it wasn’t because they were losing money they just didn’t make enough for their standards. If I won the lottery I would put everything into resurrecting the show. Bye Eureka D:

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