‘Eureka’ Producers On Why The Show Was Canceled and How To End It

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Eureka Season 6 SyFy Eureka Producers On Why The Show Was Canceled and How To End It

The news of Syfy canceling Eureka was a shock to everyone – especially to those who create the hit series. After briefly announcing that Syfy had ordered six episodes for Eureka season 6, plans at the network quickly changed and the series was unceremoniously given the axe.

We spoke with Eureka executive producer Bruce Miller a week before the cancelation was announced, and he showed no signs of the series being in trouble. In fact, Miller went as far as to highlight the fact that “we have a bigger audience now than we did in our first season.” This sentiment was certainly championed by co-executive producer Amy Berg following this week’s ratings – and the unfortunate news of the series being canceled.

Said Amy Berg (via Twitter): “Ratings in for last night’s show. They are excellent, and continue to rise with each new episode. The definition of bittersweet, I guess.”

Upon the announcement of Eureka being canceled, Berg revealed exactly why Syfy decided to cancel their long-time staple (that continues to grow in popularity), and it all has to do with profit margins.

“We are the network’s golden child in every way, except profit margins. Fact is, Eureka is an expensive show to make. And we could not maintain the quality of our show with the cuts it would take to make us profitable for Syfy’s new parent company.”

While it can be said that many previous series – Caprica, Stargate Universe, for example – have fallen because of the Comcast-NBCUniversal merger, this is the first time that the reasoning was directly revealed to public. That being said, Berg continues by saying that the executives at Syfy didn’t exactly roll over to their parent company’s wishes.

“Our creative execs at Syfy fought hard to keep us. Trust me, they LOVE us. We just couldn’t make the numbers work.”

Considering that Syfy is the most forward-thinking network on television (honestly), it’s a bit disheartening to hear that profit margins are coming into play for a series that continues to grow in popularity with every episode. It’s not as if the series wasn’t profitable, it just wasn’t profitable enough.

Eureka Season 5 final Syfy Eureka Producers On Why The Show Was Canceled and How To End It

At a point, this discussion about profit margins becomes humorous. NBC has been digging themselves in hole for years with an ever-changing line-up of television series. With almost every new series they picked up last year being canceled, one might point out that making a profit – even if it’s small – is still better than not making a profit and continuously churning out expensive television pilots which are by and large canceled in their freshman year.



Eureka is, sadly, canceled, and the producers must figure out how they’d like to end the series. In the same conversation we had with Miller, he discussed the talks that have been occurring about how they’d like to end the series, when it came to that point. Unfortunately, that point came quicker than Miller ever thought.

Here’s what Miller had to say about how to end Eureka:

“Our show has been on for seven years – give or take. You want to start thinking about, ‘Ok, if we wanted to end it, how would we end it.’ You have some jokey answers to that, and some more… what would be a satisfying ending, but not something everybody predicts.”

“The expression we always use: you want it to feel just absolutely inevitable, yet unpredictable.”

Even though Eureka is currently filming their fifth and final season (set to premiere in 2012), there is enough time for them to create an appropriate ending for the series. While some storylines may be moved around and shortened, fans need not worry about a ridiculous ending to their favorite series.

Unless, of course, a ridiculous ending is exactly what the producers are aiming for. If that’s the case, I have no doubt that it’ll be sublime.


Eureka airs Mondays @8pm on Syfy.

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  1. It is clear the public needs to drop cable, as the greedy tv corporate NBC & Comcast want more and more money, so only produce low budget crap to watch. If we all drop cable for several months and don’t provide the tv corporations any money, perhaps they will see some profit is better than none.

    • Its a shame they take a show that they admit is getting a stronger fan base after every episode and cancel it. I have been a fan of this network since the day they launched , even through all the other cuts I hung in there. Well I will no longer watch anything on this network , I would rather go make my own reality then watch the crap reality shows that’s taking over what used to be one of the best networks .

    • I cancelled my cable television when SG-1 went off air.

      No regrets.

  2. I have to agree with Paul, down with the greedy tv corporations. I will no longer support Syfy or Fox any longer with ANY show the produce from here on out. Bunch of idiots.

  3. None of it makes sense to me. How do you have so many great shows like Eureka and cancel them saying that don’t make enough money.. but then they end up pumping out garbage show after garbage show and expect to make a profit?

    I can’t even count how many shows that I use to watch, that have gone the way of the axe the past few years and it sickens me to death. I use to be a huge tv watcher, but since the greedy corporate slobs have no concept of whats a QUALITY show even when its right in front of them… I find myself other things like playing games online and outdoor activities.

    If these companies want to see the downfall of tv… then all they need to do it keep doing what their doing.

  4. Eureka was my weekly show. It was clean, original, very cool tech, great people, great effects for a TV show. I agree with everyone else the corporations have gotten way to greedy. They couldn’t see a good show if it killed them. Just like Firefly. To the cast and crew good luck, great job….

    To the corporation 01101001 01100100 00110001 00110000 01110100 01110011!

    • I see what you did there.

    • They are ID10Ts

    • I agree with you they are ID10TS

  5. Who ever took over syfi sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Who ever took over syfi suvks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ive never written in one of these things. But I feel like I have to this time. Eureka was my weekly show I never missed an episode in the 5-6 years that it’s been out. And to cancel it just be abuse it doesn’t make the huge piles of money? Is just greedy and selfish. I know tv is a business, but you put on show like jersey shore, and all those reality shows is just stupid. No wonder other countries say we are the most corrupt, and incompetent. If I wanted to see stupid people make even bigger idiots of themselves I’d go to the club and see it live isn’t of in tv. What a shame the networks don’t appreciate what they have. Next they will put some other show that will most likely be canceled in a years time. Good bye eureka. I will miss you. I won’t be a supporter or syfy any longer. No show worth watching now. Ciao.

  8. What really sucks is I just got into this show and fell in love. I’m still on season 1 and of course a show I fall deeply in love with get’s cancelled. Story of my life…

    • If you are just starting watching this show, enjoy the ride…it was great

  9. I’ve been watching Eureka from day one, it’s my favorite show. Regardless, if this decision came from their parent company, I’ve come to expect this behavior from SyFy. SyFy is more concerned with making movies about a giraffe-opotamus and filming idiots searching their backyards for Bigfoot then quality programing. They canceled Firefly, arguably the best show they’ve had, and they’ve canceled Eureka once before. Fortunately we, the fans, were able to get Eureka back. Now it seems that it’s finally over and I couldn’t be more disappointed. All SyFy has left worth watching is Warehouse 13 and Alphas. I haven’t decided whether I’ll continue to be part of the SyFy audience or not.

    • Firefly was on Fox, not SyFy. Not that Fox is any better in keeping good shows around. Look how Fringe has been rumored to be gone almost every year from it’s first.

  10. It is a great series, sad to see it go. I think everyone did a great job and the cast was well staffed. Hope one of the larger networks can pick it up; I really would like to see it continue. I did like Fargo as the comic relief more than the guy in charge, not really believable. Congratulations to everyone for making the last season the best.

  11. I really loved the show. Have been an avid fan from the beginning. I will miss this wonderfully imaginative program. So sad

  12. I think the producers of Eureka and shows like it should develop their own
    TV network. that should burn the britches of the NBC-comcast networks.:P

  13. Eureka was my absolute favorite tv show I made time to watch it every week but without it I have no reason to watch syfy channel

    Burn in hell Syfi you no longer have my support

    • What, you don’t like ghost hunting schoolkids buying international haunted antiques?

      • i can’t bring myself to watch a bunch of guys flicker the lights and say its a ghost. Lol

    • Ditto, Danny38. I will no longer support Syfy. They’re cancelling good shows and replacing them with mind-numbing rubbish. Bye bye. Cancelling cable comes next.

  14. Eureka was my absolute favorite tv show I made time to watch it every week but without it I have no reason to watch syfy channel

  15. I hope that we’ll get a reunion movie or two someday…
    Eureka was the only show I made sure to watch on Syfy… Now I’m thinking of just removing them from my channel guide.

  16. NBC has shown they do not care at all for loyal fans of Eureka, or quality Sci Fi pictures. They pulled the plug on that. Guess it is time for viewers to do the same regarding the Sci Fi, oh thats right they even took that name away from us. They rather have fake realility shows on, guess it makes more profit. Hopefully if enough protests the NBC president will consider firing these jerks on his stadd and listen to the public on what they want.

  17. Hopefully they are only really ending the show to start a new one called Eureka 2 or something that Charles Grant renames the town. But I doubt it, but hope is not lost. There are still many ways Eureka can come back on. We should start a petition on a website.

  18. Hopefully they are only really ending the show to start a new one called Eureka 2 or something that Charles Grant renames the town. But I doubt it, but hope is not lost. There are still many ways Eureka can come back.

  19. We need to start a petition website! C’mon! Who’s with me!?

    • A petition sounds like a great idea to me! Got my vote!!!

      • Just finished the last show. The series was one of the best shows in the last ten years. B ring on the petition. I’m tired of the good shows movin on and the junk that is left.

    • You have my vote too. Eureka was my Favorite show on SyFy and will miss it very much. I mean What The Frek NBC stop being so greedy.

  20. Wow how can you cancel a tv show that people actually care about it has been confirmed nbc and comcast its operated by morons. even the worst teams in sports know you dont bench your star player and you dont cut them from your team instead of canceling EUReKA because of their short profit margins they should make more shows like it because every economist knows 1+1=2 and 1-1=0 so if u cancel your profitable show you lose money but create another profitable show to go with it in all you make more money im down with the boycott of NBC and ComCast let them see how much money they make with out any viewers reply BOYCOTT if youre with me

  21. This series was one of the best on Television. It was smart,intelligent,funny and dramatic all rolled into one. It was never boring. What is the Syfy channel thinking? I’ve seen a lot of made for T.V. movies on this channel that suck compared to Eureka. Really, are you kidding me! Spend less of your budget on poorly made for T.V. movies and more on quality series like Eureka. That’s what your paying customers want to see. I never missed an episode. This series was science fiction at it’s best. Your dicision to cancel it was corporate budget cutting at its absolute worst. I’m so disappointed with the SyFy channel that I seriously am thinking of dropping cable.

  22. Well, now NBC can spend more money on Reality shows and i have Monday nights free to read while turning the TV to the music channels for background music.

  23. I have to say that this is so ridiculous. I love eureka and have watched it from the very beginning. I am so upset that eureka is ending. Syfy should be happy with a profit even if it is small. It is better than nothing. I hope they relize this and bring eureka back.

  24. Ill Miss Eureka:( So many shows have been cancelled that we watch, and the reality crap keeps growing. One thing i think is the problem is noone knew Eureak existed… i talk about tv shows with friends and family all the time and to my supprise they never herd of it… maybe they should have advertised it more.

    I Do believe cable co. make way to much money if thats the reason y eureka is no more. Ill only watch syfi for Warehouse 13 & alfas… Untill they cancell those show also. And i wont start another on syfi,,, think well just give up the cable really soon. Bye Erueka

  25. I’m just dumb founded as to WHY they feel Eureka had to end! I looked forward to Monday nights & watching Eureka with my grandchildren, who also love Eureka. It will be sadly missed here & no words can describe the emotion we feel to have one of our favorite shows come to an end. The last episode was heart-breaking to watch, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get your acts together NBC-Comcast! Give us back Eureka!!!

  26. I saw this show as intelligent and wholesome, something missing in enetertainment on a weekly basis on TV. The potential for inspiration to kids to get into science as something wonderous and worthwhile was obvious
    but the “greedy corporate commitees” would much rather spawn a sheeplike workforce so they probably saw this potential as a problem for their big brother-like future. Yes I actually went Conspiricy theory on the cancelation of Eureka!

  27. this is one of the most fun series i watch. Watched it straight from season 1 to 5 in a week. Enjoyed it very much. Sad that its ending so soon. Can’t believe that this show isn’t making money.

  28. its unfortunate that the cancellation of Eureka and other syfy shows comes down to corporate greed from their new parent company (comcast). this is one of the most greedy companies around and it shows. We will be subjected to more and more cruddy reality shows as great shows like Eureka get cancelled because they don’t make enough money for poor comcast. Comcast is ruining tv. eventually tv will be nothing but reality shows

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