‘Eureka’ Producers On Why The Show Was Canceled and How To End It

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Eureka Season 6 SyFy Eureka Producers On Why The Show Was Canceled and How To End It

The news of Syfy canceling Eureka was a shock to everyone – especially to those who create the hit series. After briefly announcing that Syfy had ordered six episodes for Eureka season 6, plans at the network quickly changed and the series was unceremoniously given the axe.

We spoke with Eureka executive producer Bruce Miller a week before the cancelation was announced, and he showed no signs of the series being in trouble. In fact, Miller went as far as to highlight the fact that “we have a bigger audience now than we did in our first season.” This sentiment was certainly championed by co-executive producer Amy Berg following this week’s ratings – and the unfortunate news of the series being canceled.

Said Amy Berg (via Twitter): “Ratings in for last night’s show. They are excellent, and continue to rise with each new episode. The definition of bittersweet, I guess.”

Upon the announcement of Eureka being canceled, Berg revealed exactly why Syfy decided to cancel their long-time staple (that continues to grow in popularity), and it all has to do with profit margins.

“We are the network’s golden child in every way, except profit margins. Fact is, Eureka is an expensive show to make. And we could not maintain the quality of our show with the cuts it would take to make us profitable for Syfy’s new parent company.”

While it can be said that many previous series – Caprica, Stargate Universe, for example – have fallen because of the Comcast-NBCUniversal merger, this is the first time that the reasoning was directly revealed to public. That being said, Berg continues by saying that the executives at Syfy didn’t exactly roll over to their parent company’s wishes.

“Our creative execs at Syfy fought hard to keep us. Trust me, they LOVE us. We just couldn’t make the numbers work.”

Considering that Syfy is the most forward-thinking network on television (honestly), it’s a bit disheartening to hear that profit margins are coming into play for a series that continues to grow in popularity with every episode. It’s not as if the series wasn’t profitable, it just wasn’t profitable enough.

Eureka Season 5 final Syfy Eureka Producers On Why The Show Was Canceled and How To End It

At a point, this discussion about profit margins becomes humorous. NBC has been digging themselves in hole for years with an ever-changing line-up of television series. With almost every new series they picked up last year being canceled, one might point out that making a profit – even if it’s small – is still better than not making a profit and continuously churning out expensive television pilots which are by and large canceled in their freshman year.



Eureka is, sadly, canceled, and the producers must figure out how they’d like to end the series. In the same conversation we had with Miller, he discussed the talks that have been occurring about how they’d like to end the series, when it came to that point. Unfortunately, that point came quicker than Miller ever thought.

Here’s what Miller had to say about how to end Eureka:

“Our show has been on for seven years – give or take. You want to start thinking about, ‘Ok, if we wanted to end it, how would we end it.’ You have some jokey answers to that, and some more… what would be a satisfying ending, but not something everybody predicts.”

“The expression we always use: you want it to feel just absolutely inevitable, yet unpredictable.”

Even though Eureka is currently filming their fifth and final season (set to premiere in 2012), there is enough time for them to create an appropriate ending for the series. While some storylines may be moved around and shortened, fans need not worry about a ridiculous ending to their favorite series.

Unless, of course, a ridiculous ending is exactly what the producers are aiming for. If that’s the case, I have no doubt that it’ll be sublime.


Eureka airs Mondays @8pm on Syfy.

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  1. I wonder if the ending will be something like how it began (With Carter and Zoey leaving Eureka and driving past their younger selves). Also hope they manage to bring Stark back

  2. Comcast/NBC is pretty much saying they are not going to spend a ton of money on shows for SyFy unless they are going to get an instant return. Big casts and tons of special effects are an endangered species on this channel it seems.

  3. I’m crushed. I hate SFY now. This has been such a charming show, great cast, writers, all. The SYFY channel was one of the reasons I stuck with cable or satellite. I like Warehouse 13, Alpha’s ok, but it’s not enough to keep me there, once Eureka is gone. All the actual, good, well written scifi series gone, it leave just “junk”. At first it was a GREAT channel, lots of cool stuf. Now all those junk special effects, poorly written movie, ghost hunters, ew. Just like cancelling The Dresden Files after 1 very-well reviewed season, and good ratings. Just stupid. Not good business, to lose viewers.

    And it’s really sad that it sounds like the cast/crew heard this thru the media. SYFY dropped the ball, with a leak. Pretty rotten IMO to find out on the “news”. Next year it’s goodbye SYFY. I’m cancelling the package that includes it. I mean wrestling is SYFY? Puleease….

    • I could not agree with you more. When Syfy started out it broadcast alot of good shows. But the only two good shows left is Eureka and Warehouse13. With Eureka being awesome. Once Eureka is gone, so am I. Bye bye Syfy, just like Firefly.

  4. am i the only one who’s not surprised by this? For the last 10 years, Syfy has been a network where shows come to die. And if, somehow, a show (non-reality) survives to a 4 or 5th season it must get canceled.

    Face it guys, tv is dead. Cable/network companies realize this and they are panicking. They are losing their viewers to the internet because, frankly, people are tired of ads and not being able to vote on the shows you want to see get renewed.

  5. I’m so sick of NBC.

    Soon, they’ll probably boot Community along with Parks n Rec.

    Quality doesn’t matter to the big heads anymore but they’re time will come when they’ll be searching for work.

  6. If NBC/Universal is looking for cheap to produce–why don’t they just convert SyFy to an Infomercial Channel?

    I am growing sick of the plethora of ‘reality shows’ which aren’t any closer to any “reality” normal people would recognise—I digress-sorry.

    FICTION is more expensive to produce. And, admittedly, Science Fiction and Fantasy, moreso.

    If they don’t wish to pay for the programming, sell the network to someone else who WILL PAY for QUALITY PROGRAMMING. Don’t morph it into an outlet for WWE Wrestling and ‘Reality Shows’ that are too cheezy for other networks.

    • It’s better for a company to keep a network and re-brand it then try to get another one cleared through the various channels they have to go through. Why do you think these big companies buy up these smaller ones ? To get that space on the cable box, gutting the programming and adding random crap is just part of the “restructuring”.

  7. Heck, just sell the *show* to another network.

    • I totally agree. If you can’t pay it sell it to someone who can!

    • I totally agree with this idea. That’s how Buffy the Vampire Slayer was saved from cancellation. This is a great, funny, clever, imaginative, and intelligent show. Unfortunately, all of those assets are the opposite of what the network suits seem to think makes good TV.

  8. Unfortunately that’s why they call a business model a model. Once it gets around to where everyone is using it, it becomes difficult to shed. When you start promising investors a certain level of return to get your hands on the money to produce the programming and promise the advertisers a certain Nielsen profile to get them to pay the company so they can pay back the investors and make a profit your locked into a cycle that has more pressures and goals than a given audience can affect. Sure you can tell all your friends to watch but the network can only ask for so much from the advertisers before they balk when the Nielsen profile or their own sales data fails to convince them to spend more advertising dollars! You have to do more than watch you have to actually go out and buy the products.

    Face it the economy is in real trouble. Lawmakers have bent too far in accommodating the business interests such as the banks and S&L companies that have gutted almost all, even the common sense regulation that once existed to protect the system from over predation by the powerful. It’s sort of like protecting wildlife, if you could hunt indiscriminately everything how long before a number of species would be endangered?

  9. NBC fail to realise that fans love the show, and it makes money, you take that show away you lose those fans, and you lose your revenue stream entirely, they are basically shooting themselves in the foot.

    Im so very sad to see Eureka go, it’s my favourite show, I’m sure they will go out with a bang though, the producers won’t let us down.

  10. Sci-Fi Network needs to start realizing we will stop watching when they cancel Eureka and keep garbage. They should stop showing things like wrestling (very non sci-fi)and keep quality even if the profit margin is smaller. The only good in the Eureka being gone is I will be paying less for my cable. Sci-Fi was the reason I subscribed to a more expensive cable package.

    • I’m in complete agreement. All the show’s I’ve enjoyed have been or are being cancelled to be replaced with trash. Eureka has been my favorite show since it started…so now I’ll only turn on Syfy for Haven…that is until it is canceled too.

    • They keep wrestling because it’s part of a deal with NBC as a whole and it cost them 0 to make and WWE actually brings it’s own advertisers and enough viewers so that SyFy actually benefits from it and does nothing.

  11. oooo so you’re making a profit, just not “enough” of a profit and that will help the financial bottomline how exactly? Is the plan then to lose viewers because they’re losing a lynchpin series that is actually gaining viewers for the network and bringing them to our other shows? Astute business people they ain’t, must be the same myopic asshats that cancel shows like Firefly and Journeyman. Hey, I understand you gotta make a buck, but really, what’s the game plan. Replace Eureka with what? Piss off fans for what reason? Wipe out good will amongst the fanbase because?

    The genre requires special effects to tell some of the stories because you deal with the fantastic, guess what, that’s why some folks are fans of the genre. If you don’t understand that, then why bother and turn the network over to people that do.

  12. if the case for cancelling the show was that its was too expensive to keep up, then you might as well put the other shows like Sanctuary,and Warehouse 13 on the chopping block as well…I believe their numbers are probably along the same lines as well…

    I wonder if fans will retaliate and petition the network to keep it on like they did with Chuck?? If the show has enough people watching it as they say they do,they should put NBC on notice!

  13. “petition the network to keep it on like they did with Chuck?? ”

    That’s been shown to work in the past, ‘Star Trek’ is another classic example, but in this case I don’t know if you could get even an extra season these days out of that. IMO they would rather try something new in the hopes that an even larger audience profile could be captured. They need to change the current trends they’ve developed with ‘Eureka’ into something greater. That might mean losing a certain number of current viewers but if for example you can generate two new viewers for every one you lose then the change can be justified.

    I can’t know the tipping point in the different scenarios that have to work for them to continue to produce a show, it makes sense to me though that if you have a new hit show that at least promises better metrics you can pull in a similar or better commitment from the advertisers. You have to have some way to bolster hope that business will be improved, selling things is a numbers game and quality has a relative value these days. No matter how good ‘Eureka’ is if its premise has reached the limit at which it can capture new viewers and maybe even hold on to its current viewership then it’s life span has reached its financial end. Otherwise why wouldn’t the network just put it on hiatus? I know its probably more complicated than I can reason out, but I can see a scenario at least something like this acting as the killjoy to our entertainment. Chalk it up to the reality of the system I guess…

  14. There’s a culture at SyFy from back when it was spelled right and Bonnie Hammer ran it. Once Bonnie made a decision–the pebbles do not get a vote(B-5 ref!) If Bonnie decided her mother’s suffering had gone on long enough and she needed to leave this world with dignity; she would do it herself, if she had to rip the old lady’s tennis racket out of her hand and beat her to death right there on the court. VERY DECISIVE PERSON.

    SyFy has been pretty predictable when it comes to cancelling. Once a decision is made, it’s made and move on. With Caprica, the sets were sold the day after the decision. Farscape DID get a wrap up special movie, but…only because they were produced in Aus and the props and sets were in storage.

  15. No one should be surprised by any of this – SyFy is just going from bad to worse.

    Was never a fan of the show, but it had its place there. I’ve watched a few minutes of this show and some other shows (Warehouse 13, Alphas, Merlin…) and I was not impressed by any of them. I just feel SyFy is not really looking for a Science Fiction audience anymore, so I’m not surprised by this in any way.

    Currently I’m waiting for SyFy to roll out another reality show – maybe one based on a “cos-play costume designer” theme… Not that this would be a good thing…

    - Headpants

  16. Another idea would be to shop the show somewhere else,maybe BBCamerica or that station whats it called?…IO something on Direct tv…Even TNT or USA could probably pick it up..I mean it has decent ratings its just they can’t afford to make the show which I would think would scare the other shows to step it up..

  17. Eureka is (was) a great show for a number of reasons: intelligently written, awesome visuals (FX) and sets for a TV show, good cast (and diverse which is unfortunately, still a rarity in most US entertainment media) and entertaining. If the final consideration of a show is to keep it cheap … you know that old adage .. you get what you pay for, and from this consumer’s pov, this was worth it. no matter what those other (reality) shows costs (G-Hunters, etc.), they are of “low value” and don’t get my viewing (I even avoid the commercials for them).

  18. I wish there was some way to save this great show! Is there no way it can continue new episodes on another network or in syndication?

  19. The show nor the profit is the problem. Comcast is the problem and that merger is just one more mistake made by the Congress elected in 2010. We did this to ourselves, all of us, by either not voting in the last election or voting for this band of thieves we have now. Are you really surprised by this company wanting more profit with wrestling than real entertainment? That’s what these large corp’s. are all about. Decisions are made by those who show up. So show up in the election of 2012 and lets change this trend back to sanity. But like most of you I’m through with syfi TV when this show ends. I almost left after Stargate SG1 left the air. Keep the faith people and write to all you can and maybe we can turn this around.

  20. Well, they kills another good show. Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, etc. They really need to change their name to the “paranormal” channel. The cancel Eureka and bring on two new paranormal shows. Hate those shows. Warehouse 13 will gt the axe next. Then Sanctuary.

    • Firefly was cancelled by FOX, not by SciFi/SyFy.

  21. I just want to say that you should think about finding a new way of keeping this show in the air. It is a shame to cancel it.
    I want to tell you that I have never liked a show in my life like I like this one! This show is expensive…than find a way to cut other shows to keep this one with the high budget. Also advertise more outside your network. It just takes one episode to get hook!
    Please don’t cancel the show!!

    • If they go through with canceling Eureka I will no longer watch anything on the Syfi channel. I wait all year for Eureka. I watch warehouse 13 and Alphas because of Eureka. If Syfi cares more for profit margin than the people that watch their shows I dont know what this world is coming too.

  22. I am just starting to belive that this is a scam to keep us watching. but guess what, we are already watching!! We all love this show and whatever it is, the wrong decision is to cancel.
    We should all jump into an alternative reality to change this! Hahaha.
    But seriously, what you are creating is resentment from the viewers and a very badddd reputation! Because I have gone to all the websites and I just can’t believe you ignore all the comments. Maybe they are not enough for you. That’s because there are a lot more who don’t have a computer but are faithful to your channel just for Eureka. I joined netflix just to watch Eureka!

  23. maybe they can geth the ftl drive to work snd rescue the people on stargate universe( yes i know some of the actors have been on the show )

  24. This was a great series, along with Warehouse 13, which I hope will not be cancelled. I will miss it. I think the most appropriate serious, witty, and comical ending (representing the tone of the show) is to have the entire town disappear into an alternate universe as a result of the return of the Titan mission due to a combined malfunctioning FTL drive and the re-tuning of the “catcher’s net” field to get the ship. Then as the town re-materializes, slowly pull out the camera shot and reveal that the entire town is now on the island of the series “Lost! Maybe even have Ben greet them! That would be a thought provoker!

    Or… something like that!

    In that way, the series ends, but does it really? One can always makes the scientific case for that fact that it does not end and can be recalled in the future by another netowrk or a “Eureka” movie!

  25. Amazing that educated people truly believe they can sustain a brand by downgrading the product or, in this case, eliminating it. Any wonder why the most popular TV shows (not necessarily the best TV shows) are rip-off’s from other countries? Total lack of common sense or I.Q. among the leaders of programming departments. Killing Eureka is something even Public Television would reject. Anyone know where a petition is circulating?

  26. I hadn’t heard of Eureka being cancelled until tonight. I really enjoy this show and have from its inception. However, one must realize that this is the same (parent) network that cancelled Star Trek back in the 60′s because, among other reasons, that it was too “cerebral” to attract audiences.

  27. been a fan before the pilot was even announced. I know that one day it would end everything does. its just sad to see that it has to leave so before it even hits its prime. I do agree with many others have about how to keep the show going, but there seems to be on common sense in television anymore. for someone who never watch’s T.V. this show was so inspiring to other and myself giving the hope the T.V. was coming out of the dark age kind of think, well i was wrong again.

    You will be miss Eureka and everyone that help make it.

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