Syfy Cancels ‘Eureka’ After Season 5

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Eureka Syfy Canceled Syfy Cancels Eureka After Season 5

Despite the announcement that the network had ordered six episodes of a sixth season for Eureka, Syfy has apparently changed its mind, scrapping those plans and choosing instead to end the show with season 5.

Clearly, there was some debate over the future of Eureka – else the retraction of a shortened sixth season would never have taken place. However, the network seems adamant that the current decision will be the one they stick to.

Fans of the show will certainly be concerned that with the fifth (and now final) season already filming, Eureka‘s producers might find it difficult to wrap the series up in a way that will please the audience and creators alike.

As it stands now, the network has already committed to a full 13-episode season – which is currently filming – but there is no word yet on how much of a disruption the cancellation news will be. Depending on how many episodes are already in the can, the final season may begin to feel a bit rushed, as the focus now shifts to telling what will be the final story.

Like all good creative-types, however, Eureka’s writers knew the end would eventually come – and according to an interview with Screen Rant’s Anthony Ocasio – they’ve been working on the perfect ending for the show.

Syfy released this statement regarding the news:

“After painstaking consideration, we have had to make the difficult business decision to not order a season six of Eureka. But Eureka is not over yet. There is a new holiday episode this December and 12 stellar episodes set to debut next year, marking its fifth season and six memorable years on Syfy. The 2012 episodes are some of the best we’ve seen, and will bring this great series to a satisfying end. We are very grateful to Bruce Miller and Jaime Paglia, their team of incredible writers, and an amazing cast and crew who have consistently delivered a series we continue to be very proud of. We thank the fans for their support of this show and know they will enjoy its final season in 2012.”

Eureka Season 5 final Syfy Syfy Cancels Eureka After Season 5

Although the announcement of a season that will never happen may leave Syfy with some egg on its face, the sting of termination is likely far less than when the network pulled the plug on programs like the Battlestar Galactica spin-off Caprica, or Stargate Universe. Perhaps the half-hearted commitment to a six-episode season was enough to ready Eureka fans for this unfortunate but inevitable news.

For producer Bruce Miller and co-creators Jamie Paglia and Andrew Cosby, word of the cancellation is undoubtedly disheartening. Cosby, of course, is pursuing a reboot of Tales From the Crypt, so it will be interesting to see what is next in line for Miller and Paglia.

Make sure to check out Screen Rant’s interview with executive producer Bruce Miller about the ending of Eureka.
Eureka is currently on its fouth season and airs Monday nights @8pm on Syfy. Expect season 5 to premiere summer 2012

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. This is one of my very favorite Shows. Ireally enjoyed every episode!! Love the entire cast!! I hate to see it end!! I live vicariously thru carter n joe n zoe n fargo n allison n henry!!

  2. I can’t believe they are canceling!!!! this make me so angry =(

  3. This show is excellent!! It’s too bad it’s the last season. What’s next? It can’t possibly be as good as this.

  4. It is very disappointed that the show is being canceled. It is very easy to fall in love with all the characters. I loved the stories and the characters and the effects were great. It puzzles me how when the syfy network has something people really like, they drop the ball and cancel it prematurely. Whether thats actually the case or not this not being the first time they have done this, its getting old.

    • I agree! I heard its because of lack of ratings, but how do they check them? We all watch our shows differently now, like online, or on DVD etc eureka is the best show light funny and interesting. So good to see something a bit different!!!

      I am sad disappointed and just a bit angry too. Hope they realise and bring it back sooner rather than later!!

  5. I will miss this show as the others they have cancelled as well.
    This last season is supposed to be the most satisfying? Well it hasn’t..
    They have Carter and Ally now married; Holly was brought back to life – sort of; Lopo and Zane having a relationship again – Zane now arrested; no evidence he did anything wrong for this Imbecile character the “Major” of the DOD. Harry’s wife Grace is now or maybe a “spy” for Beverly Barlow and due to that because of the “former” Harry”….
    They keep waving the Beverly Barlow around for what? Perceived ” bad guy” who is responsible for murdering Kim “Harry’s” love interest and an Eureka’ scientists character’s wife?
    Much much more at we are now at show eleven? Yep I see a stupid and cheap ending coming like they did with “Chuck”…
    Yea the great and fantastic shows up coming – UFO Chasers, Ghost Hunters, WWE – NOT what crap… I’ve gone back to DVD watching; at least I can chose the junk I want to watch; not some out of touch board room executives who look at WWE and their major money cow..
    Finally what the heck is with the stupid nonsensical “SYFY” from the original and “SiFi” it was originally? What was it for the spelling challenged?

  6. Its the history of the Sci-Fi/SiFi/Syfy channel. In addition to Caprica and SG:U lets not forget they committed to a 4th and 5th season for Farscape, then canceled season five 3 days before filming was to start.

    Nobody wants to invest money in a show any more. All they want are 2 camera set-ups, 5 man crews, no script because Ghost Hunters, Jersey Shore, etc. are cheap to make but they can still charge the advertisers the same.

    Eureka and other good science fiction shows require talented writers, interesting sets, custom props and actors will skills: All of which cut into the bonuses awarded to the executives. They get away with it because people keep tuning into the crap.

    If you want to see a return to decent programming then stop watching the crap, write the advertisers of that crap and tell them the show is insulting to the IQ of their product buyers, then list the shows you do watch and suggest the advertiser move their endorsements.

    • Great comment and right on. All of you, you have to raise your voices. Corporations listen to only one thing, your money. Vote with your pocket-book and they will listen.

    • that sounds very interesting but doom to fail… I dropped cable all together because I was irritated by the concept of PAY TV(cable). The cable company and the “networks” jam in relentless and increasing amounts of commercial – so half of what we pay for are to view the commercials -
      on top of all that, none of the “networks” want to anything else than what you very clearly described

      I know people that sit in front of this trash and watch it… and to top it off… they talk about among other viewer of the program.

      I think everyone who is appalled by this trash should drop their cable\satellite, but I am afraid it would just be me, you and the guy down the street that died a week or two ago


  8. I just watched the last Episode of Season 5.
    At least they left it open. My wife and I will not watch the soft pornographic show Lost girl Or the strange and unacceptable freak show with the Werewolf, Vampire and Ghost. “Being Human”. We also do not allow it to be watched by our kids. They have no acceptable entertainment value and places too much emphasis on negativity. Just the Elite using media to warp and destroy the natural thinking processes of our children.
    Just because a character is supposed to be hot or sexy it does not have to be trashy. Another way of the Elite in their attempts to dumb Americans. At least Eureka held the tenets that gaining an education leads to a bright future.
    Buffy the Vampire slayer at least made the vague attempt to fight negativity though even there they glorified crap like vampirism.
    Has anyone paid attention to what are the actual rising stars of evening television? How about an actual “reality show” called “Swamp People”. Where real people live real lives and survive in a failing economy called the United States.
    Now the only show I watch on Sci-Fi is Ghost Hunters. When Warehouse 13 returns we will watch that as well but it is a bit too negative. Sanctuary was reasonable but they took that off as well.
    What have we lost? SG1, and all their spinoffs, Sanctuary, Galactica, and now Eureka.
    If they brought Tales from the Crypt backI might drop them like I dropped Comcast for Direct TV.
    It is bad enough they have done snakes, gators, sharks, spiders and piranhas to death in their poorly stolen ELB (excessively low budget) movies. The entertainment factor there is nonexistent.
    Please someone come up with competent conversation.

  9. I so sorry for this show to end. The cast has been part of my family for years. It will be sad to see them go. I will feel like I lost my best friends. You all will be missed. Please tell them goodbye for me.

  10. Please let me know if the cast ever comes to ft lauderdale Florida

  11. I don’t think anyone ever suggested that SyFy channel was supposed to be ABC-Family or Nickelodeon. Not every TV show is *supposed* to be rated G for 12 year olds and below.

    “Being Human US” is a terrible re-script of the original “Being Human” by the BBC and there are so many forums about that nothing more needs to be said here.

    “Lost Girl” was never billed as being after-school entertainment for your kids. Its a ShowCase evening adult drama that SyFY picked up about 1.5 seasons after its original airing. What SyFy claims to be ‘new’ episodes have long ago aired on ShowCase and thus are really just re-runs that fans of the show have already watched. It is not as they claim ‘SyFy Original Programming’. And that is a perfect example of their misleading advertising.

    As many have already said: This is meant to be the Science Fiction channel, not WWF/WWE/RAW wrestling channel. Personally I think someone need to make “Redneck: The network Bubba would build” and put all these Swamp/Catfish/Wrestling/Ghost believer/Jersey Shore/Survivor shows on it.

    • Don’r forget to add American Idol, Big Brother, Love in the Wild and what ever else I have seen advertised on the BUBBA network! Then I can unsubscribe to that channel to show the network how much I HATE all this ‘real’ TV!

  12. TV Today:
    1 Trashy “reality shows” which look like stupid human videos (edited of course to uphold the network’s low standards)
    2 Anything cheap to produce with no social or moral value
    3 Bring back old “stars” from previous shows that no one watched because if people will watch infomercials/reality TV/Etc they will watch anything/no matter if the cast looks like the walking dead
    4 BY NO MEANS PRODUCE ANYTHING OF VALUE (by the time we cover the screen with our logo/commercials for other crappy shows won”t need any real sponsors<just a few ambulance chasers<the rest of the time we will fill in with commercials for shows we are pushing or our sister networks are pushing
    5 CANCEL IMMEDIATELY anything that does not meet the above criteria

    As long as you watch this bilge you are just as bad as the greedy soulless ones that shovel it out IMO of course<<I refuse to watch reality shows

  13. I speak on behalf of all the former sci-fi fans. Go to hell syfy.

    • I completely agree!

    • I totally agree with you ! I still can’t believe they cancelled “Eureka”. Why didn’t another network pick it up ??? Any answers out there ??

  14. Dear SyFy Network, why would you remove a show that has an awesome following? In a world of blatant sexy and stupid reality shows, Eureka was a breath of clean, crisp air!

    The characters were lovable and unique. My hope is some billionaire comes along and buys up your station to save the show.

    Will no longer be tuning into SyFy channel for the B flicks you put up or the idiot series you have continue to run. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  15. Why do they keep taking off the good shows !!!guess we,ll have to take of Sy Fy off our list

  16. I keep turning to the our local cable’s SYFY channel number, everyday, hoping to see the message, “Syfy Channel is no longer available, due to inactivity, false accusations of reality shows to be considered as science fiction, and from a loss of fan base, and advertising revenue”.

    Also: (the webmaster of this site can send this to syfy if they want)
    I can write better science fiction shows than syfy could produce, at least to the point of people saying, “Wow, that was an amazing show to watch.”

    And then I woke up, realizing it was only a dream.

    Ya know, like others who have posted, that all good shows could be cancelled at their peeks, so can stations like syfy, for putting up garbage.

  17. Lousy decision about an excellent show . What will replace it? SOme loudy reality show about ghosts? Even SyFy is going down the tubes with the rest of cable and they just keep producing crappy reality shows because it s cheaper.

  18. about the only decent SyFY show left is Warehouse 13 and that;ll probably be cut next.

  19. Must thank you for the cancellation of Eureka. Now when you also cancel Warehouse 13 I can finally delete you channel from my selection guide. As for the balance of your programing – if your channel was dropped by my cable company I’d send them a thank you.

  20. not as good as season 1 …very funny and entertaining… could have raised the humor bar with some fart scenes

  21. I loved this series. It’s creativity and enjoyable characters brought joy with every episode. I am sorry Syfy had to end it so soon.

  22. This was a great show. It seems all the good ones are going away. I guess I will go back to reading every night and then I could save my money from cable fees and just watch Netflix every now and then.

  23. It’s not fair.. It’s not fair… It’s not FAIR!!!! WE WANT EUREKA BACK!

  24. Bottom line is , no more SyFy network for this house. If they can drop our favorite show like it was nothing, than so can i with their channel. Good buy Syfy network . you lost another one!

  25. i personally think that this show was one of the best show on tv. it showed so manything to all kinda of ppl. it showed love, compasstion, addaptaion, and now ppl can come together in the worst of all cases. i feel as if i had grown to kno all of the ppl in this show to some degree. and i was heart broken when the show ended.

  26. I am sad to see this show end. It was a great clean family show. I hope one day they well rethink there decision about this one and bring it back.

  27. I am sad to see this show end. It was a great clean family show. I hope one day they well rethink there decision about this one and bring it back.

  28. Don’t stop this show its great I love it your retarded if you cancel

  29. Like the others on this thread, I find it interesting that the new owners of SyFy have moved to cheap low end programming. SciFi was the reason I signed up for cable, and now it isn’t really a brand anymore – ironic that its successor, SyFy is the reason I’m dropping cable… no need for the tripe that this network has become. Eureka, SG-1, SG-U, Galactica, Farscape, Caprica…. replaced by wrestling, reality, and other worthless time wasters.