Syfy Cancels ‘Eureka’ After Season 5

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Eureka Syfy Canceled Syfy Cancels Eureka After Season 5

Despite the announcement that the network had ordered six episodes of a sixth season for Eureka, Syfy has apparently changed its mind, scrapping those plans and choosing instead to end the show with season 5.

Clearly, there was some debate over the future of Eureka – else the retraction of a shortened sixth season would never have taken place. However, the network seems adamant that the current decision will be the one they stick to.

Fans of the show will certainly be concerned that with the fifth (and now final) season already filming, Eureka‘s producers might find it difficult to wrap the series up in a way that will please the audience and creators alike.

As it stands now, the network has already committed to a full 13-episode season – which is currently filming – but there is no word yet on how much of a disruption the cancellation news will be. Depending on how many episodes are already in the can, the final season may begin to feel a bit rushed, as the focus now shifts to telling what will be the final story.

Like all good creative-types, however, Eureka’s writers knew the end would eventually come – and according to an interview with Screen Rant’s Anthony Ocasio – they’ve been working on the perfect ending for the show.

Syfy released this statement regarding the news:

“After painstaking consideration, we have had to make the difficult business decision to not order a season six of Eureka. But Eureka is not over yet. There is a new holiday episode this December and 12 stellar episodes set to debut next year, marking its fifth season and six memorable years on Syfy. The 2012 episodes are some of the best we’ve seen, and will bring this great series to a satisfying end. We are very grateful to Bruce Miller and Jaime Paglia, their team of incredible writers, and an amazing cast and crew who have consistently delivered a series we continue to be very proud of. We thank the fans for their support of this show and know they will enjoy its final season in 2012.”

Eureka Season 5 final Syfy Syfy Cancels Eureka After Season 5

Although the announcement of a season that will never happen may leave Syfy with some egg on its face, the sting of termination is likely far less than when the network pulled the plug on programs like the Battlestar Galactica spin-off Caprica, or Stargate Universe. Perhaps the half-hearted commitment to a six-episode season was enough to ready Eureka fans for this unfortunate but inevitable news.

For producer Bruce Miller and co-creators Jamie Paglia and Andrew Cosby, word of the cancellation is undoubtedly disheartening. Cosby, of course, is pursuing a reboot of Tales From the Crypt, so it will be interesting to see what is next in line for Miller and Paglia.

Make sure to check out Screen Rant’s interview with executive producer Bruce Miller about the ending of Eureka.
Eureka is currently on its fouth season and airs Monday nights @8pm on Syfy. Expect season 5 to premiere summer 2012

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. P.S. I think that Bruce Miller and Jaime Paglia, the writers of Eureka should make a proposal to AMC to continue this well written series, so that we fans can continue to enjoy their amazing writing talents on a much better Sci-Fi level.

  2. Eureka has been a unique blend of science, technology, hope, humor, vision, character, relationships, and deft writing. To the Board of Directors of the SyFy channel: You people are stupid beyond my understanding for terminating this marvelous series.

  3. one word somes this up are u fking stuiped syfy this show rocks i dont get why ur doing this u keep on Canceling shows like this and u wont have any one watching ur dumb tv chanal at this rate

  4. Now that Chuck is gone; last showing Friday Eureka is next.
    ALL this after star gate, SGA, SGU, Battle star and more.
    The only thing left on this moronically word challenged channel SciFi _ oh sorry SYFY ( no wonder people can’t spell correctly)
    Is going be that farce shows WWE, Ghost Hunters, etc…
    Sorry to say I I have started to pay more attention to the British SciFi shows. They are more interesting and entertaining.
    Primeval, Dr.Who _ Which has been on the air for a while???? and More..

    As a side note about SOFA and PIPA is nothing but censorship for you and I; it has NOTHING to do with the false claims made by the MPAA – Motion Picture Association of American.

    They claim alleged “piracy” cost thousands of “American” jobs.. HUH? How can that be when they do all there filming in another country in the first place..
    So read up on it and call yo politician to stop this..

  5. WTH syfy dont send any new series and CANCEL the chanal syfy insted.. wy are you doing this syfy giv al Fans a good anser..

  6. This is a tragedy. I love this show. And instead of spending money on excellent productions such as this we are forced to sit through countless remakes and substandard movies (War of the worlds the next wave, The battle of los angeles, sharktopus etc etc etc) which are so bad and and cheap and pathetic.
    Syfy please feel free to dissapear in a spectacular B grade supernova created with your own substandard cgi.
    You have lost a viewer.
    As for the AMC idea….yes yes yes and if not then please could the writers consider doing a Movie or mini series which worked for other great scifi series cancelled before their time (Farscape, Firefly)

    Ok, enough ranting for today.

  7. I agree totally! Me and my nan are so in to eureka! We can’t believe you’ve cancelled.. It’s stupid! Youve lost another two viewers.

  8. I’m glad they put wrestling on SYFY. And since SYFY is notorious for axing shows, then please, please axe the wrestling shows. Wrestling and Ghost chasers dont click on a Sci Fi channel too well, and I turn them off as soon as I find out they are about to air. And the shows I would love to blow up and burn are those really stupid-assed reality shows. I got enough problems of my own, and deffinately dont need to see some other idiots, talk and fight about theirs. So SCI FI “CAN YOU TELL ME IF YOU TRUELY KNOW WHAT SCIENCE FICTION REALLY IS ?????? Or are you that brain dead not to know, cause if you got a DICTIONARY, then look up the terms “Science and Fiction” and then put them together. You may discover you got something there, ie: Eureka.
    What do you think.

  9. More idiot maneuvers by supposedly “brilliant” executives! A recent study showed conclusively that more pay (compensation) resulted in lower performance across a broad-based set of industries. Hmmmmmm??!!! Seems like we have gradually selected, by raising the 1%’ers salaries at obnoxious rates over the last 30 years, more and more stupid executives and managers.

    Someone, anyone, maybe should think again on what these people are being paid? And, what exactly are they earning bonuses for? Wall Street? Anyone? Anyone? Bueler?

    • Well, as moma said …. the chickens are comming home to roost.

      Translated, they will all be out out of a job when the fan base for syfy is gone. I would love to read where an ex empolyee goes postal in thier board room. I would not complain at all when a 1% becomes a 99%, I will feel for all of the other 99% employees who are on course to loose thier jobs.

      Bobby B. – Mud Dogs Rule!

  10. I cant believe you are scrapping another brilliant series like the stargates this is a mistake .Why has sci fi become such a rubbish channel these days it use to have all the great science fiction films and series on it now it has cheap rubbish and axes all the good shows.Very Dissapointed.

  11. Does anyone know where we can try to save this show. I know Chuck was going to be cancelled long ago, but fans came and saved it. How can we do that? Anyone?

  12. Come on you can’t cancel this as well. After SG, SGA & SGU my faith in syfy has all but been lost and now Eureka! What are you going to replace it with more B movies. Get a grip and stop cancelling the decent shows. Nothing else to watch on your pokey little channel. Thanks alot!!!! :(

  13. what r u thinking ??? this is one of the best syfy programs out and u call ur selfs bosses all i can say is u need a pay cut or the sack

  14. I don’t understand this decision at all. My dad introduced me to this show and I completely fell in love with it. This show was popular with many age groups. SciFi nerds like myself no longer have any thing good to watch in the realm of science fiction. Star Trek is gone. Stargate has vanished. And now Eureka.
    Personally, I’m a huge WWE fan, but this is seriously the wrong channel to have it on. If this is seriously the final word on this, you should seriously re-evaluate everything about your network, especially its name.
    I really have to agree with the whole AMC idea. There’s a network that has recently grabbed my attention, especially now with the Walking Dead. I’ll throw in my support for this.

  15. i just got into eureka and it gets cancelled after season 5. At least they didnt cancel it in the middle of the season. I was so annoyed that they annoced it. I was so devastated that it is happening, i also got my dad in to it. I will miss joe, she left.

  16. When I first subscribed to cable it was because I could watch channels and program material that were not on the broadcast networks. As an engineering, I enjoy science fiction. I understand that science fiction costs a great deal more per hour to produce then “reality” type shows, so that means the product has to pay for itself. That said, I will miss Eureka and I to think that SciFi changing it’s name to SYFY did not now go far enough. With the next season, they might want to dump any relationship with science fiction and become just another third rate cable channel.

  17. It’s very simple science fiction fans, tell all your friends…


  18. hello

    this is truly sad ! is everything about money ? where is the pride in all this ?

    this show is simply awesome.

    (syfy) we are cancelling this show because we just think about the $$$$
    we have no pride !!

    they do not care about the fans !!!!!

    ok now i feel better, but still feel bitter about syfy

  19. This seems to be Syfy’s operating manual since they changed several years back: Run short season series then cancel them when they become popular or run a popular series from the past and pull it off the air. Without any good “network” science fiction shows(Star Trek, X-files, etc.) out there, how is any fandom geek going to get his/her fix? Eureka is one of a kind because it has had heart and it doesn’t beat you over the head with scientific mumble jumble that other shows have done. What next on the chopping block, Supernatural? Long live Global Dynamics and Eureka Oregon.

  20. Yes syfy is failed, cancelled thier channel from Brighthouse, recomended to Brighthouse they drop it completely.

  21. I hate SyFy. They cancel and ruin every one of my favorite shows.


  22. Canceling great series seems to be a habit for SyFy channel. Why they would want to keep a great series when they can replace it with trash like Lost Girl seems to be a question they have trouble with. Everybody wants vampires and werewolves because a bunch of teen girls have decided they are “sexy” for some reason and so SyFy has decided to forget the Sy entirely, it seems. I guess that was to be expected for someone who was having trouble spelling Sci and had to replace it with something easier.

  23. Why do all the good shows get cancelled? Eureka is my favorite show on television. It’s fun and interesting and has great characters. It’s quirky and funny and serious all at once and I love it. And it’s rare to find an excellent show that isn’t another crime drama or “reality” show. And it’s also rare to find a clean one. Grrr. To the decision-makers at SyFy, bad decision. Keep axing quality shows and people will get fed up with the network.

  24. SyFy (yes the name change was weird),
    I am very disappointed in your network. I very much enjoy Eureka even though I am an accountant and not sciency. The show brings together a melting pot of personalities both on and off screen and to deprive the public of that is wrong. Most likely too late but…reconsider. Where are the new shows if you are going to cancel the well established ones? You shut down Stargate Universe and now Eureka. What do you expect me to watch on your network? Wrestling…as cute as the Rock and Cena are I don’t think that’s going to happen. Hope you weren’t counting on too much advertising money from fans watching your network.

  25. It’s remarkable that SyFy doesn’t know the difference between bad fiction and Science Fiction. Wrestling, fat dudes with flashlights under their chins does NOT equal Science fiction, merely bad fiction, and worse story telling. I changed cable companies to keep Syfy, now I’ll save even more and cancel it all together.
    You will never keep customers as long as you have 6 shows stretched over 7 months with little continuity. It’s to bad you have to take down such good ideas by having really bad scheduling and worse programming. Oh well, thanks for saving me some money. I don’t need you! Why don’t you do what you do every holiday and put on Outer Limits ad nauseum.Nobody will notice. Nobody is left to care!

  26. I guess no one is buying ad space, so scifi not making money to make the programs or buy them. Scifi been going downhill for sometime now and its not getting any better. Time will come soon when it will close for ever.

  27. I used to like “Sci-Fi” channel before they turned themselves into “SyFi”… now they cancel all the good stuff and play all the lame campy “D” movies all the time… who knows what happened?… I just hope they’ll pull their heads out of their rear end someday.

  28. This broke my heart.
    I saw this show one day and instantly got obsessed. I’ve grown attached to these characters, fell in love with their personalities and Eureka in general. Please don’t cancel it :( I know for a FACT that you would have at least 75% more viewers if you showed shows like:

    Doctor Who
    Star Trek
    Battlestar Galactica

    WWE? Really? Ghost Hunters? That is the dumbest show in existence. Keep this up, SYFY, and you will have no viewers left :(

  29. Its all about budgets. Ghost hunters is cheap to make and makes more money at the end of the day.
    Grip to Comcast. They killed it.