Syfy Cancels ‘Eureka’ After Season 5

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Eureka Syfy Canceled Syfy Cancels Eureka After Season 5

Despite the announcement that the network had ordered six episodes of a sixth season for Eureka, Syfy has apparently changed its mind, scrapping those plans and choosing instead to end the show with season 5.

Clearly, there was some debate over the future of Eureka – else the retraction of a shortened sixth season would never have taken place. However, the network seems adamant that the current decision will be the one they stick to.

Fans of the show will certainly be concerned that with the fifth (and now final) season already filming, Eureka‘s producers might find it difficult to wrap the series up in a way that will please the audience and creators alike.

As it stands now, the network has already committed to a full 13-episode season – which is currently filming – but there is no word yet on how much of a disruption the cancellation news will be. Depending on how many episodes are already in the can, the final season may begin to feel a bit rushed, as the focus now shifts to telling what will be the final story.

Like all good creative-types, however, Eureka’s writers knew the end would eventually come – and according to an interview with Screen Rant’s Anthony Ocasio – they’ve been working on the perfect ending for the show.

Syfy released this statement regarding the news:

“After painstaking consideration, we have had to make the difficult business decision to not order a season six of Eureka. But Eureka is not over yet. There is a new holiday episode this December and 12 stellar episodes set to debut next year, marking its fifth season and six memorable years on Syfy. The 2012 episodes are some of the best we’ve seen, and will bring this great series to a satisfying end. We are very grateful to Bruce Miller and Jaime Paglia, their team of incredible writers, and an amazing cast and crew who have consistently delivered a series we continue to be very proud of. We thank the fans for their support of this show and know they will enjoy its final season in 2012.”

Eureka Season 5 final Syfy Syfy Cancels Eureka After Season 5

Although the announcement of a season that will never happen may leave Syfy with some egg on its face, the sting of termination is likely far less than when the network pulled the plug on programs like the Battlestar Galactica spin-off Caprica, or Stargate Universe. Perhaps the half-hearted commitment to a six-episode season was enough to ready Eureka fans for this unfortunate but inevitable news.

For producer Bruce Miller and co-creators Jamie Paglia and Andrew Cosby, word of the cancellation is undoubtedly disheartening. Cosby, of course, is pursuing a reboot of Tales From the Crypt, so it will be interesting to see what is next in line for Miller and Paglia.

Make sure to check out Screen Rant’s interview with executive producer Bruce Miller about the ending of Eureka.
Eureka is currently on its fouth season and airs Monday nights @8pm on Syfy. Expect season 5 to premiere summer 2012

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Always safer to be a show creator or producer than an actor. Not to mention a network. Who cares about quality programming when you’re looking at that new Maserati in the showroom window?

  2. This sucks :( I hope they will be able to give us a satisfying ending. And here I thought it was a fresh new approach given the time travel switch-up…

  3. What people don’t understand is all shows end. Thats just how it has to be. Yes I think this sucks I probably think that more than anyone. Even though some shows have lasted a long time, like simpsons, but they still, and will, ended. So get over it.

    • All shows end, but they should be given proper notice and the ending should be planned rather than decided at random. Endings should be planned by creative teams for a creative purpose rather than a suit. So Umm Get over it.

      If you don’t care why comment?

      • Agree with you 100% Daniel, hopefully they ca wrap whatever loose ends they have. I am sad to see this great show go. I just hope that it will have a better series ender than Angel LOL.

        • Anthony you and I disagre on Angel. I (among many others) believe that Angel had a great ending.

          • I also was satisfied with the Angel ending, although I would have enjoyed seeing what they could have done with a season 6. The creative team behind Eureka is really good so hopefully they can pull together something that will cap off a fantastic show.

      • Agreed. This about-face was lame. They should have used a whole season to wrap up this series. Frankly, when I see quality, decent shows like this end and trash like the Simpson’s continue it makes me worry for the future of our country. But then, everything does that these days. Anyway, I’m glad I gave up cable and went to internet TV. The current media does not need to use my money for their programming! Bye SyFy.

      • Daniel F., and all others that state for the rest of us to “Umm Get over it,” why should we take your advice? It was the masses of Star Trek lovers that continued a barrage of protests, mail, and regular conventions that revived what would become one of the most entertaining and profitable franchises–and do you really believe that that would have happened if fans had lazily taken non-productive advice such as “Get over it?”

        If you love the show, don’t just give up and “get over it!” Instead of just “ranting” on blogs and such, take the time to write letters to the network, producers and writers.

        J.J. Abrahms certainly didn’t give up and get over it respecting his love for Star Trek, and it would appear that we will have more of such in the future to enjoy with like-minded ones and a fifty gallon drum of popcorn and an IV of our favorite beverage.

        • Xeno you clearly are confused.

          I was defending people being upset about the sow. I said get over it to the guy who was complaining that we were upset Eureka got cancelled because he said Get over it. Please Pay closer attention from now on.

    • The point everyone is trying to make and you don’t seem to see is, Syfy is cancelling shows too early. Even in their prime as they start to grow and get better.

  4. Actually sometimes it’s better that it ends before it can start going down hill. Eureka is ending a little early in the 7 year crunch. I used to rail against the cancelling of shows.

    Now seeing how badly things go when PTB decide to keep something going to milk it for all the money they can, well it’s better when they take their bows at the curtain call of the 7th year.

    • I concur completely. Most shows can’t stay consistently good for seven years, and the ones that do tend to go downhill quick after that. Sometimes it’s better to have four or five really good years than ten or eleven that average out to just OK.

      • Only if they give that show a proper ending. If everything is left open than it’s an unfulfilled series.

  5. Well another quality show ending abruptly without getting a proper send off. Nowadays network are too concerned about ratings rather than the shows audience and story.
    If they think they want to cancel something they need to plan some extra episodes just to make sure all the plots are concluded not leaving storylines hanging about

  6. Didn’t Syfy (under its previous ID) pull the plug on Farscape, even though its ratings were high?

    • yes.

    • Danlister yea they did pull the plug on it like that. With a terrible cliff hanger ending as well. Luckily they gave us a movie.

  7. How about canceling crap like Ghost Hunters or Pro Wrestling! I wonder if the suits think that Stargate Universe had a proper ending because it didn’t. And how about getting some quality sci-fi/fantasy/horror movies instead of the homemade garbage you keep shoving down our throats?!

    • The reality is cheaper and this is all about money. I miss when the channel was SciFi. Ever since it became SyFy, they started churning out all that reality crap. I say you want that, get a separate channel for it and give us back the scripted shows.

  8. Syfy is notorious for canceling series when they are at their height of popularity. Expect the axe to fall on one or two others before the year is out.

    • Dude while still a great show and a good following Eureka has been way passed it’s hype of popularity. Besides i think it is about time for it to end. As long as the ending is great i see no problem with it.

  9. Shame to see such a good show fall victim to the Syfy Curse

  10. Please tell me they are not cacelling it in order to bring back the dreaded “Mary knows best” crap LOL

    • Yea, i mean “cancelling” for all you spell checks out there :P

  11. Why do all the good shows get cancelled?

    • Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do cats always land on their feet? Why do Illinois Governors always go corrupt?


  12. Would MUCH rather see another season of “Eureka” rather than any season of “Alphas”. Not that I dislike the new show but Eureka is just a more interesting show all around. I was also enjoying all the crossover action we were getting with Warehouse 13.

    The idiotic decisions Hollywood Execs make often perplexes me.

  13. NOOO!!!! Why do all the good shows get cancelled! I love Eureka and will be very sad to see it go! Eureka is one of the only shows I ever watch on tv because it’s actually funny and intelligent. With so much crap on tv it’s really discouraging when the cancel one of the only shows actually worth watching!

  14. Surprised it lasted this long since they never could figure out what night they were going to air it from one season to the next. I always liked the show but, missed so much of it due to the erratic scheduling. Guess they’ll replace it with people wandering around in the dark with night vision goggles running from imaginary noises.

  15. Well of course they had to cancel it, thats the SyFy Channels gimmick, angle, the “thing” that they do. Once a show takes off and gets a strong following the execs at the SciFi channel, I mean SyFy Network, bring out the axe.

    The surprise is never about SyFy having canceled a popular series but when they decide to cancel an unpopular series that is dirt cheap like the reality TV shows that have infected the programming world.

    HOT, POP and or Critically Praised Shows That SyFy has axed (while they were still good):

    BSG (battle-star Galactica)
    EVERYTHING Stargate : SG1 (after it left ShowTime ) & SGA & SGU

    SHOWS that Had SyFy initially Aired them they certainly would have axe’d them as soon as they got popular. Lets be thankful these shows did NOT start at SyFy else we’d have gotten a lot less seasons of them.


    SHOWS THAT SyFy will AXE just as soon as the shows current network tosses them to the SyFy network:

    DOCTOR WHO (SyFy tried to shut this one down but those crazy Brits refuse to let the doctor go; yeah Britain!)

    How many more great SciFi/Fantasy series can you name that SyFy network has canceled or would of loved to have had the chance to axe?

    BTW – Rumor has it that the SyFy is branching out to Fantasy and creating a new Network called the FAN A-Z Network (so they can trademark the name) and the initial offering will be Series versions SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES & AMERICAN GODS, both of whcih are to be produced by Michale Strazynski; both of which will run for 2 – 3 seasons and then promptly canceled and replaced with re-runs of RUSSIAS GOT ZALENT.

  16. At least now I can mark my calendar for the exact day I remove SyFy from my channel line-up. Tuning in to watch Eureka also got me watching Warehouse 13, Alphas and several other shows preceding/following Eureka. None of these shows are worth watching without Eureka accompaniment. Sorry SyFy, you just lost a single, professional, male age 25-35 with disposable income to spend on DvDs, merchandise and the non-essentials your advertisers pitch. I’m sure advertisers will flock to your network now that you have turned your attention to the already over saturated ghost show and wrestling markets. Perhaps you should stick to advertising for prestigious business schools like the University of Phoenix rather than hiring their graduates as your programming executives?

  17. This bits, First Gattlestar Galactica, then Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and now Eureka. All the good shows are be X-out.

    The only thing that I can see that would come close to fulfilling Eureka would be a Halo series or Half-Life series. No… Leave those alone.

    Nothing could replace Eureka. I would like to see season 11, one season past Stargate.

  18. Why must a good show like Eureka end and all those “reality shows” stay on the air? Anybody with half a brain would see Eureka as a wonderful, mentally stimulating, and imaginative show with many character dymanics. A well scripted show is worth five times what networks will pay for other “reality” shows. Seeing shows of this ilk getting cancelled gives me less and less faith in television programming.

  19. @sub9-You commented, “Why must a good show like Eureka end and all those “reality shows” stay on the air? Anybody with half a brain would see Eureka as a wonderful, mentally stimulating, and imaginative show with many character dynamics(<—FIFY)."

    In asking that question, you answered it; anyone with half-a-brain WOULD see it thusly…but the networks (esp. Syfy) are run by folks who hate SciFi because it makes them think, which is VERY hard to do when you're running a network with 1/10th of a brain. Also, a well-scripted show is definitely worth more than the network beancounters are comfortable paying out…so if they can get 5 cheaply-made reality shows for the cost of ONE excellently done show, which direction will they lean towards, y'suppose?

  20. I can’t believe that they are canceling the only show my wife and I
    look forward to watching every week. There are no tv shows on any chanel
    we watch or look forward to seeing except for eureka. Oh well….
    Syfy you lose!! I’ll watch a movie.

  21. I certainly understand why they are cancelling this show.
    It’s for the same reason that most other shows are cancelled, becauuse no-one bothers to see it.

    I’m close to 50 years old, and LOVE sci-fi shows, but only if they close the plot in each episode.
    I don’t know about you guys, but for me, a sci-fi show is crap the minute they destroys the plot by requiering you to follow every episode.

    I love to watch most of the Star-Trek episodes again and again, because the plot is mostly kept and resolved whithin an episode or two.

    But thats just my opinion. I don’t know about all of you other fans out there..

    I hate boring “need to watch every episode or you are lost” series, like Stargate Universe, Eureka (after season 3), and a lot of other promising series.

    • Robert I’m gonna have to disagree. I think all shows including Scifi are at their best with a carry over story line. Episodic television is just a lot less interesting. That’s pretty much the only thing I disliked about Star Trek was that it didn’t carry over story lines as much as it should of, but IMO the best stories and episodes ever to occur on Star Trek were continuing story lines/To be Continueds. Stand Alone episodes were terrible for TV.

      Also I’d add that it wasn’t really a Scifi thing to do those stand alone episodes for television it was merely the old style of writing for all shows or most shows. It wasn’t until I’d say the early 90′s when long continuing stories became more of the trend and norm. that was the best revaluation in television IMO even more important than color TV.

      With long continuing story lines you can cover more detail and get more in to the substance behind things. Episodic one and done television is far more shallow and closed off.

      For me I’d cite Battlestar Glactica the new one as one of the best scifi shows and a perfect example of why one and done just doesn’t work as well. Less story, less range, Less Character development and less substance.

      If I wanted boring one and done television I’d watch The Simpsons.

    • lol, to consider eureka to have a over all plot is ridiculous.
      The show is watched as a comedy sci-fi. every episode dealing with something science fiction, that could possibly happen, something to go wrong, and possibly a fix or a change in the universe. To cancel this type of show that has the potential to last multiple long running seasons, if that cast are on board to me is foolish. and sad to see a great cast end here, and a show that has limitless possibilities for episodes.

    • Robert
      Firstly, you are free to your opinion, however erroneous it might be. However, to say that a show is ‘boring’ just because you ‘need to watch every episode or you are lost’ is just a sign that perhaps you don’t have the intelligence, or maybe you lack the attention span (maybe try starting on ritalen). In either case that is not a valid reason for SyFy to cancel a wonderfully written and thought provoking show. A show that has to explain every single detail, just because the target audience just simply isn’t intelligent enough to understand, is what is truly boring. The shows that a extremely boring and should actually be canceled immediately, preferably before they even waste time and money on filming, are crap shows like wrestling and ‘ghost hunters’. However, I digress, go back to your geriatrics treatments and ‘one and done’ shows and leave the intellectually stimulating shows to those that can actually understand and appreciate them while they last.

  22. So they’re cancelling a great show, for what, to add on another one of those awful stargate shows?

  23. What is wrong with SyFy they cancell the best shows, destroy the good ones (Stargate SG1 – Universe) and brattle on about shows being great like BSG which was crap as was Caprica. Do these guys watch the shows??

    Bring back SG1 and Atlantis and don’t cancel Eureka cause boys you ain’t got nuthin to beat them. Unless you would like us to suffer more dark, mind numbing dribble like BSG, Caprica or Universe.

    Not all of us are Emo’s you know!

    • Ross you clearly have no idea what Emo means. There is nothing and I mean nothing Emo about BSG. BSG was also a fantastic show. If you don’t like it fine, but don’t trash it as if everyone else in the world is wrong and you as the one big hater of it are the only one correct. BSG had some of the best writing and acting on television not just scifi but all TV. Was it Dark ? Sure, but not all of us like light fluffy bunny BS TV either. (See what I did there) BSG isn’t the greatest show ever, but it’s the best thing ScFi/SYFY has ever had on it. It was among the top shows of all time and easily in the top 5 Scifi shows.

      Stargate SG1 was dribble if you want to call something that. It was poor writing and poor acting at it’s best. The only thing that even made the later seasons watchable was Ben Bowder becoming apart of the cast, because everyone else on the show lacked charm or simply phoned it in. It was one of the dullest shows on TV it wasn’t funny, it wasn’t interesting, wasn’t smart, wasn’t dramatic or serious it was just mindless mind numbing boredom.

      • Daniel F
        While you do have a right to your own opinion it is hardly within your rights to speak for everyone else. ‘If you don’t like it fine, but don’t trash it as if everyone else in the world is wrong and you as the one big hater of it are the only one correct.’ << To make it seem like they are the only person in the world that doesn't like BSG and that EVERYONE else loves it. There are, in fact, many other people who have IQ's that don't range in the single digits who found the show to be a horribly written pile of rubbish. So just get over yourself and do the world a favor by going back to your couch and watching your trashy shows on the now pathetically useless SyFy channel.

        • For your information I do not watch any trashy shows on SyFy in fact I don’t watch anything on Sci Fi at all any more other than Eureka. BSG Was not at all horribly written. Yea I should not of said everyone else in the world it’s actually not what I meant to say. What I was supposed to say was Everyone else in that world that liked it. Clearly not everyone in the world liked it because not everyone in the world even saw it.

          However, it was not in anyway poorly written. Maybe it simply wasn’t your style, but not poorly written.

  24. Why does this surprise anyone? The idiots upstairs have always done it this way. Remember Farscape? There are many more. Some jerk has the Babalon 5 five year arch as a bible. I sure wish SciFi would think about the fans instead of the bottom line.

    • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention… Stand by for a movie or two, that would fit the pattern they have established.

      • So sci fi is finishing with eureka but what i cannot understand theres loads more channels that could take eureka? Ie fox for example.

  25. Disappointing… Truly disappointing. Eureka’s story line is finally a bright moment in the long line of shows that cause compulsive channel flipping. With the news of cancellng the series I am back to looking for another form of quality entertainment. Maybe the local bridge club is looking for members, has to be more entertaining than the rest of the shows airing currently. Well if syfy is really going to cancel I’ll say great job on creating the addictive series Eureka and the cast was truly amazing, best I’ve seen. The production was fantastic and the lack of cartoon style special effects gained my respect for the production crew. At least we’ll have 5 seasons to watch repeats. With any luck the cast may find their way to another great story line together.

    • I agree, however, I truly hope that the cast along with the show and current storyline get moved to a television network that will actually appreciate and take good care of such a fantastic show.

      • AMC perhaps. I mean look at Walking Dead most recently, and even look back to SOA. They take damn good care of their shows.

  26. This sucks and makes no sense at all. They cancel Eureka but add WWE!!!! Big mistake!

  27. Where is this world coming to… good show’s like Eureka are being replaced with redundant reality shows with no real entertainment value.. I hate the simpsons the way it portrays public and degrades people is irritating, just to cancel shows because the public isn’t smart enough to understand or follow the series.

    • I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree. While it is true that it is sad the way The Simpsons portrays the general public it is also true that there are people in the world that are that moronic; Take for example the morons at SyFy that continuously cancel ALL of the best shows on the network well before their prime.

  28. This really does suck!!! I bet they keep warehouse 13, which in my opinion, pales in comparison to Eureka. Eureka is the only show on any of the networks that I care to watch these days. Very disappointed in SyFy

    • I have 3 Favorite shows: Supernatural on fri nights and then Eureka and Wharehouse 13 in that order. Guess Id best be finding something constructive to do on Monday nights. Sure won’t EVER be watching wrestling on SyFy!

  29. Yeah, it figures. I like the series, buy the DVD’s for my old age enjoyment and they cut it short. I looked forward to Monday’s on SyFy, now I guess I’ll stick to football, barring a strike at least that will stay on the air.

    As for the above comment that maybe Fox would pick it up, don’t forget that Fox invented the “cut it lose early” style of programming from the start, don’t expect much from them.

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