‘Escape From New York’ Reboot Trilogy Coming; Starting With a Prequel

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Escape From New York Reboot Prequel Escape From New York Reboot Trilogy Coming; Starting With a Prequel

Rumors and plans for an Escape From New York reboot have been circling for years, but today it seems like the first steps of a more motivated production are being taken. After the planned remake of John Carpenter’s Escape From New York (1981) went through numerous directors and scriptwriters since news of the remake from New Line first broke, the rights have since lapsed, meaning all bets were off.

Today Joel Silver’s Silver Pictures has announced they’ll be teaming up with Studio Canal to make the second trip to an incarcerated Manhattan a reality, but taking a very different direction than a simple retread.

With a post-apocalyptic future setting, a grizzled, eye-patched leading man, and plenty of gunfights and brawls, it was never hard to see how a rebooted Escape From New York would fit with current sci-fi movies. But according to Deadline, Silver plans to build a trilogy of films around the property, beginning with a prequel presumably telling the story that led to the original film. The strategy worked for Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), and the studio seems to be following that film’s lead-in – giving Carpenter’s a similar second wind.

Escape From New York Snake Plissken Escape From New York Reboot Trilogy Coming; Starting With a Prequel

The idea of focusing more on a prequel than a remake isn’t a total shock, since reports of the previous Allan Loeb-modified script were less ‘disaster movie,’ and more “an exposé of an ecosystem.” In other words, a more modern look at what would actually happen if the island of Manhattan was walled off, and populated with America’s worst criminals. Granted, that might not be what fans of the original hope for, but it’s at least something original.

The question fans will now ask is: will a prequel follow the star of the original, Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) before he fell from war hero to criminal, or save his re-casting for the retelling of Escape‘s plot (assuming that’s planned in a future film)? It would be an odd choice to attempt a reboot of an iconic B-movie classic without its most famous character, but it’s not an exaggeration to say that much of this trilogy’s success could rest on its leading man.

So far the likes of Gerard Butler (who bowed out citing ‘creative differences‘), Jeremy Renner (whose reps claim was never offered the part), Timothy Olyphant and even Tom Hardy (busy walking in the boots of another cult icon, Mad Max) were all in contention for the role of Plissken. While they may be established names garnering attention at the moment, more than just skills or star power will have to be weighed before casting.

Escape From New York Remake Actors Escape From New York Reboot Trilogy Coming; Starting With a Prequel

Given how much trouble the production has seen so far, and the ongoing question as to why a film defined by its distrust of Nixon’s presidency and leading man needs to be remade without either, the new star will be taking a bit of a risk. Add the fact that Kurt Russell thinks the role should be played by an American, and the most devoted fans of the original may be turned off.

Whatever Silver and Studio Canal have planned, Breck Eisner – the last director attached to the reboot – maintains that a modern Escape From New York could say something important. A prequel is certainly more interesting at this point than a straightforward remake, but for now, we’ll wait until we hear a more detailed plan than what Silver Pictures ‘hopes’ to achieve.

What is your initial reaction to hearing about a trilogy of films set in Carpenter’s post-WWIII America? Are you more intrigued by a chance to tell a new story, or do you still maintain that Escape From New York is one movie that shouldn’t be remade? Sound off in the comments.


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Source: Deadline

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  1. I don’t know what to say.

    Loved the original, thought the sequel was so-so and hate the idea of someone other than Russell playing Snake but it could work out depending on script.

  2. I’m hoping for Olyphant. I can’t think of one movie I haven’t liked him in.

    • Of the names mentioned, I am with you.

  3. Didn’t we already have a remake of sort of Escape from New York with Lockout?? Don’t get me wrong, I loved Lockout, and thought it was great. If Guy Pierce played Snake, it could work. Less wise cracks than Lockout, but he can play a good tough guy.

    The Rock would be a good choice, or Jason Statham. Please no Vin Diesel or Jeremy Renner.

    • I never saw Lockout but I thought it resembled Fortress more than Escape From New York.

      • @ Dazz

        Check out Lockout if you get a chance. Pierce makes the movie go. It’s a throw back to 80′s action flicks to some degree. I really enjoyed it. Very “Escape from New York” like.

    • I think I’d prefer a new face to the actors you named. But I’m totally with you in selecting against Diesel and Renner: Diesel’s too stiff/wooden and Renner’s way too diminutive.

      • @ Royal

        That’s a good idea, a new face would be good.

  4. Timothy Olyphant is a good choice! Put an eye patch on him, lenthen his hair, and you’ve got Snake Plissken all over again!

  5. Does John Carpenter have a say in this?

    • Not a ‘say’ exactly, but he has given his blessing to seeing another actor in the role.

      • He should at least be the producer.

        • He should at least compose the score.

  6. Um, so what would the title be; ‘The Pre-Escape From New York’??

    How about ‘Prison Max-New York’ or ‘Prison City’ or ‘The Big Apple Prison’?

    Wait I know ‘Prison-verse Center’ no.. ‘Gotham Prison!’ No, Silver Pictures signed a deal with Universal for distribution. Pity it wasn’t Warner Brothers…

  7. Made that Post-Obama US instead of Post Apocalypse US.
    It would be interesting to see.

    • Snake angry that the Republicans wouldn’t let Obama fulfil his promises and stupid people rioting and mad at Obama like he’s the only voice in the Senate and House of Representatives?

      That what you meant?

      • LOL

        • All States are evil and achieve their goals through violence, no matter what form they take or who’s in charge of them. Hypocrites, all of them.

  8. As soon as I saw this story, all I could think of was Josh Holloway. He seems to be a younger version of Kurt Russell anyway, so why not?

    • I see it. Holy cow! Visually, Holloway’s got the look. And based on his performance on LOST, he’s got the right swagger too. Good call.

  9. I think manu Bennett or scott adkins would be perfect as snake.

  10. If it doesn’t follow Snake, not interested. I think a ton of these remakes are useless, but this idea is fine. I own and still enjoy the “Escape” movie, but we are not on sacred ground here. This could improve on the original in most every way.

    Except the starring role. Sorry, Mr. Today’s Actor, but there are very few actors who can carry a role and chew up a scene the way Kurt Russell can.

  11. Escape from New York is one of my favourite films ever, cant Hollywood not just leave a classic alone. I suppose it’s all about money, I’d watch another sequal / prequal but Snake has to be the right actor – for me Tim olyphant is not that man, renner and diesel would be massive error of judgement. Bale and butler would also be mistakes and hardy is already in mad max so options are limited, if the duke is in a prequal that’s got to be Jamie fox!!

    • Dude, they’re not gonna go back and change the originals like Lucas and Spielberg, so just don’t even start with that whiny “ruining the original” s**t. Okay?

      • And you know this how??? Are you an insider?? Why would they remake or prequel a movie that most people have never heard of that is a ‘cult classic’?? Cult meaning that it has a handful of hardcore fans. Oh, and I can say what the f**k I like and yes this is ruining the original BIG TIME but Hollywood already tainted the original with a awful sequel.

  12. Norman reedus would be the perfect snake!! That has to happen

  13. Wasn’t Lockdown the prequel?

    And Guy Pierce is definetely the guy to be new Snake!

  14. Jeremy Renner, he’s awesome in everything

  15. As cringe-worthy as all most of these reboots sounds I fear the day I read about a Twilight reboot……….

  16. How many more John Carpenter movies are left to remake? He’s one of my favorites. Keep them coming.

    • Big Trouble in Little China!! Who’s with me?!

      • Everybody relax, I’m here. You know what Ol’ Jack always says……what the hell.

        • Your comment. I liked it.

        • God bless you!

  17. Assault on Precinct 13, Halloween, The Fog, The Thing “reboot” (which itself was a remake), and now Escape from New York. Next comes Big Trouble in Little China, and Prince of Darkness (with Alice Cooper)!

    • The Thing was prequel, so they are almost done except for Big Trouble In Little China and They Live. Problem with making those movies today is that they lose context because the climate is different and people don’t get some of the subtext of Carpenter’s films.

      • They do live…. Put on your glasses, Obama is an alien…

      • The Thing was definitely a “remake-prequel” hybrid.

  18. Big Trouble in Little China! Oh, yeah! Always wanted a sequel to that.

    • Oh no they can stay away with that one

  19. To the dude who said Norman Reedus: As cool as that sounds, that character would be too close to Darryl on TWD

  20. Eddie Murphy?

  21. How about pay me $5 million cash for the first movie, I’ll play Snake.

  22. I know this is a bad choice but when I was watching John Carter for the first time a few weeks ago (such a terrible movie), I thought his voice was a little similar to Snake’s.

    That sort of gruff, badass voice that you#d need for an ex-military man like Plissken.

  23. How about Taylor Kitsch as Snake

    • Yeah that’s what I was saying, I forgot the actor’s name though when I posted.

      It could work, right?

  24. Who is asking for a trilogy of this. Leave the classics alone!

  25. As long as they don’t remake Big Trouble in Little China, I’ll be okay.

    • Ha ha, or Tango & Cash

  26. I can’t wait to find out why they thought he was dead

  27. Enough with the re-boots and remakes already… Is that the only idea the exec’s have at te moment, are they so risk averse that no new ideas are getting through?