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Emma Watson Photoshopped

Hank Azaria Imitate’s Stallone

Entire Movies In One Gif

You like GIFs. You like movies. How about entire movies compressed into GIFs that will turn your brain to scrambled eggs and possibly hurt your eyeballs?

Above is one of our favorite Pixar films, Up. The HuffingtonPost has more.

X-Men Re-imagined into Medieval Times

Thanks to SR Reader @TeryTrixie for sharing!

Top 10 Best Horror Films of All Time

Horror film genre is perhaps the only genre that created the humungous cult followers. To trim our list to Top 10 for the Best Horror Films of All Time, apart from laborious task, leaving one behind might create potent sentiments from the passionate fans of this genre. Needless to say, our list is based on personal preferences that essentially scare us immensely. We also take into account the influential contributions of these movies to the contemporary horror mainstream.

Top 10 Worst Horror Movies Ever Made

In the film industry, there are best movies, good movies, not-so-good movies, bad movies, and there are even worst movies you could only wish they were never produced at all. While it may be critical and difficult to define a good art and a bad one due to our different perception of things, there really are productions that are made in poor taste, so to speak.

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MovieHunger Infographic: Batman VS Iron Man

Before all DC and comics fans become emotional for casting Ben Affleck as Batman in an upcoming Batman VS Superman movie, MovieHunger decided to divert the attention and look back at the most successful superhero film series in recent memory for both Marvel and DC Comics.

Thor & More DIY Costumes: Geek Chic For Cheap!

The Rock’s Halloween Costume

Mario In Real Life

Kill Bill Meets Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld and Quentin Tarantino remake Kill Bill.

Hollywood Cliches: Demon Trickery

The demon that’s possessing your loved one will always try to manipulate you at the most opportune time in order to protect himself from being exorcized.

Cap’s New Costume Comic

Thanks to SR Reader Tarun Padmakumar for sharing!

GTA V Movie & TV References – Episode 2

We’re still playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto V, and we’re still doing it our own way, using the vast open game world to recreate classic movie and TV moments.

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