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about vic Enter The Screen Rant Suggestion Contest!Hey, here’s a chance for you to make Screen Rant a cooler place to visit, and to win something at the same time!

I am forever on the lookout for ways to make ScreenRant.com a better movie and TV site. I want to make it a place that you’ll want to come back to more often. A place that you’ll enjoy so much that you’ll want to tell your friends about it and have them become regular visitors as well.

So I figure what better way to do that than to ask YOU what you’d like to see on the site?

I mean if I want to make it more interesting to you, I figure you’re the folks to ask, right? icon smile Enter The Screen Rant Suggestion Contest!

So here’s the deal: Give me your suggestions below via a comment and I will randomly draw one person’s name and I’ll email the winner a $20 Amazon.com gift certificate. I will also send a $20 gift certificate to the person that I think makes the best suggestion (this is very subjective and is completely my call). Of course you’ll need to provide an email address that’s valid to be selected as the winner.

The sky is the limit on suggestions… for example you could tell me if you want:

- More articles

- What kinds of articles (reviews, news, editorials, features, other?).

- What movies/TV shows you’d like to see covered more in depth.

- What other features you’d like to see on the site (latest movie posters, more trailers, upcoming movie release dates, etc.)

- What don’t you like or would prefer different on the site?

Don’t limit yourself to what I just listed above. There may be things that you’d like to see or changes made that haven’t even occurred to me.

You are free to comment more than once but I will only count each email address as one entry even if you leave multiple comments.

If you’re one of the “silent majority” that reads the site but never comments, this is the time to speak your mind. And hey, email your friends and tell them to participate as well, they don’t have to be current readers of the site. 20 bucks at Amazon.com will come in handy this close to Christmas. icon smile Enter The Screen Rant Suggestion Contest!

The contest ends at midnight EST on November 30th.

Thanks, and I look forward to your suggestions!

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  1. Movie Quotes, Vic…. bring ‘em back man! And maybe get the visitors to give some of their own. =)

  2. I really miss the podcasts

  3. The fanboy in me would start with a list at this point, but this time the adult comes first! ;)

    One major thing I don’t want to see here: Don’t sell out!

    Remember Fat Harry when he was actually reviewing movies? Hell, some of the fat cats of the movie business even wanted to BAN his website (because of his negative review “power”)! And now? He sold out! They basically bought him to be more friendly towards them. Invitations, phone calls, free previews, friends here, friends there, etc. He has become a movie-celebrity, no longer a serious movie-critic. So don’t go there! (Except, if you really need the money. Oh boy.)

    The other extreme is Depressing Matt and his “me against the universe”-gang. Yeah, expletives galore, pseudo-historical references, Hippie bashing all inclusive. Nope, it’s not political, it’s not criticism – it’s a baby (and a bunch of misanthropic idiots) calling for more attention. And why are they doing it in the first place? Because Fat Harry got more attention! Nope, no need to go there either.

    So what should you do different? Well, whatever you like! Give it a try and see if it works. And don’t listen too much to us idiot visitors. Here today and gone tomorrow. Get it? ;)


  4. Honestly Vic, don’t change a thing. Screenrant has always been more than reviews. You’ve covered the “business side” of Hollywood; decisions, budgets, and the strike. In fact, this is the only site I read to keep updated on the strike (thanks Heath!)

    Actual suggestions though… I’ll have to think on that. Maybe more low budget stuff, i.e. fan productions. Sandy Collera was a nice find. I’m willing to bet, anyone who reads screenrant has had ambitions of making a movie or being a director. I know I have… :)

  5. Vic, I have to say Podcasts. Gives a more personal feel to a site if you hear the people talking instead of reading what they are saying.

  6. I would like to see articles on the actors that “fly under the radar” when it comes to helping their fellow humans.Unlike those whose press agent makes sure the tabloids have their “unselfish” giving documented,I would prefer to see who is doing it because it is compassionate and not for box office bucks.

  7. Tv and film
    Rant of the week.
    (((Readers can discuss there likes and dislikes on all Tv and film related genres that are sci-fi, fantasy, horror related)))
    Dvd (fan/on/the/street) review…of the week..
    (((Readers can discuss the latest dvd’s and box sets))).
    Rumor Rant.
    (((Readers post the latest rumors)))
    Sequel Rant. (((Readers discuss films that deserve sequels and those that don’t also how the sequels perform based on the Original film)))
    Podcasts are cool but not everyone is hooked up for that.
    I’ll try to come with some more…

  8. Hmmm – tough question. You need to do something different, something unique. Podcasts/videocasts are great but take a lot of work.

    More reviews, opinion pieces, add on more staff to post things.

    Sorry not much help I’m afraid.

  9. Well Vic, I think a section featuring a gallery of clickable movie art such as teaser art for posters or unused poster artwork. And a section containing links leading to fan movies or trailers, such as Batman Dead End or the Powergirl videos, which are quite entertaining. I think that would interest a number of people that haven’t been privey to such things.

  10. I love how these site works. Every one that visits the site site is heared of what he/she has to say. Meaby we could built on that and try to make it more adaptive for new comers and make them feel welcome.
    The last time I checked these is a fanboy site and not like some other sites (which I will not menton)that only care about how much profit they could make. So what I am traing to say is that Sreenrant it’s cool the way it is, and if you whan’t to make changes it would be nice if you start small then in time it will lead to somthing biger.


  12. I know I’ll probably get bashed for this suggestion, but how ’bout more NON sci-fi, horror, superhero stuff?

  13. A less harsh orange for the background colour =P

    B-rate movie of the month

    Movie picks from each of the writers ( Heath/Vic/ect. ect. one movie from each that they’d reccomend over the rest of the current movies )

    Some sort of Ventrilo server so the screenrant community and their writers can get together and talk, but only open once a week or so, an assigned day that we can discuss what’s been posted here on Screenrant together–actually speaking to one-another.

    That’s what I’ve got so far, probably add more later. Oh–Do not, ever, get a forum. It would be the suicide of the site.

    Hope everything goes well, and as long as Screenrant keeps awesome reviews and news, I don’t care what changes.

    - Rev

  14. Weekly chat would be cool…….not on Mondays tho,I’ve got Superman Homepage chatroom to be at.;-)

  15. Know how some sites have a “quote’ button that allows you to quote something another commenter said? That would be cool too. :-)

  16. You know….I like movies and stuff,but I especially like comic book movies,cuz I’m a comix freak of such. While I visit this site for a number of reasons,the primary one is the comic book/superhero movie news that is usually posted (along with the occasional sci fi star wars and trek news). I love it, keep it up,Vic,Heath,and fam! :-)

  17. Oh yeah,cartoons! Animation,stuff like that! Cartoonimation Rant,it could be called! Where folks can talk about and read the latest news on their favorite animated shows,whatever they might be (mo animes!!!! HATE those!). But,this is more of a movie site though,and some of y’all might not wanna read cartoon news and reviews and such. But an idea,eh?

  18. Hey Vic, how about a setting that keeps visitors from spamming the comment section ever 5 minutes. =) LOL

    j/k KEL

  19. Holy crap! LOL!

    I’m a member,FYI.;-)

  20. Cuz I haven’t found one at this site yet,I’ll suggest a member profile for each of the members.

    But…maybe there already is one and I just haven’t found it? :-)

  21. Voting(Rant)poll and Movie Rant Ratings on movies. The Weekly Rant poll would be a community fun poll consisting of a pic button answer talley and question (ex. What will be 2008 biggest block buster..) similar to the one on SHH. Movie Rant Rating would be the rating the community gives a movie using pic button talley and would be located under the site rating.

  22. I still think that forums would be a good idea. I know a lot of us post about movies at the Advanced Iron forums, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Joe Shmoe is going to realize that. Adding as much interactivity as possible is one of the key factors for getting return traffic (comments are a case in point).

    I also like the Podcast idea. It’s an interesting bit, even if it’s only really a diversion when it comes to most podcasts out there. It’s quite a bit of work that you may or may not be willing to undertake, but there are a few tools that make it a little bit less troublesome.

    Another idea that I like is adding a way for users to “rate” stories, adding kind of a Digg-like level of interactivity. Social-networking is all the rage, and really, it just comes down to the level of interaction that users have. More is generally better, at least until the point where it starts taking control out of your hands.

    Yet another idea that occurs to me would be to include some “select” videogaming news (can’t play them without a Screen). With the advent of HD, the realms of cinema and gaming are being blurred in more than a few areas (see Mass Effect), and gaming is now seen as a legitimate competitor for the adult population’s entertainment dollar. It’s a huge industry that’s still very much in its early stages, and I think it’s only going to get bigger (Nintendo’s Wii is showing that now). This would probably require additional staff (I’m available…heh) and may not be a direction you want to go, but I’m just throwing the idea out there.

    I think that’s enough for now. I’m going to go play Mass Effect…

  23. I would like more Polls and discussion topics that involve everyones opinion.

  24. I would lighten the place up. It is a very dark color pallet you use on the site.
    Don’t make everything white but something along the lines of the colors over at slashfilm.com would be cool. Be original but maybe switch up the colors on the site.

    Maybe use movie stills as backgrounds on different pages and spots.

    Simple is good but for a movie, tv site we need to see Movie and TV “things”

    Good luck to all whoever may win.

  25. Please don’t change the colors on the site.

  26. Please don’t change the colors on the site.

  27. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions! I’ll choose winners and comment further on Monday. :-)