Terminator Salvation Blu-ray Giveaway – Winners!

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terminator salvation blu ray Terminator Salvation Blu ray Giveaway   Winners!

Here are the winners of our Terminator Salvation Blu-ray giveaway:

  • Don Bucci – Forked River, NJ
  • Matt Keith – Collierville, TN
  • Mike Dixon – West Columbia, SC

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered. FYI, we’ve got a MAJOR Harry Potter Contest coming up around the corner – we’re talking BIG. icon smile Terminator Salvation Blu ray Giveaway   Winners!

Hey folks, time for another Screen Rant giveaway – this time we’re bringing you the director’s cut of Terminator Salvation on Blu-ray. We’re giving away 3 copies of this 3-disc set and it includes both the theatrical and director’s cut along with a digital copy.

Disc 1
Theatrical Version of Film (114 min., rated PG-13)
WB Maximum Movie Mode: Director McG hosts while you watch the movie:

  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Storyboard comparisons
  • Terminator mythology timeline


  • Re-Forging the Future: See how the filmmakers reinvented the franchise
  • The Moto-Terminator: Discover the unique relationship between the filmmakers and Ducati

Disc 2
Director’s Cut of Film (117 min., rated R)
Media Center
Featured Content

  • “Resist or Be Terminated” Video Archive
  • Terminator Salvation Official Movie Prequel Digital Comic Issue #1
  • My Commentary
  • Live Community Screening

Disc 3
Digital Copy of Theatrical Version

terminator salvation blu ray2 Terminator Salvation Blu ray Giveaway   Winners!

For more details on the Blu-ray head over to the official Terminator Salvation site.

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  1. Is anyone going to enter?

  2. I am. Loved this movie.

  3. @stpau1y

    When I first ran the poll back when the movie came out most people rated this movie between 3 and 5 out of 5 stars.


  4. I like the in-thread poll. You guys should do that more often pertaining to the subject.

    I liked Terminator Salvation but it was only slightly better than T3 imo. McG go away.

  5. @ Vic
    Do i have to fill out alot of info if i eneted the contest?

  6. Dude Can’t WAIT!


  7. As far as I’m concerned Terminator has been Terminated, pun intended. I will not see this movie or T3 again. Ii watched each of these once, didn’t like either so for me the movies ended at T2:Judgement Day.

  8. What’s different in the Director’s Cut?

  9. @Chris O

    I agree. I enjoyed T3 and T4, but only as mindless action films.

  10. @Mike

    I think theres a boob shot of Moon Bloodgood and some blood.

  11. I loved this movie!
    I hope I win! =)

  12. LOL, the directors cut has 3 more minutes.

    Who wants to watch this with MCG narrating the film.


  13. @chrisj

    Just include your mailing address in your email entry. I disqualify entries that don’t include name and address.


  14. @ Vic
    I entered my email in the blank space above, is that all i had to do cause i recieved a email from feedburner email subscriber so i think i got it.

  15. I thought people hated the movie

  16. too bad this contest is for American and Canadian residents only:s havent seen the movie yet but i guess it will be good as a hardcore action movie:) do we expect something else from the terminator movies than robotic killing-machines? (a)

  17. Magnus

    there really isn’t much killing by terminators in this movie. Since you mentioned it I just thought of it and can’t really remember many people getting killed or hurt by the terminators in this one. Yeah, that’s pretty lame for a terminator movie.

  18. whaaat? blah:( i was hoping for mass child killing robots, no im joking:p but in terminator movies it shud be mass destruction and ppl dying all over the place:\ ah well, im probably gonna wind up seeing it anyway, seen the others and i didnt hate them, so dont think i can avoid this one:o

  19. @chrisj

    You’ll need to verify your feedburner subscription by clicking the link in the email (it’s self-explanatory).


    I don’t determine the geographic zones, the contest sponsor does.


  20. Whats ion the Directors cut?

    Well for one you do get some skin footage of Moon Bloodgod (a name made for an entertainer if there ever was) however it’s not as revealing as many have lead to believe in various internet postings. I got a chance to see some samples of whats in the DC version and unless there’s more then what was in the preview just know the Moon Bloodgod footage isn’t as mcuh as has been stated.

  21. @Vic

    I’m not suprised that the ratings were between 3 & 5 after all the movie was good. It wasn’t great; certainly could have been better but unless you know about the whole bit with Bale over drafting and changing the movie on the fly then you’d not realize how much better it could have been.

    I really feel like people are giving McG and unfair hard time about the film. Think about it like this, how many directors could produce a film that would get these kinds of ratings and do this kind of bussiness that for all intents & purposes was done as they go due to a self-glorified actor (with illusions of Grandeur) changing the thing on the fly? MOst films done under those circumstances would have come out looking like they shoudl have gone staright to DVD and given one of those knock off titles like Transmorphers.

    Granted McG should have put his foot down and told Bale to go U-Know-What and move don without Bale if thats what it took but he didn’t and so I do fault him for that. That being said, McG did a great job truning outs omething not only worth watching more then once (I paid 3 times to see it at the theatre) bit also worth buiying on BluRay DVD; that is unless I manage to win the ScreenRant one (HINT HINT HINT)

  22. BlueCollarCritic

    I think Bale was right wanting to change the script to involve John Connor more (for better or worse) even if it was a jerk move. I don’t know if the movie would have been better if it was focused on the terminator acting as a human. That just didn’t make sense to me. The future war is supposed to be about John Connor and the resistance against Skynet and the terminators, not about some machine who doesn’t know who he is or what his purpose is in the whole thing. just my opinion of course.

  23. @M-Cat

    I’m not saying the movie would have been better with teh orginal story line only that McG did a heck of a job considering it was changed (so drastiocally by Bale) on the fly; during its filming and still came out a good movie. This comment based on the large amoint of negative feedback I’ve seen here about the Salvation film.

    BTW – Did you know about the MACHINA series that was done in parralel/prequel to/with the movie?

  24. The film gets a lot of negative feedback because the plot has more holes in it than swiss cheese. Its only enjoyable as a mindless action film.

  25. And, because the acting is horrible, with the exception of Sam Worthington and the guy who played Kyle Reese. But, like I said earlier as a mindless action film I love it.

  26. BlueCollarCritic

    no I haven’t heard of the Machina series. Is it something I can find on dvd? was it any good?

  27. who provides the dvds for giveaway? the studio or does it come out of screenrant’s pocket?

  28. @vid

    Contests here have sponsors.


  29. i love action and sc-fi, so naturally i liked this movie(4/5 stars) i for 1 dont mind plot holes unless theyre really really bad. i think its cool to use your imagination. by the way im seing commercials about alternate endings in the directors cut. whats going on there. id be real interested in that.