‘Ender’s Game’ Trailer – Orson Scott Card’s Sci-Fi Vision Comes to Life

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Ender’s Game takes place in the future, some 70 years after Earth was attacked for the second time by the Formics or “Buggers,” a race of insect-like aliens; in response, humanity forms the Battle School, a place where young adolescents with the best and brightest tactical minds train for combat in the inevitable third space war against the Buggers. The Battle School student body includes Andrew “Ender” Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) – a troubled, but brilliant, strategist, who may be the key to defeating the enemy once and for all.

The Ender’s Game movie – based on the 1985 novel written by Orson Scott Card – has been spinning its wheels in early development for most of the past decade, but will finally make its way to the big screen this Fall. Today, we have the official trailer, which provides a sneak peek at the blockbuster adaptation’s story and sci-fi elements; in particular, the zero-gravity Battle Rooms, where Ender and his peers learn how to fight an enemy that they do not fully understand.


Fans of Card’s original book have voiced concern about some of the changes from printed page to cinema – in particular the decision to make the Battle School students young teenagers rather than children – and how that might weaken or negatively impact the ethical question and philosophical themes inherent to the story (though, the practicality of making a movie featuring child actors has to be considered).¬†However, so far, the film adaptation looks to benefit from solid acting choices, be it the youngsters like Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) or seasoned actors like Harrison Ford (42) and Ben Kingsley (Iron Man 3), playing the hardened warriors who seek to shape Ender into humanity’s savior.

Similarly, writer/director Gavin Hood has spent around four years working on the project, and his passion could pay off with a blockbuster that retains the substance of its source material (while bringing it to life with contemporary¬†visual effects and style). That alone gives us good reason to hope that Hood’s new blockbuster may have more dramatic punch – like his smaller-budgeted foreign-language films In Desert and Wilderness and the Oscar-winning Tsotsi – rather than reek so much of studio interference (in a bad way), like his X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


Ender’s Game opens in U.S. theaters on November 1st, 2013.

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  1. Looks good so far.

    • Yeah,and somehow get a HALO vibe from this !

      • Halo ganked ideas from pretty much every sci fi. Ender’s Game came out waaaay before Halo.

  2. I dont know anything about the book or story, ill admit i peaked my interest. Asa buterfield looks like a younger benedict cumberbatch (star trek version)

    • @Trey.

      ::Gibbs Head Slap::

      Thats for doing a Dark Knight with Star Trek.


      • Hahaha

    • piqued my interest too ;)

  3. Poor Kid he is the only one that has not been nominated for an Oscar. The trailer looks good though.

    • Who cares? LOL, legendary actors like Donald Sutherland and Edward G. Robinson weren’t nominated either.

  4. I was wondering where hailey steinfeld went… she was amazing in true grit. I still believe she would be a better katniss than jennifer lawrence

  5. Looking pretty good. The Buggers in this remind me a lot of aliens in lots of other sci-fi and anime. “starship Troopers”, “Space Battleship Yamato”, “Robotech Shadow Chronicles”, “Macross Frontier” etc…..

  6. “You think your world is safe?”

  7. Was that the Little Doctor at the end?

    And: no Bean? No Peter?

    • It looked like it, although it could have been something in simulation. I don’t see how that ending can work in the movie. I don’t think it worked in the book/short story either, but the rest was so good that I didn’t mind too much.

      • They are in it according to imdb but they are academy award nominees or the lead actor

    • I sure hope they are in it. Both play pretty crucial roles. I thought the Peter and Valentine storyline was as/more interesting than the Ender storyline. I liked the political allegories involved. However, I wonder if adding that into the movie would be too convoluted. To me, Enders Game felt like two different novels in one (in a good way).

      • The problem is that it is two separate novels.This is the big problem I have with Ender’s Game. The original novells was only about a boy playing these games that led to him getting to play a big game that ended up being an invasion. The kid always thought he was playing a game and that is why they used children.

        The Ender’s Game of the novel and this movie really take away from the original novella. I wish more people have a chance to read Ender’s Game in its original form. That would be a good movie.

        • novella..not novells

    • yeah they basically just showed the end of the book/ movie in the trailer

    • I wondered the same thing if it is they changed it from the way OSC described it (see children of the mind & ender’s shadow) in those books it sounds like a bomb it looks like the Glaser that the asteroid miners used in earth unaware. Bean and Peter are casted I think that bean with the rope tied around the waist in the battle room seen. Also a couple websites are calling this the film adaptation of enders game and enders shadow.

  8. I like the trailer style, it’s more different from the ones we have gotten lately…

  9. Am I the only one who noticed the spoiled the ending of the book in the trailer?

    • If you have not read the book how can it possibly be a spoiler?

    • yeah right?

      i thought the same thing. I mean sure if someone who didnt read the book doesnt get that that is the ending but still.

      • But still what? if you have not read the book the no spoilers have been given. If you have read the book then still no spoilers have been given. It’s very simple to understand. you read the book so it’s impossible for anything to be spoiled for you since you know the beginning middle and end. however by pointing out the context of the scenes in the trailer you are thus spoiling it for people who have not read the book.

        • Now that you’ve posted about it, it is spoiled.

    • Spoiler alert: Do not watch the trailer

  10. Me likey!

  11. It looks to me as if, in the movie version, Ender will be fully aware what he is doing and it’s implications. If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t he not find out until the very end of the story?

    • Be careful not to post spoilers or hints that means they can be guessed.


  12. I heard that the movie was also going to be based on parts taken from Ender’s Shadow, is that correct?

    I know this sounds bad but I hope the movie is as violent as the book. It is kind of important for Ender’s character for it to be. violent as in the things he did to other children throughout the book

    • Looks to me like they pulled from Speaker for the Dead as well. There is a scene that looks like it is on an alien world.

    • That is a big question I have how are they going to depicts ender doing what he did to the bully on earth and the bully in the shower?

  13. Meh

  14. Movie looks like crap, good visual effects, but what’s the point of the story?

    Is this a Kid-Version of Oblivion and Lost In Space?

    DF is going on.

    meh is what i say to this movie.. MEH!

    • It’s based on an award winning sci-fi book that’s very much not like oblivion or lost in space at all. And it’s not just little kids, since the book takes place over many years. You should read it before-hand.

    • Spoiler alert. (Also, read at LEAST Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow. They’re amazing works of science fiction with a lot of very subtle and not so subtle social commentary.)

      In the books, they take young children with extraordinary intellects and train them via simulated war games and zero-gravity “games,” in what they think is an effort to train them to be leaders in the next Bugger war. They don’t realize that the simulations are remotely controlling an actual battle fleet going to attack the Bugger home world.

  15. Reading IMDB on Ender’s Game

    Harrison Ford is portraying Col Graff.

    Harrison Ford as we all know Played Han Solo

    The Actor playing Col Graff’s aide is named Han Soto….STRANGE!

  16. The Ender’s Game trailer looks pretty cool,I heard of the novel,but never read it,but I love a big kick ass sci-fi movie any day of the week,so I’m opened minded enough to give it a shot when it’s released.

  17. I know nothing of the book and the trailer doesn’t really grab me either. The one quesion i have is how much is the author’s political stance going to effect the film.

    When he was asked to write on Superman I heard about quite a bit of uproar (boycots, letters to DC etc.) regarding his appointment.

    SR. Gonna do one of your xcellent articles looking at the author?

  18. Looks nice visually, and what a fantastic cast. But it will only be a worthwhile film if they manage to translate some of the more subtle elements of the book, like the article says, ethical questions and such. Otherwise, it could be a very generic film.

    Maybe the reason (I am assuming) that they didn’t use Card’s name in the trailer is b/c of his controversial-ness.

  19. Please be good, please be good, please be good!!
    The best parts of the book, IMHO, were the games and the heavy reveal at the end. I really hope they can keep these in the movie.

  20. I just can’t wait to see it

  21. Sounds a lot like Starship Troopers…hmmm.

    • yeah there is definitely an element of Starship Troopers in there, but the book precedes that movie by about a decade

      • And Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers” novel precedes Card’s “Ender’s Game” by three decades

        • +1

          lol, I just said that too….. :)

      • That’s alright, the book Starship Troopers precedes Ender’s Game publication by a quarter of a century (1959 vs 1985)

      • Try 2 decades the novel published in 1985 the short story in 1977 I heard they tried to do movies before but they messed it up to much so OSC put a stop to them. He’s a great writer I’ve read several of his books he deserves way more credit then what he gets from Hollywood many of his books would make great movies I wonder if bigotry against his religion (he’s Mormon) has anything to ,
        do with it?

  22. I pictured Mazer Rochhem (I know I butchered the spelling) to look less like Ben Kingsley and more like a skinny Dwean (the rock) Johnson, or maybe Many Packiow (I butchered that spelling too the Philippino boxer.