Gavin Hood May Bring ‘Ender’s Game’ To The Big Screen

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:25 pm,

A film adaptation of the sci-fi novel Ender’s Game has been trapped in development purgatory for almost a decade.  Work on the project has begun yet again, with filmmaker Gavin Hood (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) eying it as his next directorial effort.

Several years have passed since Orson Scott Card penned a screenplay based off his award-winning novel, Ender’s Game – with Troy director Wolfgang Peterson being the long-rumored candidate to bring the literary work to the big screen.  Hood has reportedly done a rewrite of Card’s script, with the intention of both producing and directing the feature.

Ender’s Game is set in a dystopian future where the human governments of Earth breed child geniuses and train them for battle against an invasive race of aliens known as the Formics, that are generally referred to as “Buggers.”  Andrew “Ender” Wiggin is a brilliant but troubled and at times violent child who excels at military training exercises.  Unbeknownst to Ender, he is actually a vital pawn in the government’s scheme to defeat the extra-terrestrial invaders – though Ender may be too dangerous for his own good.

Hood made a name for himself as a director with his 2005 Oscar-winning South African drama Tsotsi, which then paved the way for his involvement with the big-budgeted X-Men spinoff, Wolverine.  The latter was a financial hit in theaters and should help convince investors that an Ender’s Game movie with Hood at the helm has the potential to become a blockbuster in its own right.

Gavin Hoods Oscar winner Tsotsi Gavin Hood May Bring Enders Game To The Big Screen

Image from Gavin Hood’s 2005 drama, ‘Tsotsi.’

The central characters in Ender’s Game are all pre-adolescents, so a film version would require a director adept at working with young actors.  Hood demonstrated with Tsotsi that he can handle a story that revolves around troubled youths who are forced to lead a dangerous lifestyle as a means of survival, so the subject matter of Card’s original novel seems like a natural fit for him.

While Wolverine was a blockbuster in its own right, the film was less than well-received by a lot of critics and moviegoers.  The Ender’s Game movie will require some solid visual FX to properly realize the space battles from the original novel, but the plot is more of a character-driven drama and less of an epic sci-fi adventure – so Hood should be working on more comfortable ground as a filmmaker.

We will keep you updated on the film adaptation of Ender’s Game as more news comes our way.

Source: L.A. Times

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  1. I can’t wait to see what they do with this….I have read the book MANY times adn love it each time….have often wondered when someone would have the moxie to do it:-)

  2. this is one of those moments where my political convictions would step in, unfortunately. I can’t support anything coming from O.S. Card. So this movie will be a big “pass” for me.

    • “this is one of those moments where my political convictions would step in”

      What are you talking about?

      • since this isn’t the place to discuss those political convictions, I can only say look up Orson Scott Card’s political affiliations. If you are comfortable with what he espouses, then good for you. I am not, and know that his books reflect his political beliefs. As such, I won’t be seeing anything based on his writings, award-winning “sci-fi classic” or not.

        • Mike E.

          Well I guess we’re on opposite sides of the fence, then. I *can* understand your position though, there are some actors and directors whose movies I just won’t see for similar reasons.

          Of course I have to be pretty loose about it or else I wouldn’t be able to go watch 95% of what Hollywood puts out. 8)


        • @Mike E

          I too have strong convictions and don’t care for some of what Hollywood puts out but some items from these political elitists are worth reading if only to get an idea on what they see as the End Game. For example I enjoyed BRAVE NEW WORLD as a read but most certainly would not hope for that kind of world.

    • Whatever the screen picture comes out to be, it would never be as profound as our own minds imagine. We just have to face it, some people have the mind for science fiction, others don’t.

  3. YES YES YES, I hated the Wolverine movie, but at this point I’d even settle for a mediocre Ender’s Game movie. For the love of god Hollywood, GIT IR DUN!

  4. I’m not entirely sure why I’d want Hood rewriting any of Card’s script. It should be the other way around.

  5. It could go one way or another if he gets it (hopefully not). But was Wolverine’s failure FOX’s fault or his is my question. If it was his then have at the movie, but if so then kick him to the curb.

    • That last sentence didnt go right. If it was his than kick him to the curb, but if it wasnt then have it. Srry

  6. This is probably my second fave book of all time right behind Catcher in the rye. I love this book but Gavin hood is a bad choice. I’ve been waiting a long time for this film and I can wait a lil longer i’d rather keel waiting than see it ruined.

    Mike Card is a gifted writer. Do you simply hate all conservatives?

  7. The long and short of it is Orson Scott Card just happens to be conservative. Apparently Mike hates all republicans/conservatives simply for not following blindly to his beliefs. At least that’s what I assume he is refering to.

    I guess mike hates my gutss and boycotts me as well because I don’t share his ‘thought’ pattern.

    Given the new trend in this country I’d never enjoy anything if I boycotted all liberals. Lucky for me I don’t hate people for not feeling the same as me about every thing.

    If you hate Card so much simply for his opinions please feel free to boycott this article.

    • I have NO idea what you’re rambling on about.
      I never said I “hated” anyone.
      Nor did I say I “hated O.S.C. because he’s a republican or a conservative”.
      Stop being so paranoid.
      I’m not comfortable with the beliefs he espouses, and don’t feel comfortable seeing a film based on a book that espouses those beliefs. What the hell is wrong with that? He’s a rabid L.D.S. fanatic. I don’t agree with him. Come to think of it, he probably wouldn’t agree with you either.

      last I checked, everyone was allowed to have their opinions?
      I haven’t tried to limit your freedom of speech as you’re doing to mine right now.

      • So basically, you don’t want Orson to receive any of your dollars, so you won’t see the movie. You are boycotting a man, not a story. Have you read the other books in the series? If not, check ‘em out…multiple political views “espoused.”
        I have waited for this movie since I first read the book in high school. I am not thrilled that it is Hood’s project, and I will most likely hate it. None the less, I am looking forward to seeing someone elses idea of how this book looks in the imagination.

      • Mike, re: “I’m not comfortable with the beliefs he espouses, and don’t feel comfortable seeing a film based on a book that espouses those beliefs. What the hell is wrong with that? He’s a rabid L.D.S. fanatic. I don’t agree with him. ”

        So you– uh– dislike Card because he’s a Mormon? How on earth does Ender’s Game “espouse those beliefs”? It’s about a bunch of kids in Battle School, fer cryin’ out loud! The story is about battle tactics and kids trying to figure out what the heck the teachers are doing. The only thing in the entire book that even suggests a “Mormon” idea is that Ender’s mother was mentioned in passing as a Mormon, his father Catholic. Does this mean that anyone who watches the movie must also worry about being converted to Catholicism??? I didn’t see anything that resembled anything of LDS in Ender’s Game.

  8. @ Daniel F: I heard a similar argument with Forrest Gump; some people refused to see it, because it had conservative points, and used those points to make it some weird-ass pic that endorses Hitler (paraphrasing). It’s like when we were in high school, and the teacher has you tear apart a book to find things that you wouldn’t want to notice in the first place. Can we just stop doing that for movies, and enjoy it if it’s good, and completely dismiss it and ridicule it if it’s by M. Night Shyamalan, or, for a better description, “bad?”

  9. Clearly you have not read the book or didn’t understand it and apparently you know very little about card. How am I limiting your free speach?did I delete your comment? I have just as much right to free spech as you do and as long as you continue to ramble on about an author you don’t read or know anything about that happens to be in my opinion one of the best writers of the last centurary I’ll continue to express my self as freely as you are.

    You use initials way to much.

  10. I know what you mean Vic though I’d say the number is more like 99% lol.

    I only try to avoid the people that talk way way to much like Angelina or Sean Penn. To be honest though as much as I hate Penn he’s a damn good actor and once in awhile ill see one of his films because some of them turn out like the amazing mystic river. I think Angelina is the only personi refuse to watch no matter what but that’s because she way to vocal usually doesn’t understand what she is talking about and isn’t even all that talented. Plus she tends to not choose very many good scripts.

    Yea though Vic people on our side of the fence can’t afford to be that picky or we don’t get entertainment.

  11. I refuse to support Card on ideological grounds. I will not even buy his books. Anybody who has Card’s views on the Patriot act, Homosexuality, and magic underpants is not someone I want to support with my patronage of their artistic work.

    I read some of his work via the local library. He does weave a good story, but he is not someone who I choose to support with my dollars.

    • Hey santa, the second I read “magic underpants” I completely discredited your comment. I am mormon, and we don’t believe in “magic underpants.”

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  13. I think that Orson Scott Card should push his ability as an author a little bit farther and direct the dam movie himself. That way the transition form book to movie would not loose many key concepts on the way.

  14. Gavin Hood.. pass. How could they let a horrible producer produce this amazing story lord I hope and pray i am wrong. Speaker for the dead -Peter Jackson enough said

  15. Too bad the director will likely ruin the film.