‘Ender’s Game’ Script Being Shopped Around By ‘Star Trek’ Writers

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Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci developing Enders Game movie Enders Game Script Being Shopped Around By Star Trek Writers

Let’s face it, sci-fi fans – screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci aren’t going to be satisfied until they’re involved in some form with essentially every (semi-)cult TV show or film franchise out there. The scribes behind Star Trek and first two Transformers movies have now revealed their involvement in another anticipated alternate-reality project: The adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game.

Kurtzman and Orci (or K/O as they call themselves) have helped develop a script based off Card’s controversial 1985 work and are shopping it around to studios – with the assistance of X-Men Origins: Wolverine director Gavin Hood and Odd Lot Entertainment.

Word that Hood had reworked the Ender’s Game screenplay and was eying it as a potential directing vehicle emerged last September, but this is the first time Kurtzman and Orci’s names have popped up in the conversation. Orci tweeted the news last night and confirmed it to Screen Rant via email, indicating that he and his writing buddy were involved with Hood’s adaptation in some form – the pair likely either did some significant re-tooling of the script or merely polished it so it was prepped to show off to studio executives.

Regardless of how one feels about the quality of their cinematic and television output, it’s impossible not to admire Kurtzman and Orci’s work ethic. The duo co-created Fringe with J.J. Abrams; penned Jon Favreau’s comic book genre mashup, Cowboys & Aliens; produce and write for the series Hawaii Five-0; and are currently scribbling and/or typing away at the first draft of the Star Trek 2 screenplay, which Damon Lindelof promises will “thematically resonate” with Trekkies of all shades (take that as you will).

Enders Game comic book image Enders Game Script Being Shopped Around By Star Trek Writers

Orson Scott Card’s novel recounts the experiences of one Andrew “Ender” Wiggins, a pre-pubescent with a brilliant but violent temperament that attracts the attention of the International Fleet (a.k.a. IF) – an international military organization formed by humanity in the aftermath of two deadly attacks by an insectoid alien race known as the Formics (a.k.a. “Buggers”). Ender is selected to train at the Battle School, a military complex in outer space used to prepare Earth’s most intelligent children for combat against the next Bugger invasion. Got all that? icon razz Enders Game Script Being Shopped Around By Star Trek Writers

Ender’s Game follows its dangerous protagonist through his experiences at the Battle School, where he excels at training exercises and proves himself to be a ruthless tactical genius. But the mysterious and unseen leaders of the school remain ever watchful of Mr. Wiggins progress – and have much bigger plans for the boy than even he could imagine.

The original book is a multiple-award winner with a devoted following, but has also attracted its share of detractors who criticize how Card justifies young Ender’s brutally destructive but seemingly effective methods and behavior. It’s difficult to not be concerned about how Hood will handle a less than clean-cut character like that – seeing as that the last time he helmed a movie whose protagonist was a loner prone to violent outbursts, the results were… well, the less than well-received Wolverine prequel.

X Men Origins Wolverine movie image Enders Game Script Being Shopped Around By Star Trek Writers

It’s possible that Kurtzman, Orci, and Hood have managed to soften Card’s often disturbing and occasionally graphic source material so as to make Ender’s Game more fit to become a PG-13, big-budget action pic with more mainstream appeal – rather than the darker, possibly R-Rated film to which the novel would lend itself. Whether that is the case remains to be seen. And whether fans think that’s a good idea is yet another issue.

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  1. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! please don’t ruin perhaps one of the most influential books of my teen years.

  2. I loved the book! There has been so much talk of a movie version (for a least two decades) that I’m of a “believe it when I see it” mentality. Obviously, I would want it to be true to the darker tone of the book, not some watered down Hollywood blockbuster…

  3. People really found ‘Ender’s Game’ to be graphic?

    • I agree.

      enders game was not at all graphic.I personally thought of enders game as not graphic.Not once have i pictured the scences directly as i just understand the book without graphic images.

  4. Enders Game graphic? I guess some of scences could be seen that way.The bloody battle with Bonzo for one, but they really done have to make these scences as profound on the screen. Many suspect scences could be elimated like the nudes scences with Petra or even changing the location of Enders fight with Bonzo.
    I just hope they really focus on the characters and their feelings above all. What good is a great twist at end of a movie if there is no emotions atttached to it?
    If they focus to much on action, I worry it will look alot like tron with alot of nice graphics and no story told.

    The interaction between ender, val, bean, Shen, Petra and alai are important as well as the enemies he keeps in bernard and Bonzo.

    Im getting to wordy, but I just love this book and hope they do it justice. I pray the movie is even half as good as book.

    • Fortunately, Star Trek was a well done movie, good balance of visual affects but keeping true to characters and plot development. If the same people decide to do the same thing we could potentially have a great movie. But how often does that happen with a book to film adaptation. Not often… but we can keep our fingers crossed

  5. Sounds like the fall of reach halo novel. Which most likely borrowed from this story. But I think I’d still rather the halo movie first.

  6. I think the folks who have to adapt “The Hunger Games” will have the exact same problem with their adaptation. To LITERALLY adapt what that book describes would give you an R rating easily, despite the book being found in the Young Reader section of the bookstore.

    I’d let any kid read “Ender’s Game” if they wanted to, without blinking at the nude fight to the death in the showers, but there’s no way a filmmaker is going to shoot it like that. And along those same lines, a character like Ender Wiggin might come across as a hateful, murderous S.O.B. in a film where you don’t have his thought process, his rationale for his actions, and the natural goodness of the character that the book presents to you.

    They’ve really got their work cut out for them.

    • it makes me nervous when they don’t get his last name right in the article, and the way they desribe Ender as someone with violent outbursts. that’s not really true to the character of ender, and it’s the whole differentiation between him and peter. i agree with you that if they don’t somehow engage his internal monologue, this movie will be terrible. and if the person that wrote the article above is involved in writing the screenplay, we’re toast.

      i REALLY want to see this movie, but if it’s not going to be good and do the book justice, i’d rather it never gets made for the big screen.

      • @JC I read an interview with OSC in which he said that he, too, would rather not make the movie at all than make it untrue to the book.

  7. These guys are such average writers, they’ve been extremely lucky both of their hit films had fanbases.

    Now their going to take “Enders Game” and strip it down to a PG-13, no doubt 3D family friendly mess. I’d say good luck, but I don’t wish them good luck.

    • I personally enjoyed Star Trek, it didn’t over-do action and kept true to characters and plot. I see no reason for Enders Game to be rated R, sadly 3D sounds likely. Rated R is not necessary. yes it is a dark book but their are bloodier, more sexual, graphic movies that remain PG-13 and stay true to the feel. The Dark Knight was dark and creepy, but good none the less. I say have a little faith or at least be hopeful.

    • Not a fan of Lexx are you?
      Lol nice avatar

  8. To be honest, I would love nothing more than someone to begin making the Ender Wiggin Saga into films. However, I have to agree with others that turning Ender’s Game into a PG-13 film would be nothing more than a disaster. The complexity of not only the characters but the entire story itself requires an adult approach. I have high hopes that Card will honor his fan base and ensure the novel get the movie it deserves.

  9. I’m a massive fan of Cards and the franchise, but I’m confused when it’s called graphic. It’s really not that graphic of a book. It’s a great read, but how in the world could anyone seriously call it graphic.

    Want a movie of the book, but not sure this is the right way. These guys are ok writers sometimes they do a decent job sometimes they write absolute crap like Transformers. However, Gavin Hood is just a poor choice. I’d prefer he not be attached to one of the greatest books ever written.

    • Yean not excited about Gavin Hood either.

  10. I’ve wanted to see this as a movie forever. When Marvel started doing comic adaptations a couple years ago the author said a movie was in the works. I’d like to see them combine Ender’s Game with some of the Elements of Ender’s Shadow. Bean is just an awesome character.
    They should not shy from the source and go ahead with an R rating if that’s what it needs. I’d eliminate the “lounging around nude” in the barracks stuff but the Bonzo fight could work if shot from the waist up, and utilize the steem and stuff. The location could be changed, but the brutality and outcome are too important to Ender’s growth to change.

    PS For the love of God NO 3D!

    • I’d rather they didn’t do that. I want this movie to be Enders Game in it’s truest form possible. I didn’t like Enders Shadow and thought it was the beginning of the downfall for the series. Bean really wasn’t that interesting in the first book and didn’t need his own book. It really hurt the integrity of the books. They should of ended with Xenocide.

      • I quite disagree. I liked the dimension that Bean and Enders Shadow added to the original. To realize a whole other story could go on in the background that no one knew. I loved the whole idea of Bean and loved how it went on into Shadow of the Hegemon. Just don’t mix it with Enders Game from the start. To me that weakens both Ender and Bean.

    • Also this book adapted properly would be PG13 nothing in the book lends it to an R rating. They would have to go out of their way to change things to make it an R. It’s not ultra violent and doesn’t use foul language. There is no need for QT or RR style over exaggerated Gore and it’s not filled with sex. It’s a PG13 book.

      • I quite agree. The nudity is right for the book, but unnecesary for the storyline. If done right the fight scenes can be moved without adverse effects to the story line. The important part is for Ender to take surprising quick action and move from A to Z without hesitation. Even in the battle dome, the same type needs to be done. When the kid breaks his arm, we dont need to see it break, we need to see the action and see him taken out in a strecter. That is in no way R matterial. Enders Shadow is different I dont know how they would be able to avoid showing Achilles psychosis without it being rated R.

    • AMEN

    • I agree with what your saying, it would round it out to put beans point of view in there too. I dont know much about the writers butIi hope card has his hands in it, they will just screw it up without him. And if they do it right it wont have an R rating because they will have made the reasons for the violence clear. But like you said the nudity can be taken out or concealed in the donzo death scene.

  11. WTF?!?!?! i can only imagine what this mess of a movie will be. You cant take the source material from a book like this and change it to something main stream. The emotion and the character of ender are by far the most important and creative of any book i have ever read. This is a movie that should be made but on a smaller basis perhaps an animated movie. But I cant see any child actor right now be able to pull the pain and fear that ender feels from the inception of this book. His struggle with his brother his deep love for Val are beyond the acting range of any child actor. The worst thing they could do would be to make him a teenager. For those who have not read it Ender was only 5 when he went to battle school far from pre pubescent. His relations whith Alie at the begining of the novel and beyond it are his only real chance to be a child. This can almost be compared to The Watchmen, concepts that can not be put into film because they need to be experinced by the individual and not be adapted to the average movie viwer.

  12. Having been waiting a long time for an Ender’s Game adaptation, I don’t necessarily think a PG-13 is a call for pitchforks and torches but if the movie is taken to a “casual-audience” approach and used as a Summer Blockbuster tentpole then I can only say it will probably be disappointing. Not that Kurtzman and Orci are bad writers or that Gavin Hood shouldn’t direct, (X-Men: Origins wasn’t the worst movie ever made), but material that is borderline R and concerns very young children involved in intergalactic matters of life and death…isn’t exactly material that can be advertised with toys in a fast food box.

    However, we will only know when the final product arrives.

  13. Have not seen the book, but it sounds like a good story, they should get guys from the Watchmen to do the film, they respect the source material far better than any else has done in recent movie history.

  14. Why does everyone assume that it has to be Rated R? just because it is most appreciated by adults, many movies stay true to the mature themes. As long as there’s no sex, nudity, or chopped off heads it can remain pg-13 and still a good movie. Pg would be crap. Nudity is not necessary in the movie. Yes, there are violent scenes but they are no more violent than many pg-13 movies. bloody noses and black eyes and blood draining in water isn’t terrible. theres no way they can show naked pre-pubescents, so there definitely wouldn’t be nudity.

  15. In the book there is lotsof nudity almost border line creepy. Remember this is a kids school mostly all boys where they shower and walk around naked.

  16. Their going to destroy it, there is not doubt at all, lame, MAJOR LAME!!!

  17. God save us of the Jake Lloyds of this world…If they don’t make it CGI, I smell disaster. Give the script to Chris Nolan please, and have Peter Jackson direct it.

  18. Despite the problems I’m hoping they do this anyway because I’m just tired of how much Hollywood has ignored SciFi novelists of the 20Th Century of late. Effects are not as hard to create as they use to be and really if they would focus on the story and the characters they would find these works are popular and will make good money as movies..

  19. First off, to Sandy Schaefer, writer of this article.
    1.) his name is not Wiggin’s’ its simply Wiggin.
    @.) your anaylisis of his character leads me to believe that you have never read to book, and instead used a review or someone elses notes. i urge you to do so before making further commentary about the characters.

    Ender Wiggin was NOT “a pre-pubescent with a brilliant but violent temperament that attracts the attention of the International Fleet” he was a Third. That is, a third child born to a family at a time when population controls were in place that virtually banned overbreeding, by limiting families to two children (populatory stasis. 2 aduls have 2 kids, no pop. increase.)
    his family was all but ordered to have him, and due to his parents background they agreed, despite the social stigma that accompanied even permitted noncompliance.
    he did not ATTRACT the I.F’s attention, he was always thier project. there to be a blend between his borderline psychotic brother and his overly empathetic sister.

    he was brilliant, yes. but to say he is violent is the same as calling a person who kills vermin rather than driving them away violent.
    If you drive them away, they will come back, until you kill them.
    Being as intelligent as he is, Ender realized that in each fight he was forced into, he had to win thoroughly.. convince his enemy to not come back again.
    understanding people as he did, to do anything less would have been an expression of either sadism, masochism or both. Why? because either he likes being hurt by them, or like hurting them. if he does not end it then, and knows it will simply continue later, one of those must be true.

    it is an EXCELLENT book, one i think should be required reading around middle school.. but thats just my opinion. i have worn out two copies, since the first time i read it in early middle school.

  20. All that being said, i think to do this single slim volume justice, it would have to be either a very long movie (average feature length film being 90 min or so, when i say long i mean 120 to 150 min, or more.) using this method you would have to rush quite a bit of fairly important material (M nights airbender comes to mind) and/or leave some things out entirely, as with the DUNE adaptations, which will always have points that leave some viewers wondering why something is happening.

    Alternatively make it into two movies Possibly ending the first as Enders army is issued its first battle. (Ooooo a nice cliffhanger ending, and could make an interesting intro for the second half, by simply jumping into the battle room as the opening scene. i can see that working quite well myself.) that would allow the important relationships and development to be explored more in depth, and possibly explained better for those who havent read the book.

    as far as the graphic stuff people are referring to, the nudity is an EASY retcon, add a tidbit on the shuttle ride to Battle school about uniforms being worn at all times except in the showers, and battle room. (For those who havent read, they have special suits for that.)
    the shower fight with Bonzo can be done with clever CGI/greenroom and of course, bodysuits. Boom. nudity of pubescent kiddos dealt with

    the violence and bloody graphics is part of the story, and part of enders development. If you remove any of it, ANY of it you damage the story, and its core character.

    I think i’ve spoken enough for now. I’ll be watching this though, with bated breath. id love to see this done.. but done right.

    • Someone hire this guy to be a writer/director! He seems to be the only person who knows how an Ender’s Game film should be made.

      I am really interested to see how this will work out.

      • I would LOVE to be a part of the creation process for this.
        I doubt it will happen, but all things are possible, some are just more probable than others.

        But hey.. even if they don’t decide to hire me, if they even just peeked in here and used my ideas, I would be deeply honored.

    • Thank you!

      This article made me cringe. Anyone who reads it who hasn’t read the book will get the wrong idea.

      This book is probably the mot inspirational book I’ve ever read. I’d love to see it in movie form, but only if it’s done right. As in, close work with OSC on the screenplay, casting, and production.

      The only problem is, where are we going to find all these child actors? They need to be really good, too, or this whole movie will be a bust.

      I completely agree with Kirkpad – you need to be involved with this movie! Get your name out there, man!!

      • i agree kalgalath is the only one person in this discussion ive seen who understands how to right this movie

        i would really like to see this movie work out

  21. I loved the Comments of Kalgalath. A man who thinks things out.
    Why people are so worried about R rated is beyond me. They can make subtle changes to make things work out and still follow the story line.
    Ex. Location of battle with Bonzo could be at a different location. Maybe a Gym, hallway or film area. how Gorry it is depends on the director and can be toned down as well.

    a lot of this book is how Ender deals with his feelings and unless there is a Narracter, It will be difficult to convey.(Any other ideas?)

    • Thanks ^.^ I do my best.

    • Like i said though, a lot of the stuff HAS to heppen the way it does, for a multitude of reasons.

      the shower fight with bonzo being a prime example. It has to happen pretty much EXACtLY as written. Keep in mind that Bonzo is almost old enough to graduate (17) while Ender is several years younger stil (14 if memory serves) and lacks the reach and strength that puberty has given bonzo.

      It has to happen in the shower, for the added danger of the fixtures, the hot water, soap and steam, (all nessecary for Ender to win without serious convolution. (both for the story and him lol)) and because they would have to really work to make a hallway scene make sense.

      Besides which, the most gore that appears in the movie is some blood. Stillson appears to be bloodied up, bernard has hisarm broken.. (no gore) the fight in the battle room is the worst, really, in that one of the older kids has his ear torn when Ender uses his face to launch from.
      Bonso gets a nosebleed.

      let me stress to you (all of you, not just this guy in particular) that at NO point in this book are there buckets of blood being slung about, nor people losing bits of themselves, nor are there and appearances of innard being made outards.
      Even the holovids of the first and second war that ender watches have no gore other than the dissection of the Buggers.
      Hell, its a focal part of the story that ender never really realizes just how thoroughly he wins when cornered.
      He never knows that he has killed his opponents till the very end of the book. He know he has beaten them, yes, but not that they are dead.

      If he EVER became aware of this prior to his final victory, he would have been ruined as the tool the IF needed. His empathy is too great to allow him to knowingly destroy someone like that. (I think that they made a point of this in the book.)

      To sum up.. the story presented is very much a finely woven tapestry.. you might get away with pulling a thread out here or ther, but if you arent careful you are going to warp the weave and screw up the picture it presents.

      • I dissagree on it having to be done as written. The kiddish nude scences just are not going to work. Someone Suggested just it be shot waist up. I guess that could work too.
        The idea of a Gym area does work too. If Ender is working out, he would have a heavy sweat on him that could be used to his advantage. Im sure there is lots of things that could be done in that setting. It doesnt have to be done as written.

        We already know we cant have Petra walking around naked in room full of boys and would easily be taken out.

        I really hope they take the time to develop the main characters like Bean, Petra, Dink, Alai, Shen, Crazy Tom as well as Graff.

        You cant always have a movie exactly like the book.

        • I addressed all of that in my first and second comments :P

          Of course we cant have pubes running around nekkid, but there are many ways around that, as i outlined.

      • Just an fyi i think Ender is younger than 14,same for Bonzo

    • I totally agree that how Ender deals with his feelings is at the center of the books, but I think it is fairly simple to deal with. Just combine Ender’s Shadow and Endors Game, and all of a sudden you have a “buddy” type with a lot of dramatic & thematic moments. Hollywood Gold.

      • I think thats exactly what Orson Scott Card says at the end of the Ender’s Shadow audio book

    • If you read Card’s own blogs over the past few years he has mentioned that Bean (Ender’s Shadow) was at least partly written in order to eliminate the need for a narrator. Their discussions eplain the motivation and provide a second focus for filming. Just my opinion, but I found Bean a more interesting character in subsequent books. I remember giving up on Speaker until I read several of the later books and then came back to it. All of the Shadow books were great.

  22. they could possibly combine ender’s game and ender’s shadow, which could help people who haven’t read the books to understand the complete story, but it could take away from the individual stories.

    • they could.. but it would take away from the main story, and only about half of Enders shadow has anything in relation to Enders game. the rest of the book deals with Beans story after the Formic war is over.

      By doing that, you might explain better to people who havent read the book, but if you do the movie right you wouldnt have that issue anyway.
      combining the books would shortchange both stories for no real gain.

      • Some thoughts on Enders Shadow and Enders War. Sense they are already cutting out tons from original book, I find It hard that they would have room for Enders shadown at all.

        Would be the perefect time though to make a second movie( enders Shadow). Kinda like how they made Back to the future 2 and 3 at same time. Maybe im getting a little to hopefull here.

        I was thinking. What really needs to be in Enders game movie that was in Enders Shadow?? Two things stuck out.
        1. Bean picking the army for Ender
        2. Beans speech in cafeteria with the kid coming up to Bean and telling him that the ones who really hated him werent there.

        There Might be a few more, but those 2 really would pull some things together.

        On another note, Dont you think the music would be critical for this movie? Many forget how impactfull the music is in conveying feelings.
        (Sadness, excitement,) Thoughts?

        • 1. Should be reserved for either a flashback in the Enders shadow movie, or as part of the regular story (in its own movie). (Honestly I thing Enders shadow should be the third movie, with Enders game being a two part movie.)
          2. I don’t know that the speech has to be in the Enders game movie. Parhaps a quick scene showing bean obviously orating, and being interrupted by the news, though really, with (was it petra or Dink?) hollering from the hallway, we know help is on the way.. besides which, no one arrives till after the action is over.

          And yes.. music is VERY important.
          Though i think for Enders game most of the score would have to be very very quiet. Almost subliminal. Most of the content of this book is very high tension and real, and some of it is pretty deep (not to mention being on a space station…) too loud music would just detract from the movie.
          Heck, some scenes should probably just be silent except for characters speaking, and a soft hum of machinery (or the soft noises of the arcade, for one very important scene that fans will know ^.^)

          • Come on now, you want to do 3 part movie with enders Shadow being the 3rd movie? I for one didnt care for Speaker of the dead and the story wasnt even designed for Ender.Card just used the Character for the book. The books following though would make for a better movie then Speaker of the dead.

            On Beans Rant in cafeteria, After thinking about it, I think its a great idea. Would let the audience know help is coming for ender, creating more suspence in the fight scene.IT was Dink and Petra who came in right before the fight started.

            Just going to reiterate that Music is very important in how it is used to convey emoition and excitement.

            On another note, have you seen the old script? its available online, but not complete. It takes out alot of information and even adds some things. I didnt care for it, but came up with some good ideas.

            One last thing, What if its conveyed tothe audience that its actually real someewhere along the line. This would allow for actual battles scences to be shown knowing its real people.
            Changes the complexity of the story slightly.

            • Actually the 3rd part is largely unnecessary.. only mentioned because of the Hollywood penchant for milking things for every cent making it likely to happen anyway, and to address people mentioning adding it in to the movie, as if there werent already too much depth and content for one common-length film now.

              having the book made into two films would allow conveyance of more o the material, in a way that would be more meaningful to more people.

              And, following the book, it IS revealed what actually happened to stillson, Bonzo and the rest.

              • Listen to the end of the Ender’s Shadow audio book to hear how Orson Scott Card is hoping to get the movie made. He is looking to get it made by combining the two books so that he can flesh out more of the internal things that go on in the books.

    • I disagree with the idea of combining Enders Game with Enders Shadow. To me the whole idea of Enders Shadow is the importance that Ender not know the true importance of Bean. This can only be done with Enders Game being a complete story in itself. I would really like to see them as two different movies. I don’t think that Enders Game needs to be Rated R. Enders Shadow on the other hand is a much darker story as unlike Ender, Bean knows exactly what he is doing. It is not a game to him and he knows it. I think the Bonzo scene could be somewhere else and maintain the key elements. As long as the key elements are protected. Ender must leave the scene straight afterwards. What he uses to gain the upper hand is not important. The importance is for him to see an opportunity that no one else would and follow all the way through to the extreme. If in a empty hallway he sees a sharp corner of an open locker and disceptively and instantly brings Bonzo’s head to it, he could conceivably break Bonzo’s nose up into his head. This would be so quick we would not even need to see the blood. I remember the first time I read it, I didnt know Bonzo was dead until Graff said something. An aside is that Ender doesn’t know the complete truth, but that itself is a lie. He absolutely does know, but he keeps himself from realizing it. This point can be made later in a conversation between either Ender and his sister or Petra. But maybe better with his sister as it is important for Petra to think that Ender doesn’t respect her if they ever want to make Shadow of the Hegemony.

      • People, for the last time, combineing the book takes away to much from each book. As is, there is no time to develop the peter and Valetine Characters. People forget to easily how different a book and a movie actually is. Most movies are less then 2 hours and for being the first movie, will take time to set up the situation(war, history, etc).

        It amazes me when people say Bean is really the main character. While he is technically smarter then Ender, he doesnt have the gift that Ender has in companding devotion versus just respect. Even Bean admits this in Enders shadow.

        On another note, I have seen nothing else on this in over a month. Anyone heard or seen anything?

        • I think that was what I was saying, combining the two is wrong. likewise, I never said that Bean was the main character, at least not for Enders game. But his importance is decidedly underestimated in it. Their roles are very different. Ender is the true needed leader to save the world while Bean is the behind the scenes brain there to ensure that everything works and pick up the slack when Ender cant. It is important for Ender to not know what Bean is doing in order to lead properly. Mixing the stories would have disasterous effect on this portion of the story.

          I only found this site today. I had no idea that a movie was even underway. As this is one of my all time favorite books/series, I was looking for more information. I guess that it isn’t coming out in the next month or two.

  23. I really hope they can capture the duality of Ender. A gentle soul in all respects except when he is threatened. When threatened, he then becomes a berserker that “ends” the threat once and for all. If they instead make him into something similar to Wolverine – a brooding war machine, then they will have failed Card and the audience.

    • I dont think you have to worry about movie being like Woverine in that aspect. Card has made a big point to keep to the relationships of the book and wont allow a hollywood space shootout film

    • I beg to differ – Ender was anything but “a berserker” when threatened; his empathy with his enemy meant he had to suppress his emotions like he’d learned to do around Peter, resulting in his approaching the destruction of his enemy almost as an exercise in logic. He showed no emotion when he confronted Stillson or Bonzo.

  24. “managed to soften Card’s often disturbing and occasionally graphic source material”

    I STILL fail to see what was so disturbing or graphic about the book.

  25. Kalgalath&Yoda are correct. I don’t recall anything particularly disturbing or graphic in the novel. I find it rather child-friendly, and think that it would be great for children to be able to see the movie. If I were a child who LOVED the book, i’d be pretty angry if I wasn’t allowed to see the movie because it was rated R.

    • well people try to say that the violence and killing are graphic, however, none of it is bloody, the fights are always breif when its is an actual physical altercation, and its never blatantly apparent that enders enemy is dead till the end

      (though Ender does suspect about Bonzo.)

      and as far as adolescents being naked most of the time? it made perfect sense in the book. due to our own prudish backwards thinking about sexuality and the human body (not to mention the inexcusably heinous actions of many unscrupulous people) such things are simply not allowed.
      (All that is an whole other discussion)

      Again though its super easy to retcon that during the shuttle ride up.

  26. Yeah, would not be R, even if adapted faithfully. The kids can’t die thing has been pretty well and quashed lately, and (spoilers) as mentioned the kids who die we don’t even realize they are dead right away. The violence is not beyond pg-13, even as written.

    It’s fine if instead of being naked the kids are in nightsuits. I mean really, is that such an important detail? Ender’s relationship with his oppressors and the ones he loves, and hates to love, are the important bits. If they can capture that…

    Anyway, not getting my hopes up. This project has been bouncing around for too long. I do hope it happens!

  27. Let’s face it, the transformers and wolverine movies were a bunch of explosions and crappy dialog. How can we hope for the character development and attention to detail when you look at this history of bad films.

    I feel that this movie will take a great story and reduce it into a big fight scene with explosions and space effects.

    I’d rather wait for people who can articulate a story.

  28. I wonder whether the new script is still a blend of Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow, as Card has said worked well. If so, I think at lot of the gore will be seen from the perspective of fellow schoolchildren, who recognized that Ender did what was necessary to protect himself from more powerful bullies. I also hope that the writers took the parent’s conversation from Ender in Exile, because frankly, I hated them until I realized that they always knew what a sociopath Peter was.

  29. I think the best way to do this movie would be to use Bean to essentially tell it. Maybe open the movie with the final battle scene beginning and then flash back with Bean explaining how they got to that point.

    You could uses Bean’s narration to fill in the gaps and drive the story. Plus you could keep Ender somewhat mysterious… creating this sense of watching greatness in action, yet not completely understanding what makes him tick…

    then finish with the big battle and reveal the surprise…