Lionsgate Undecided On ‘Ender’s Game’ Sequel

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From a box office perspective, prospects for a sequel to Ender’s Game – Gavin Hood’s big-screen adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s classic science fiction novel – look somewhat bleak. Only a week into its theatrical run, the film has made back a reasonable but ultimately light estimate of roughly $41 million out of its purported $110 million budget; that leaves it with a pretty steep hill to climb just to break even. That’s not enough to doom a potential follow-up, of course, but it’s certainly enough to make a shrewd studio like Lionsgate play their cards close to the vest.

And that appears to be exactly what they’re doing. According to Lionsgate’s CEO, Jon Feltheimer, the company plans to wait a couple more weeks at most before deciding on how to move ahead with a potential Ender’s Game movie franchise. No doubt he and his analysts want to observe and track box office revenue to see how Hood’s film performs as it begins competing against real-deal heavy hitters like Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World, and make an informed choice about a sequel green-light from there – which could mean a TV spin-off.

Variety ran the announcement earlier this morning, though the extent of detail Feltheimer could give was unfortunately limited. At a glance, it sounds like a spin-off would serve as an alternative to further movies, which makes a good deal of sense on paper; in the novel series, everything from Speaker for the Dead onwards grows more cerebral and less cinematic by the page. Alternately, a spin-off could be used as a supplement to additional films, though that scenario is far less likely, given Lionsgate’s internal discussions about the future of the series.

So, in other words, we’re right back to where we were just a few days ago, when Hood weighed in on the direction he thought a second Ender’s GameĀ flick might take. The only difference now is that the prognosis for that film looks even more tenuous than before, and it’s unlikely that Ender’s Game will keep doing the sort of business it’s done to date, as bigger pictures with far larger audiences start making their debuts in American theaters. (Save for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which is part of the Lionsgate stable, too.)

Enders Game Battle School Lionsgate Undecided On Enders Game Sequel

If Lionsgate uses the next fourteen days as a barometer for gauging the merits of starting production on Speaker of the Dead – or on the “Fleet School” novels Card is penning as we speak – then it’s probably fair to assume nothing will come of it. Whether that means the studio will close the books on Card’s universe or continue to look into bringing their interpretation of his work to television is another question entirely. TV could be a really good home for the intricacies of Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind - though a potential show would have to fill in some of the character gaps left in Hood’s film, especially those concerning Valentine Wiggin.

But we’ll have to wait and see how Ender’s Game fares while it’s still just an individual title doing the rounds in multiplexes across the country. Let us know what you think: is this a movie that deserves the sequel treatment, or should Lionsgate just stop at one adaptation and move on?

Ender’s Game is currently in theaters.

Source: Variety

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  1. I loved the movie I read the book and I have to say they did a really awesome job! Even though they changed some things is still think that they should make a sequel. Yes it will be complicated and frustrating to try to get back on the story line but nothing is ever easy. I give them props for even trying to figure something out. When even when all odds are against you I think you should at least make an effort. Think like Wiggin guys! Nothing’s impossible!

  2. it does soo much deserve a squel/part 2 cause people need to know was there another queen? and what happened to valentine wiggin in the movie? considering ender wiggin was seeing her in his dreams and will there be another planet? so many questions and scenes to still solve , please make part 2 to ender’s game , im sooo hooked on the first one. Whoever gets this post/message please send it the directer and producer of ender’s game if you can cause If i was a actress i sure will suggest part 2 , whitch becoming a actress has always been a dream of mine but im looking forward to seeing ender’s game part 2.

    • In short, yes there is a queen and they fly off to a planet called Shakespeare. Valentine help Bean rise to Hegemon (~ruler of the world)back on earth

  3. I hope the sequels are made and released in theaters.

  4. The film was gr8 had a starship trooper feel to it and deff could go with a second film but if there is a second and pos a 3rd hope it doesn’t go like the last trooper film tht 1 was nothing like the 1st and way over the top enders game rating 9/10

  5. Totally loved the movie. I am 43 yrs old and have watched it several times now. My daughter finally watched it and she is looking forward to seeing another come out. I was so impressed by the extreme intelligence this movie gave. I want more, please

  6. This movie was awesome….very educative for new leaders and inspiring to all.
    A sequel will be amazing.

  7. It would be a waste of a perfectly good series if only the first book was made into a movie. There are sooo many things that left the viewer wanting more and this is the exact reaction people should get when reading the book so the movie was very well made. If lionsgate is worried about the sequel not being popular due to this movie not making as much money as expected well I honestly believe it is because the promotion of the movie and trailer could have been a lot better so take that in mind when making the next movie. But this movie will be successful and has definitely raised the bar really high for the next one. So I await the sequel eagerly.

  8. I loved the movie and I was so happy with how it turned out as well as how they kept it to the book but still had changed a few things. I had listened to the books and I must say I think they would make great sequels. PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL!

  9. I think the movie and book were great and you shouldn’t give up on it. You need to take the risk if you really want to get somewhere. I am really looking forward to a sequel.

  10. Just watched enders game. It is definitely my favorite movie. I don’t like watching movies more then once, but I am definitely watching this again soon like later on today. I rented this from Redbox, but im going out and buying this movie. I would love to see a sequel! Hoping they do make a sequel! Definitely deserves a sequel.

  11. I just watched Ender’s Game and I absolutely loved it. How it was played, the action and the story line, just everything it was amazing. The film ended like it would be continued, so >>Please make a sequel!!! it realy deserves one.

  12. I loved it that’s the only thing that I can say because of
    The ending please!!!! Make a ending!!!!
    Get word out do whatever you can do
    So that we will out if ender makes peace With
    aliens please!!! Thank you

  13. Sorry I ment sequel

  14. Please make a sequel… I love this movie so much… It was amazing, genius, and incredible… I also read the book, they both great… I think this is one of the best sci-fi movie that ever made…

  15. please make part2 because I love the movie very much.

  16. Movie was great! I really enjoyed it, and think they should continue to make films!

  17. Just watched Enders Game, it was way better than lead to believe from the trailers and promotion, people really need to know how very well this film was done, I couldnt even take a break, absolutely glued to my seat, felt all the emotions from all of these brilliant young actors, it will leave you craving for more!

  18. When I watched the movie it seemed interesting in the beginning and as it went further in with the story It just pulled me in I don’t know if it’s just me but I loved the movie and would love to see a sequel

  19. I think they sequel should follow the shadow series. With of the the conflict going on in the world it is a perfect analog to today’s issues. I think following Bean, Petra, Peter, and all of the battle school kids on earth makes a much more compelling and universally appealing story. I really hope to see this some day!

  20. My Kids and I loved this movie!!…..Please make a sequel…we want to know what happened next!!!

  21. There will be no film sequel. He was done in by his hatred and bigotry. Too bad for Ender.

  22. I like this movie (ender’s game) and i think it should have a sequel it was a good movie.

  23. This was a AMAZING movie.. and yes a sequal is well deserved. There was not as much hype for the movie when it was going to be released in 2013. If they put more advertising, better trailers, etc. They WILL make a killing in the box office. This was enjoyable for all ages.

  24. I think Enders game is a great movie and I would love to see another one I really hope lions gate makes another one!

  25. Just watched the first and it was brilliant please make a second

  26. Really it’s too owsum movie we are still waiting for its next part

  27. This movie does need a sequel, because, the way it ended, it shows how Ender goes into the place there, and how he finds the egg, so for the sequel i guess, they should make it to show how Ender and everyone else, go find another planet and have to fight to other species, making their simulations harder, and making the actual fight hard.