End Of Year Discussion – December 31, 2008

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about vic End Of Year Discussion   December 31, 2008

It’s Wednesday so it’s time for our weekly open discussion, but as it happens this one is hitting on the last day of 2008! Can you believe this year is over already?

And what an incredible year it’s been for movies… 2008 was a banner year for superhero movie fans with the likes of The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Hellboy 2, and yes – even Hancock and Punisher: War Zone.

Other great genre films included Rambo, Cloverfield (do you even remember that opened this year?!), Tropic Thunder, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Kung Fu Panda and more.

Of course we’ve had our share of not so hot movies this year like The Happening, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Meet Dave, Meet the Spartans, X-Files, etc. Then there those we were looking forward to that left some of us disappointed like Indy 4 and Quantum of Solace.

I think this would be a great place to post your comments regarding your faves and not so favorite movies of this year… Hits, misses, surprises – whatever floats your boat (within our usual guidelines of course).

All of us here at Screen Rant wish you a very Happy New Year and here’s hoping that 2009 turns out to be as great a year for movie fans as 2008 was!

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  1. p.s. if you dont think the oscars are political, youre insane… heath will get that little golden man… just because thats how things work…

  2. p.s. if you dont think the oscars are political, youre insane… heath will get that little golden man… just because thats how things work…

  3. Forget the bs reviews.

    “The Spirit” is pretty damn good!

    I’ll have a review up on MOVIEGUYS in a few…

  4. Yeah I agree Taylor, Quantum is the “Empire Strikes Back” of Bond Films!

    Can’t wait for the dvd!!!!

  5. Well Happy New Year everyone! enjoy the rest of your night and day!!

  6. Cheers, I’m here watching my “W.” Screener.

  7. Let me see if I can get on EVERYBODY’S bad side. The 2008 Inverse Status Quo Awards:

    * The Dark Knight is the Titanic of 2008 (the most over-rated and fawned-over movie).

    * Quantum of Solace was the Transformers of 2008
    (blurry, unfocused, arbitrary action scenes and impossible, implausible, and laughable resolves.)

    * Speed Racer rivaled Iron Man in maintaining the spirit of the original.

    * Wall-E was more interesting and took less suspension of disbelief than the live-action (I mean lifeless action) of Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skrull.

    * If only Ben Stein were more of a blithering, slobbering, extremist, hysterical idiot, his movie Expelled would be an Oscar Shoe-in. Oh, did I leave out leftist?

  8. @Syler etc.

    Ben Stein… leftist? Are you kidding?


  9. @taylor

    What you loved about QoS I absolutely despised. I HATED the opera house action sequence (along with the opening car chase) because I COULD NOT TELL WHAT THE HELL WAS HAPPENING.

    The abrupt, random quick-cut method of editing is infuriating and I will contine to rail against it.

    Look at the opening sequence in Casino Royale – sure, it had some quick cuts… but it was linear, following the flow of the action. QoS did random cuts to make things seem “faster” but it just made the action incomprehensible.


  10. Vic, perhaps my grammar was too clever by half.

    If Ben Stein were a blithering, slobbering, extremist, hysterical **and leftist** idiot, (like Michael Moore) he would be adored by Hollywood. He is none of the above, and he certainly won’t win an Oscar even if his is the only documentary up this year.

  11. @Gary “You may not be able to honor the person,
    But you can still honor the work.”

    You know, I totally agree with honoring the work. Why isn’t there a part in the program where they do just that…give a seperate award to the most outstanding in a catagory if that person has died? I also agree with what you said about not being able to honor the person. To me, that’s the point.

    I guess you either see the logic of giving an award to a dead person or you don’t.

    I’m really happy we are allowed our diversity of opinion.

  12. The problem with Ben Stein is easily demonstrated in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. ;)

  13. (Sorry, ‘No Country’ was ’07, my bad.)

    I’m with Vic.
    As much as I loved Casino Royale for all the right reasons, I disliked Quantum for the same reasons.
    They should have just added it to the Bourne series and saved money on stationary.

    Glad Forster isn’t directing the next one..

    Oh, and I forgot to add Speed Racer to my worst movie list.
    (Sorry Sylar, but that movie BLEW!)

  14. Speed Racer was the best film of 2008. Just sayin. 8-)

  15. Ooh! Sounds like 790 is our resident stick poker. ;)

  16. Best Movies of 2008:

    -The Dark Knight (I don’t care what the rest of you idiots think because it was one of the best sequels I have ever seen)
    -Iron Man
    -Speed Racer
    -Wall E
    -Australia (a little long but it was enjoyable)
    -Eagle Eye
    -Mamma Mia (the critics were wrong)
    -Quantum of Solace
    -The Incredible Hulk

    Worst Movies:

    -Twilight (acting and makeup was terrible)
    -Indiana Jones 4 (unbelievably bad)
    -Leatherheads (waste of money)

  17. @Jac

    First off, no need to be a freaking bonehead and call anyone “idiots.” Especially when most people think TDK was a great movie.

    And putting Speed Racer and Eagle Eye on your top movies of ’08 doesn’t exactly make YOU look like a genius.

    So dial back the rhetoric if you want to comment here again or you’re going to find your ass banned.


  18. I must confess, I FELT like an idiot staying till the end of Speed Racer….

  19. Hey, when are we going to see a review for Gran Torino? I just saw it a few days ago, it was incredible. I never thought that such a miserable, racist, old man would be so entertaining and loveable. I’m Asian, and he used just about every derogatory word known to man for every type of Asian in the course of one movie and I feel like I would have loved to have met him, lol.

    Oh but seriously, I got so pulled into the movie that at this one point in the movie when the “bad thing” happens to his neighbors (you know which scene I mean if you’ve seen it) I was literally getting restless in my seat from anger. I wanted to see heads roll at that point and I was willing to go do it if I were there. I’ll have to say, for someone who have shown so little restraint with his words, he definitely showed a whole lot of restraint after that scene. Me, personally, there wouldn’t have been any “thinking” about it at that point, my guns would have been loaded and I would have rolled out already…

    Anyway, you guys have to watch this movie, the theaters around where I am didn’t get this movie until the very end of the year. What a way to end the year.

  20. I felt the same about Benjamin Button.
    Freaking amazing!

    It was like a serious Forrest Gump

    Vic, get yo butt to the theater and use up some of those Cosco movie passes we all know you got for CHRISTmas! ;-)

  21. @Ken J. Thanks for the 411 on Gran Torino. I had put this movie on my do not see list, because I don’t do racist movies. Now I will definately give it a go see.

    @Vic…see, you do such good work on this site.
    LOL…Please don’t be too hard on Poor Jac for his/her foot in mouth disease. These kids just can’t control their infantile behavior.

    PS to all…ya’al just can’t handle that Indy 4 was a chick flick. We loved it!

  22. {{…when the “bad thing” happens to his neighbors (you know which scene I mean if you’ve seen it)…}}

    Ken, this is enough to change the way I will watch this movie. I take it this is a mistake but while you speak of a story development that “drew you in,” you ironically set me up to be disconnected from the story until the scene you mention has passed.

  23. Well, you know the general progression of the story from the trailer…

  24. @RoseMarie

    Let’s not go crazy. ;) I didn’t “love” Indy 4 but I really enjoyed seeing everyone together and I’ve even rationalized the aliens so that I could like it better.

    You’re right though, I think it just might be a sexes thing. My husband STILL talks about how awful it was whereas his grandma and mother really liked it. And most of us know what Trey Parker thought of it. ;)

  25. @prtfvr

    LOL…yeah, I hear the love thing! It’s just such an easy word to use for more than “liked”, less than “really loved” But, since I was generalizing, I should have said, all the women I know who saw it liked it, especially once they got over the aliens. Thanks for the reminder.

    Hey, I REALLY loved those aliens. As a sky watcher since the 60′s, a well done (I really liked the effects) alien scene is always a plus for me, but I recognize this makes me a minority. Oh well, the truth is out there…

  26. @RoseMarie

    Yeah. Don’t you wish they’d spent more time on the aliens? What did they do? Why couldn’t they get their own damn head? And if they were that powerful with all their heads, how did someone get close enough to take one.

    I thought they looked pretty cool. Maybe they could have their own movie because they were interesting. If not very good at keeping themselves safe. ;)

  27. @RoseMarie

    Trust No One!!! ;)

  28. @prtfvr

    LMAO…good one!

    Re: the aliens. The points you made are exactly the thoughts that came to my mind when I was watching. Since I can remember when the original crystal skulls first came to public attention, I remember the speculation at the time of who had made them. In the fringe area, the theory of aliens having made them was pretty popular.

    I think they took the idea from that, and just ran with it. There seemed to be no thought, or no time, to develop the story line in a logical direction. It would be interesting to know if the original story line developed this further.

    I don’t know if they could sustain a whole movie. Maybe for the Sci Fi Channel. Hey, I’d watch it, if only for those cool effects.

  29. @RoseMarie

    Personally, I think that TV movies are under rated. The only problem is that unless it’s on HBO or ShoTime, no one has the budget to make it look as cool as it’d need to look for us to enjoy it. IMHO.