Emma Watson & Guillermo del Toro Team Up For ‘Beauty & the Beast’

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As much as we all love Guillermo del Toro, somebody needs to remind him that he can’t be involved with EVERY upcoming Hollywood movie.

The latest project set to utilize the creative talents of the Pan’s Labyrinth filmmaker is a new version of Beauty and the Beast, as is being co-conceived by Denise Di Novi, the producer of early Tim Burton titles like Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Ed Wood. Suffice it to say, she and del Toro are undoubtedly planning a darker spin on the famous fairy tale.

According to Coming Soon, Emma Watson is set to headline the film, which would be her first post-Harry Potter starring role in a fantasy genre piece. She will next appear in the historical drama My Week with Marilyn later this year, and is also onboard for the coming-of-age novel adaptation, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Beauty and the Beast is just the latest project featuring del Toro in some sort of “creative consultant” or producer role – it joins two vastly different titles due to hit theaters later this year (Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and Puss in Boots), as well as in-development projects like Rise of the Guardians and the Jim Henson Company’s retelling of Pinocchio. Additionally del Toro will actually hop in the director’s seat again for the upcoming Pacific Rim.

While the original Beauty and the Beast story doesn’t lend itself to quite as morbid or twisted a fairy tale “re-telling” as Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio novel – especially in regards to each of these titles’ respective famous Disney animated counterpart – it’s still significantly less cheerful than your average children’s story. In the hands of del Toro, of course, it should be even darker (not to mention, potentially cool).

Beauty and the Beast 570x3321 Emma Watson & Guillermo del Toro Team Up For Beauty & the Beast

Expect less singing in del Toro’s ‘Beauty & the Beast’

Nowadays, the description “fairy tale re-imagining that stars (either, a popular or rising) young actress” is starting to become a bit tired. Earlier this year saw the arrival of Amanda Seyfried in Red Riding Hood; next year we’re getting two Snow White movies with Lilly Collins and Kirsten Stewart; and now Watson’s set for Beauty & the Beast. That’s not to mention Shana Feste’s Little Mermaid-inspired project (titled… Mermaid), which will likely aim to snag an up-and-coming starlet as the titular character as well.

It’s the talent working behind the scenes that makes each of these films sound all the more (or less) appealing. Case in point: Tarsem Singh calling the shots on Relativity’s Snow White project and del Toro offering input on Beauty and the Beast makes these fairy tale reworking sounds more enticing than, say, when Twilight helmer Catherine Hardwicke was announced as director of Red Riding Hood.

Fans of Watson probably won’t mind seeing her play the prettier character in the new Beauty and the Beast either. Here’s to hoping the actress’ career continues to go well, now that her days of playing the brilliant Hermione Granger in Harry Potter are behind her.

Source: Coming Soon

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  1. They better have that epic battle at the end. They should also just re-imagine the theme from the Disney one. That theme was great.

    • I know it’s 2013, well 2014 but I think that wouldn’t be smart. They should take certain elements from it like a bad guy, but the inside of the castle doesn’t need to have that so much Disney feel. No talking candles, or clocks just the eerie presence. The Beast himself well he’d be best off going in the way the Grimms had him, I think a big switch up would be best to rake in some money.

      Since the guy who made pans labrynth is making it, I think he knows what he is doing. It will have a lot more adventure, scare, and just complete darkness than the Disney version. If you seen Pans labrynth there’s a scene in there where this weird creature has eyeballs in his hands and ends up chasing a girl trying to capture her for food.

  2. She makes a good Beauty.

    Funny that she’s going to be a book-worm again, though.

    • …You realise that the heroine in the original story wasn’t a bookworm, right? She was marginally less bratty than her sisters, but at the same time worse. While they begged that their father bring them back new clothes, furs, jewellery, etc, she requests “a single red rose.” In the middle of winter.

      • I don’t know that I’d say bratty. I would tend more toward naive or innocent.

  3. Wow. I’m a little disappointed my wife didn’t tell me she got cast in this. I think we’re gonna have to have a talk.

    • haha

  4. If we are gonna continue with this Gritty Disney movie remakes I want Fern Gully (Avatar does not count) and a live action Lion King complete with a man-eating Scar

    • The Avatar dissing is so old and rather lame. Avatar isn’t a remake of Ferngully, Pocahontas, or Dances With Wolves. It’s a film that has the same premise. A outsider falling in love with the native princess and fight for her people. Ferngully wasn’t the first to do it and Avatar won’t be the last.

      • Avatar is what Avatar was. Never made an insult to it. If you enjoyed the film I am truly happy for you.

      • Avatar still sucked.

        • It really did not.

          • It actually really did.

            • In your opinion. (Yes, I meant to say it to both of you.)

          • In your opinion.

            • Yes, it is my opinion. “Avatar” did not suck; I found it quite enjoyable.

              Your point?

              • My point is that Avatar sucked. It was only worth watching once, and that’s because of the only thing it has going for it – great visual effects. Other than that it had hammy acting, truly AWFUL dialogue, and a completely unoriginal story. How anyone can think it did anything other than suck is beyond me.

                • Funny…I watched (and enjoyed) it three times. Your OPINION is clearly, then, not the end-all-be-all. Hmmm…

                  Yes, the visuals were great, but I also liked the story and found the acting quite appropriate to the story’s progression and effective and well-done.

                  Your opinion is fine to have, of course, but in the end, it’s just that: YOUR opinion.

                  In MY opinion, you are utterly wrong.


                  • My opinion is King.

                    • Good thing we’re not in a monarchy…no kings, no royal authority.

                    • I am the royal authority. Michael has spoken ye peasants. Avatar sucked mightily and must be banished.

                • i totally agree with you there how anyone can like that movie is beyond me

                  • Sammie…

                    That is the great thing about opinions…you can have yours without it mattering one whit to me. I enjoyed the film for a variety of reasons, including the fact that I thought it was well-done and entertaining.


                    • You KNOW they’re goading you,right?

                    • Yes, but that’s why our last comments on this were 3 months ago. It’s cute that they thought they were being clever. :)

      • avatar was a retelling of edgar rice burroughs princess of mars novel series

      • I liked Avatar but it was a direct rip of Pocahontas. Change Indians to aliens, gold to unobtanium, and add in silliness about putting your mind into another body and there you go. It’s EXACT. A similar premise would be Harry Potter and Star Wars (orphan overcomes the odds, using his special abilities to defeat the evil guy with the same special abilities). But there’s immense difference between the two; not so with Pocahontas and Avatar.

    • Only problem, Ignur?

      Wasn’t a DisneyFlick…FernGully was FOX….


      • @Danlister
        You know i never knew that. It felt so.. Disney. You even had the songs and that heart warming feeling 3/4 of the movie where you think “those two animated characters really have a future together.” Though I didnt get that feeling in Beauty in the Beast. I snuck a viewing of Silence of the Lambs with myelder rother before Beauty in the Beast and so my views on forced abduction leading to love were somewhat… blurred. The horrors of Wild Bill antics through the eyes of a 3 year old.

    • You do realize The Lion King was a child version of Hamlet right?

  5. Beauty indeed

  6. Guillermo Del Toro + a classic Disney story = PURE PHENOMENON. And with Emma Watson = EXTREME PHENOMENON.

    • Couldn’t agree more Emma has the talent….please Kristen Stewart should have been cast as Pinocchio the role should do her justice with her wooden acting.

      • She lost out on a role in the latest POTC flick…wasn’t wooden enough to play a peg leg on a pirate.

      • Agree about Emma. She really impressed me with her performances in the last two HP films.

      • Not a fan of kristen Stewart but she is way better thanthis girl and was great in the runaways. All Watson has ever done all her life was playing hermione and even in that , she was just OK. I don’t get the fascination for this girl at all.

        • WOW, all I can say is wow… Kristen Stewart is a TERRIBLE actress. My gf is a die-hard Twilight fan, but even she admits that her acting is just atrocious. I bet you think Megan Fox and Jessica Alba are good actresses too huh?? Lol

        • Wow. I cannot believe you just said that.

        • Kristen Stewart is the WORST actress of all time. Emma Watson is MUCH smarter, much more gorgeous and MUCH more talented. She is a believable actress. And everyone starts somewhere. Kristen Stewart sure has done more, but just because you’ve done more doesn’t mean you have done good in everything you’ve done. I’d rather be excellent in one thing then have a resume full of crap. I despise Kristen Stewart’s acting more than any actress in this planet. Emma Watson is absolutely gorgeous, driven, and amazing. I love her! K Stew can go be a sparkling fairy- oh sorry, vampire.

      • That’s pretty funny there XD

    • The Beauty & the Beast is not a classic disney story, its a french folktale with the original title “La belle et la bĂȘte” from 1740.
      The disney version is also set in france.

      • If you really look at Disney, none of their original stuff (pre-Pixar) was truly original. A lot of their movies are adaptations of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Beauty and the Beast is a Disney classic the same way Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and the rest of the adapted movies Disney did are classics. It’s not in the creation of the story, it’s in the story telling.

      • Thank you. As much as I love Disney and Pixar and I do, I thought it was common knowledge that almost everything disney fairytale is from another culture fairytale or a folktale. Apparently, fairytales (or nursery rhymes) are no longer taught in school. It scares me because I am only 42 and yet my nieces and nephews do not know these things. I can still recite them like crazy, while most kids do not know. I read books when I was younger and was in the summer reading clue as a kid. The first thing I put on my kindle was fairytales (found a real copy of the Grimms), Charles Perrault (French Fairy Tales) and other cultures. Yes, other cultures have variations on fairy tales (I have read the Chinese or Japanese Cinderella, and there is a Haitian version as well as a Cajun version – go Louisian).

  7. I didn’t see in the article where it says this will be a variant of the Disney film. The tale of Beauty and her bestial future beloved predates the Disney version by CENTURIES and actually CAN function quite well as a modern, grim (yes, I meant GRIM, not GRIMM) fantasy film…It ended alright but was a very Adult tale (not in terms of sex or language, etc., but in terms of its extreme INTENSITY) during its narrative. People seem to forget that particular truth about a great many of these old tales: The mermaid who does NOT find ever-after happiness, the stepsisters who wind up with missing extremities–or worse–when Cinderella reunites with her prince, etc…

    I would LOVE to see this film. Emma Watson will make a wonderful Beauty, and Del Toro…well, he was BORN to make this film.

    • You’re absolutely right. Disney’s was just a rip off of the time-honored classic tale starring Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton. :) I’d even watch that crap if it had Watson in it.

      • ;)

  8. I have no idea how this movie will turn out, but I’m watching it… No reason in particular… (Marry me Emma!) lol

  9. Damn! I hope this is true. Guillermo is brilliant and Emma Watson has grown into an excellent actress. She would be great as the Beauty.

  10. It would have been real cool for a update she would play the beast role and jaccob from twighlight play other part.

  11. She is beautiful and with her accent could do the part right. Will I see it in theatres? Not unless I find a beauty that will go with this beast.

  12. I’ve only seen the girl on Potter and Ballet shoes. Nothing yet that shows how good she can act. Right now I don’t want her on any of Guillermo’s increasing film loads.

    • And I don’t get why you can’t judge her acting based on the 7 (8 really) Harry Potter films. What, those are not real movies to you?? Anyway, I think her acting is very good based on what I’ve seen on Harry Potter. She was never just a damsel in distress. She has played the strong girl and the vulnerable girl through-out the movies. Plenty of range in her in my opinion.

      • Exactly. Co-starring in the highest grossing film franchise (not to mention highest grossing film) of all time looks pretty good on a resume IMO. Granted she hasn’t had much experience beyond HP but give the girl a chance. What if they would have said “Sorry Tom, but the only experience you have is Bosom Buddies”? Or “Leo, I loved you in Growing Pains but…”.

        • She was praised as being the most talented of the HP Trio since the first movie. Sure shes played the same character for 10 YEARS but at least shes given me a sense of depth as Hermione alone than Kristen Stewart has in Twilight, Adventureland,Welcome to the Rileys, Cake Eaters and The Runaways, where shes just an overly wooden awkward teenager every role.

          • She’s definitely the best of the three. Daniel Radcliffe has his moments, but Emma Watson is consistantly convincing in her acting. And she’s played all kinds of emotions. You’ve seen her happy, sad, angry (a lot, especially at Ron, lol), excited, etc. and she does all of them very well. I can’t believe Kristen Stewart was even brought up in here. Well, actually, she was initially brought up by someone who wanted to make fun of her acting, but still, you can’t compare the two. Kristen Stewart isn’t even attractive. If she wasn’t famous and I saw her on the street, I probably wouldn’t even notice her. Very below average in my opinion. Emma Watson is cute as a button. But too bad she cut that beautiful hair. I love her long hair…

            • Lol I agree with you on all points except saying Emma is “cute as a button” is a MAJOR understatement in my opinion ;) but lets not turn this into an Emma worshiping thread since there seems to be some non-fans of her here……

            • agree with you 100% on Emma’s hair. I loved her hair so much but i cant say the shorter hair looks horrible either

              • I don’t think you can make Emma look “horrible” if you tried, but still, the long hair was so gorgeous on her…

            • Kristen is too pretty….she just seems to have no expression other than depressed……in aaaall the films I’ve seen her in…even when she did Joan Jett in The Runaways…..ugh…

  13. if its live action it could be very good.i wonder why disney does not do some of their other films in live action like the mermaid,hercules,aladin,and others?

  14. she would do great.

  15. and i think they could be reallt good if a dark tone and realistic approach was taken.

  16. Hasn’t Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson been done last monday, on Letterman. Then she’d be perfect for this adaptation.

    • That was a rehearsal for the role, lol.

  17. it shouldn’t be too difficult for del toro to make a film about stockholm syndrome dark/gritty….

  18. The HECK with Beauty and the Beast! I want HELLBOY 3!!!

  19. 2 weeks ago

  20. As long as its in english …no problem :D

  21. I personally don’t trust people remaking Disney classics into live action films. Maybe it’s just because I grew up watching Lion King, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast, but I don’t want to see some pre-teen fantasy idol ruining a classic fairy-tale. That’s like if they re-did Star Wars and cast Brad Pitt as Han Solo, or re-doing Schindler’s List with Gerard Butler.

    • Disney made their film based on the MUCH older French story. In other words, del Toro is using the story that Disney used, NOT the Disney story. Disney did the same thing del Toro wants to do…remake the original.

      • I realize that Disney didn’t write the story, but I feel like they did the best take on the tale possible. Like I said, I’m just a little hesitant, mostly because I love the Best Picture-nominated classic.

    • Jean Cocteau’s lyrically beautiful 1946 “Beauty and the Beast” film came long before Disney and the story itself has origins as old as the ancient story of Cupid and Psyche (told most famously in Boccachio’s Decameron). It is part of a cycle of stories known as “animal groom” and “animal bride” stories. Probably the most familiar version of the tale comes from the 1700s as written by du Beaumont. (In many versions Beauty (or Belle) is noted as a reader, thus offering an unusually positive role model for females over the centuries.) The story has been told and retold hundreds of times (modern versions of note include retellings by Robin McKinley and Mercedes Lackey). Standout illustrations by Edmund Dulac and later by Mercer Mayer are almost without parallel. So this isn’t a remaking of a Disney tale, but follows in the wonderful tradition of retelling archetypal tales for new generations and audiences. One can only hope that del Toro can offer a version that will stand up with the best of them! Pan’s Labyrinth would suggest that this is at least possible.

      • Nice post.

        The special features on both Hellboy films and especially on Pan’s Labyrinth suggest that del Toro will get it done. His interest in myths, fables, and fairy tales is almost scholarly, and he has a special interest in stories of girls coming of age. And his track record of managing complex productions on limited budgets will give him good control of this production. I like his chances.

    • This is not a remake of the Disney movie, but a new version of a very old tale already filmed in 1946 by Jean Marais, and filmed countless times by many others. There would be nothing new with this version, nor would there be anything similar to the Disney version either-where do you people (you included) get your info and history from?

      • We’ve already established this.

  22. As long as they don’t turn Belle into Joan of Arc like they did Alice and Snow White, I might just see this. I’m not familiar with the original tale, but I also hope that, like the Disney version, Belle doesn’t take crap from Beast.

  23. Cant wait for this and Emma Watson it’s going to be awesome

  24. That is great news that emma watson will in the clasic tale of beauty and the beast remaking and she will make pectert beauty for the new movies and it will in 2014or 2015.

  25. I was just thinking of this a few months back. after visual effects such as Lord of the Rings and King Kong, a real life Beast would be great. Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsowrth would be great in this, but I would have gone for Emily Blunt. Jeremy Irvine maybe for beast instead of Hugh.

    The visual effects better be immense.

  26. In the end none of our comments about these people matter because they still go home with there millions.

  27. No! Why Kristen Stewart in Snow White? Pff She sucks at acting!

  28. I, a big Game of Thrones fan, would LOVE to see Richard Madden as the Beast.