Emma Stone Talks ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot & Death of Gwen Stacey

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emma stone talks gwen stacy and spider man reboot Emma Stone Talks Spider Man Reboot & Death of Gwen Stacey

The Spider-Man reboot, which may or may not be based on both the 616 Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man comic universes, is officially in full-production-swing.

Recently, we got our first look at a blonde Emma Stone, who will be playing Gwen Stacy, as she attended a dreary, rain-soaked funeral – perhaps for her dad, George Stacy, as played by Dennis Leary?

Speaking of Emma Stone, she was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night to debut her new look on television, to talk about her Golden Globe nomination for Easy A, and to discuss her much-coveted role in Spider-Man. For those curious about whether or not Gwen Stacy would be murdered in the reboot, as her comic book counterparts were, Stone says she’s under contract for several Spider-Man movies.

Check out the video below:

When asked if she was going to do away with the blonde ‘do’, Stone said:

“There’s a few [Spider-Man movies], so I may have to keep it for a couple of years.”

She also revealed that she and Andrew Garfield (The Social Network), who will play Peter Parker in the reboot, share the same physical trainer. When Garfield asked if it would be okay if he worked out with her, Stone said:

“I was like ‘No, that would not be okay.’ He said ‘Why? It’ll be a bonding experience.’ I said ‘Because you can lift a car and I am a weakling beyond belief.’ We’re on two completely different ends of the spectrum.”

What this says to me is that Emma Stone’s character, Gwen Stacy, definitely won’t die in the first movie. As for a second or third movie, one can assume that Sony would want her contracted for as many movies as possible, regardless of whether or not they’d utilize her for so many. My feeling is that, if the filmmakers decide to go the route of killing her – and really, why wouldn’t they? – they’d do it at the end of the second movie, where they could also introduce Mary Jane.

Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot is filming now and has a release date of July 3rd, 2012.

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Header Image from Ultimate Comics Spider-Man by David Lafuente

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  1. Nice girl, seems to fit the role quite well, now we need another interview from Andrew

  2. The obsession that has become this girl’s hair color is ridiculous

  3. Jay Leno is a bum. . . . that’s all I have to say.

    • Agreed!!

  4. As long as they don’t make her Carnage or something like they did in Ultimate Spiderman. I mean really, That made me STOP reading Ultimate Spidey.

    • That’s too bad. Ultimate Spider-Man is still fantastic.

    • Agreed, that absolutely killed any interest I had in Ultimate Spiderman. Way too creepy a fate for a beloved character.

      • That’s the whole point! Happy endings are too over rated, the realism in killing off a character in a horrible way is what gets the fans. It makes the attachments to the characters that much more real.

    • she didn’t get turned into carnage, carnage killed her.

      • And then Carnage turned into her.

  5. I personally hate the whole ultimate spiderman series. They destroyed Normans character, Carnage and venom were handled horribly and pretty much every villain lost the thing that made them memorable from the 616 universe.

    I hope they spend the first film building Normans character and eventually turning him into the green goblin (the real goblin not the ultimate version and please god not the raimi version)who will be the main threat in the sequel. GG kills gwen, without him her death would be stupid

    • But that was the point of the Ultimate Universe, it was supposed to be completely different.

      • Yea I understand that, but different doesnt have to equal craptastic and just plain bad

        • I liked the Ultimate Universe until Jeph Loeb came along and turned it into BS…

          • Yeah, seconded. The Ultimate Universe was incredible fresh and awesome until Jeph Loeb decided to test the limits of awful.

  6. Gwen was turned into Carnage??
    Christ, everytime I turn around Marvel seems to get worse…
    Glad I missed it. I stopped reading that CRAP years ago. Marvel died when Stan and Jack departed. I pity anyone who has picked up the books since.
    The only Marvel Zombies are the people working for the company.
    How the mighty have fallen…

  7. I like the idea of her being killed at the end of Spidy 2, means we get a chance to enjoy her character and her death will be all the more effective.

    • Joshi I agree :)

    • hah

  8. Her new look makes John Romita Sr. proud, like she stepped right out of his pages.

  9. I defer to those who have more experince with movie-making, regarding the probability of what will happen with Gwen Stacy’s character, BUT I offer another possibility of why Stone felt she needed to be ready for the future of the franchise: Maybe, she will simply be seen in detailed flashbacks, revealing the relationship she and Peter shared. These would be bits that would not be shown in the film before her death but would flesh out her character and Peter’s evolution as a hero.

    • That just seems too much like what Raimi did with Uncle Ben in his trilogy to me.

  10. hello

  11. dis is cool,she’s totally nailed the look!:)

  12. Ultimate Spider-man for me, was actually kinda cool until I got into the revamped Carnage storyline..I don’t know if its just me but Carnage really doesn’t seem so cool anymore without an actual human being, being its host.. so disappointing

    • Carnage was never cool.

  13. yo gwen stacy is suppose to be a 10, emma stone is a girl that you would lie abt sleeping w/ wasted

    • Yo, not everyone has the same tastes as you. Word.

  14. I think it could be a good thing to keep her for a few movies. As someone said, it lets us get more attached to her as a character and can invest us more in her relationship with Peter so that if they do kill her it has some real impact.

    That is unless the movie is terrible. It’d be great if they actually are good though.

    I’m sort of indifferent to the Ultimate line. I liked aspects of USM, but several things like the way they did some villains (such as the Hulk Goblins) and character relationships rubbed me the wrong way. I’ve heard that the recent Ultimate Comics line for Spider-man is pretty good though, though the art isn’t quite to my tastes from what I’ve seen.

  15. gwen cannot die but if she does, they should have emma stone dye her hair red and play mary jane. But personally I think they can keep Gwen and still do the comics justice

    • Legit. If she dies as Gwen she should play Mary Jane. I would accept it.

  16. I still think they should keep Gwen. Emma stone fit the character great! But if they do decide to kill her, they should have her dye her hair red and play mary jane. The only reason they killed her off in the comics is because they didn’t know what to do. So if you ask me there is nothing good about killing such a supporting character just because you don’t know. Marc webb has a chance to make the alternate ending of Gwen Stacy. Its beyond me why they should kill her. They can keep her and still do the comics justice. Most people liked the raimi films and yet he ripped off the comics horribly. Marc webb should go with the comics but keep gwen.

    • If they don’t keep Gwen, I’ll be infuriated. The movie went so well it’s not even an option now. Mary Jane never came off as anyone with personality to me, and it just wouldn’t feel right. As it is, it’s already pigmented with a deep shade of blue, and Spidey can’t fall deeper into that abyss. They need to ploy the same tactic of her falling of the bridge and implement the sound of snapping in some sense… but only to build tension. Even after such elements are drawn: pale skin, blood, teary music and weather cast from Shockwave and the GG’s doubleteam (seems possible after the clues from this movie), she should open her eyes. There’s nothing more dramatic that rewriting the comics at the last second and expelling our deepest wishes a reality. Her character is so attaching that they can’t simply start a “better” relationship. There isn’t one, and there wouldn’t be justice for Spiderman to get two. The comics were simply wrong on this and not morally straight to what he stands for. We can write better days if it’s like it should be. I’m really hoping she survives. It’s honestly the most loyal way, not to the comics but to how the comics should’ve happened, and I can guarantee that most of us will agree.

  17. Thre reason Gwen died was because the couple was aging and Marvel did not want an ugly breakup, nor did they want a married Spider-Man. Decades later, Marvel decided the wall crawler was more popular single. Maybe an ugly break up is more realistic.