Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man Reboot

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The upcoming reboot of the Spider-Man franchise will feature two female leads in both Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy, and we know that Jane will not be the love interest for the star of the film. While there have been several actresses listed as top candidates for these roles, it was reported on Saturday that the role of Mary Jane would be officially offered out very soon, with expectation that it would be Emma Stone.

As it turns out, Emma Stone did receive and offer sheet and will be playing one of the female leads in Spider-Man, but she won’t be playing Mary Jane. Against expectations, we are surprised to announce that Emma Stone is now the new Gwen Stacy!

The young and likable Stone’s career is just beginning and she has already won over many fans with key parts in Superbad and Zombieland, along with the recently released Easy A. In Sony’s official press release, director Marc Webb says the following about Stone climbing aboard:

“The chemistry between Andrew and Emma was stunning and made Emma the clear choice. At the heart of the story of Peter Parker is not only the amazing Spider-Man, but also an ordinary teenager who is wondering what he has to do to get the girl. Andrew and Emma will bring everything audiences expect to these roles, but also make them their own. Much to my surprise, it was fun to find out that our choice for Gwen (Emma) is also a natural blonde.”

The obvious question about Emma Stone’s casting will be raised about her hair color. She’s a red-head and Stacy is a blonde. Will she change hair color? Will whomever they chose to play Mary Jane then have red hair as well? Or is this a case of role-reversal and Jane will be blonde? Definitely not.

One of Mary Jane’s most recognized attributes is her long red hair, as is Stacy’s blondness, and turning against the comics this early, and against the expectations of fans isn’t wise. Blake Lively changed her hair color for her supehero movie Green Lantern to match the character of the books and if you remember Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, Kirsten Dunst and Bryce Dallas Howard traded hair colors to play Jane and Stacy, respectively. It’s commonplace so don’t worry.

What’s more important now is determining who will play Mary Jane opposite Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker. If the previous casting rumors still hold any truth, we could be looking at one of the following three joining Spider-Man:

  • Dianna Agron (Glee)
  • Georgina Haig (Wasted on the Young)
  • Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland)

Mia made her billion dollar introduction with Alice in Wonderland so I wouldn’t be surprised to see her sign next. As for the villain, current rumors still point towards the possibility of Philip Seymour Hoffman being looked at for Venom. It’s almost certain that Venom will play a role since they still have a script for a Venom spin-off and even before Spider-Man 4 was cancelled, scripts for fifth and sixth Spidey movies were being written to not only tie-in with Venom but act as a potential reboot of the franchise (which ended up happening).

Spider-Man is scheduled for release in 2D and 3D on July 3rd, 2012, with production scheduled to begin this December.

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  1. Isn’t it to early to have Venom in the series?

    I’m on the fence on Emma though, guess we’ll have to wait until the film comes to out judge if its any good. I did not know she was a natural blonde though.

    • I think going with Venom upfront is ballsy. In the Ultimate Spider-Man universe, Venom is introduced way earlier in the mythology.

      If I recall, the symbiote is a creation of Oscorp? (Don’t quote me) Which could lead into the Green Goblin being the master villain of later installments, and would explain why Venom appears so early.

      I could see it working especially if Parker gets his powers quick, and Venom would be a dark reflection of those powers.

      I’m still onboard.

      • nah kofi, the symbiote was a creation of peters father and eddy’s father. it was a suit that was supposed to cure any disease.

      • The Venom suit was created by Eddie Brock SR (which is who I am assuming Phillip Seymore Hoffman will play) and Peters Dad. They were developing it to cure Cancer and other ailments. You put it on, it fixes your cancer or broken thigh bone, etc. Then back in the jar it goes. Well it doesn’t like the jar so much and has a common side effect of making the wearer go crazy and start killing everyone.

        I have a feeling they are going to use Venom in this movie along with Green Goblin.

        • hmmmmm color me intrigued

      • I would love to see Venom done justice, but isn’t Hoffman kinda … not in great shape? Haha.

        • Doesn’t matter. Venom will be all CGI and he will probably never even fight Spidey in this movie. It is more of a set up and probably discovery of what his dad was working on. I would almost bet that there will be a few villains in this movie.

  2. not even she can save this film lol

    • do u mean from a quality perspective or as far as box office numbers?

      • He means both lol

  3. Well, they are clearly going the Ultimate route with this new series of Spider-Man movies. Just looking at that image screams Mary Jane to me, but it doesn’t really matter to me. Garfield has acting chops and this chick is cute..add movie magic and some good casting and I’ll spend my money

  4. This is odd, but I’m glad Emma Stone is in Spiderman regardless of the role she’ll play

  5. I have seen pictures of Emma as a blonde,
    So the natural blonde stuff might very well be true.

  6. What the hell kind of casting is Sony thinking??? Gwen Stacy?!!! WTH?? Emma’s personality is perfect for Mary Jane,especially since they are doing the ultimate version.This is the same ignorance they pulled getting Kirsten Dunst to play the part.Seriously,Im going to see it no matter what,but this is pure idiocy.

  7. She would have made a better Mary Jane

    • agreed

  8. So their going with the chain smoking version of Gwen Stacy ?

    I love how people freak out when they cast Dunst as Mary Jane because she wasn’t a natural red head yet Gwen is blonde and no one freaks out that she isn’t.

    I can’t stand her chain smoking voice and her face makes her look much older than she is. She clearly is a very regular smoker or drug user. Betty White is glad she doesn’t have that many age lines.

    • are u serious Emma Stone is natural blonde shes not even red head

      • i saw nothing in the article that gwin would be a chain-smoker.if its the actress what does her personal smoking habit have to do with the portorial of gwen.

        the movies have had people who were smokers, drinkers and drug users and any combination of those habits portoray people who didn`t have them.its acting.

        • Flashback if you paid attention you’d notice I’m talking about her voice. For someone to have that voice especially a girl she would have to be a hardcore smoker.

    • @ Daniel

      LoL Chain smoker voice. I’d still let her wash my socks and serve me a hot pocket though. :P

      • Ugh sin187 not me I wouldn’t let her in my house. I don’t see any physical attraction she’s funny looking to me. She kind of looks like a cat a little in the eyes though. Still I don’t find her even remotely attractive. At least it’s Gwen and Not MJ because MJ needs to be hot never been a big fan of Gwen. Either I’m not watching the film just sucks they couldn’t stop at one bad choice they have to pile it on. I think they are looking to make the worst comic film ever they might do it. Of course First Class Is giving them a run for their money.

    • Sounds to me you’re just bitter that Dunst isn’t back (thank Zod).Personally, I thought Dunst was cute, but MJ was supposed to be hot, and that’s something Dusnt couldn’t pull off, at all.

  9. Yeah, Emma isnt a Redhead,but her Mom is.
    She has always liked her Moms hair,So when Judd Apatow asked her to dye her hair Red, she made the switch.

  10. We’ve added a poll to the end of the article. Vote Now!



    • u know the Green Lantern website is up now there is nothing but the logo and background sound

      • dan,

        Yes, I do. Nothing worth reporting, really.

        Thanks, though.


  11. NO!!!! SHES GOING TO DIE!!!! why not cast the girl from alice in wonderland as mj. and kill her off. i know i am only kidding about killing off mj but emma is to REDHEAD to play gwen. i wish they went with palmer

  12. To me she screams Betty Brant. But I couls also see her as any one of the 2 female leads. Im optimistic :D

    I am not familiar with the ultimate universe so riddle me this youngins: does Gwen die in a similar/if not exactly the same fashion as she did in the original spidey comics?

    I just dont want green goblin wasted like he was in the first film.

    Als Hoffman better be playing eddy brock snr, and if he does don the symbiote *shudder* he best be a weak villian, seeting up eddy brock jnr to take up the mantle as the real venom

    • no shaman, she gets killed killed by carnage! lol. and she comes back later in the series as an offshoot of a clone of peter that turned into carnage………… i think. all i know perfectly is that she was killed by carnage who was a mixture of venom and peters family dna, and it kills gwen.

      • and that right there is why I avoided the Ultimate series

        that story just sounds so ridiculous

        • agreed

          • it actually wasnt that bad, i lliked ultimate spiderman for what it was

            • The “Ultimate” series is but a pale imitation and cowers in the shadow of MARVEL’S original mainstream and still best selling flagship title “Amazing Spiderman”.

        • No, you are right. It was completely ridiculous. Venom was done really well in the Ultimate series but Carnage was handled very poorly. I am not a fan.

  13. didn’t…. venom already came out in the 3rd spiderman movie? :| And while I think its ok for emma stone to play gwen, i wish they’d get someone with a…. sweeter face.

  14. Wow this is stupid.. They cast a girl who has stood out as a redhead in her films as a blond? Sony is just idiotic. Plus, Hoffman as Venom?! Granted he is a fantastic actor, how is he going to be Venom?!

    After seeing The Social Network, I was very happy with Andrew Garfield’s acting and was starting to get interested in this slightly. But, with these other castings I can honestly say I have no interest again..

    Sony = Complete idiots!

    • but yet Emma Stone is actually blond not redhead

      • @Sin
        “They cast a girl who has stood out as a redhead in her films as a blond? Sony is just idiotic”
        casting someone in a particular role just because of their hair color = idiotic

        if her approach to the role is what they’re looking for then go for it. personally, I think her past performances would show she would make a better MJ, but that’s besides the point.

        “Emma Stone is actually blond not redhead”
        have you gotten that close to confirm? I’m jealous

        • shes said it in a interview thats shes actually blonde and her mom is redhead. all this info is on her wikipedia page it gives u a link to the interview.

  15. i don`t care who plays any of the female leads.i do wish it was not in 3-D.

  16. Wow, this movie just keeps turning into a bigger and bigger mess. This movie might turn out to be a bigger disaster than the first Captain America film.

  17. ok Gwen Stacy, whatever, that’s not my issue… My issue is the fact that people are even considering Philip Seymour Hoffman for Venom?! What? I mean I have nothing against Hoffman, but for Venom? Eddie Brock is a Jock for crying out loud, which is why Topher Grace was such a poor choice (Love Grace for that 70′s show but why in god’s name was he attached to venom?). Granted my knowledge of the ultimate Universe is lacking because it was horrible (there’s a reason it died out) but Hoffman? He is the short slightly overweight fellow right? He does not in any way reflect what Venom is, was, should be, or could be.

    • See my earlier response to this question. I don’t think they are going the same route that everybody thinks they are.

  18. Oh this is good news shes a good actress.

  19. Couldn’t care less for Phony Sony & “Ultimate” Spider-TEEN.

    An over rated uninspiring and poor imitative comic book series just like this movie.

    Give me the original “Amazing Spider-MAN” any day.

  20. I thought she was going to be M.J. Ugh! Is anyone even going to go see this?

  21. Emma reminds me of the old lady from the old commercials where she lutes up from the hole in her neck.

    • in five years she’ll sound like Weezy Jefferson

      • @ Daniel F and Panda

        No she will be the Caseworker in the BeetleJuice remake. Still she’s somewhat attractive, if only she would serve me a hot pocket :(

  22. we’ve seen both of these female characters already onscreen…and it was underwhelming. not that a change in cast couldn’t help, but i’d rather see black cat as the romantic interest. impossible, i know :(

  23. I really don’t understand all the complaints that people lodge against actors over their hair color…Come on, I’ve had green, red, blue, pink, blonde, black, and brown hair over the course of a year, and I don’t have professional stylists helping me out. It’s really not hard to make a redhead (who the article clearly says is a natural blonde) into a blonde.

  24. Glad to see any quality young actors and actresses included in this film. Thank the maker they’re going with an older Eddie Brock, since that character has got to do some serious acting work to make the conflict believable.

  25. I thought MJ wasnt going to be in this film at all?

    I thought the female characters were goint to be Gwen Stacy and Felicia Hardy. Which would make more sense.

  26. Ridiculous.

    If the chemistry is so good between them, and coupled with the fact that Emma Stone is perfect to play Mary-Jane, then surely you would want her for that character for the inevetable sequels….

    Gwen Stacy dies in the first movie, obviously…

  27. Venom is the “suit” not the person in it. Venom can be anyone. Main stream Marvel it feeds off empathy Ultimate it is a suit as described above. So Brocks father (Hoffman) could be the FIRST Venom if it is based on Ultimate. Heck in mainstream currently it is not Eddie Brock.

    Emma… So what even if she was Redhead they could dye her hair… Acting is just that acting like something/someone you are not. Apparently she can act like Gwen Stacy. Although I wasnt to impressed with her in Zland.

    Meh I will go see it. Unless the trailers totally trash it.

    • Never trust a trailer. Spiderman 3 didnt look too bad on trailers….

      • I know but I kind of lied. I will see it regardless. Im a comic/Spiderman fan. So unless they really screw it like having Spiderman from space, falling in love with a Horse with a foe that can turn into a lawn gnome I will see it.

        Spiderman will always get my money.

        • Marvel Comics will always get my money but not phony Sony. :-)

  28. I hate Ultimate SPiderman with a passion.

    I will probably end up seeing this but I have no excitement at all.

  29. Isn’t Venom a Symbiote which is an alien life form? Why don’t they just stick with that, instead of using Peter’s father