January Jones Talks ‘X-Men: First Class’ Emma Frost Costumes

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x men first class emma frost costumes january jones January Jones Talks X Men: First Class Emma Frost Costumes

Adapting the Marvel Comics character of Emma Frost into live-action for X-Men: First Class has been an obvious hot topic of curiosity amongst fans of the franchise. Would they change her trademark risqué attire for a more believable on-screen character or would they go all out and use this as an opportunity to sell the film?

The earliest images of star January Jones in costume as the telepathic mutant came from X-Men: First Class set photos which had her outdoors in a long white coat, nothing too revealing. Then came the first official X-Men: First Class cast photo which depicted her in shiny white lingerie and there were no more questions to be asked.

MTV had a chance to speak with Jones while she worked the press rounds for her role in the upcoming film Unknown and touched on the topic of Frost’s infamous wardrobe. As it turns out, her costumes do show up in a lot of the film and she does have several she wears. As for the one from the cast photo (shown above):

“I’m in that a lot. I have a lot of very interesting costumes in that movie. So I’m in that one a lot… That one has a cape sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. I have a lot of boots. I have a lot of leather. A lot of sparkly stuff. A lot of big hair”

Jones continued by explaining that fans of the character and get-up will be happy with how Emma Frost is presented in the film. From what we’ve seen so far, they certainly are working towards her look and knowing the story of X-Men: First Class has a lot to do with the Hellfire club (led by Kevin Bacon’s character, Sebastian Shaw), it seems her history from the source material (the X-Men comics) may be followed closely as well.

x men first class kevin bacon sebastian shaw emma frost 570x380 January Jones Talks X Men: First Class Emma Frost Costumes

Knowing that Frost will be sporting some extravagant clothing throughout the film, what’s her favorite costume to wear?

“I really like [the one in the leaked photo] because I really like the cape. It was really great. I didn’t get to wear the cape as much as I wanted to because the CGI when I turn into diamonds was difficult. But, there’s nothing like a cape that makes you feel really tough. There’s something [about having something] following behind you.”

January Jones’ Emma Frost will have the secondary mutation that allows her skin to become diamond. I really hope with the film’s overly rushed schedule, the CG on this effect is significantly improved over that of the other “Emma Frost” from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I’d like to see them explain that one while they’re at it too…

We were a little disappointed that Fox didn’t showcase a TV spot as part of the Super Bowl movie trailers line-up but we expect an X-Men: First Class trailer soon to justify our placement of the movie in our 20 most anticipated movies of 2011.

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Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer’s X-Men: First Class releases June 3, 2011.

Source: MTV

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  1. Way hotter than Charles Xavier.

  2. If there was one reason to watch this film, it would be for January Jones.

  3. maybe something to do with mental control over the carbon in her body lolol

    • a while back*, already*

      hehehe talk about messed up typing :D

  4. does she have a named form as well? POW! oh yeaaaaaa


    • actually i think they are all going to be in this movie , so your every wish will be true

      • That was good, thanks for the laugh.

  5. I don’t give a F**C what they are talking, I want a trailer.. stupid FOX

  6. I like the blue/yellow uniforms. And I´m wondering why Singer hasn´t used uniforms like that before. From what I can tell from the pictures, they don´t look stupid or too comic bookish. Ten Times better than these gay biker leather overalls from the first 3 X-films…

    • Lol! Dude I have been calling their outfits the Blue Oyster outfits from the Police Academy series.

        • Lol! Man I was seriously hoping when wolverine came out that he would break the bad uniform trend from the X films and wear his old school brown and orange…with mask. He has one more chance to set it right or I want a Marvel revolt to take back all their characters rights and do them justice.

    • @ Scapegoat

      That was thing i didn’t really care for in the X-men trilogy was that the X-men costumes pretty much looked the same. I wonder if it would be possible & if people would go for Wolverine having a mask in live-action aswell.

      • I didn´t care that the uniforms all looked the same (hence UNIforms). I just didn´t like that they were black. I mean, yellow and blue were always the X-Men´s trademark color. The new costumes reminded me of some of the concept art included on the X-Men 1 DVD. They could have worked in the previous movies as well.

  7. I keep hearing they are not sticking to the source material. What source material. From what comic series? What universe? There are so many. Now I know most of you will answer the same way I will. The source material should be from the original set of comics that featured Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast (not blue all the time), Iceman, and Angel. But what the rest of the comic book world must realize is there are A LOT of fans out there who do not know that story. I guess what I am saying is give this movie a chance. So many people have taken the X-universe and made it something new. I hope that is what they are doing here. As long as they stay true to the characters Im not sure I care about which mutants they pick. X-3 was mainly bad due to not being true to the characters (Cyclops dying, Calisto with speed, Wolverine killing Phoenix just to name a few). The same with Wolverine screwing up Deadpool royaly. I am hoping for a good film. If FOX screws this one up I think Marvel could do well with a new series entitled X-Men:Uncanny. You could do a lot with that.

    • @ Alpine

      You make some good points.

      For me, one way to keep origin points simple, is to go back and look at the original “First Class” and write a new storyline whilst staying true to the characters.

      The second point of origin is to go back to the beginning of the “All New All Different X-Men” and write a new storyline whilst staying true to the characters.

      That way we can slowly move forward in continuity, respecting additional source material and eventually we get to see more recent mutants from the current books.

      I would imagine that would keep everyone happy? :-)

      The main thing for me is I want see characters look and behave the same way they are in the books. :-)

  8. does any one now when we will see a trailer

  9. Can’t remember if i asked this already but have to ask again, Is this film intended to ignore X-men Origins: Wolverine or something? I know they’re pictures but Jones looks like a older Emma Frost in the film what what she does in Wolverine.

    • This film has nothing to do with Origins. And the girl in Origins doesn´t have to be the White Queen. In the credits she´s listed as Emma/Kayla´s sister. We didn´t see her using telepathic powers in Origins.

      • The official casting sheet and even the character commercial had her named “Emma Frost” – she even introduces herself as that. Then they give her the diamond form.

        That movie was initially supposed to lead in to an X-Men: First Class movie like the comics with a young Cyclops/Emma/Beast, etc. until they re-did the script and got new writers when Singer came on board.

        • She introduces herself as that in the movie? I might have to watch that movie again… It´s been a while. But I could have sworn that she´s listed as Emma/Kayla´s sister in the end credits of Origins…

  10. People… Seriously its a movie. I am a fan of the comic books and do follow them but all this bitching because they dont follow the comics to a T is really stupid. If you haven’t learned by now that Hollywood will always take “liberties” when adapting any type of literature whether it be books or comics, then you are wasting your time. If you want it done your way, go to film school become a director and make your own movie. Until then… let it go.

  11. we want x men first class encounter of story to give appearing other x men characters such as : selene, cyclops, Jean Grey / White Phoenix, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Toad, Juggernaut, Sabretooth, Iceman, Angel / Archangel.