Seductive High-Res Emma Frost Costume Image

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X Men First Class Emma Frost Sexy Costume Seductive High Res Emma Frost Costume Image

One week today the fifth installment in the X-Men franchise will finally hit theaters. X-Men: First Class takes the Professor X and Magneto that we know so well and throws them back into their youth in the 1960s, introducing us to a nearly entirely new set of characters, not the least of which is the infamous Emma Frost.

Frost aka The White Queen is a mutant whose physical and mental strength, attributes enhanced by her mutant powers, are matched only by her beauty. In X-Men: First Class, January Jones steps into the role of the telepathic, diamond-armored character and of course, the flashy white lingerie.

Emma Frost is known for more than just her mutant powers and troubled past, and is easily the go-to poster girl for the X-Men, especially with her complete lack of desire of wearing a uniform that covers her skin. Yesterday we posted some scorching hot images of January Jones sporting some of her choice attire from X-Men: First Class and as an enjoy-the-weekend gift to you, we have another to add to the collection.

Check out this super high-res shot of January Jones as the undeniably sexy Emma Frost. Click for our exclusive, massive-sized image if you want a new wallpaper:

X Men Emma Frost Lingerie High Res 570x380 Seductive High Res Emma Frost Costume Image

Alongside Mystique, Angel Salvadore and Moira MacTaggert, Emma Frost proves that X-Men: First Class does not shy away from bringing these attractive Marvel Comics characters from page to screen. So, when does the clothing line debut?

In addition to the stunning January Jones, the X-Men: First Class cast includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hoult, Jason Flemyng, Zoë Kravitz, Lucas Till, Oliver Platt, Ray Wise, Edi Gathegi, Caleb Landry Jones and Álex González.

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011 and we’ll be there.


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  1. She’s so hot

  2. Humina Humina Humina

  3. I don’t know, I find her very… average… That’s just me. :-)

    • It’s cause of her face

      • Not really, I’m mainly talking about her body, don’t really find it that great to be honest. It’s not bad, but I guess most people just like that she has a big chest or something…

        • Yeah I agree. She’s just avg. I showed my friend a pic too and he said the same thing.

          • You guys are completely insane. January Jones shows up at your door wearing this…what do you do? “Oh, sorry January, you’re just average. I’m not interested.”

            Bunch of liars here.

            • Very average, reminds me of patricia arquette

            • @Matt

              Actually, if someone shows up at my door dressed like that, I’ll probably assume she’s a hooker and close the door and tell her I’m not interested in any STD’s, thanks…

            • And if you’re going to change the criteria to it being that I meet JJ and she offers herself to me, yes, I’ll turn her down because, well, first I’m an honest man and will never cheat on my girlfriend, and second, she’s actually not my type. I actually like the more slender petite women… Wearing a sundress… ;-)

            • Well i think compare her to Famke who played as Jean Grey, Ms. Jones is very pretty yes but idk i think theres something missing on her portrayal as Emma, but i think maybe the pic just didnt give it justice.

              check Famke as Jean


              i think its like the actress who played as Storm, they are prety sexy and everything its just something’s missing.

        • She needs to eat something.

      • Face. She always looks like she is straining something rofl

    • sames

  4. Maybe it’s just me but the top is a turn off…looks like just an oversized bra to me. From the chest down is fine tho…too bad this pic doesn’t show much of it.

  5. What is she so intent on? Really!!

  6. sorry whoever wrote this but i skipped right to the pics lol

    • Meh, I expected as much from some ;)

    • You mean there are “words” to this article? 8-)

  7. Definitely wearing a padded bra in this role.
    Her figure is quite proportional in actually.

  8. Really Average…..

  9. Yeah cant believe she was let out in public. Comic book nerds have way hotter girlfriends than that….

    • You win!!!

  10. Actually, she’s perfect for Emma Frost. I always thought Emma Frost was somebody who showed off the goods quite a bit, in an effort to appear more sexy than everybody else, but always came up short despite her wardrobe (or lack of…) … she’s a woman who tries TOO hard, and her tackiness is exactly what we’re seeing here.

    So, perfect for the character, even if I don’t like the movie’s premise.

  11. Truly, you guys who claim she’s just average would be licking her toe lint if you met her f2f. And you know it.

    • Uh, no, don’t think so, since I have a girlfriend and I find her much hotter than this woman…

      • Pics!

      • I dare say your GF wouldn’t stand up to the same sort of scrutiny put on JJ either. If you put up her pic, half these blokes would find her to look slutty or manly or some other bogus crap that it’s simply counterproductive to remark upon. Kinda like your crit of JJ. It’s pointlessly harsh because she is obviously more attractive than the average girl. Seriously, walk down the street and if you can say 5 out of every 10 girls you see look better than JJ, you need to sell tickets to your paradise city.

        • Well, I guess the use of the word average could give the wrong meaning. I don’t actually mean “like everyone else” when I say average, I’m more talking about on a scale, meaning she’s not ugly, she’s not gorgeous, she’s just eh, in the middle. Basically someone who if I just met for the first time, it’ll basically come down to her personality if I would have ambitions to flirt with her or not… Of course, this is just based on my own personal tastes for women, so average/so-so for me, not average as in everyone else looks like her.

          But yes, besides my GF, I am friends with several women who, in my opinion, are better looking than her.

          And while obviously not everyone will have the same opinion, I’m fairly sure my GF will fare a little better than her. I can tell you right now when we’re out, practically every guy checks her out… Flattering and annoying at the same time…

          • Sure

          • Is your name Brad Pitt???

            • Well, if you think with the mindset that people only date people for their looks, and that’s the kind of shallow woman you’re looking for, then I guess I have to be. But fortunately for me, I don’t live in such a world and I have a woman that’s actually smart enough to love me for who I am, and not for how I look (thank goodness for that too!). Maybe one day you’ll be fortunate enough to meet someone like that. :-)

              BTW, I always joke with my girl that the movie “She’s Out of my League” is based on our life since I don’t really consider myself attractive, I don’t think I’m ugly, but I know if I made it into a movie that there wouldn’t be a bunch of girls swooning over me, lol. So yes, we are quite the odd couple in those terms…

          • I guess if you only notice beautiful women or if your gal pals are Vegas strippers, you could say she’s average. Look around a bit at those women you selectively deem to be just part of the scenery.

            Or, wait, are you just using this comment section as an opportunity to brag about your GF?

            If you only have eyes for your girl, and the women you know personally have more charm than some actress you don’t, I can actually respect that. But most guys won’t agree with you.

            • Wait a minute, that’s a bit harsh!!!

              • @Ezee-T

                Nah, it was an uneducated response, which actually plays to my favor, so no, not that harsh, well, not for me at least, lol. :-D

            • Wow, there goes the “everyone I know is beautiful” comment again. Well, if that was my opportunity to brag about my GF, here is my opportunity to point out how you lack the basic skill of reading comprehension, because this is my very first sentence to the post you just replied to:

              “Well, I guess the use of the word average could give the wrong meaning. I don’t actually mean “like everyone else” when I say average, I’m more talking about on a scale, meaning she’s not ugly, she’s not gorgeous, she’s just eh, in the middle.”

              So again, I’m not talking about average in terms of like everyone else I know or see around. Wow, sometimes I feel like they should have a whiteboard here so I can draw pictures for those who cannot pass the FCAT apparently…

            • @Goo

              I actually want to apologize now before you even read this for how insulting my post seems, but you did seem to skip right over the part of my response where I clarified what I meant by average…

              • Whatever, man. I’m uneducated enough to know what “average” means, unlike some, but I guess that’s beside the point. My point was, basically, unless you have an extremely broad view of “in the middle” (like 3-8 is in the middle of the scale of 1-10), most people would not consider JJ to be average by your personal definition of the word. Most people would not class her as a 4-6 on the scale of attractive women.

                • Just think, this whole “discussion” about her looks happened b/c some people can’t understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

                  • @Ghost

                    Yah, reminds me of another article where apparently people are not allowed to think a certain comedy movie was not that funny…

                • Actually, not to get all technical on you, but I think if you really want to say what “a lot of people” look like, a better measure of that would be the mean, not the average. Think about it mathematically. You can have a pool of numbers 1,10,2,7,2,9,1,8. The average is actually 5. Now under your definition, “most” of the individuals in that pool where the average was found should also equal the average, yet, there isn’t a single 5 in that pool of numbers. The extreme lows and highs throw off averages, so while you can call a girl average, that doesn’t mean that everyone will look like her. There will be plenty of girls that are much uglier, as long as there are also girls that are much prettier to off-set those ugly ones, she can still be the average without looking like the majority of the people. That’s why mean is actually a more accurate measure of how the “typical” person looks like. In case you don’t know what the mean is, it’s when you take the pool, put them in order from low to high, and just look at the number or numbers in the middle. Most people mistaken this to be the same as the average, but it actually isn’t. So yes, I know what average means, unlike some. And it really has nothing to do with how “most” people look. ;-)

                  And plus, this is just my opinion on what a beautiful woman is, so maybe she’s just not my type so I won’t classify her higher than just in the middle for me. I know, it’s a weird concept, “everyone” with their own opinions, it’s like sci-fi, but it could be true… :-)

  12. Thank you very much….

  13. “Birds only pick at the best fruit”
    — Bette Davis

  14. Where are the pics of Zoe, that’s all I want to know….

  15. What is wrong with you guys? People need to chill. No reason to start questioning taste, or….doing math for some reason. To each his own.

  16. And yes, I know I’m late.

  17. This reply thread is flipping hilarious.


    • I’ve been cracking up the entire time I’ve been reading it.

  18. any straight guy would do her, if single. if we are judging someone purely on looks.

  19. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eatin’ crackers but she looks very bland here. I think it’s that bra. Looks like a mom bra.

  20. Her name’s s’possed to be Frost, but every time I see her, I melt.

    Beat that!!!

  21. wah wah we wah sexy time

  22. That picture could be illegal 20 states or so as a deadly weapon. Be still my heart.

  23. January is a pretty lady i would not say no to her if she came to my door in that costume.