First ‘Elysium’ Set Images & ‘Darkest Hour’ Conceptual Art

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Despite the overabundance of alien-oriented movies that’ve been released this year alone, there are still a couple of intriguing additions to that genre on the horizon – namely, this winter’s The Darkest Hour and Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium.

Unpolished photos from the set of Elysium have made their way online, offering an early look at Blomkamp’s followup to District 9. Conceptual artwork for Darkest Hour has also been unveiled, teasing the unusual visual design of the extraterrestrial invasion thriller.

As is generally the case with set pics or conceptual artwork, the following images reveal MILD SPOILERS about their respective films. So, those of you who want to know as little as possible about these sci-fi flick in advance, consider that your SPOILER WARNING.

Still here?  Then let’s move forward with…










The few (unconfirmed) details released about Blomkamp’s new sci-fi film so far reveal that it stars Matt Damon as an ex-convict living on a non-Earth planet some 100 years in the future. Jodie Foster is playing the president of said alien planet, while Wagner Moura will portray an underground human trafficker with a loyal following; and Elysium, as a whole, will blend social commentary with brutal violence in a fashion similar to D9.

Photos from the set of Elysium provide an advanced look at Damon’s (former) criminal character in particular. Check a couple of them out in the gallery below:


Passing over the circumstances of the scene being filmed – with Damon sporting a shaven head, bleeding, and on the run – it would appear that the actor’s Elysium character is essentially a cyborg of sorts. The metal framework around his body and mechanical implants attached to his head look more practical in function and futuristic in design than, say, the classic Robocop suit or similar cybernetic enhancements from older sci-fi titles.

Blomkamp touched on themes concerning the interdependence between organic life forms and technology in District 9, but he looks to tackle that increasingly-relevant concept more head-on in Elysium – if Damon’s outfit is anything to go by. Sounds pretty cool, yes?

For more images of Damon on the Elysium set, head on over to Collider.


The Darkest Hour

darkest hour trailer First Elysium Set Images & Darkest Hour Conceptual Art

Last week the Darkest Hour trailer premiered online, painting the sci-fi flick as being a 28 Days Later-style thriller that boasts some creative (if peculiar) other-worldly invaders. The new conceptual art released for the film expands on a handful of pivotal scenes in the film, while also further teasing the strange nature of its extraterrestrial creatures.

Darkest Hour‘s aliens are beings composed primarily of energy that are capable of disintegrating any organic life form they come into contact with – and, subsequently, absorbing their energy. Seemingly invisible to the human eye, the creatures are only detectable because they tend to active any sort of electrical items or systems they come into close proximity with (see: the use of light bulbs in the Darkest Hour trailer).

For a better look at the aliens (including how the world looks from their perspective) check out the Darkest Hour conceptual artwork below:

Alien Attack from The Darkest Hour 570x316 First Elysium Set Images & Darkest Hour Conceptual Art

Flamethrow Attack in The Darkest Hour 570x402 First Elysium Set Images & Darkest Hour Conceptual Art

Alien POV from The Darkest Hour 570x321 First Elysium Set Images & Darkest Hour Conceptual Art


While The Darkest Hour looks to recycle story elements from many a previous alien invasion tale (War of the Worlds, in particular), it also promises to be a very stylish and visually impressive addition to the genre. So perhaps that’ll help the film become more than just another run-of-the-mill thriller about visitors from another planet who seek to take over our world.

For more Darkest Hour artwork, head on over (again) to Collider.

The Darkest Hour arrives in 2D and 3D theaters in the U.S. on December 23rd, 2011.

Elysium is scheduled for theatrical release on March 1st, 2013.

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  1. Can’t wait for this movie. I know that district 9 is blomkamp’s only feature film but I had faith in D.9 and he delivered, making it one of my favorites. I believe he will deliver another original,non cliche film.

  2. Oh look, Matt Damon, another movie I will not pay to see.

    • I just wish he’d keep his mouth shut when it comes to politics and things that affect people who aren’t millionaires… Just like Sean Penn, I now find it impossible to contribute to their bank accounts.

      • You are correct. I hate that Damon has become so loud with his political choices. I hate it because he is a good actor and most of his movies are really enjoyable. But that is in the past. I now cannot watch anything he does.

        • I wasn’t aware that credibility of talent was lost the second one states their political views…well good thing I’m not a film star or a popular musician.

          • Well said…Otherwise, I’m sure Alpine and Jack’s DP are avoiding all Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mel Gibson films, right?


            • I’m not gonna miss an Armor film! Who.can deny those classic one liners :)?

              • Ahh, I meant Arnie not armor lol. Damn you predictive text! Damn you all to hell!!

        • Problem: Matt Damon

          Solution: Mark Wahlberg

    • i don’t care. in neil i trust!

  3. I will see anything with Blomkamp’s name on it.

  4. I can’t imagine what kind of permanent mechanical enhancements you’d wear clothes underneath, Sandy. I’m not seeing anything attached to his head either. Looks more like some kind of powered exoskeleton maybe?

    • I don’t think it’s a permanent enhancement either – rather, something Damon’s character can connect/disconnect from his body, like an artificial limb (though, admittedly, I might he WAY off with that guess).

      If you click on that Collider link, you’ll find a couple of additional images where you can more clearly see that Damon has some kind of metallic object attached to the back of his head too.

      • Ah right – sorry, I hadn’t seen the Collider photos. Could it even be the exact opposite of an enhancement? As an ex-convict perhaps it’s something he’s being forced to wear that’s actually supposed to restrict one’s movements? Like an electronic tagging system taken to the nth degree: move outside certain designated areas and you’re physically locked down. A mobile prison, in effect. Unlikely, but that just occurred to me.

        • i really like ur idea of using a exoskeleton as a sort of prison as a way to restict a convicts movements. very interesting idea.

          • agreed. very badass idea… neil?

          • With the bandage around his hand maybe he was being restricted during a medical procedure and broke free? Maybe the exoskeleton was some sort of umbilicus and that’s why he was bleeding?

  5. For a minute I thought it looked like Matt Damon was Bane!!

  6. i like matt damon, really great actor. but really is this the chronicles of riddick part IV?

  7. STOLEN IDEAS WRITTEN ALL OVER THOSE darkest hour concepts . producers should’ve chosen a diff. fx studio o_O

  8. @ Tacit Introvert >>> You are correct about District 9 being one of the best movies of all time! 11/10 stars all the way! LOL! “Fuel go here” Chris jr. aka. CJ

    • Cool quote >>> “We the same”!! Little one or CJ

  9. “I fix it”! CJ