‘Elysium’ Hi-Res Image Gallery: Matt Damon’s Future War Against Jodie Foster [Updated]

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[UPDATE: We’ve Added Some New Photos to the Gallery!]

Hardcore geeks and cinephiles have been waiting a long time to see the follow up project from District 9 director Neil Blomkamp – and with the debut of the trailer for Elysium, Blomkamp’s sophomore effort certainly left an impression on those who watched it (especially those of us who were able to see extended footage from the film).

For those not yet in the know: Elysium tells the story of a future in which Earth has become a wasteland ghetto planet inhabited by the lower classes – while the upper classes reside in the pristine orbital colony known as “Elysium.” After a life-threatening accident, Max De Costa (Matt Damon) embarks on a scheme to use sophisticated exoskeleton technology to break into Elysium, seeking treatment for his terminal condition. Only, things aren’t quite what they seem – and Max soon finds himself in a situation he never bargained for.

Check out the Elysium hi-res images in our gallery below. Some will be familiar to you (only now in hi-res) while others you may not have seen before:

If you the trailer or photos leave you with a feeling that Blomkamp is “copying off of Halo” (as has been stated numerous times), let us just remind you that A) Blomkamp’s new film is almost a companion piece to District 9 in terms of both look and overal aesthetic (i.e., his signature style), and B) Blomkamp was supposed to direct the Halo movie back in the late 2000s. However, since the Halo job came along before Blomkamp’s breakout debut with District 9, Fox and Universal didn’t yet have faith in his abilities. Elysium will surely make them regret that decision.

Comparisons aside, the film looks like yet another fine example of Blomkamp’s ability to marry epic sci-fi imagination with a very grounded and insightful social commentary story. It also further evidences that the South African filmmaker is at the forefront when it comes to designing and rendering visual effects. For genere fans, this is no doubt one of the most anticipated films of summer 2013.

The film also stars Jodie Foster as Secretary Rhodes, head official on Elysium; District 9 star Sharlto Copley (in facial prosthetics) as “Kruger,” Rhodes’ chief enforcer on earth who attempts to track down and stop Max ; Alice Braga as a friend/love interest of Max’s from childhood, and William Fitchner as a high-ranking Elysium V.I.P.


Elysium will be in theaters on August 9, 2013.

Source: Sony

Update Source: Cinema Teaser via The Playlist



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  1. Can’t wait for this movie
    Only movies I want to see in the theater this summer are this, Man of Steel, and Fast 6

    So, any chance that Blomkamp might get another chance at a Halo movie?

  2. I bet Jodie Foster’s character turns out to be the mother of Matt Damon’s character. I’ve just got a feeling.

    • Why would you even think that? She’s a hard ass government official whose job it is to keep lowlifes like him away from the rich upper crust.

  3. The more I see, the more excited I get. I hope this gets the attention it deserves considering we’ve got so many huge movies opening in the summer that could take away attention from Elysium (sorta like Amazing Spider-Man seemed almost forgotten between two huge movies last summer).

    *awaits the usual trolling from Dr Mindbender and Cave-ish Man in response to me expressing a genuine opinion*

  4. Yay. Another “rich people are all evil” story. Tired and hackneyed.

    • Are you rich and evil by any chance?

    • You’d prefer a “poor people are all evil” story, perchance?

    • become a writer. Get off your ass.

  5. This film is gonna bomb at the box office

    • If you keep posting words like “gonna” “bomb” “Office” on the internet, the CIA are gonna flag you. (^-^)

      • Nah, he’s a Winchester; no gumberment agency can touch him. 😀

  6. I just can’t shake the fact that the initial premise is just like “Battle Angel Alita”. Cameron has been sitting on that property far too long.

  7. It may be petty of me, but I find myself less interested in these new sci-fi films than I might otherwise be b/c of the lead actors who have been cast. Matt Damon is okay I guess, but Will Smith and Tom Cruise seem antithetical to what an interesting sci-fi film would be going for, that is an intrepid feeling and some unknown quantities. I know that it’s about marketability, but I would be more interested if younger, fresher actors were cast, such as Garret Hedlund in Tron, etc.

    • I kinda get what you mean.

    • Will Smith is boring, just smirks and quips his way through everything. Tom Cruise has an intensity that some people love (I personally think he’s just crazy and dull at this point). New talent is sometimes good (Cavill in MOS) but you also need someone that’s proven their worth, whose name can get butts in the seats, who can take direction, etc.

      • “Will Smith is boring, just smirks and quips his way through everything.”
        That’s dumb. He gets typecast, sure, but that’s not all he’s capable of and the world knows it.

  8. While I may be totally wrong here I get the impression that the story illustrates two lines of thought one being if you found a person in the woods pinned under a fallen tree would you;

    A. get them out using whatever means at your disposal?

    b. give that person a tool, say a jack perfectly capable of doing the job and then let them get themselves out?

    Perhaps a comment on William G. Sumner’s social theories…

    • Or

      C. Leave them there to die a miserable death while being eaten by wolves


      • So the Klingons really do think the social classes owe each other nothing.. LOL, I understand…

    • How do you get that from this pic? It’s about hoarding resources, not people stuck under a tree.

      • It’s about Matt Daemon’s character’s affliction. Instead of getting him into Elysium for the cure, they give him an exoskeleton so he can do it himself.