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Matt Damon Battles Robot in Elysium Elysium Spoilers Discussion

While people are already talking in the comment section of our Elysium review, this is the place where you can discuss Elysium spoilers, the ending or the many larger themes  and socio-political ideas the movie touches upon, without ruining the film for those who haven’t seen it yet.

We highly suggest you see Elysium before leaving a comment in this post – and you should assume that anyone commenting here has already seen the film. If you have seen the film, be sure to vote YOUR rating of it in our poll below, and then discuss away!

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Elysium is now in theaters. It is 109 minutes and is Rated-R for strong bloody violence and language throughout.

Want to hear the SR editors discuss the film? Tune in to the Elysium episode of the SR Underground Podcast. And read our Elysium Review.

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  1. it had some really heavy allegories, but I loved the movie. the little girl’s story made me weep, to be honest. pretty awesome!

    • Glad you enjoyed it more than I did!

      Get ready for an… interesting podcast discussion!

      • yep, your review surprised me a bit, but then it wouldn’t be you guys if it didn’t. and your podcast discussions are always interesting ;)

  2. I feel like this got put on pedestal and that’s why it gotten the lower end of stars. Don’t get me wrong I agree with most of the things in the review. But it was still quite entertaining the whole way though.

    Plus those the fighting robots were so slick in their movement and their fighting style. If anything I really wish they had just been more robot and exoskeleton battles as well as creating more challengable course for Max.

  3. Kofis scores are all over the place lately and I really don’t understand them or what hes thinking.
    Pacific Rim a 3, that’s okay
    The conjuring a 4.5, that was overrated
    but a 2.5 for Elysium, that’s very underrated and disappointing.
    Do not agree at all, solid 4/5 or at least a 3, c’mon.

    This movie was unique, gritty and real, but very cool and imaginative in its scifi and a good character story.
    I….just…I guess Ill have to listen to his attempt to justify it on Monday….

    • Called kofi’s score over or under rated is purely opinions. I dont see how you can say he is wrong or right. Not everyone loves elysium..
      Look at Its RT score

      • I hate rotten tomatoes……aren’t kofis reviews on ….rotten tomatoes..

        also opinions can be wrong, just cause its personal thought, doesn’t mean it cant be (somewhat in this case, not totally) incorrect.
        why? because with a rating of stars its no longer arbitrary, such as to say I prefer apples over oranges. Its a number decided by the reviewer that represents how good the movie is compared to others and how well they liked it, and with a 2.5, Kofi is saying Battleship is better and its not that good a movie, a good movie, just not that good.
        Screenrant has a five star rating scale and lately ive seemed to notice that each reviewer seems to make up their own rules with that scale and what it means.

        • No. Opinions can’t be incorrect for abstract subjects like reviews. Reviews by definition ask for for people’s point of view, attitude, or appraisal. He’s not claiming that his views are the universal truth or facts so he isn’t “incorrect”.

          Also, you can disagree with Kofi, but don’t be ridiculous. Welcome to the real world where oftentimes no one will agree with you. I also don’t get why you can hate Rotten Tomatoes. They ask whether the reviewers like a movie or not. That’s the main score. 66% said “YES”, I liked Elysium. The Main Score does not display all professional critics either (though there is a separate tab for that). My favorite reviewers The Schmoes on Youtube also submit reviews on RT too. And they’re are as down-to-earth as it gets.

          Don’t get me wrong though, go watch the movie then form your opinion first, but don’t pick and choose how positive you want something you want to be and block out other people’s opinions.

        • Spot on. Don’t listen to the people on here who suck Kofi’s ****. He’s been an inconsistent snob for the past four years.

    • come on, you know that everyone views movies in a different way. I actually like the fact that his scores are so crazy at times – you go Kofi! it’s not like he doesn’t state his arguments about them well in the podcast discussions.
      that said, I’m looking forward to next week’s podcast as well! :)

    • Yeah, it really feels lately like critics are not giving movies the rating they deserves but rather the rating that will create the most “controversy” to create heated discussions.

      All critics suck, if they didn’t they would be able to make their own movies, not rag on people that can.

      • how does disliking Elysium controversial? nobody knew it would be good. It’s not like being against a film that is emmensly popular and is getting rave reviews. the film isn’t getting good review

        • Yeah it is dipshit. Do your homework like a grown up.

  4. This movie really reminded me of the original TOTAL RECALL, minus the camp.

  5. Personally, I thought the film was great and rife with relevant allegory. The plentiful metaphors were as explosive as the beautifully realized action making Elysium a breathless experience with outbreaks of genius.

    While he is prone to coercive measures, Blomkamp pokes the rubble of the future and churns the ash towards our face. Subtlety is not his game, nor should it be. He knows he is onto something here and dares to execute it candidly without the common glaze of apathy.

    There may be moments of stumbling, particularly in the character development department, but it’s nothing than can’t be fixed by an exoskeleton mech-suit and a snarky commentary about wealth inequality. Problems notwithstanding, Blomkamp has again made a rare film that is as purely awesome as it is meaningful. While it wasn’t quite the masterpiece we were hoping for, it’s still far better than the majority of films we’ve gotten from this lackluster summer.

    • It could have been one of the better films we got this summer. I agree that the profound subject matter was remarkable… but that didn’t save the movie from being extremely disjointed.

  6. Anyone else feel the end was a cop out? I mean one button allowed all this stuff that doesnt solve much of anything. Yeah people get their medical care but they still live in horid conditions on a overly populated and polluted planet. No big deal they are citizens of elysium now… ok so now everyone will wanna go there and that place will become over populated, and riots will break out between the rich and the poor, until there is nothing left. The end solved one of the many problems earth and its citizens had.

    • I suppose it is a simplified answer. Real change in such a world of entrenched wealth, if possible, seems like it would take a much bigger rebellion. But the contrast between the way things are and the way things might be was strongly highlighted with the single change of citizenship status.

      If you like, at any other moment the power brokers of Elysium should have been able to defend against such a change. If the one self interested politician (Foster’s character)hadn’t been subverting many of the status quo’s defenses and one motivated guy with rare ability being on the march at the same time, it seems likely little would have changed.

      Anyhow, that’s not my primary happiness with this ending.

      What I really liked about this ending was the way the Robotic systems (guards and robotic ambulance vessels being the obvious bits) immediately changed behavior towards the Earth. Autonomously deploying resources towards fixing the world and making all citizens play nice with one another. A very friendly global A.I. seemingly having been born just then.

      Those miracle level medical beds are only one hint at the technical prowess of this world. The shuttles and android tech were amazing. Taken together this world has compact safe nuclear engines, very dense energy systems, synthetic intelligence, very mature medical nanotechnology, a mature space construction infrastructure, etc. Lots of tools for change.

      Basically, this world could have been saved long ago, but the wealthy had no motive to help the bottom 99.9% and every self-satisfying reason to just leave them in squalor.

      The rise of a new robotic overlord (a friendly one), is perhaps just what is needed to bring a truly humane world into existence. Anyhow, a friendly robotic takeover is something you don’t see in movies very often.

    • I feel the same way. The medical ships were nothing but deus ex machina. It feels like the screenwriter thew them in at the last moment when they realized that just making everyone a citizen wouldn’t mean anything if they couldn’t get onto the space station. We only ever see one Elysium citizen on Earth the entire movie, so why would these giant ships with hundred of med pods even exist?

      Also, are we really supposed to believe that they couldn’t just undo the computer program?

  7. Did anybody else laugh at the whole border jumping allegorical scene on Elysium. I couldn’t stop laughing at how obvious the ‘symbolism’ was, especially when you have hispanic people on that ship.

    • I thought it was bad enough the people on elysium were all white and on earth it was all
      Mexicans except damon. It was extremely obvious symoblism

  8. I enjoyed this movie when I saw it. It was fun and really pretty to look at. Yes, it had plot holes, and yes, the plot was very basic and the characters were a little bit weak. But I enjoyed it. Seeing Elysium really made me wonder what that Halo movie could have been. The tech and Elysium architecture felt like they were straight out of Halo. I can only hope that the Halo movie gets another push because of this movie. Here’s hoping it does well.

    • Yea while I was watching it I kept thinking to myself how cool would that Halo movie look if it would be made now

  9. My biggest point of contention of the film is probably the lack of a human element. I’m not sure if it’s because the allegories were so blunt or because the story didn’t integrate these elements as seamlessly as possible. The end of the film features so much imagery and sentimental “fluff” (The Sister telling Max about his destiny, the locket, the hand-drawn M+F tattoo, hippo story etc.)that its resonance really fell flat for me. It felt tacked on and like an obligation to make you care for Max. I was driven to watch this movie because of the visuals, not the characterization or plot per-se.

  10. I hated Elysium! Not enough action, Jodie Foster’s overacting(never understood what John Hinkley Jr. Saw in her anyways). Preachy theme, like District 9. I want to be entertained, not taught something. If I wanted that, I go back to school…god almighty!

  11. Wow! My wife and I really enjoyed this movie. The special effects were amazing. I thought the pace of the movie was good and there was just the right amount of action. Please do not let this review discourage you from seeing this movie on the big screen. Very well worth it. I love Screenrant, but this movie deserves more credit.

  12. My bf and I agree with your review 110% SR. Though, I think your score of 2.5 is generous. I would give it 1.5 stars. Maybe 2.


    1. Visually, the movie is stunning.
    2. The idea for the storyline is creative and interesting.
    3. The technology in the movie is creative and interesting.
    4. There’s a message. I like a movie with social commentary.
    5. I love the cast.
    6. The right amount of blood and gore.


    1. There are SO MANY small and large inconsistencies throughout that it’s hard to focus on the (already vague) plots.

    For example, what is up with the disproportionate utilization of technology on Elysium? You mean to tell me Elysium has the technology to reatomize human cells in moments but they do not have an effective defense system of which to speak? Kruger’s crew of 3 total men practically take Elysium; Spider and Max could have strolled leisurely into the Elysium control room once Kruger was out of the way. (Also, when the president and crew are apprehending Spider and Max in the control room, why are they using a blow torch or something equally ineffectual to open the heavy security door? What happened to that cool tool that Spider’s crew used to cut a hole into the side of John Carlyle’s ship?)

    2. Every character is an one dimensional archetype, which makes the story and the message flat.

    3. Speaking of the message, I thought it was very poorly presented and heavy-handed. For me, a good social commentary will SHOW ME not TELL ME. I do not like being preached at for 109 mins.

  13. I had 2 major plot hole issues that took away from the ending for me.

    1.Why would Elysium have a fleet of medical robots and choppers equipped with healing docks? They didn’t need them on Elysium (everyone had one in their own homes) and they obviously weren’t considering going and healing masses of people on Earth, so why would they even exist?

    2. If those robots then carried out their new programming and tried to heal all of the billions of people on Earth with some sort of malady, wouldn’t that use up all of the energy or food or whatever makes those things work? There are huge logistical issues with healing ALL the people everywhere.

    Bonus!- Literally 3 people took over all of Elysium. Seems like Jodie Foster really had a point when she said they needed to step up their security.

    • Mal – right on target, you make me chuckle. Thanks I needed it.

  14. Elysium is another modern-day retelling of ancient mythology. The satellite heaven is Asgard, Hesperides, Scheria, and Ogygia. It is the fabled Garden of Eden. It is all these mythical places but not just a realm in that wondrous place we imagine as heaven. It is also that place with the magical city where everyone whom resides there, lives. That city has gone by many names, almost as many as the land itself. We know it as Jerusalem, Caer Sidi, The Dragon Palace, Ti-Nan-Og, Valhalla and its most endearing version; Atlantis. From the movie maker’s perspective whether it be him, his creative talent or a combination of both it clearly is modeled on Plato’s pseudo-historical city. Taking in every version from every different age, culture, race or era we find the same two elements; a land and a city within this land that is a kingdom unto itself.

    In the land part the geography is always the same, four rivers and a canal, so five points or the five-pointed star while the city is designed in a circular fashion; for Plato’s and Celtic types. Elysium is in fact Atlantis. At least in the movie’s version it is but the name Elysium as we all know it is just another name for the land and not the city so perhaps it recognizes that no matter what you call it; this kingdom resides and has always resided in outer space.

    Max is Thor, Tammuz, Ixion, Jason, Hercules, Marduk and Jesus Christ for he is the embodiment of the solar king. That solar king, who in times past was revered, worshiped as a god and immortalized in every mythological tale ever made. Over the course of one year, a time of tribulation for the hero, the sun rises higher in the sky until Summer solstice and slowly dies for the rest of the year until winter solstice when he rests for three days and is reborn in greatness to rise again until June.

    Frey is obviously Freyja but she is also that woman of Sumeria who brought back Tammuz from the dead as her child; the solar king in prince form we know as Inanna’s Descent. When Ishtar-Inanna’s love and sheer willpower bring the solar king back from the dead to rise again saving all of humanity becoming the reason why every May and June all the women of Mesopotamia wept for Tammuz. They cry for him because from Summer solstice onward he descends into the underworld; dies on the cross. Thor repeated this same mythology. Horus, Ra and Isis also repeated it. I challenge you to read the mythology and ask yourself why Hollywood cannot give us something not based on religion, something truly original.

  15. Did anyone else give up on the plot after the failed immigration scene? They sent 100 people in the undocumented ships, 70 of them died, and only 1 was healed. After that, I never had any faith that the protagonists would actually be able to succeed. They had an impossible task and no plan, not even a rousing inspirational speech. Still, Spider’s ship gets to Elysium without even being detected and all his men meet up with Damon. I felt like I was being punished for paying attention.

    More importantly, Elysium treats an incredibly complex social issue with insulting simplicity. It basically says that everything will be okay for poor people if we just press one button and change their passport data. I thought the movie would deal with important themes like compassion for your fellow human being and understanding interdependence Instead, it tells poor people that to get what they want, they have to play a prank on rich people.

    Finally, Kruger was creepy, Max and Frey’s “romance” was about as interesting as flat club soda, and I just didn’t believe that they could build a guy a new head in under a minute.

    • Jon, you hit the nail on the head.

    • Also, this movie says that one man with a gun can solve all the problems.

      If violence against the Elysians was going to be the ultimate solution, I was at least hoping to see swarms of Earth-dwellers assaulting Elysium. Instead, it was Max and about three other people.

      And if changing hearts and minds is the solution, what did Max accomplish? Nothing. The Elysians didn’t have any new-found compassion for the Earth-dwellers, and could easily have undone all of Max’s work with one simple keystroke.

    • 100 or 50 daughters of Danaus who have 50 unwanted suitors who are murdered by the women on their wedding night but only 1 survives; Lynceus king of Argos. A tale that describes the portion of the year equal to its counterpart when the Sun is rising or dying and the rebirth of the Sun on December 25th.

      If you went hoping for cleverly masked socio-political drama you probably are disappointed but if you see it as hidden mythology it borders on genius. Then again, all modern drama is mythology and humans are repetitive creatures.

  16. I’m confused as to why Carlyle made the information lethal. It would have ended poorly for him even if he had made it to Elysium himself. What are we missing here, this little detail is plaguing me.

    • my guess is that he didn’t want to be further involved with political intrigues after he helped Jodie Foster, so he decided to kill himself.

    • The information wasn’t lethal. The security system to protect the info was lethal so that whomever stole the info would die if they retrieved it.

    • My understanding was that it was password protected, and he knew how to override the kill code. I imagine he wanted to make the program lethal to other people, but not to himself, so they would want to keep him alive.

      • Still doesn’t make sense. They downloaded the entire information of Carlyle, so they should also have the override hack.

  17. I saw Elysium yesterday afternoon and I didn’t love it but I liked the feel/tone/atmosphere of it, it’s amazing how much scale you can build with the right angles and textures. The fluidity of the robots looked incredible. The story lacked a lot and the action beats were at times very blurry/scrambled. I like what the director was trying to achieve but it did fall flat. I do feel it deserves more credit than 2.5 stars, I’ve seen garbage flicks get way higher ratings on SR.

    Elysium would have been better had the third act been a flurry of non-stop action ala District 9. I would have liked to explore the Earth ghetto more.
    -Can’t wait to own this on Blu-ray.

  18. Gonna throw this on top of this already dead conversation, but it really bugged me how one minute there is supposed to be 100% video security coverage of everything but Matt Damon is able to escape it whenever the plot needs him to. I’m referring to BEFORE he hid under the pigs, and a couple of times afterwards also.

    “We have his infrared signature on camera… whoops… we somehow lost him… again.”

  19. People talk about the mercs being able to take over Elysium but Elysium never showed any signs of defense. When undocumented ships left Earth it was up to the ‘sleeper cell’ to intercept. I liked the movie, compared to the other crap out. sci-fi movies are bound to have some plot holes that ppl dont agree with. I think, ppl think Neill Blomkamp movie will be action sci-fi movies when they are sci-fi movies with action that are thought provoking.

  20. I enjoyed it a lot. Neil is genius. I really hope he can finally do Halo since he’s proven Microsoft wrong twice now.

  21. I agree with patrickbateman, I think Neil didn’t do a good job in showing how the robots defend Elysium, I’m delaying judgement because I probably missed a plot point in the whole rebooting Elysium details. I liked the movie, even though it telegraphed almost every turn, and even though the flashbacks of his childhood were a little contrived, I still felt the traction and emotional arc when the tides shifted at the end of the movie, when the med ships were despatched to earth. People say that Neil didn’t cover any new ground but, its the condition of our health system, and ethical question that arise when asked if capital should still be the game to play when a person’s life is in the balance. This reflection in my eye is more the spectacle than all of Elysium’s special effects, it is the special effect, as gritty and real as the world he created, and if the generic material as many say, the gritty future we will continually grow into.

  22. What suprised me the most is how Blomkamp with his extra financial resources didn’t take many risk with this project. He himself said that it was his eye candy film, his blockbuster and he may never make a film with this budget ever again. Unfortunantly, you can do eye candy and blockbusters that are suprising and inventive. from a technilogical standpoint he made great use of his 100 milion, and was very inventive with the tech of the film and the world buidling. However from a story standpoint he didn’t take any risk which in my opinion is the perfect time to do so. When you get the chance to make any film you want with no corporate interaction I would expect more from the story. He turned what could have been an insightful and thought provoking film into a body exploding action film. That is what was the most dissapointing for me, because he is so talented.

  23. I was mostly disappointed with the shaky cam action scenes.

    • Ditto. Shaky cam has its limited uses, but often times it’s just annoying. I think some film makers think it makes the viewers feel like they’re in the action, but it mostly takes me out of the moment because it’s distracting.

      Plus, if I was in the action, my head wouldn’t be on a spring and shaking around like that.

  24. Anyone wonder why it’s about 140 years in the future but they’re still driving cars from today? It’s as if car tech stopped progressing a few years from now.

  25. Another mediocre flick which I didn’t have to pay for luckily. I left the theatre with far more questions than I would’ve liked and these are some of them:

    During the raid on Elysium at the end, by just 3 men no less, where in seven hells were the red robots who are supposed to defend Elysians?

    Did the selfish Elysians have to hoard all the cure-all pods? Could they not have left a few on earth, thereby reducing the urge of the earth folk to storm Elysium?

    How come every house on Elysium that the dirty Earth dwellers broke into was empty?

    Kruger’s face was blown clean off by a grenade but somehow his brain was fine? Bit of a stretch there.

    What in the world was up with Jodie Foster’s pseudo-I’m not sure what country accent? She was quite terrible. Did you see her calves though? I could only dream of one-day having muscles that big.

    Not a question but an observation really…the movie wasn’t deserving of the title because we barely saw Elysium.

    Anyway, it wasn’t completely irredeemable. Kruger’s penchant for blowing up people with timed grenades was fun, it was only fitting that he got blown to s*** by one himself (twice). Sharlto Copley made for a decent villain even if I had to strain my ears to make out his ramblings.

    The robot getting dismantled in slo-mo was cool although we’d already seen it in the trailers.

    The forcefield that only Kruger was privy to was nice.

    The rail gun(?) Damon used to dismember the other dude was awesome.

    Ok that’s it, Conjuring next up for me and bar one or two ‘I feel like going to the movies so I’ll watch this’ movies, bring on the Dark World.

  26. did anybody realize that Matt Damons last words in that movie were: “I figured out why the hippo did it.”

    • Lol that’s so true

  27. I’ve been a long time reader of Screen rant. However, I rarely listen to Kofi. He’s a real snobby ebert wannabe (much like the site We got this covered and Film school rejects) Its hard to take a guy seriously when you start to see a pattern in his reviews ever since 2009; a pattern of a man desperately trying to make himself sound smarter than he really is. That’s why I always check the name of the critic before I read on. If it says, ‘Kofi’ I close the tab. *sigh* Ben is way better but he’s not great. If Kofi becomes the only movie reviewer on here, screen rant will never mount to its ambitions. It’ll cave in on itself.

  28. I didn’t like the ending at all

    What’s going to happen afterwards? The shuttles will be ferrying everyone to an environment designed for a limited amount of people. They will either have to stop very quickly leading to the same split society only without a solid government or they will keep bringing people onboard until the life support can’t cope

    And there was no benevilent A.I involved, the robotic intelligence was very primitive as displayed by the androids and parole officer, its just an advanced computer system programmed by humans

    • Shuttles were not sent to transport people to Elysium. They will still live on Earth. Shuttles were simply sent only to treat the wounded or ill who are living on Earth. They would never allow everyone to live on Elysium, that would be idiotic. They might improve conditions on Earth and take better care of it’s inhabitants.

  29. Probably the best movie I’ve seen in months! I loved it! And for once in a movie when a character gets hurt they really get hurt, they don’t suddenly heal completely after almost dying. Lots of action, I liked it a lot! Just sad that max died.