Elizabeth Olsen Describes ‘Messed Up’ Scarlet Witch in ‘Avengers 2′

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Scarlet Witch Marvel Art Rick 4F Elizabeth Olsen Describes Messed Up Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2

Leading up to the release of Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake we had the opportunity to chat with star Elizabeth Olsen about her at-the-time potential involvement in Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron. While not officially cast in the film at the time, Olsen had been answering questions about the character she was reportedly in talks to play (Scarlet Witch) for quite some time, becoming increasingly more open about details and her research, leading up to this week’s unsurprising official announcement.

We we can finally legitimately confirm that Elizabeth Olsen will be playing Scarlet Witch in The Avengers 2 with Aaron Taylor-Johnson playing her bother, Quicksilver. Olsen’s career began just two years ago and immediately skyrocketed with critical acclaim for roles in indie hits including Martha Marcy May Marlene.

Beginning this week with the release of Oldboy, and more so next year with a lead role in Godzilla (funny enough, alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson), Olsen is quickly becoming a household name like her older twin sisters were years ago. Following these two high profile remakes comes a sequel to the biggest superhero movie of all-time and Olsen couldn’t be more excited, spending plenty of time reading up on Marvel Comics to learn the many stories involving her characters.

When chatting with Screen Rant, Olsen teased some of the more intriguing elements regarding Scarlet Witch’s superpowers and more recently, in an interview with Moviefone she explained that she met up with Avengers 2 writer/director Joss Whedon again recently to discuss the part.

I hung out with Mr. Whedon recently. I’m really excited about this movie. I’m so excited about Scarlet Witch. I have had so much fun reading all about her and I am like learning new words that I had to look up on Wikipedia. I’m really enjoying it.

Introducing Scarlet Witch raises several interesting challenges for Marvel Studios. On the business side of things, the mutant origins of the character and her brother Quicksilver – and perhaps their abilities and real names – are owned by Twentieth Century Fox who hold the film rights to all things X-Men. So right off the bat we know the characters will not be the same as their source material counterparts.

The other challenge is with regards to Scarlet Witch’s powers, which could potentially make her the most powerful member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but also the most problematic from a storytelling standpoint. Quicksilver’s powers are rather simple in comparison – he’s extremely fast. Scarlet Witch on the other hand, is more “magical” in that she can alter probabilities and effectively change reality. In the major Marvel Comics crossover event House of M she actually erased the mutant gene from most of the world when she lost her temper.


Page 2: Olsen Describes Psychologically Damaged Scarlet Witch


Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: Moviefone

Scarlet Witch header art by Rick-4F

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  1. Im proud of you, Rob.

    • I don’t know what Rob did for you to be proud of him, but I still enjoyed this comment.

    • Not sure if you’re teasing me or not… lol

  2. I hope they don’t get incestual with their relationship. I also hope it is Scarlet Witch who brings/ or breathes life to Ultron with her powers.

    • I dont think disney were ever going for the ultimates portrayal…which is a good thing….

    • Would love to be in the cinema watching reactions to incest in a Disney movie.

      • Heh !

    • Why would anyone even want to write junk about incest in connection with Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch? Let’s just see some good clean super-hero versus super-villain fun. Keep ‘em on the straight and narrow, I say. That is how they were originally imagined in the comics, as dedicated to each other since they had no one else, and that is how they should stay. If someone wants an off-center relationship, let them go visit a porn site. Keep our movies clean!

  3. So Scarlet Witch can have all these powers and yet the Mandarin can’t have his rings??? Anyway, great casting choice with Elizabeth Olsen

    • And Ben Affleck is Batman?

      • …which has absolutely NOTHING to do with his comment OR the topic at hand.

        Yours is a troll comment if ever there was one.

        I wonder the same thing about magic vs. science and what rules the MCU is following. I do find the casting of Elizabeth Olsen to be a great choice.

        • Joke.

          • What is?

            • The Batman comment. It was definitely a joke, not a troll. I chuckled internally.

              • I’m not sure I get the joke.

                The part where DC now has Oscar winning talent in their stable, who is on board to do more than just act?

                Oh, okay… HA!

                I get it now! It’s funny ’cause DC/WB added a major player in Affleck… instead of searching the bargain bin to land such renowned talent like Elizabeth Olsen!


                • It’s funny cause it’s comparing two legitimate choices made by the studios that some fan boys are getting completely bent out of shape over for no reason. It’s also funny, cause Ben Affleck. The causing of angry disgruntled responses is just a bonus I guess. I laughed.

                  • I have no doubt that had this comment, in the reverse, occurred on a DC thread, there would have been 40 Marvel fanboys who responded derisively, if not outright acidically, about how mentioning/critiquing the choice of EO on a DC thread is so wrong and immature and…etc.

                    …but you, of course, would have found it just as funny and frothy and dimissable in THAT case…right?

                    I’ll just bet…

                    • Actually that’s kind of the joke. On one hand how everybody brings up DC into Marvel or Marvel into DC. Satirical/facetious on a second level, kind of. More than anything it’s a way to rise ourselves above the fanboy frenzy by giving us a chance to not give into the fanboy frenzy in a kind of unspoken …memo.

                      I’ll be honest, it’s really abstract. But long story short it’s just a different kind of satire of all sides of this fanboy frenzy around Affleck.

                    • That’s not the joke at all.

                      Both SlayerScythe and the TheAdditional1 are dodging the fact that the original comment was a reference to Scarlett Witch having magic powers yet the Mandarin didn’t have his magic rings.

                      Spin away spin masters. That’s what started this.

                      You can refer to Affleck in whatever way you want, the fact is… Batman is that much more popular than anything Marvel has. It’s a waste of time to continue trying put a negative spin on it, and all that happens is you end up sounding ridiculous, butt-hurt, and desperate.

        • Why is that a troll comment?

          Hey, if he wants to direct attention to THE comic book movie event of 2015… let him.

          • NICE!!!! I got that and Batman vs Superman is all the buzz though undeniably

          • Yeah, that Batfleck comment killed me =))

          • This article is about the comic book event of 2015, just like The Avengers was the comic book event of last year.

            • This article is about Ant-Man?

              • Naw this movie’s about the next Ghost Rider. Aye.

            • Fail posts are failing

    • I’m still fuzzy on how they are going to portraying her powers also. I know they cannot have her in any way be a mutant (because of Fox). So maybe magic?

      • Magic would be good, because that’s basically her powers along with her mutant ability. They can easily tie the two together.

      • Secret project or not, he is useless now.
        IMO he can never come back after soiling himself when confronted by a suitless Iron Man. TonyStark Man.

        Anyway… we digress.

  4. I really cant stand her interviews she says “like” way to often. Nothing against her acting but cant she hold back on the ditzy girl reutine

    • Nothing against your commenting, but can’t you hold back on the “can’t spell commenter” ROUTINE?

      • Trey is like, a big meanie. Thank you for sticking up for me and stuff.

        He does not like me, and that is soooo NOT likable. I’m like the nicest person I know, and I know big words, like, I can’t think of any right now, but I am sure that they are like four syllables.

        Thank you for sticking up for me, I don’t like when people are all like “you are a ditz and stuff”, like, what do those words even mean?

        I’m gonna go to Wikipedia and look up those words because I don’t like being not liked, you know what I mean?

        • Lmfao!

        • Lol How come you use “like” in every sentence you say you’re starting to sound like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo it’s cute

  5. I wonder if shell be an adversary…hmm well since its called age of ultron, shell probably alter reality for ultron and reverse it later at the cost of her life.

  6. In this case her ignorance of all things Marvel isn’t a hindrance because the characters will be unrecognizable anyway. She can start from scratch.

    I keep wondering about Marvels two 2016 dates, and that 2017 one. Thor 3, Dr. Strange and cap 3 maybe.

    • We know from our chats with Kevin Feige that it’s sequel followed by new IP each of those years, so quick guess:

      May 2016: Thor 3
      July 2016: Doctor Strange
      May 2017: Cap 3
      July 2017: The Inhumans (Works also as a quasi-sequel to Guardians)

      The Inhumans is a weird one for me because they already have the setup to merge Guardians and Avengers for a Thanos fight in Avengers 3. Throwing in Inhumans as well is complicated. I can see Inhumans coming after Avengers 3 and something else in 2017. The key is Guardians there. It’s either Guardians 2 or Inhumans or it’s one and the same.

      • Rob, what do you think about the possibility of Black Panther in phase 3?
        Do you think Black Panther could be merged with Cap 3, like the Inhumans with Guardians 2?

        • I actually thought Black Panther would be merged with Hulk. From what I hear, Black Panther isn’t getting a solo film anytime soon but you never know.

          • Very interesting. Black Panther and Hulk sounds amazing.
            At the very least Cap is going to need to go to Wakanda to repair his shield after Avengers 3: The Infinity Gauntlet.

          • @ Rob Keyes: Are they goin’ use the High Evolutionary storyline to introduce Q&S?

      • I think it’s definitely going to be Guardians 2, especially if they want to introduce Adam Warlock and his infinity stone. But Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch can be featured again in Inhumans, and Marvel already have two talented actors for the job that would be such a waste to not do, so… can’t really tell for sure.

      • My nascent theory (barely started to think about this) is that GotG/Inhumans could possibly be planting the tiny seeds for an eventual War of Kings story line. They have to do something after Avengers 3 Infinity Gauntlet right? Still though… we’re not even close to Avengers 2, and then it’s several years after THAT. But a fan can dream….

  7. I guess we’ll find out about what Marvel can do. These contracts were written in the mid-90′s. I don’t think anyone was thinking about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Marvel has been using the names to talk about them, so I doubt the contract named Wanda and Pietro but skipped their superhero names. Joss Whedon has described their powers in interviews where they’ve held up images of the characters.

    I think the contract covered lots of specific names (“Magneto” for certain and “Beast” I’d wager), generally anything X-men related, and the word “mutant.” Back then there wasn’t even a Spider-man movie, Marvel had declared bankruptcy years earlier. Nobody foresaw an Avengers movie.

    • My understanding of the contracts was that Fox owned the team X-Men and all related characters provided that a propery either still owned by Marvel or by another studio altogether did not have greater claim to them – for example, they could not use Ms. Marvel even though the X-Men met her in stories, because she has a greater claim as part of the Avengers. The difficulty is when two stuidos have equal claim, such as Marvel and Fox both having an equal claim over Quicksliver and Scarlett Witch. In this case, they can both use them on the grounds that their backstories do not include characters the other studio has a greater claim to (why Marvel cannot use Magneto). As far as I’m aware, Fox own Beast because he was one of the original X-Men, and their contract probably says that they hold full claim to any core members, provided they were not Avengers more than X-Men.

  8. I wonder what new words she learned.

    • If only there was a LIKE button…


  9. Am I the only person that think the inclusion of magneto’s off-spring is somewhat blasphemous. It just seems a little inappropriate to do unless they have something in the works in which brings magneto as a character to the marvel universe.

    I find that to be extremely doubtful though. With that being said Fox should really beat sony to the punch in how much potential money there will be in sharing the x-men franchise with disney. I would like spiderman to be apart of it all but at the same time this could all work without him. I only say that because his character hasn’t been as crucial to the overall arch of marvel thus far and so far peter parkers death has had minimal effect to the rest of the marvel comic franchise, so take it as you will.

    • from wikipedia: “Blasphemy is the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God, to religious or holy persons or things, or toward something considered sacred or inviolable”
      i don’t consider any comic book “sacred”, nor is any of this an insult to “god”, so, yes, you are the only one.

  10. I dont f*ck with the Scarlet Witch.

  11. For any of you wondering how Ms. Olsen’s talent is, just watch Martha Marcy May M… (I forgot the last M) and you’ll be amazed with how she can tackle a very twisted role. Which make me believe she can pull a House of M main character superbly.

    All I’m curious is how they are going to portray her power (and its origins) on screen. My guess so far, and someone else had proposed this idea before, is they are going to link her (and fast moving brother) to one of the Infinity Stones. As for the costumer, I don’t expect it to look like the comic book at all, but I’m sure they are going to be able to translate it nicely… hey, they could do it with Cap, right?

    Oh and one more thing, it would be neat if they link Coulson’s revival with her power as well… XD

  12. i just want to see her costume in all honesty

  13. Scarlet Witch is certainly up there but in the comics Thor is the most powerful member of the Avengers, so her being over-powered is a non-issue as they make Thor work just fine. House of M being a crap story aside, it wasn’t her power. She became a conduit for the life force, but that power has left her. That’s where her godly reality warping came from. Her powers came from her mutant ability aquired at birth and affinity to chaos magic (given to her by Chthon upon her birth).

    It really is a shame that of all the stories involving her she’s recognized for her worst one.

  14. Do they have to acknowlegde the source of her powers. Why not just state her powers and just totally not have any scenes on how she got her powers.

    • Exactly. They didn’t needed to show how Thor aqquired his Hammer, they should just acknowledge that she isn’t a normal human being like Quicksilver and that’s it.

  15. “I have had so much fun reading all about her and I am like learning new words that I had to look up on Wikipedia”

    Like, Wikipedia is cool, you can like, look up words and that is, like, cool.

    Like this one time, I looked up the word LIKE, and it became my favorite word. I like, use it as often as I can because I like it so much. And I think that is why people like me so much. It makes me sound, like, my brain is like, working, or something like that.

    If you look up ANY word on Wikipedia, you can like, read other words. That is super cool, right? OMG, I am doing it now. Like, I can’t believe that the page for the word LIKE is not like, longer. Like is like a real word that can be used lots. And it like, describes things like a person in a comic book that is like, not real, but has like, history…

    -Elizabeth Olsen

    • So let me get this straight… People love you because they feel sorry for you, but hate me because I try to make a movie with a lot of action? People love action in movies. Then again, people also like… excuse me, ENJOY watching stupid celebrities doing stupid things.

      What is wrong with all of you people?

      • I like you, MB.

        Why don’t you like me?

        • Because you’re an effing impersonator. Grow up, use your identity for once or simply refrain yourself from posting here and trying to gather attention, like an attention seeking girl as always.

          • An impersonator not using their real identity here? Most of the people here don’t use their real names.

            If you don’t find it funny, then don’t read the comments.

  16. I’m not excited about this movie the 1st 1 was a kids movie it wasn’t that great to me

    • Thank you Ronparker.

      Whether I agree with you or not is irrelevant.
      I am just sick of most people and their blind fandom devotion these days.
      Go read any other article about any other companies CBM and its 60%+ people moaning and whining. Then comes the inevitable “How Marvel does it” comments.

      Read the comments on a Marvel Studios project and it’s all “gush, gush, gush, I wish Marvel would marry me. Or at least have a one night stand with me.”

      Like Marvel movies have no flaws. They do, by the truckload, just like everybody else.

  17. “and I am like learning new words that I had to look up on Wikipedia.”

    Stop! Not good! Not, not good!

    But really though, she should be pushing to convince us that she’s some kind of clever, not some ditz who’s riding shotgun on the tailcoats of her sisters. Not if she’s going to convince us that her character is going to have any kind of nuanced depth. Oh no.

    • i hardly think she is riding on her sisters coattails, as THEY HAVE NO ACTING TALENT WHATSOEVER. they were cute kids on full house, and turned that into a billion dollar marketing empire.
      EO has actually been in some good movies [i havent seen M,M,M,M, or oldboy yet, but heard good things. she was good in silent house].
      as far as her over-use of the word like, she’s only 24. still a youngling imo, and still hanging on to her youth. it doesnt make her a ditz. we will see.

      • Like, OMG, thank you, like, a lot. I think.

        I like, don’t know what the word DITZ is, but I am like, sure that it is not like, good. I am a likable person. I can’t believe people will make up words like, DITZ, and stuff like that.

        BTW, does anyone know a place where I can look up words? Wikipedia has like, lots of words. I don’t read much, and I get bored so I just look at the pictures there instead of, like, reading.


      • Dude I’m 22.

  18. Great Job Rob Keyes! I can’t wait to see how “Damaged” Scarlet Witch will be, and Joss Writes Great Strong Female Characters, So I’m Sold! Hurry Up 2015!

  19. Is it just me, or does she sound less intelligent every time I read a comment from her? She can’t go one statement without needlessly putting the word “like” in it. It also doesn’t sound like she’s thinking very deeply about this character. “She’s a messed up lady.” That’s all you’ve got? If it were RDJ or Mark Ruffalo talking about their characters (in any movie not just this one) they’d have something of substance to provide. Maybe I’m just nitpicking here but she really seems sort of vacant upstairs.

    • I really just think her main problem is that she is still a little girl, ppl are all over her for being immature but that is it! she is just a kid, leave her alone and stop being jealous of the poor girl.. good god, you guys are really ignorant!

      Yeah no sh*t RDJ and Ruffalo would have more substance they are in their mid 40′s and Olsen is what 20? Her brain is not even mature yet! HOW would you guys like it if all these GROWN men were picking on YOUR young daughter?? GROW the FU*K UP!

  20. I’m new to the character is she anything like Samantha in Bewitched, or the witch out of the Wizard of Oz? Or is she more like the sisters in Charmed?

  21. Even though Elizabeth’s knowledge is a bit of a joke, it is true that SW is one of the most complex and mentally insane anti-heroes we maybe have ever seen on the mainstream super hero stage. Marrying an AI, conjuring her own children, and wiping out mutants are just the tip of the iceberg. Can’t wait!!

    • Actually, aren’t those three things THE iceberg?

      • Nah, she is much more complex than that. True, those issues did cause some lengthy story lines, which are still going on to this day, but her young days dealing with Magneto and her crazy relationship with her brother and Wonder Man make her enticing. The thing with her children conjured out of thin air was something I wish they could do in the movies, but I’m sure they’ll never get that far.

        • Not to mention all the stuff that is going on with her in Marvel NOW. I would even go there cause of spoilers. But…sh#t just got real…

          • LoL! I meant- wouldn’t even go there

  22. We could have gotten a more mature scarlet witch with the good looks that go with it versus
    godzilla’s sidekick. Instead whedon is copying fox and sony and casting young and cheap talent
    rather then a quality and older actress. There is no need to do three origin stories because thats
    half of the movie right there. Wanda and pietros origins should be kept secret until magneto and theb
    Xmen find their way back to marvel. I look forward to avengers 2 but i dont expect much all anymore.

  23. No More Mutants……..

  24. Pretty screwed up that there will be no tie with new X-Men movie.

  25. To bad there can’t be any character tie-in with the X-Men:DOFP They are going to confuse the neophyte fans. You seriously think that Fox and Marvel would work something out. UNBELIEVABLE!

    • …why do I suddenly get the feeling that they have…

      Now something tells me the stories will be related. You don’t have to cross over actors or properties or anything like that… but you can certainly have the stories play off of one another.

      Hmmm… the presence of Pietro and Wanda in Marvel/Disney could very well get explained through all the time travel shenanigans that Marvel/FOX is about to go forward with.

      • If that is true it could get messy fast. But, you are right it seems plausible and doable. Especially since it slightly looks like Marvel has the potential to go the time travel route with the Time gem being brought in and with the possible entry of Kang the Conqueror

  26. Am I the only one who thinks that eventually Harley (the kid from iron man 3) will take over from RDJ as iron man. I mean he’s signed on for a multi picture deal and we know there’s not going to be another iron man movie till after avengers 3 so he’s by the time a new one gets made he’ll be like 16/17. Any thoughts?

    • Kill RDJ… Kill the franchise.

      Or at least wound it significantly.

    • I thought he was going to end up being Nova’s kid, then the next Nova.

    • Seriously? (Truly not being sarcastic) Is he signed for multiple deals?

    • Personally, I think they’ll have the Harley kid play Nova, since GotG will introduce the Nova Corps. Think of it this way, when they meet with the Nova Corps in GotG and the NC sees that Peter Quill aka Star-Lord is a loose-cannon, they may want to have earth better represented among the stars, so they send the helmet to earth and Harley finds it. Considering Richard Rider (the first Nova) is dead in the comics right now and currently the new Nova is an adolescent boy without a father (nudge-nudge-wink-wink), I’d wager that’s the most likely scenario to use him in. But hey that’s just me.

  27. I never said they’d kill RDJ. Maybe they’d keep him on as tony and let him act as kind of a mentor to the kid

  28. It would be really nice if miss Olsen could just read later versions of scarlet witch before bendis’s. That would actually lessen any complications her character would make for the big screen. As for the Phil Coulson/cellist relationship, i just hope that this cellist is not Wanda, or if she were, please let Elisabeth portray time travelling Wanda maximoff from the past. Introduce Kang if needed be, just don’t pair miss olsen and phil coulson just for the sake of bad writing (agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). PLEASE.