Eleventh Hour From CBS: An Expensive Gamble?

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eleventh hour cbs Eleventh Hour From CBS: An Expensive Gamble?

Eleventh Hour is an adaptation of a British mini-series that starred Star Trek The Next Generation’s Patrick Stewart and comes to us from producer Jerry Bruckheimer.  It follows Dr. Jacob Hood (played by Rufus Sewell), a biophysicist and special science adviser to the government.  His job is to investigate scientific crises and oddities.  (Sniff, sniff… do I smell an X-Files fragrance in the air?)

He’s like a dog on a bone when he pursues those who abuse scientific breakthroughs for their own gain and usually, when he’s called in, it’s at the last minute (The Eleventh Hour) when things go wrong and there’s no other option.  (Like Mulder, but with some umph?)

Special Agent Rachel Young (played by Marley Shelton) is the FBI officer who watches Hood’s back (hello…  Scully??).

I find it very refreshing that now we’ve skipped over remakes, and are just doing re-do’s of popular British series’. [end sarcasm]

The details I find most interesting are the rumors of financial costs being committed:

  • A $4 million pilot budget
  • Just under $2 million per episode budget
  • CBS has already bought 13 episodes.

On top of those costs, there was a bidding war between ABC and CBS.

CBS won the bidding war. That win though, is thought to be one of the biggest television deals in history.  For the rights to the series, CBS is rumored to have paid between $25 to $30 million.

I’m not always that smart about some things, but from what I read over on Variety,  regardless of the CBS production commitment, if the show doesn’t perform as they expect/hope, the studio could be on the hook for this huge production deficit.

Zoinks!  That’s an immense amount of faith.  It sounds like they wanted to jump in the ring and compete with Fox’s Fringe from J.J. Abrams.  Regardless, Eleventh Hour brings the original CSI team of Bruckheimer and director Danny Cannon back together, and if they tap that same magic they hit with the CSI franchise, it might be a show to watch out for (and make ends meet for the network)!

The show will be executive produced by Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Danny Cannon, Cyrus Voris, Ethan Reiff and Mick Davis for Jerry Bruckheimer Television in association with Warner Bros. Television.

I will give this a once or twice over and see how it pans out.  We could use a good replacement for X-Files, whether it be Eleventh Hour or Fringe, we’ll see who wins out in the long run, if either one!

Eleventh Hour, will air on CBS Thursdays at 10pm starting October 9th

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  1. The choice between “ELEVENTH HOUR” and “FRINGE” as chosen successor to “X-FILES” is a simple one that I would pose this way:

    — if you want to see a virtually exact yet uncredited remake of “X-Files” then watch “FRINGE” —

    — if you want to see something with a similar two-hero “Mulder-Scully” dynamic but where everything else is very different, by which I mean stories all filled with disturbing but real SCIENCE FACT, with no sign of aliens, government conspiracies, smoking men, lone gunmen, etc., then watch “ELEVENTH HOUR.”


    Of course, they’re not on against each other, so you could always watch both.

  2. I think I would lean towards “ELEVENTH HOUR.” However I will probably check “FRINGE” episode details for that occasional “what if” special episode I can’t resist.

  3. Sewell is worth it – it is about time he gets a legitimate chance to prove it.

  4. John: Cool comparison. I know they’re not on against each other, but a man has to choose how much TV to watch… Example: The Olympics took the back seat to writing this post!!

    Old Man: I agree. Either one could be a surprise, like NBC’s Fear Itself really blew me away as very original and twisty, so I’m keeping an open mind… so far… I think.

    JG of Chi: That’s good to hear.

    Shelton herself has been in a bunch of flicks over the recent past: Planet Terror, Death Proof, Grindhouse, Sin City. So I’m not sure what she brings to the table, besides interesting looks and a tendency to kick some a**.

  5. I watched the Brit version with Stewart in, and it had woshername, the Scottish girl who was in Extras and Ugly Betty. That seemed an odd choice, her playing a bodyguard, but she was good.
    The show was fine, but Stewart was really good and the two of them were very good together. The fact he was a lot older helped as you didn’t have the usual wil they/won’t they crap. He could behave like an old man with a keeper he didn’t want. That was good.
    Just judging by looking at this (harsh I know) but this seems like the MTV version of that show. Bah!

  6. I’m leaning more towards Fringe because of one thing: JJ!! hehe.

    I think the lead lady in Fring dominates Marley Shelton in this show. But I’ll give both a shot.

    Geeze, 4 big NEW shows for me to watch now: Fringe, Dollhouse, that Christian Slater show and this thing. And apparently the Heroes opener for season 3 is incredible and is re-kindling the franchise (I wonder if that means people are going to actually act and the scripts will be good?)

  7. Thanks for the insight Steven.
    I’ve always enjoyed watching Patrick Stewart.

    Rob: Don’t get carried away.
    “people are going to actually act”.
    But then acting requires good writing…

    We’ll see how it all pans out.

  8. I think the question is witch network will give their show a chance to pick-up an audience. I smell another “Journeyman”,,,

    Fringe, looks horribly average and suffers from a bland no-name cast. (could care less that Abrams posse is doing this). Its classic Abram’s lifting another idea, changing it around a little and putting his little name on it. (So tired)

    Eleventh hour, seems like another CSI type show and I absolutly hate CSI shows.
    Here’s the CSI/Murder She Wrote/Matlock/ formula,,,
    (Show the murder/crime, see the cops at the scene, solve the case). Weeeee
    Another hour of your life is killed off.

    I’ll pass on both these shows,,, :-)
    I’ve allready seen 9 years of X-files and I have a crapload of dvds I still have to watch.

  9. Hey Bruce, I make note of the script and Acting being poor. I’ve seen every episode and while some actors I think are incredible, I think some of the leads are horrendous. And that’s not just in delivering dialogue, its facial expressions and emotions.

  10. Rob: Understood.

    790: I get where you’re coming from, but if I have to be careful not to go down that road of thought.

    My naturally depressed state of being can very easily sh**can every single movie and tv show out there with the same observation / expectation.

    I have to focus on how they bring us the same tale, but with what colored lenses to watch it through: IE: presentation, actors, story twists, etc. Otherwise I’d just lay down and wait for all entertainment to end!

    Sorry, that’s the ‘polar’ of my bi-polar mood talking.

  11. Like most times, I’m sure my 7 year-old will win out and if I want to watch anything it’ll be on the 13-inch tv in my office instead of the 56 inch in the living room. ANd no … she doesn’t rule the house, just the TV :)

  12. Lol , Bruce, yeah I know what you mean.

  13. I would have rather had Patrick Stewart in the lead. I don’t see a lot of staying power with this cast. – Stark

  14. Just checked the local dvd store and the BBC version of Eleventh Hour is not availible on dvd.

  15. Well first it isn’t BBC, it was on a commercial channel, ITV. Not sure how that affects things.
    I just had a look about and can’t find anything either.
    However, just had a look on Youtube, and besides lots of features for this new version, there is one trailer for Patrick Stewart’s one. The trailer ends on showing a dvd so it is out there, somewhere.
    The show was done in january 2006 and was just four episodes. A mini-series. No idea why they didn’t do more.

    Oh, one other thing on this new version. Stewart played a scientist who had made enemies, thus needing a bodyguard. Sewell seems far to young to have done much as a scientist, let alone become infamous.

  16. Wait a minute, wait, a, MINUTE! you are trying to sneak one in there Bruce, grindhouse IS death proof and planet terror.

  17. Patrick: Finally…

    I was waiting for someone to come up with that one. Technically, the roles she played are credited off as different movies, but I was wondering when someone was going to catch onto that.

    Sorry, no prize, unless you like NASCAR racing diecasts. (I got too many of ’em and I gotta get rids of them before the wife finds out!)

  18. Ahh, well having the spot light is enough for me. diecasts are not really my thing, but if you ever have any lego’s lying around =)

  19. LOL: Nope, no lego’s. Sorry.

    *click* There it is… the spotlight turned on!

    Please turn it off when leaving the room!

  20. Thanks for that info, Steven the Git,,,

    Hey Btw I started watching Cassern last night but I was a little too buzzed and I wanted to really understand it, so I put it on hold I’m gonna try and get back to that tonight.

    So far the film is visual stunning,and if you can handle subtitles its pretty damm good.

    I’ll hope to have a mini review up on Open Disscusion soon. 😎

  21. I think I’ll bask in it for awhile, try and get a tan.

  22. My Bro works on the set of the “Eleventh Hour”. Hmmm, I’ll have to check back here for your comments after it airs on October 9th.

    I’ve already tuned in to “Fringe” at the suggestion of a friend. Liked the limited commerical interruptions!

    Chow for Now…

  23. The medicine in the 11th hour Resurrection episode is terrible. Not the cloning part, the pregnancy part. It ruined it for me. You don’t let a woman who is placenta previa that has ruptured run around the city for how long? If it is the baby you want from her. Jeez.

  24. Mega Maggie: I NEED medicine after trying to watch the show.

    I particularly noticed in the show (Yes, I forced myself to watch it again) that almost every time someone asked them who they were their only answer was that they were there to help.

    Not to mention that for the most expensive television show ever, the best ad campaign they can come up with is:

    It’s a show Gil Grissom would like.

    Give me a break.

    And yet, it beat Life on Mars in ratings in the 2nd week for the shows. Egads!

    OK, I’m done Ranting about the Screen.

    Thanks for coming by Maggie.