Edward Norton In For The Avengers If You Want Him To Be

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avengers incredible hulk 2 as villain ed norton Edward Norton In For The Avengers If You Want Him To Be

A hot topic for Marvel movie fans ever since The Incredible Hulk debuted the same summer as Iron Man in 2008 is whether or not Edward Norton would be back to reprise the role in a sequel, or more importantly, The Avengers. There were some widely publicized disagreements between Norton and Marvel about what version of the film made the final cut and ever since then, it’s been unclear on his future with the studio and their franchise plans.

MTV had the opportunity to speak with Ed Norton about his new charity project, Crowdrise.com, and took some time to discuss the Marvel movie universe. While he said he hadn’t yet seen Iron Man 2 – a movie he was once rumored to cameo in – he did leave the question about his return open to the fans.

“Well, if people want it all to come together, they’ve got to email Marvel and say, ‘This is what I want,’”

I feel like we’ve already been doing this for two years. I don’t get it; Why is this still unconfirmed?

The four key characters that will all have had their own interconnected solo movies out in time to lead in to The Avengers are the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. We all know that, we all saw the movies and they made them that way intentionally. Yet ever since The Incredible Hulk came out and the news of disagreements between Norton and Marvel about the script and story, there’s really been nothing official on the Hulk’s role in The Avengers.

In my opinion, Hulk needs to be a part of that movie and Edward Norton needs to be Bruce Banner. His acting skills and his portrayal of Bruce Banner would make for brilliant chemistry in conjunction with Robert Downey Jr.’s wit, the God of Thunder’s stature and the 1940s charm of Chris Evans’ Captain America.

As far as I’m concerned, Norton is either in or out and according to him, he doesn’t know anything about it. So, this is either a big secret to be revealed later, or Marvel is holding off as long as they can to drop the biggest, fattest piece of disappointment from their studio to date.

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  1. Ha! So am I supposed to email Marvel so good ol’ Ed gets more money..?

    • That is a really abstruse way of looking at this.

      • Actually, that’s exactly how it comes off. Norton strikes me as a similar actor to Christian Bale; in that onscreen they are commanding and captivating, but offscreen they are very controlling…

        But yes, I would like to see Norton as Banner in the Avengers. Did you hear that Marvel? =)

        • 2 things to lure Edward in: 1) release a new TIH dvd with *his* cut 2) let him do some script rewrites

        • Disagree.

          Ed Norton is an actor. That’s his job. You’re not petitioning to just give him some money. You’re voicing YOUR OWN opinion of whether you want him to play Hulk or not. If he gets money from that, it’s because that’s his “salary” for doing his job. The original poster makes it seem like we’re just signing a check to him.

          Also disagree about Bale. Everyone loves to jump the gun based on one incident. There’s much more evidence to say that Bale is not a controlling guy. But one thing happens and this ADD, TMZ culture will jump to conclusions. Happens all the time (Tom Cruise). You’re entitled to your opinion but there’s always 2 sides to the story.

          Ranting here…

          I want Norton to be Hulk again. He is Hulk!

          • I can’t speak for others, but my views of Bale are that his last few movies have been bloody phoned in because he’s been too busy counting his wads of cash (or something similar) to care about doing his job well.

            • Maybe T:S, sure. But I don’t blame him. He tried to make that turd of a movie work, even bringing Nolan to rewrite, and it still stank thanks to McG (I throw up a little every time I say/write that “name”)

              But his last 3 movies before that were Dark Knight, The Prestige and 3:10 to Yuma. Not sure how you can say he was “phoned in” in those movies.

              Like I said before, one incident will change an opinion of a celebrity in a split second. Same thing happened to Tom Cruise. I, for one, do not care about what an actor’s intentions, motivations are so much as long as he turns in a great performance and both Bale and Norton have done that consistently.

          • You grumbling that he SHOULD be paid as an actor is not the point. Of course he’ll get money for doing Avengers–thats not the point [A] is making: with a huge franchise like the Avengers, theres a lot of money involved. Norton is shrewd enough to know that hitching his wagon to the gravy train is a good idea. Especially since they didn’t lock him in early (so we think), he realizes now if they really want him he can demand a greater price.

            Of course this may be moot and may be a smokescreen, as they might have already signed him ::)

            • You grumbling about him campaigning for a role is also not the point. He already played Hulk. He was good at it. The movie was a great success. Why wouldn’t he want to reprise the role?

      • What’s abstruse mean pappy?

        • I think it’s a word from some regional dialect referring to feeling stress from too much abdominal exercises.

          My bad joke aside, I hope Norton returns. I like him as an actor, but I also just don’t want to so ANOTHER change in who plays Bruce Banner. With Ang Lee’s Hulk out in 2003, I think, that’d make three actors by The Avengers if they don’t get Norton back.

  2. i agree with you rob they need him- come on marvel bring back ed

    • signed!!

      It’s over 5000 now. :)

    • bring Edward back

    • Just signed…

  3. Edward Norton was done an amazing job on the hulk it was a steller perfomrance. he brought to the role the true spirit of the tv show we all loved. Norton has got to come into the avengers with his hulk there is no other way. If marvel want to fall flat on their face and have a financil melt down and bomb at the movies with their franchise they better find a great way to bring on board the man who saved the reputation of the Hulk.

    Marvel owe Norton allot for saving there asses with the hulk after the mess of the eric banna debuncle. If they ignore hulk and Norton then why make the other movies,, let Norton do the bizz with Hulk he has to be an integral part of the Avenger project with Norton on board there is no other way.

    To bring depth, to the larger storyline we need the hulk he is to big to leave out and we need Norton so marvel if you want to systematicly shoot your self in the foot you go right ahead, have it your way refuse Nortons advice and contribution and see how much you reap at the box office and pocket book,,

    • dude the hulk plays an intericate part in the avengers hes the strongest and has the most use against the things they have no chance against in the ultimate avengers he took down the mother ship in mins if the use the movie universe hulk mabe he wont turn on them but will be a crucial part of the team


  5. No to Ed Norton as Bruce Banner. Plus it was a horrible film. That French director is horrible.

    • I agree with you. At least, 50%. It was ok, and yes, the french guy is a hack — he should only direct 2nd unit scenes (mostly actions, which apparently he does well)

  6. I’ve always been a huge fan of Edward Norton…one of the great actors of our generation. He NEEDs to come back as Bruce Banner in the Avengers!!

  7. there can’t be an avengers movie without bruce banner and the hulk,we really need him in it or there’s no point moving on with it

  8. “If we want him back”?????

    As much as I enjoyed every friggin’ minute of The Incredible Hulk, if Ed Norton keeps up this stuff up, I might start a petition of my own to do these two things:

    - Ed Norton winds up doing a movie with Terrance Howard (hint, hint)

    - Have CG Hulk only.

    All just the same, I would rather have INCREDIBLE HULK 2. I’m getting more nervous about AVENGERS as time goes by.

    • I’d sign that with you. As much as I loved Ed’s adaptation, it does seem like all he’s doing is inflating his ego with all this mail Marvel Bullsh!t.

      • I think you guys are misinterpreting his point.

        He’s saying that if fans want the character back, Marvel needs to be aware.

        It’s not his choice to not be a part of this. Marvel hasn’t brought him in (as far as we know).

        • ^ This

          Some ppl are reading way too much into these one/two sentence quotes.

        • Marvel f***ing should bring him in! What´s the Avengers withouth the Hulk?! And what´s the Hulk without Ed Norton?! Eric Bana?! No, thanks…

        • It should be a givin that he should come back. I don’t think it’s misinterpreting, it’s just what I see when I read it. You obviously saw something else. I mean really, an Avengers without the Hulk doesn’t make sense. Instead of us begging Marvel to include him, he should be sitting down with Marvel and saying “Look I know what needs to be done and so do the fans. Lets work something out.”

  9. I think Norton adds more credibility and integrity to an Avengers film. Business is business and I would think Marvel is smart enough to not let the past deter them from keeping the continuity of these intertwined films. Avengers with Hulk, the character, is essential, but having Norton as Banner in the film is imperative IMO. It truly wouldn’t feel the same without him in it. Do what’s right, Marvel.

  10. Someone should set up a facebook page for this. its the fastest and easiest way to get a ton of signatures.

    Norton helped fix the Hulk franchise and only wants the best possible movie for all the characters. The Avengers consist of Iron Man, Thor, Chaptain America, and HULK. I will not settle for a movie that leaves or downplays any of the characters. Wheldon is smarter than that.

  11. I need him in The Avengers, he’s one of my favorite actors and it’d be sad if he wasn’t in there considering how essential Bruce Banner/The Hulk is for the team. That said, I don’t doubt that The Hulk will be there because of the easter eggs in both TIH and IM2 but I think you can’t have one without the other and Bruce Banner has to be there too. I don’t care what it takes, please please please Marvel, make it happen!

  12. I would love to see Ed back, he’s an amazing actor, very involved with every project he takes on and from what I read up there it sounds like he’s a huge Comic geek. We need Bruce to return, he’s important to the team.

  13. How do we email Marvel? What’s their email address? I’ll tell them! We need Ed! We need Bruce! We need Hulk! That would be the icing on this highly anticipated nerd cake known as “The Avengers”! Let’s hope they put this icing on it!

  14. The Hulk wasn’t a good movie, but Edward Norton did a great job as Bruce Banner. If they can work him into the script in a good way and maybe spruce up the effects a bit I’d love to have him as part of The Avengers line up.

  15. I really really hope Edward Norton decides to join up with marvel again, he was great in the incredible Hulk, and it would be amazing if he could reprise his role in the Avengers. I mean seriously, what fan doesn’t want Norton back?

  16. im sure they will do more than one film. they could slowly introduce each character throughout the story.

  17. It’s easy to believe that this is all about gamesmanship.
    You’ve got Marvel being somewhat silent about the whole issue and not without good reason, even if it has nothing to do with negotiations over conditions under which Ed would reprise his role. After all they have to leave something to the imaginations of the fans and the audience in general over what the story will be about. They may not desire to have a firm story plan because it’s simply too soon. It’s certainly too soon to reveal specific details so that your competitors know everything! Even though studios like Universal don’t even seem to be in the same game they shouldn’t be discounted and even studios like Sony who’s being tracked by the community pretty closely could come up with a game changing movie, strategically released to sweep some of Marvel’s thunder.

    Well then their’s the enigma that’s Ed Norton. When it comes to his role in the Marvel cannon who is he and what does he really want? Is he concerned about his character’s development, involvement, placement in the story or is it really just all about the money?? Does he want a role in the stories creation, final cut rights, what? Does he see the role defining who he is as an actor in some way, as an artist, as respectable? He’s certainly asking for affirmation from the fans that’s for sure. He looks like he’s getting it too. Is this suppose to result in an increase in his desire to play the part (clap louder if you want an encore) or improve his negotiating position (see, if you do it without me, the movie will suffer)? Of course who says it can’t be both?

    When the dust settles and the true story can be told it will certainly be a worthy read, but for now all we have is sound bites and a lot of uncertainty. I hope Marvel’s success this far doesn’t go to its head. It needs a successful track record up through and including “The Avengers” if it intends to keep producing high profile big budget super hero movies. As for Ed Norton, I hope his strategy doesn’t price him out of the super hero market so to speak, no matter what he’s seeking. However if it does we shouldn’t mourn too deeply, we could do worse if they did wrangle him and he just decided to phone in the performance…

  18. Looks like someone wants more money LOL.

  19. Who cares if he gets more money? They are making a butt load of money off these movies! Personally, i dont care if norton is lobbying for himself, he knows hes a great actor, he knows he nailed that role and he knows we want him back. I cant see anyone else playing bruce banner.

  20. Just do the movie Norton. Hulk is my favorite avenger and I’d hate to see somebody else as bruce banner/hulk.

  21. Yeah he has to be in the MOVIE! I can’t handle a 3rd Bruce Banner in this thing! I mean there needs to be Edward Norton- he’s a great actor and he would make Great chemistry with the other actors in the film! The hulk needs to be in the Avengers movie also! Marvel needs to stop making this damn thing personal. Not everyone that works for them has to agree with everything they are doing. Totally. They are quick to give the hook to any actor or actress that make a peep or make a ripple at all in the water ala Terrence Howard. They should just let Edward Norton do the role of Hulk since he did such a great job the last time. He can make it happen! They should make it happen! EDWARD NORTON IS HULK!!!!! AVENGERS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

  22. I’m pretty sure Norton will be back in some capacity in the Avengers film even if it’s just a Cameo.
    let’s face it Marvel arn’t to forthcoming about what they are doing with their characters are they? Sam Jackson never seems to have any clue what Nick Fury is gonna be doing yet he pops up all the time banging on about Fury.
    Marvel obviously have a bigger plan to pan out, every one just needs to be pacient, kevin Fiege has already went online saying the Hulk will be in Avengers.(let’s face it I for one dont really want to see a whingeing Bruce Banner that much, Hulks the man!im sure Norton will reprise though.)That’s what annoys me about the net, Avengers is still 2 years off and everybody wants to know everything ten years in advance.

  23. Ogb I agree on Bale but let’s face it there is a lot more on Tom Cruise than just one incident. I should point out in the interest of fairness that I never liked him even before the crazy side seeped out. I think he is an overrated actor and as far as I’m concerned he had made two good movies out of the 20 plus films he has. Not to mention the not jub religioun.

    I can understand Marvel leaving Norton out of the first film. Let’s face it this entire thing is an experiment. We don’t know if Thor and Cap well be good or even profitable let alone the Avengers. Not only will they be paying alot to all the characters in the film but it’s a big budget blockbuster with lots of risks. Save a few mil and put Norton in the sequal if it all works out.

    • It is kind of an experiment isn’t it? Four “A” list characters in stories that really don’t have to have anything more than themselves playing out in five+ movies culminating with the characters meeting and working together in a separate movie. Not since the serials of the 30′s has their been such a sustained cinema effort to tell a story. At least I can’t recall one. That doesn’t even address secondary movies of characters we may end up seeing in “Avengers” for the first time, at least live anyway…

  24. I want Edward Norton back for The Avengers movie.

  25. If they are going to use Hulk in the Avengers movie then Ed Norton should be in it, not just because he is a good actor but if they tried to replace him with another actor at this stage the continuity would be lost.

  26. Thinking A LITTLE BIT about it, I think The Avengers would probably have to have Bruce Banner and Hulk in it. The film might play a little like the beginning of TIH where SHIELD could be out tracking Banner, but you’d still need to reconcile Banner as the person caught in the middle. Norton does too good of a job really grounding the character to be left out of that.

    Personally, I think the timeline for all of the films are pointing to bringing Banner/Hulk back. We now know from IM2 that Thor arrives at the end of IM2 and a little before TIH. That just leaves Cap who can be defrosted to fit any timeline.

  27. **I get the fact that some would view it as shameless promotion. Yet, it’s know secret that all the actors want to get paid!! (I ain’t mad at you) Yet, give me someone who “wants” to do it!! Ed Norton is already an established, credible actor so it’s not as though your getting an unproven actor that you not sure would they may or may not add to Avengers project. No, no we already know that Ed “will bring it”!!! So, we all want an exciting Avengers movie and getting a known quantity involved in the project is major plus for Marvel!! So go ahead and starting writing the Ed Norton cameo in Thor & Capt’ A!! Hulk will bash!!