Could Edward Norton’s Hulk appear in Iron Man 2?

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iron man 2 incredible hulk cameo avengers Could Edward Norton’s Hulk appear in Iron Man 2?

The other day, Screen Rant covered some updates on the future films in planning at Marvel Studios. This news touched on the future of Ed Norton’s Incredible Hulk, the Avengers movie and more. Today we have a bit of an update on that front for you.

NukeTheFridge is exclusively reporting that Ed Norton is set to have a cameo as both Bruce Banner and Hulk in Iron Man 2. Apparently, they have an inside source feeding them this bit of info, the same source that found out for them a while ago about Stan Lee’s cameo appearance as Larry King in the Iron Man sequel.

At this point, we should take this rumor with a grain of salt. But I will say that this is a pretty awesome rumor.

I made it very clear in our last Avengers discussion how important I believe it is for Marvel to have the Hulk in an appropriate role in the Avengers movie and the fan-reaction was pretty one-sided in their agreement as well on the subject.

From the round table interviews with Marvel President of Production, Kevin Feige, at San Diego Comic-Con, he said there’s a “chance” that we’ll see Hulk in the Avengers film but he didn’t give any confirmation.

Very shortly after this, Ed Norton was present at an HBO panel presentation for By the People: The Election of Barack Obama, produced by the actor and he wasn’t able to escape any questions on his future with Marvel and his involvement with the Avengers. He said the following in response to questions on the Hulk:

“I won’t comment on that, just because they keep a pretty tight reign on what they are letting out. I’ll let them say.”

Maybe I’m just excited at the idea of his return or overly hopeful, but in my mind, all this avoidance of confirmation one way or another means something is brewing. If he wasn’t involved and if they didn’t want him back, that would of been cleared up already, no? Does that mean they’re working out a contract for him, or could it mean they already know he’s a part of it?

Either way, Screen Rant readers seemed pretty uniform in their desire to see Norton back and rightfully so because The Incredible Hulk was a solid movie, Ed Norton’s Bruce Banner was excellent, the movie was made by Marvel Studios with a tie-in to Iron Man and the studio’s shared continuity. And we can’t forget to mention the obvious importance of a flagship character such as the Hulk.

Follow through to Page 2 for what this means for the Avengers movie, and more!

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  1. i will see edward norton’s hulk on iron man 2 edward norton is cool on iron man 2 and the avengres i will seriouly see edward norton as the hulk on iron man 2 it’s on i will see my 2 of my characters fight i will see edward norton on iron man 2 and the avengres see ya.

  2. i will see edward norton as the hulk on iron man 2 and the avengres it’s cool i like edward norton as the hulk on iron man 2 and the avengres he’s cool and he do stunts i will sersouly see edward norton as the hulk on iron man 2 and the avengres that will be cool.

  3. It would be great to see Norton in the next Iron Man film.

    Spider-Man making a cameo in Avengers?
    (I’ve heard things)

  4. @790

    I didnt think Marvel had the rights to Spider-man, same reason why xmen and FF cant be involved in the avengers project

  5. Just what I heard Shamose. I’m gonna assume those legal issues will be worked out by then.

  6. I hope you are right. I would love for all the property tobe givin back to Marvel

    Although Im happyif the first avengers movies sticks to a relatively small cast of heroes…. Iron Man, Cap, Thor, Hulk, Nick Fury and maybe Hawkeye if anohter one is needed

  7. Bruce Banner yes, Hulk no. Too many new characters introductions to deal with already, it would just get too sloppy if they brought the Hulk into the whole thing as well.
    I, persoanlly, thought the the Hulk movie was a bit bland and not too strong. The Hulk, in my OPINION, is just not an interesting character to REVOLVE a movie around. Be that as it may, I think that he WOULD be a nice compliment to the Avengers movie because the presence of his role would be drastically reduced.
    Either way, to keep continuity going you should have a cameo by Bruce banner in the film

  8. the hulk movie was boring the scene’s with ordinary humans like that military person trying to take on the hulk was so utterly rediculous. the hulk character is a super powered being who should only be fighting super powered villians. please no more hulk movies. he is the most boring character in the marvel universe and nobody ever makes the hulk fight with supervillians. there are so many villians in the hulk comics to choose from, stop making fight scene’s involving humans with no super powers. the hulk is boooooooooooring.

  9. YES PLEASE!! I liked the latest Hulk. I thought the budget was fairly modest as well and had hoped for a sequel

  10. @ Michael,

    First off the Incredible Hulk was a Reboot, you can’t have the Hulk starting off fighting Supervillians out of no where, thats why they left it open for The Leader to be a Possible big villian in the next movie if a sequel is made. ( You know when Mr. Blue head starts transforming due to Bruce’s blood falling on him) But since it was a reboot of sorts, the military had to see if they could catch and contain the Hulk since they were the ones who created it in this movie. Just wait, the Hulk will get his day soon enough.

  11. The Hulk is the face of the Marvel franchise along with Spiderman and Wolverine (like it or not)…and I’m not even referring to movies. I’m not sure how anyone can think he’s boring!! There are so many interesting layers to Banner/Hulk that he they would provide an intriguing storyline to any Marvel movie. There’s a reason Marvel continuously uses him…he’s they’re go-to-guy in the clutch so to speak.

  12. This is great news…it’s been too quiet for too long regarding The Hulk & The Avengers movie.Hulk has to have a major part in Avengers and the idea of popping up in Iron Man 2…well this is a good way of intoducing the general public to all these Marvel characters.Glad to hear the same actors are now being tipped to pick up their roles and keep the consistancey going..Hulk doesn’t need anymore new faces right now..or we get that Batman feeling after Keaton left the role…yeh,good news!


    Give him some attitude & character, and the world’ll sob in spades at how appealing he’ll be.

    Plus, that’ll prevent them from EVER doing a directly lit shot of him mid-day, since he’s only Gray Hulk at NIGHT.


  14. Edward’s hulk will appear in a cameo at the end of iron man 2. look it up on wikipedia. it also said that norton’s hulk might be in the avengers movie.

  15. @Roberts The Man

    Never cite wikipedia as a source of information, anyone can post anything they want there, its not reviewed and quite often contains wrong information… I could go there right now and put wolverine is due to appear in the next batman movie

  16. @Shamrose

    While I agree, citing Wikipedia is risky at best, it’s not nearly as bad as you make out. There’s a lot more true information on there than false. Now, with things such as rumours for movies, yes, as far as Wikipedia goes, take it with a huge pinch of salt, but with most other stuff, it does get reviewed by other people (oh, but how reliable are those other people, I hear you ask, well just like the grammar nazi, you’d be surprised how many people on Wikipedia love to point out what’s wrong with an article) and it’s not often that wrong.

    Seriously, if you were to go on there right now and put “Wolverine is set to appear in the next Batman movie”, that entry would be removed within a day. Again, not nearly as bad as you make out.

  17. @joshi
    wikipedia is full of misinformation and rumors.

  18. Just like the rest of the internet…

    Plus my beef was mainly with him saying it isn’t reviewed, the vast majority of it is, and there’s just as much information and truth in Wikipedia as there is mis-information and rumour, if not more.

  19. Aren’t they policing more Wikipedia now. I’ll use Wikipedia as a quick source of information to get a general overview, and much of the stuff on wikipedia is gotten from other internet sources. I think this further establishes that if people hear something bad about something on the news no matter how half truthed it is, they will believe it and use it as a cornerstone of argument. Take wikipedia for what it is, a tool to get information.

  20. I’d certainly never use it for hard information, but it’s generally a good way to, yes, get an overview and grab some sources. Doing essays and reports at Uni, I used Wikipedia as a stepping stone many times, but never cited it in my bibliography.

    As for them policing it more, I say again, like the humble Grammar Nazi, there are those people who simply revel in pointing out what’s wrong with a Wiki article.

  21. I wouldnt say i was “revelling”

    I to use wikipedia constantly for things that are established like the mode of infection of HIV or genetic causes of colon cancer (im a medical researcher) or tv show info but you will find most people dont edit things like that, but things like speculation of future films will be updated on wiki all the time….

    I use it alot, pretty much everyday in fact… i love it! but i was just pointing out that for things like this, it cant be trusted

  22. A lot of websites are starting to do what wiki made popular, letting anyone edit the information on their sites, I guess it’s cheaper than having to do all of the research themselves, lol.

  23. I`m hoping spiderman doesn`t have a crossover.

  24. i wonder if the hulk can have a cameo in ironman 2 but not bruce banner? because we only need to show the hulk. we don’t need to have bruce banner,hulk’s alter ego is not needed. we only have time for a small cameo and just let it be the hulk.

  25. how would that work michael? the hulk is just sitting at a pub reaidng the paper and enjoying a cold beer? I think not…unless he is a major threat/villian a hulk only cameo would be pointless.

  26. I think it would be funny if during a scene that has a conversation between two people outdoors that way in the background you see Hulk landing, then leaping away, and that would be the end of it, lol.

  27. okay i love the blog, but i believe there will be a incredible hulk 2. Close to the end of the incredible hulk mr green hit his head and banners blood fell unto his wound, which showing us how the leader was made. the leader is one of the hulks foes that try to capture him to control his power. now as for the iron man 2 cameo. it could go this way. some part in the movie stark is working on a suit (hulkbuster). then at the end they could show that tony hhas ed norton locked up in his lab and then her turns to the hulk and it ends like that.

  28. In the Iron Man 2, towards the end of the film it is possible to see some clips from the Incredible Hulk movie. If you look closely on the television screens around the office of Fury you can see a tv reporter talking about the attack the Hulk did in that park early in the film. You also see Captain Americas shield again in the second Iron Man movie.
    I don’t think there will be another Hulk movie, he’ll probably just make an appearance in the Avenger Initiative with Thor(2011), Captain America, Iron Man and hopefully Wolverine or one of the others.

  29. I will appear for avengers 2 if Edward Norton is cast as hulk. If not no. I can guarantee this is the concern of many people.