Could Edward Norton’s Hulk appear in Iron Man 2?

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iron man 2 incredible hulk cameo avengers Could Edward Norton’s Hulk appear in Iron Man 2?

The other day, Screen Rant covered some updates on the future films in planning at Marvel Studios. This news touched on the future of Ed Norton’s Incredible Hulk, the Avengers movie and more. Today we have a bit of an update on that front for you.

NukeTheFridge is exclusively reporting that Ed Norton is set to have a cameo as both Bruce Banner and Hulk in Iron Man 2. Apparently, they have an inside source feeding them this bit of info, the same source that found out for them a while ago about Stan Lee’s cameo appearance as Larry King in the Iron Man sequel.

At this point, we should take this rumor with a grain of salt. But I will say that this is a pretty awesome rumor.

I made it very clear in our last Avengers discussion how important I believe it is for Marvel to have the Hulk in an appropriate role in the Avengers movie and the fan-reaction was pretty one-sided in their agreement as well on the subject.

From the round table interviews with Marvel President of Production, Kevin Feige, at San Diego Comic-Con, he said there’s a “chance” that we’ll see Hulk in the Avengers film but he didn’t give any confirmation.

Very shortly after this, Ed Norton was present at an HBO panel presentation for By the People: The Election of Barack Obama, produced by the actor and he wasn’t able to escape any questions on his future with Marvel and his involvement with the Avengers. He said the following in response to questions on the Hulk:

“I won’t comment on that, just because they keep a pretty tight reign on what they are letting out. I’ll let them say.”

Maybe I’m just excited at the idea of his return or overly hopeful, but in my mind, all this avoidance of confirmation one way or another means something is brewing. If he wasn’t involved and if they didn’t want him back, that would of been cleared up already, no? Does that mean they’re working out a contract for him, or could it mean they already know he’s a part of it?

Either way, Screen Rant readers seemed pretty uniform in their desire to see Norton back and rightfully so because The Incredible Hulk was a solid movie, Ed Norton’s Bruce Banner was excellent, the movie was made by Marvel Studios with a tie-in to Iron Man and the studio’s shared continuity. And we can’t forget to mention the obvious importance of a flagship character such as the Hulk.

Follow through to Page 2 for what this means for the Avengers movie, and more!

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  1. Sweet!! Bring forth the Norton Banner/Hulk cameo!!! I soooo hope this is true.

    Maybe it’s an after credits type scene.

  2. I think I speak for all of us when I saw a Banner/Hulk cameo would be awesome.

  3. That would be awesome; I was figuring on it happening but now sounds like its as good as confirmed. Anxious to see the movie & what lies ahead.

  4. It might be a cameo like Jacksons in the original.
    An End Credits surprise.

  5. It would be cool to see the cameo before the end of the movie and have it be more significant of an appearance than just a mere tie-in. Either way, I’m quite happy to hear the possible good news.

  6. It would be very cool if he did appear in iron man 2 but I don’t think it will happen. This could be the first sign that the hulk may not appear in the avengers either. And that would be a shame too. I liked Ed nortons hulk.

  7. i would enjoy Norton Returning in any Form For future MArvel Movies.

    and once again i hope/Assume they Wont use Hulk as The Villan In the Avengers Film.

    id Recommend Ultron. that way they Can Introduce Hank Pym Aka-Antman/Giantman/YellowJacket.
    as the Man working On Ultron and he becomes Self aware and BAM! theres your Villan For the Avengers.

    and if Sequals Come to Fruition They Could introduce my favorite Avenger, The Vision.

  8. From what I heard, Ed Norton was being somewhat of a jerk (what a surprise…) about having his say on the direction of the film and any future involvement with the Hulk, and that’s why they are finding it so hard to continue the franchise with him and to incorporate him into the bigger universe. That’s just what I heard and read about before… But it doesn’t seem too unbelievable of a story…

  9. Wasn’t the Hulk confirmed as part of the Avengers movie? I think Kevin Feige was just referring to Norton’s involvement as uncertain.

  10. zak penn’s brain is going to explode…

  11. Man, that suit would look sweet on screen. But I too think it would be too much for the story in Iron Man 2, so if this rumor proves to be true (which I would love to), I’d be only expecting a cameo a la Tony Stark at the end of The Incredible Hulk. Personally, I think Norton and Banner/Hulk deserve to be in The Avengers, since I really liked his portrayal of the character. I have stated before that Marvel did cared to make that film fit the universe they’re creating on screen, so why wouldn’t they add such a popular character to the roster of the Avengers?

  12. If it was an off-screen issue with the actor, Edward Norton, that would throw a wrench into it…

  13. @What Ken J said

    That’s essentially what I heard. Ed Norton likes to take a lot of creative control over certain films (like American History X, and recently, The Incredible Hulk) and Marvel didn’t like it a whole lot. That said, with all said and done, there’s not a lot of places they can go now. They can’t reboot a reboot and Norton was decent enough (perhaps replace Liv Tyler, love the girl, but a Betty Ross she ain’t), they may as well just carry on with it.

    Hence, I think it’s kind of better news for the Avengers and The Incredible Hulk franchises if Norton’s brought into Iron Man 2. Means they have a plan.

  14. BAH! If the Hulk really did have a cameo in IM2 I would have rather it been a surprise like Nick Fury IM1 and Tony Stark in Hulk. I like those litle easter egg type things that are held back from the audience until the movie has been released.

    Since JF did that the first time I’m guessing there is NO Hulk involvement in IM2 and this is just a decent rumor by Nukethefrigde.

  15. From what I read about what Norton wanted to do with the Incredible Hulk movie, I think they should have deferred to him, actually. He wanted more characterization, more quiet moments, and I think that’s what the movie could have used more of – but that’s just me. I still liked the movie as a whole.

    If Marvel and Norton can work out an agreement for Norton to be in the Avengers movie, it’d definitely be fun to see this cameo.

  16. @Phil G

    The deleted scenes on the DVD had some of those quiet character moments (including the stuff we saw in the trialer which we didn’t get in the film).

    Frankly, I think the film would have been better if they were included, but Marvel wanted a more quick paced fun action film (in other words, they wanted to get as far away from Ang Lee’s Hulk as possible).

  17. I would Love an ed norton cameo… but only if its done right and he isnt just there for the hell of it.. though given the awesomeness of IM1 im sure they can figure out a way to have him in it while not taking the spotlight away from the main story

  18. Banner is a bona fide genius, so why wouldn’t Stark industries hire the dude to work in a lab. Keep him de-hulked until the Avengers need the big guns. Shield seems to have everything under control. That way we get to see Norton acting and the storyline would build productively for Avengers.

    Also, with Capt. America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow… I don’t think there’s enough screen time for more Avengers, Geez… the film won’t have room for any villains. There have been so many avengers over the years, maybe for Avengers 2 they could drop a few and add a few. Like drop thor and hulk and add Black Panther and Scarlet Witch. Just a thought…

    Who will the villain be? Anyone know or have a guess?

  19. @ The Pitt Man

    You’re right in a sense and that’s why Marvel is making sure each character has their own origin solo film before putting them together. That way, there’s no need to turn the characters into heroes as they will all already be established and the Avengers movie would focus on them coming together (which will also start with the next 3 Marvel flicks) and the villains.

  20. Well we all know that Tony Stark is looking for an Alternate Power source during IM2, whats not to say that that is just a little side project in the movie that he is looking for the Power source to be able to build the Hulk Buster Armor, and have it be Powerful enough to fight the Hulk. But then again, I’m probably just way off.

  21. I see Bruce banner/Ed norton as a scientist In shield headquarters workng furiously on something. Tony stark walks by (sarcastic remark) And then Sammy L shows a clip of hulk. End film/credits.

  22. I think the scene they are gonna shoot will involve a brief conversation between Stark and Banner where Stark will be basically trying to convince Banner to join the Avenger after he had hunted The Hulk down. I’m guessing it will end with a close in shot of Banner’s glowing eyes to a sarcastic remark from Stark.

  23. At the very least this is a good thing that will mend some of the wounds between Marvel & Ed Norton, to hopefully woo him back into portraying Banner in another Hulk film, down the line.

    The Incredible Hulk was good – but they really, really need to never show a full CG Hulk in closeup, broad mid-daylight.

    That’s just basic photography 101. Never shoot outdoors btw. 11am & 3pm.

    The exceptions were when he was backlit by the fiery debris of the helicopter, holding Betty.
    That looked great!

    And I still think Tim Blake Nelson would make a PHENOMENAL Leader if they decided to go the Ground Zero, Gray Hulk route.(Which really, at least for the Gray factor, is the logical direction to go, since no one could relate to an unthinking CGI Monster. But give him the right casting for a voice, and you’ve won over the masses. That and the inclusion of Rick Jones into the Marvel universe. But not as a teenager – as a motorcycle riding 20-something.

    Who could voice the gray hulk?

  24. We need some new info on that Megan Fox/She-Hulk rumor from a while back………….

    Also, I hope Hot Toys makes a Hulk figure. Anybody else digging their Marvel offerings so far?

  25. wasn’t there a leaked pic of war machine in a thread somewhere on this site?

  26. @shamose

    thank you for the link

  27. @ Critic: No worries

    @RDJ: wow! great to see that schools are still teaching impeccable english