So, what does this mean for the Avengers? If true, Ed Norton could be repaying the favor of Robert Downey Jr. having a cameo in The Incredible Hulk as both Banner and his big green alter ego. This of course would mean he’d have a role in the epic Avengers team-up movie as well. At first, I thought a cameo as Banner made sense but if he’s the Hulk as well, there must be something to it. Why is he angry and who would he be fighting?

Imagine Iron Man duking it out with The Hulk to bring him down back to size to get Banner to join the team? We keep hearing that Iron Man will help lead into Captain America and Thor, and will tie-in to the others as well (Nick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D., etc.), so is this a way of bringing the Hulk back into the fold leading into the Avengers since we know The Incredible Hulk won’t get a sequel till after the Avengers movie (if it gets one at all).

Woah, crazy right?… Bare with me here. Is it possible that we could see the Hulkbuster armor down the line? Or is that way too far-fetched at this stage? That sure would be an interesting way of recruiting the Hulk or an interesting storyline for future use… and an interesting way to blow the minds of fans everywhere.

Tony Stark’s Movie Universe Hulkbuster Armor will help him go hand-to-hand with The Hulk should the need arise

Realistically though, with the introduction of War Machine, Black Widow and other new characters and armors that we already know about for the second installment of the Iron Man franchise, a plot thread with the Hulk and that armor is way too much – but we can certainly dream.

A cameo of Ed Norton would suffice for me, I want to see him back for more Hulk-Smashing action!

Do you expect Norton to make a cameo in Iron Man 2 and/or the other solo Marvel Studios movies before leading up the Avengers?

Iron Man 2 is set to hit theaters May 10 2010. Avengers opens two summers later, May 4, 2012.

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