Edward Norton Wants To Be Evil in ‘Batman 3′

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Edward Norton Batman 3 Edward Norton Wants To Be Evil in Batman 3

Batman 3 news is hard to come by these days. Very little is known about the highly-anticipated film, besides who’s directing, writing, and starring—Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer and Jonathon Nolan, and Christian Bale, respectively. In fact, the last bit of official “news” regarding the sequel to The Dark Knight was less news and more a confirmation of what—or who—we wouldn’t be seeing in the film: The Joker.

Recently, Edward Norton was discussing his much ballyhooed departure from an altogether different superhero role and property (the Incredible Hulk in Marvel’s The Avengers), when the topic switched to Batman 3 – and Norton’s interest in the franchise.

About the Hulk, Norton said:

“It was a great privilege to do it, and I couldn’t be more appreciative of everybody’s support and positivity towards that because I love those films too. And I hate it when they miss. I hate it when they miss on one – it seems like such a wasted opportunity. But the truth is I’m probably more naturally interested in doing something that I haven’t done. I have only good thoughts towards that though.”

In the interest of avoiding another rehash of the  three-month-old controversy, allow me to briefly summarize what he’s saying: Bygones, thanks for all the support, peace, love, etc.

edwardnorton hulk Edward Norton Wants To Be Evil in Batman 3

The more interesting tidbit, and the reason we’re all here – regarding Batman 3, Norton said:

“Chris Nolan’s making the best [comic book films] out there by far. I’d do one with him. He’s set a new bar for sure, and I think he’s done a great, great job. [Playing a villain] would be fun, I would not say no to that.”

When pushed about whether or not he’d be interested in playing the Riddler, Edward Norton indicated in the affirmative.

The Riddler DC Comics Edward Norton Wants To Be Evil in Batman 3

Rumors regarding the Riddler’s role as the big bad in Batman 3 have been popping-up for months now. In fact, those very rumors placed Joseph Gordon-Levitt, co-star of Christopher Nolan’s most recent film, Inception, at the top of the director’s list for the role previously portrayed by funnyman Jim Carrey (and Frank Gorshin in the Batman TV series). Then again, there were also rumors that Johnny Depp or Dane Cook would play the Riddler, Philip Seymour Hoffman or Bob Hoskins would play the Penguin, and Angelina Jolie or Sienna Miller would play Catwoman. The point being, never trust a rumor, especially when it comes to Nolan’s Batman movies.

What do you think? Would you rather see the Riddler played by Edward Norton or Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Or maybe you’d rather not see the Riddler in the film at all? Personally, I’d prefer Gordon-Levitt, as he’d have a much easier time disappearing in the role than the instantly recognizable Norton. But honestly, any choice is better than Dane Cook.

riddlercovers Edward Norton Wants To Be Evil in Batman 3

Batman 3 is set to be hit theaters in July of 2012. Mark your calendars before it’s too late, people.

Source: IGN Movies

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  1. when I heard that the riddler was to be in batman3 the first person I thought of was David Hyde Pierce.

  2. @ Matt K. TRUST ME I KNOW WHO David Tennant is.im familiar with Doctor Who. if i wasnt then i wouldnt say anything but i am.

    Batman Begins: Cilian Murphy & LIAM NEESON Vs. Christian Bale
    Dark Knight : Aaron Eckhart & HEATH LEDGER Vs. Christian Bale

    Batman 3 : David Tennant Vs. Christian Bale????????
    that doesn’t sound like an exciting movie. EDWARD NORTON! The Riddler is his role. and im sure Ed Norton has “a bit” more fan base than david.
    i mean HAVE YOU seen Fight Club Matt K?
    Michael Scott Knows what’s up.

    • I don’t look at it as actor vs. actor, but as character vs. character. Norton taking on Bale doesn’t sound any better than Tennant vs. Bale. I’m not dissing Norton’s acting, but I find Tennant to be more suited for the role.

      • I disagree, but then the big problem with casting a character like the Riddler is that he’s had so many different variations, from the incredibly zany Gorshin/Carrey version to a much more laid-back, calm and sophisticated genius in more recent comics.

        I think if you wanted Riddler to be more humorous, not to the extent of Carrey, mind you, but still an off-beat personality, than David Tennant would do it well.

        If you wanted the calmer, kinda creepier, cool and collected Riddler, than you go with Norton.

        While I’ve always kind of preferred the zanier Riddler, I feel like that might be too close to Ledger’s Joker, but a quiet, business-man kind of Riddler (still insane, mind you. But like Hannibal Lecter insane) would be completely different from that, so I’d go with Norton, myself.

        • Who’s to say that Tennant can’t do a creepy, calmer Riddler?

    • Until everyone saw Ledger playing the role of The Joker, nearly everyone PANNED the choice and thought he was going to be terrible. Tennant is a fantastic actor and would do just fine as The Riddler.

  3. Anthony

    yes it can u dont need the joker to have harley but it would be better if we had the joker *sigh*

    Anyways i want riddler as the villain!!!

    • we’ll agree to disagree, you dont get either characters lol.

  4. i thnink joseph would make a good riddler :)

  5. Haha I actually made the comment like 6 months ago here, it’d be incredible to see Norton playing the Riddler and Batman 3 smash The Avengers in the box office, that’d be such an up yours from Norton.

    He’s a good actor but he seems to be better at playing good guys than bad guys…has he even got in touch with Nolan yet, or is he just goofing around?

  6. Joseph Gordon Levitt bares to much of a resemblance to Mr. Ledger to be play anyone other than The Joker. Just saying

  7. for me nolans casting in all his films is fantastic, i think in having a depp or norton, sombody that high profile, it could detract from the story. Since philip seymour hoffman was mentioned that for me would be perfect, he does crazy, very well.

  8. NOT DEPP.

    what we dont need is a guy with a load of swagger for a character that is very much a homicidal maniac.. Think of the zodiac killer – riddles and taunts. Depp would make the riddler into keith richards.

  9. For all the names showing up lately this one is my absolubte favorite, he took the hulk franchise out from the hole it was, I would love to see Mr. Norton as the riddle and to be honest the idea never crossed my mind. GO MR NORTON.

  10. Anyone think Batman 3 can top TDK?

    • In what way? Money-wise? It’s unlikely, since that had the momentum of Heath Ledger’s death behind it.

      • I really wish people would stop saying TDK made that much money b/c of Ledger’s death. Did people see it b/c of him? Yes, but that’s only a small portion. TDK made it’s money b/c is just a great film. Ledger’s death only attributed to a the film’s first week or two.

        • Small Portion??? no no no. Its not as big as people think it is. But don’t underestimate the woman factor. Women loved this man, and if you can tap into that market ( which is what hollywood is doing) then you are on to a smoker!

        • The Dark Knight was great, but if you think both Heath Ledger’s much-discussed great performance and subsequent death had little to do with the box office take, than you’re going to be sorely disappointed by #3′s. Let us not forget that threequel’s rarely make more or as much as their predecessors anyway. Rest assured, Batman 3 will make a lot of money, but I’ll put money down that its total take–adjusted for inflation and 3D ticket prices–will be less than The Dark Knight.

        • I like Heath Ledger, but I saw the movie several times in theatres simply because it was an epic movie. Not because Heath Ledger was in it.

          • Alas, most people were not you.

          • Yah me too, I didn’t even know who Heath Ledger was until I googled him after watching TDK. I watched it cuz Batman Begins was pretty good, the trailer was awesome and I like watching long movies (makes the ticket worthwhile). Then I watched it like 6 times in cinema not becuz Heath died but becuz of the actions, Harvey story, and The Joker.

  11. Ok. Now here’s if Black Mask, Riddler, and Dick Grayson are included into this film:

    Riddler (Edward Nashton) is a ex detective whose record of violence through using puzzles and riddles as means of getting answers is scrubbed clean by Rahs Al Guhl’s fear assault. So when all the heat about Batman starts getting hotter, he joins the anti-Batman force on the GCPD to find his identiy while his cyber terrorist persona known as the Riddler is stealing information on bank accounts all over Gotham until he has access to everyone’s bank accounts (which in reality is just a diversion to lure Batman in while his normal persona is doing his digging on Batman and plans on threatening Batman with the truth about Harvey). And when he starts getting more money he then lures the attention of Gotham’s newest crime lord known as the Black Mask (a mockery of Batman by wearing a mask), since Maroni was temporarily out of the business when he was wounded by Two-Face. And at a circus a 18 year old, Dick Grayson, loses his parents cuz the head of the circus wasn’t paying back for the funding that the Black Mask is giving to him. So Dick then becomes the he becomes Red Hood and is on a hellbent quest to take his organization down. And Batman is thrown into all of this. And for those that find out about what Nashton is really up too, they are brought to a labyrinth of deadly traps that actually just lead to a sewer pit that holds a special patient of Dr. Cranes’: Killer Croc.

    Now how is that for a film!!

    • …Why would Dick Grayson be the Red Hood?

      • I don’t really know, just thought that sounded good. Beside that little hole, I’d say this would make “Gotham Rising” one epic threequel.

  12. Ok nothing against Mr. Norton but please Keep your Mouth Shut!, My gawd. Why all of a sudden everyone want to be in the next batman movie??? Its disgusting he has no interest in the mythology. He just wants that paper. I want all of you batman fans to go back in time to 97′ when George Clooney, Chris O’dudu, and the current governor of california destroyed this franchise. nearly EVERYONE jumped off the Batman ship. Now that its come back, people like Norton, Rachel Weisz, seymore hoffman, all these losers want to cash in on someones hard work. I dont accept you coming out now that the franchise is back on track, and wanting to be the riddler or whoever. Keep your mouth shut. If nolan wants you he’ll call you. We the true fans will not be lobbying for you to the role. Thats it.

    • Man, are you really comparing Philip Seymour Hoffman and Edward Norton to the likes of Chris O’Donnell and Arnold?

      • Speak for yourself, Hyman Roth. These actors you consider “losers” are widely regarded as some of the movie industry’s high caliber talent. The reason they have shown interest in the third Batman film is because they want to work with the equally talented Christopher Nolan. Not for the money. This “true fan” would love to see a Nolan-directed Batman film staring folks like Norton, Gordon-Levitt, Seymore-Hoffman and Weisz. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

    • Do you even know of Edward Norton? If you did, then you would know that he picks his roles based on the character and plot. He reads every script and only picks ones that he would enjoy portraying and the ons he would do a tremendous job as. According to your logic, Edward Norton should have not done the Hulk movie. The previous Hulk movie was a cinema bombshell. If Edward Norton picked popular roles, why would he do a series which has previously did a terribly job. I, personally, liked the old Hulk movie, but many hated it. If Edward Norton is just jumping on the Batman Bandwagon, why take the role as the Hulk?

  13. I’m a huge fan of Christopher Nolan’s Batman, and I’m very excited about the third installment. Who should be The Riddler? I do love Joseph, but I would prefer Edward Norton. He wants to be a bad guy? Let him. The really interesting thing about all of this is I had already suggested Norton even before Norton himself added his name into the mix. It was around the time I heard of him being replaced by Mark Ruffalo. I just thought it would be great for him to join another comic book series. So, I definitely would see Norton playing a villian. I know it’s just a rumor, and nothing is official, but I really hope this becomes true.

  14. has anybody seen “primal fear”? Nortan’s role was superb and creepy/
    i think he would make a great villian in chris nolans batman franchise

  15. HMMMMMM. Ed Norton as the Riddler? Let me think. HELL YEAH? Joseph is all right but stick to the teeny bopper movies. Besides, you are already Cobra Commander. Stick to that. Let the real actors handle the great parts. I just like the fact that Ed Norton is going to be a villain. I think he would add some real depth to the character. As for all the other bad guys that could be in this movie. Mad Hatter. Steve Buschemi. Nuff Said.

    • @ GreaterTater

      …ummm, that’s kind of the point of considering JG-L…he IS a real actor. He’d do great as The Riddler. Now, do I think Norton would be fantastic in the role? Yes, of course. Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind JG-L filling in the humorously creepy shoes of Joker, but I know that won’t happen. Don’t discount him for an appearance as the obsessively brilliant and arrogant Riddler…I’m betting you’d be pleasantly surprised were it to come to pass.

  16. Just my opinion, but, doesn’t Batman have like a hundred different villains that could be portrayed? Why do Riddler or Catwoman again? Or the (ugh) Penguin? (I was completely grossed out by DeVito’s portrayal.) It would be great if Nolan would just continue with the story instead of rehashing the same characters. If Spielberg decided to do his version, should he go back to the beginning again? All I’m saying is, that we all know about his parents murder and Bruce’s dark side and his struggles to be the Dark Knight. What happens next?

    • Frankly, there are only so many Batman villains that would fit in the world Nolan has created. And so far there’s no reason to believe Catwoman will be in it.

      • That’s the problem I have with Nolan’s Batman universe. I loved both films, but his realistic portrayal limits what villains can or cannot be used. There’s only soo much you can change a character to make him/her work.

        I too want to see new villains, but The Riddler, Penquin, and Catwoman are the most recogninzable to the general audience. The general audience account for most of the revenue, and if you alienate them, then it will fail. For example, Harley Quinn isn’t well known by the general audience.

        • I think Nolan is genius enough to make it work, no matter if the audience knows who they are or not. Harley is a great character and I think if they get the proper actress and not someone like Megan Fox (cringe) he could do it. Scarecrow was not a widely known character to those of us who did not read the comics or see the recent cartoons, but he was good in Batman Begins.

          It’s hard for the general public to know what exactly is the true Batman story, there have been so many versions. Was Liam Neeson’s character in the original story or did Nolan write him in?

  17. Norton does have experience as a antagonist. He played king Baldwin in Kingdom of Heaven. A lot of People dont know that. Ed Norton, The last few years has been unnoticed bit he’s one of the most underrated actors I’ve ever seen in my life.

    What he did in Fight Club is phenomenal. If u ask me, I’d chose Norton over Levitt, Depp, and any other actor affiliated with the role.

  18. I would like to see Daniel Day Lewis as The Riddler

    • Daniel Day-Lewis for every role ever!

  19. I for one wish they weren’t doing the riddler, and really hope Ed does not make it in this film.

  20. I would not be surprised. I would not be surprised that Nolan is lying to us. Everyone can see how Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks so much like Heath Ledger. I do believe Nolan will shock the world when in the movie we say the Joker is dead but comes back in the third act. Everyone’s face will be frozen in amazement of how JGL sounds and moves exactly like HT. It will be the moment that jumps the movie to a level better than The Dark Knight.

    • He neither looks nor sounds THAT much like Heath Ledger. I don’t remember having that much trouble telling apart the two in Ten Things I Hate About You.

  21. They do look alike.

  22. Norton can be another character that takes on some kind of vigilante role. After an injustice against him or his family. Fight a losing battle against Batman. Unexpectedly he gets some assistance from another villain who has a grudge against Batman, instead of being grateful for the assistance Norton will turn around and save Batman yet not apprehend the other villain setting up yet another DC movie. Norton can come back as a member of the Justice League it doesn’t have to be so complicated it just needs to work. the characters can make the movie and Norton will be a welcome addition to a film I’m sure will be worth seeing!

    • I’m pretty sure the Justice League has no place in Nolan’s universe.

  23. Norton as Riddler. What he did in Fight Club is great. He is also a dedicated actor. He gained 20 pounds of muscle for the American History X role. He gets into the character. I honestly think an intelligent individual like Nolan needs to cast Norton. Underrated Actor with skill.

    This is the type of movies he needs to do to get recognized more.

    • @E.A.R.T.H all very good points

  24. “mark your calendars…”

    I need a 2012 calendar!!

  25. @ Hyman Roth

    If you really want to blame someone for the downfall for the previous Batman franchise, blame the studio that owns the franchise in the first place, Warner Bros. Joel Shumacher may have made the embarrassing mistake of adding nipples to the costumes etc.But, it was WB idea to make the franchise more family friendly and lighter cause of Burton’s films being little too dark, Catwoman’s sexual nature in the 2nd film, etc. I wouldn’t go as far as blaming the actors. Anyways, while most people blame Joel Shumacher, i blame WB more for how franchise turned out.

  26. cant wait for this!!

    • Warner Bros. Joel Shumacher may have made the embarrassing mistake of adding nipples to the costumes


  27. my desperate plea to get David Tennant to play The Riddler:

    It’s not spam, just my shameless plug.

  28. The Riddler won’t fit into Nolan’s world.

  29. Well I’ve held back saying anything to this point but I’m really sick of all the harping that has been played up not only by the media but the fan base as well about using the Riddler as the next villain. It almost puts me in mind to forget about seeing this third installment.

    I’m to the point I hope Nolan somehow has Levitt play Joker and have someone kill the Joker in the third act in Arkham after the Joker wounds Batman so badly that even Gordan believes he’s dead. I hope he puts Levitt on screen for like five minutes with him doing voice throughout the movie taunting Batman from prison.

    People that want a Lecktor like performance, this is the way to do it. Just a little bit of “Manhunter” in the soup.