‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Preview Footage Description: Awe At Tom Cruise’s Many Deaths

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Edge of Tomorrow Blunt Cruise Edge of Tomorrow Preview Footage Description: Awe At Tom Cruises Many Deaths

How does a film combine elements of science fiction and blockbusting action with the basic conceit of Harold Ramis’ comedy classic, Groundhog Day? That’s the most pressing question director Doug Liman has to answer with his latest film, Edge of Tomorrow, which adapts Japanese author Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s 2004 light novel All You Need is Kill. Harmonizing multiple genres can be enough of a challenge on its own, after all; that Liman’s borrowing from another source for his story presents a whole other hurdle for him to overcome.

The earliest glimpses viewers have gotten of Edge of Tomorrow don’t quite hint at how he’ll strike the right balance between each of the film’s disparate parts; the initial viral campaign, for example, only depicts the explosive chaos of the alien invasion that provides the central conflict here. The trailer, on the other hand, goes a bit deeper and suggests that there’s a very human narrative at Edge of Tomorrow‘s core. Even so, these promotional materials convey a very minimal sense of how all of these details ultimately cohere on the screen.

Fortunately, the folks over at Total Film have us all covered; after being treated to a twenty minute preview for Edge of Tomorrow, they’ve generously put pen to paper and shared their thoughts on the footage they got to see. They were also lucky enough to hear from Cruise through a pre-recorded video appearance, and from Liman himself, who attended the screening and let the TF crew pick his brain a bit once the lights went up. Put simply, the film sounds violent, dark, surprisingly funny, and pretty great overall.

If the premise of Edge of Tomorrow escapes you, it’s mostly straightforward. William Cage (Tom Cruise), a Lieutenant Colonel who has never seen a day of combat in his life, finds himself tossed into battle against the aforementioned alien interlopers, and dies within moments of touching down. Then something unexpected happens: he wakes up, alive, and at the start of his day before the fighting begins. He keeps on charging into combat, dying, and coming back, each time becoming a more proficient human weapon as he desperately tries to figure out a way to break the cycle and end the war.

Edge of Tomorrow Cruise 2 Edge of Tomorrow Preview Footage Description: Awe At Tom Cruises Many Deaths

Frankly, the descriptions of the clips offered give more reason to look forward to Edge of Tomorrow than any teasers or advance images ever could. If the film even lives halfway up to the expectations set here, it could end up being something special; the impression given is that Liman has done a great job synthesizing Groundhog Day‘s famous plot device with high-concept action, but also with great science fiction, including The Matrix, Aliens, and more contested entries in the genre, like 2012′s Looper.

Most of all, it seems that he’s managed to combine all of these influences and put his personal stamp on them to boot. Rather than just crib from other movies, he’s made a straight-up Doug Liman movie; not only does Edge of Tomorrow boast copious amounts of action (often quite graphic, according to TF), but there’s a sense of humor running through it, too, which just affirms what Bill Paxton told audiences at Comic-Con 2013 as regards the film’s comic inclinations.

Both the spectacle and the punchlines revolve around Cage, as well as his ally, Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), the one person who understands his time loop plight. She trains him, helping him improve as a warrior with every cycle of the timeline; Cage eventually becomes even more of a badass than her, though up until he attains that godlike status, he’s just fodder like the rest of his fellow soldiers. That’s where Edge of Tomorrow derives a good portion of its punchlines, at least based on the reactions to the admittedly brief preview.

We’ll see for sure whether the assorted clips Liman showcased for TF live up to their initial promise in three months, but for now, Edge of Tomorrow sounds like a really exciting picture, well worth the anticipation. Here’s hoping it doesn’t disappoint.


Edge of Tomorrow hits theaters on June 6th, 2014.

Source: Total Film

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  1. It sounds like it should be coming out sooner if all of this footage is already available. Oh well…

    • The footage isn’t freely available, as the screening was for press.

      It’s only twenty minutes out of what I presume will be a two hour film, too.

      • Yeah, Godzilla got the same treatment last week.

        Have to ask though, is this a new thing for the public to know about these 20 minute press screenings to guarantee butts in seats or assuage fears?

        • I don’t think so; while I can’t drum up specific examples, I know I’ve read press reports like the TF piece countless times in the past for other big films. It’s just not a standard, routine part of the press tour process.

  2. I like the whole Groundhog’s day premise. If they do it right it could be awesome, if they mess it up itll just be tideous and tiring.

  3. Looking forward to it, I just wish it had kept its original title. “Edge Of Tomorrow” sounds generic and cliche but “All You Need Is Kill” sounds more intriguing and interesting.

    • Eh, I disagree. Edge of Tomorrow actually makes sense for what is happening. All You Need is Kill sounds like a bad translation from Japanese to English… Just saying, lol.

      • All You Need is All Your Base Belong To Us?

        • A winner is you!

          But yeah, I dunno, Edge Of Tomorrow to me sounds like it could be some kind of romantic fantasy that Matthew McConaughey would’ve starred in opposite Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts a decade ago.

          • Got to agree with Dazz here. Edge of Tomorrow sounds super generic. All You Need is Kill, now that there is a title.

            All You Need is to Kill the Edge of Tomorrow?

            • Just my opinion. Sometimes being unique and catchy just for the sake of being unique and catchy isn’t the best way to go. When I hear “All You Need is Kill” it sounds like some foreign movie about a serial killer’s auto-biography.

              • When I hear it, I think of a hyper-violent rendition of one of my favorite Beatles’ songs.

  4. With so many books which have been adapted into films, we have to be careful at the time of endorsing them. The Host, City of Bones, Beautiful Creatures were bad films. Don’t forget the Twilight Saga, yikes!

    This one seems to be well done and the cast is good. Time will tell.

  5. The trailer definitely gives a vibe of a prequel story to Oblivion.

    However I hope Edge of Tomorrow is a hit. Tom Cruise is still a quality actor and movie star and deserves another $100 million tally at the US box office at least.

    • I wouldn’t mind if there was more of the Oblivion story, that was such a fantastic movie.

  6. Doesn’t it seem like it’s just a training program to prepare soldiers for battle? I sure hope that’s not it, and I’m sure it’s not. But it’s the first thing that popped into my head. Love cruise, I’ll see this one for sure.

  7. yay to seeing tom cruise die again and again.

    • I have a feeling the film will be a huge hit among the anti-Cruise set. He apparently gets offed pretty damn harshly in more than a few circumstances, too.

  8. This movie will do well Box office wise. Especially in the International market where TC is still strong.
    Remember that 2012 film Jack Reacher ? It bombed domestically in U.S but it made bank overseas with a total of $ 218 million.
    Same goes for Oblivion, where it also made bank overseas. Cruise still got it.

    • Yeah, not sure what it is about US audiences and Cruise but Jack Reacher and Oblivion were great flicks and I wish I’d seen them on cinema release instead of waiting for their TV premieres. No idea why you guys hated them.

  9. Cant wait to see it!

  10. This was surprisingly to me a very good movie I was invited to a premiere at the Alhambra Regal to watch this. Although it wasn’t a finished product with only 50% of the CGI completed it was still a very good movie. I expected this to be another s***** movie like Obilivion but wow was I wrong! I can’t wait to watch it again when it hits theaters

    • & for those who liked oblivion I’m sorry I was just stating my opinion I know some of my friends who loved it. I just didn’t feel a connection with it…didn’t care for the characters at all …could care less if anyone died…soundtrack was epic tho…Edge of Tomorrow is a roller coaster can’t wait for you guys to watch it ;)

      • I’ll back you up on Oblivion; it’s a clip show of better, smarter science fiction cobbled together by a guy with a strong visual sense and a tragically boring approach to storytelling. Looks great, moves at a snail’s pace.

        But Edge of Tomorrow looks really good. And I’m holding myself back a bit, as I’m far more excited for it than I’m letting on here.

  11. Loved the book! Happy that Tom Cruise is starring in the movie version…even though the protagonist in the novel is really a young soldier. :)

  12. So this groundhog day, reliving thing is going to be explained as how…..

    1. Clones
    2. VR Simulation
    3. He’s actually Captain Jack and can’t die…..