‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Spoilers Discussion

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Edge of Tomorrow Spoilers and Ending Edge of Tomorrow Spoilers Discussion

( Confused about the “Day Reset” time-travel logic? Read our Time Loop Explanation Article.)

While fans are already chatting over in our Edge of Tomorrow official review, this is the place where you can talk about the film’s ending and spoilers without ruining the film for those who haven’t seen it yet.

If you HAVE seen Edge of Tomorrow, then rate the film for yourself in our poll below, and then jump down to the comments to join our discussion. If you HAVE NOT seen the film, you best not read any of the comments in this discussion thread, as they will surely contain MASSIVE SPOILERS. You have been warned.

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Edge of Tomorrow is now in theaters. It is 113 minutes long and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence, language and brief suggestive material.

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  1. so are the aliens done at the end? or does he have to stop the invasion again?

    • no the aliens are done.

    • Aliens are done at the end. He reset the day when he absorbed the Omega’s blood. When he lands, the woman greeting him says “Did you hear the news?” which she does not say the first time around.

  2. I have to say that I enjoyed it. Bill Paxton as the Sgt. Major was great on screen. Tom and Emily I think gave us a good performance. And I wasn’t bored with the repeatable scenes.

    I do have to say the aliens reminded me a lot of the Matrix machines, but that wasn’t a bad thing.

  3. I live in Ky, so that one line got a laugh from the audience.

    • Anyone from Science Hill? Lol

      • No I saw it in Bowling green, but I was the only one who laughed when Cruise questioned why it was called science hill.

        • “Never asked, never cared!” lol :-D

      • Me. I don’t really care either.

      • No, but my best friend an her family are. I was jumping up and down in the theater. My husband said, ” I thought she was from Somerset’”! Lol

  4. i have a question , at the ending scene , Cage got reset by killing the Omega , so he went to see Rita to check if she’s alive , since he woke up earlier and hasn’t been called a deserter and still a highly ranked officer , shouldn’t Rita respect him at the end scene as he’s in a higher rank than her ? then why did she talk to him like he’s another soldier ?
    my theory is that when Rita died from the alpha before blowing up the Omega , she restored the reset loop functionality and looped back with Cage to the same point where he woke up at the plane at the end , that’s why he smiled when she talked to him in a rude manner to make him know that she remembers , and that’s why he smiled because he knew that she looped back with him .
    can someone please explain the ending !!!

    • Nothing sci-fi about her response. She responded like that because she is who she is despite his rank. That’s why he laughed, because he realized “some things never change.”

    • She replied like she did – brusquely, with no “Sir” attached – most likely because she *already* knew him . . . in a bad light, as a (probably cowardly) public relations officer, not as a “real soldier.” Remember the TV spots at the start, plus those blatant propaganda-style posters, ? Cruise’s character was almost certainly part of the crew who managed Emily’s character after she lost her hijacked power, who created/massaged the legend of the “Angel of Verdun” for their own pragmatic purposes.

    • nope, at one point, u see rita wearing a british flag on her uniform. she doesn’t have to show that same respect to a ranked U.S. officer.

      • @Dee Knight: Were you ever in the military, in a multiple-country situation? I was: stationed in Germany while in the USAF. If I had been disrespectful to an allied country officer in the course of my duties, I would have gotten a Letter of Reprimand, at the least. It’s simply basic military courtesy. But in Rita’s case (being a world famous hero and all), she can get away with saying what everyone else is thinking about Cage being a “pretend soldier.”

        • +10

          I’d like to see an enlisted individual bad-mouth an officer just because he/she is from a different nation’s military, lol.

          Rita Vrataski is just a “Full Metal B****” lol, but that’s what makes her so loveable for those of us watching the movie, haha.

        • Rita served in special forces. For anyone being in combat, specially in special forces and seeing all that massacre, this is respectful enough reply. But you will not find this info in books…

    • That makes a lot of sense to me. I agree. I hadn’t quite thought very much about it, but the fact that she was rude to him when he is a higher wouldn’t make a lot of sense. But, also, don’t you have to actually kill an alpha to reset the clock? And, wasn’t she specifically told not kill the alpha? I don’t know, I’m just thinking.

      • She’s rude because she’s a rude person. I don’t really get why this is such a hard concept to grasp. That’s why Cage laughed at the end, because he realized that even with his higher rank, she’s just as stubborn as before. It’s likely a quality that he’s grown to love about her and was happy to see that it doesn’t change just because he’s of higher rank. When the Omega resets time, only the Alphas and the Omega itself can remember what happened from before. To everyone else, it like that day never happened and they would just make the same mistake over and over again. After Cage lost the alpha blood, if they had killed an Alpha, the Omega would reset time, none of them would know time was reset, while the Omega would know that they now know its location… The Alpha’s do not reset time, the Omega does, Alpha’s dying just trigger the Omega to reset the time. The last time loop was because Cage absorbed the Omega’s blood, so he’s not the Alpha, he’s now the Omega, so he reset the time instead of just triggering it like before…

    • While not the respect you would expect, it certainly was not the same disdain as it was when she saw him as a Private.

      • Lol, yep, it went from “Who said you could talk to me?” to “Yes, can I help you?” (but not as polite as it looks in text form)

    • In the source story “All You Need is Kill”, Rita is clearly described as being able to push the boundaries of what is acceptable behavior for her rank. She is disrespectful to a General, and does things that would have others reprimanded. In the movie it seems clear that, as the “Angel of Verdun”, she and her squad are able to operate independently and she is able to question a stranger as an interloper saying “What do you want!” even thought that person is of higher rank.

  5. It’s a movie it has a script and nothing more. Why do people think there is always something more

    • People believe there is something more that motivates a line or action because in a good script there is. Sometimes the writers are just winging it, but usually there is a good reason and discussion behind the scenes for all important plot points and often for everything that happens. That is why.

  6. I LOVED the ending. I love that she’s just as rude even though he’s an officer. Women with a strong character makes me smile. You can see that “some thing never change” realization on Cage’s face when he laughed. I think it made him fall for her even more. I know it had that effect on me, lol.

    • And I know I’m not the only softy that fell in love with that ending just because of how cute it was. All of my friends actually made that same comment after the movie, lol. It was the cutest ending to a movie ever! :-D

      I only wished she would have said “Is there something on my face?” LOL

      • +1 Ken J I felt the same way after seeing that ending.

        • Watch this video:


          TERRIBLE video if you haven’t seen the movie as it gives away FAR too much about the movie, but for us who has seen it already, what a great video.

      • @Ken J:

        Yep, I was expecting the “something on my face” line too.

        • I was thinking the ending line was going to be: “Your middle name is Rose.”

          • me tooooooooo…i thought for SURE they’d have him say that to her!!!

  7. So at the end, is Cage now forced to wake up on the helicopter every time he dies even though all is well?

    • Well, it’s not really specified, but it seems him being brought back was just a side-effect of absorbing so much of the Omega’s blood. There’s a good chance if he dies again he’ll just be dead, but even if he still has the time travel ability, it always only resets a day. So whatever day he happens to be in when he dies he’ll just go back to when he woke up the day before…

  8. Why does everything gets reset in the end? Yes, cage absorbs blood again but there is no Omega to reset the day as itz already blasted off.

    • Cage actually resets the day that time…

  9. But how?? Earlier in the film Rita says that whenever an alpha is killed it alerts the omega and the omega resets the day as a response. So in order for the loop to work omega must exist. But in the end cage blasts off the omega, So the keypiece of the whole mechanism of the loop is lost. Then how does the day gets reset again? . Yeah cage absorbs blood from the omega but the blood acts as a link between the alpha and omega, But one end of the link is already destroyed (omega).

    • They don’t explain the mechanism in which the Omega accomplishes this task of resetting time. Through the movie it’s made very clear that “blood” is a very vital aspect of it, as absorbing an alpha’s blood is enough to infuse its abilities onto the person. It is to be assumed that absorbing the blood of the Omega would do the same, infuse you with the abilities of the Omega. Kind of like technology that works on a microscopic scale, instead of large structures within the Omega performing the functions, the functions are all done within the molecules of the blood within it. And whoever possesses that blood will have the abilities.

      Just remember that at the end of the movie, Cage doesn’t absorb the blood of an alpha or a normal mimick. He absorbs the blood of the Omega itself.

    • Cage is becoming Omega. Might be a sequel then ..
      This is different from the original novel, but OK.

  10. i confused…when cage loop again after drowning (after he finds out the first vision of omega was a fake), why did dr.carter look out for the dam location (and find it out)?
    Cage know it was a trap, so why bother to explain the about the dam vision (in order for dr. Carter to look for it and for Cage to explain it was a fake on the movie)?

    any explanation?

    • Um… You got the order of that backwards… Dr. Carter finds the location of the damn, THEN Cage goes to the damn and finds out it’s a trap… I’ve seen it twice, I’m 100% sure…

      • dam* lol

        • He was just going through the loop of him actually finding the dam which at first would lead him there and find it was a trap so at whatever the time he is reliving this revelation he is then telling him that it already happen so he can try something else (telling him that its a dead end)

          Took a different girl to see it yesterday (fresh on my mind this second time around)


    • I agree. Having found out that the Dam was a trap, Cage would have reported to Rita and Carter that there was no need to look for it. I think this is an error in the storytelling.

  11. Great film but it’s left me with two questions. First, when the day is re-set before the Omega is dead, Cage wakes up at Camp Heathrow (i.e. after his meeting with the General), but the Omega is dead he wakes up earlier, in the helicopter (i.e. before that meeting). Why is this? Secondly, when the day is re-set before the Omega is dead, everything is exactly the same, down to the last detail. Why isn’t this also the case when the day is re-set at the end, with the result that the Omega is restored to life and Cage has to go through everything again in order to re-kill it? I wonder if the answer to this is plot-driven, since if the re-set caused the Omega to restore to life, the only way to kill it for ever would be to avoid a re-set, which would mean Cage dying too – a noble ending but not a happy one! Can anyone unscramble this for me?

    • Mabroi said: “When the day is re-set before the Omega is dead, Cage wakes up at Camp Heathrow (i.e. after his meeting with the General), but the Omega is dead he wakes up earlier, in the helicopter (i.e. before that meeting). Why is this?”

      I think “the day” isn’t strictly a 24-hour period, since (with each iteration) Cage survives slightly longer (sometimes only by seconds or minutes but other times by hours), yet always re-awakens at the same instant following each reset. What seems to be happening is that the “black blood” micromachines rewind time to the last resumption of consciousness by the controlling entity OR by 24 hours, whichever is LESS. Since the time from the (post-stun) wake up to death is always the least amount of time for Cage – until that final time (because it’s the one time he and the others went up against the aliens PRIOR to the main landing) – that’s why he wakes up on those duffel bags.

      Mabroi said: “[At the end] Why isn’t . . . the Omega restored to life and Cage has to go through everything again in order to re-kill it?”

      That is a problem for me, too. The only possibility I can think of is a “software glitch.” The Omega had never died when performing a re-set. It normally did this as a conscious decision while still alive and dying from a blown-up brain probably interfered with that a bit. As a result, it somehow managed to accidentally carry it’s own death along on the reset, killing itself in the early dawn hours of the *previous* day. Because Cage was asleep at that point (it would have been sometime during his flight to London), the action for him doesn’t start until he wakes up.

      • @Mabroi and Richard

        You can argue whether this makes sense for you or not, but here is the movie’s answer to both of those questions. He wakes up at an earlier time in the end because the instance of him waking up in handcuffs no longer happens. Remember, the only reason why he wakes up in handcuffs is because he refuses to go to the front lines in the heat of battle and is forced to do so as a deserter. At the end, he kills the Omega, which kills all of the other aliens, so there’s no longer a “heat of battle” and that means his character probably will not be asked to go to the frontlines (since the General is now busy making press conferences to announce their victory) and even if he was, he probably would agree now that the fighting is done. So he wouldn’t have that second “wake up” time.

        Regarding to why the death of the Omega is permanent, the Omega isn’t affected by the time loops. Every time the time looped for Cage, it looped for the Omega as well. It kind of exists outside our experience of time. That’s how they use the time loop in their advantage. The Omega doesn’t loop with time, so it retains all of its memories, and can communicate tactical changes to the alphas based on its previous experiences. That’s why at the end, they couldn’t just both kill the alpha and absorb the blood and retry the Paris plan again because then the Omega would know that they know its location and it would relocate. So when the Omega dies, regardless of what the time does around it, it dies in real time and stays dead. The time loop at the end was kind of a side-effect of so much of its blood being absorbed into a dying Major Cage. His trauma probably “activated” whatever it was in the blood that creates that time portal, but since the Omega is resistant to the time loop, it stays the way it is, dead…

        Anyway, you can argue if that makes sense or not, but pretty much that’s the movie’s explanation for that. Either way, it’s a movie, and it was a very entertaining one at that. I just can’t get over how cute Rita is at the end when she responds to him exactly the same even though he’s still an officer with rank at that time, lol. <3 <3

        • Ken J said: “Regarding to why the death of the Omega is permanent, the Omega isn’t affected by the time loops. Every time the time looped for Cage, it looped for the Omega as well.”

          Ummm. Run that by me again, please? If the Omega isn’t affected by time loops, why isn’t it able to simply send some mimics to kill Cage before he ever encounters that fateful first Alpha? It could have done so during any of the (apparently) thousands of loops that Cage requires to learn enough to be able to finally kill it, if it’s memory actually wasn’t affected by the loops.

          Actually, it sounds to me like someone else I read (I think over in the Time Travel Explanation thread) is right: the original script probably had only one Alpha existing at a time. So Cage hijacking it’s power to reset time meant there was no active competition. But the writers later realized this made no sense (since the aliens are engaged in such a widespread war); no one Alpha could possibly be everywhere it would be needed. So they made Alphas *only* very rare, yet failed to adjust the time-travel mechanism to match.

          Ken J said: “The Omega doesn’t loop with time, so it retains all of its memories, and can communicate tactical changes to the alphas based on its previous experiences.”

          Ummmm (again). The above is a distinction without a difference. Cage loops with time, yet also retains all his memories and can communicate these to anyone he wishes (although getting them to *believe* him is a different matter entirely). The only thing that makes the Omega special in this way is its ability to command it’s subordinates (the Alpha and Worker mimics).

          Hmmmm. You know, if Cage really did hijack an Alpha’s abilities, I wonder what would have happened if he had tried to *control* Workers (instead of simply kill them)?

          But I suppose Cage only got the deadman switch, not the tactical command switch.

          • @Richard

            The Omega doesn’t actually see what’s going on outside the battlefield. It doesn’t actually know Cage is the one that’s controlling the time loops. It can’t reset time to before Cage gets the power, because once Cage gets the power, he’s also outside of the timeloop, so any amount of time the Omega resets Cage, with his powers, will go with it. All the Omega can do to really determine who is controlling the loops is setting the trap with the visions and then seeing who shows up at the trap. And after that trap, Cage doesn’t really go back out into the battlefield anymore. They change their tactic to trying to get that device from the General’s office. I can only speculate that if Cage would have gone back out to the battlefield after the trap attempt, that maybe then they would recognize him and try to capture him or keep him alive just to bleed him out. But after the loop where they see where the Omega really is, Cage loses his ability and the time loop ability goes back to the alphas. So that’s why they had to complete that mission to kill the Omega before the invasion starts, because once the invasion starts, most likely an alpha would be killed in the battle, and time will loop and neither Cage or Vrataski would remember anything about it.

    • It’s reboot to the last restored (like win7 .. ) :D
      In the end, since the Omega is destroyed, the cloud account is dead. Now Cage is having his own personal-cloud with himself as the little-omega (probably, hopefully, explained in a sequel .. most likely not!)

      A lot of Cruise sci-fi I like to have sequel (Minority Report, Oblivion etc) but seems not likely. The original novel is different.

      • @Gat0t, who wrote: “A lot of Cruise sci-fi I like to have sequel (Minority Report, Oblivion etc) but seems not likely.”

        I suspect that Cruise probably has it written into his contracts that any sequels to his movies have to involve him, unless the producers pay him [BIG X] amount to opt out. Both doing that and hiring him is just too expensive for the typical sequel budget. Thus, no sequels.

  12. I believe this is very simple explanation for the ending.

    First when Cage was in the water with the omega blood flowing into him. This means he now becomes the new omega replacing the brain that had died. Now with that, he jumps back to a “save” point before the usual one he always wake up to (explanation later). Once he wakes up he is told the mimic are defeated. This is because now that Cage is the new Omega, he now controls all the mimics and none are activated due to his control. That is also why there was an explanation that the other countries are able to fight off mimic without resistance.

    Now why did he wake up to an earlier point rather than the usual one. As the omega has multiple save points, this is an earlier event for Cage before he is force to fight the mimics. So if the mimics are already defeated he won’t be able to go to the usual one where the event of why he is there is to fight them. So you see that he alight from the heli and told the war is almost over. Instead of the one that he is force to meet the general now he can go to the barrack as Major and meet Rita.

    Also notice even tho mimics are defeated, you can see the soldiers in the barrack are still geared for fighting them but in effect nobody know the omega is already dead (and is now Cage). Only Cage knows and he smiles at the end.

  13. Maybe the omega day was longer than one of our days therefore when he reset he did so in one omega day and not a human day

  14. I’m going to propose a different end scenario.

    Everyone is assuming that it’s the Omega’s blood that Cage bathes in at the end and so they are trying to understand what effect this has on the time loop ability.

    My opinion is that only the Alphas have the reset ability so what happened is when the Omega died, the Alpha next to Cage dies and he was once again bathed in Alpha blood and reset him back to his first available waking moment, which is on the copter since the taser incident cannot happen.

    I don’t think it’s a set time period (like 24 hours that everyone is saying), it’s just the previous waking moment (assuming he didn’t sleep after he joined J-squad).

    • The Alphas don’t have the ability to reset time. All they do is transmit back to the Omega to tell it to reset…

      • @Ken J:

        That’s not how I saw it.

        How can Cage hijack the “reset power” if it’s not the Alpha who possesses it?

        I guess you can argue that the Alphas have the ability to “trigger” the reset but then that would not make sense for the ending time reset unless Cage did indeed absorb the Alpha blood (not the Omega) in order to trigger that last reset.

        • I don’t get what’s hard to understand. The Omega resets the time, the Alphas communicates to the Omega to reset the time when they die. When Cage absorbs an Alpha’s blood in the beginning, he hijacked the ability to trigger the time reset, which the Omega does. All he’s doing is when he dies, it sends a message to the Omega that triggers the time reset. At the end, he absorbs the Omega’s blood, so now HE is the one that actually resets the time…

          If that’s still hard to understand, imagine the alpha’s are like the remote control and the Omega is the actual device…

          • One thing which puzzles me is that Cage is close enough to an Alpha for the MacGuffin Gadget to let him see where the Omega is really located and also close enough for the Omega to send him a false image of it’s location (the dam trap) . . . yet the Omega apparently can’t receive enough situational detail from Cage (as it could from a real Alpha) to allow it to kill him before the initial Alpha death that gives him the ability to loop.

            Of course, that would be a paradox of a different stripe (e.g. the only way the Omega gets to kill Cage early is by using information which its connection with Cage supplies . . . which Cage can’t supply if the Omega actually manages to kill him early). And it would also make of a rather boring movie! So I can understand why Cage’s “Alpha-ness” is so conveniently incomplete.

            • Well, no time-travel movie can be without paradox’s (thus why a lot of really smart people believe that backwards travel in time cannot be possible), and while I can TRY to explain some of those, most likely they are things even the filmmakers didn’t really think about. It just has to make enough sense so that we can watch it and not immediately go “WTF??”

            • In the novel, the Mimics do know where “Cage” is

    • I found someone who has a similar theory to mine:


      • I’ve seen the movie twice, that website got it wrong. Even if Cage would have absorbed an alpha’s blood at the end, it wouldn’t trigger a loop because the Omega was dead… Remember, all the Alpha does is tells the Omega to loop time, the alphas do not have the ability to loop time on their own. And again, I’ve seen it twice, the blood that he absorbs is clearly from the Omega. The alpha is never destroyed, he merely stops functioning like the rest of the mimics. So his blood never leaves his body. Watch it again and you’ll see that.

        • @Ken J:

          No matter how many times you see the movie, how the time reset actually works is up for debate because even the explanation from the characters may not be accurate (as their theory of where the Omega was in the first place was).

          While we initially do not see the Alpha “destroyed” how do we know that offscreen, in its death throes, that it does explode and that it’s the Alpha blood (proximity-wise, Cage was closer to the Alpha than the Omega). And, during that same “death”, the time reset was actually triggered, and the Omega did create one last time loop.

          I can’t imagine that Cage becomes an Omega because that would imply that he also now has the ability to reset time himself in the new timeline. It would make more sense that he is an Alpha, but since the Omega died, can no longer “trigger” the loops.

          Either way, only the writers know what exactly happened. Maybe if there is a novelization of the movie, that will answer the questions definitively.

          • @BigNerd

            Seriously, go watch it again, then you won’t be making these arguments. The Alpha was above Cage about 20 feet, he kills him by throwing out a tentacle. The Omega was below Cage after the grenades go off, Cage sinks down, INTO THE BLOWN UP OMEGA BLOOD, and that’s where he absorbs the blood. It’s literally CRYSTAL CLEAR in the scene the blood was from the Omega. They even show a shot from the side, so you can clearly see the levels, Omega on the bottom, Cage in the middle, and Alpha on the top, You see the Omega on the bottom blown up with its blood muddying the water, the water between the Omega and the Alpha is CRYSTAL CLEAR, with Cage sinking down into the muddy Omega blood section. Seriously, it can’t be more clear whose blood he absorbs…

            • I actually think that the loop is a defense mechanism for the Omega. Hence the last loop actually is a full loop and the Omega is still alive and is trying to trick humanity to thinking that new attack would be a success. I believe the only way to defeat the Omega is to kill it without a loop.

              It is probable that the movie maker left it open for either interpretation.


          • @bigNerd – Ken J is correct. I have seen the movie twise and the last Alpha does not actually die – it is disabled by the death of the Omega.

            One can assume, if the Omega blood is absorbed by Cage, then he would have the ability to reset time – although he may need an Alpha or equivalent to do so….

  15. One thing is clear.EOT is one of the best sci-fi action alien invasion movie ever.

  16. One other thing that I wished they had took from the manga, Cage writing what number loop on his hand.

    This way as an audience we can quantify how many times he had looped and see how many times it took for Rita to decide he was trained enough, at what loop he decided to give up and go to that bar in London, at what loop he wanted to save Rita from the farmhouse incident, what loop he made it to the dam, etc etc.

    From what I can infer, it was probably in the high hundreds before that final loop.

    • The difference between Japanese Manga and American cinema is that Mangas and anime are often so convoluted that they need to spell everything out this way. That’s why so many animes will have these LOOOONG breaks in the action just so one of the characters can explain in clear detail what has happened and how it’s happening. American cinema rather keeps some of the details unclear and simply “imply” things. You get the sense that Cage has been in A LOT of loops by just how frustrated and defeated he starts to look. And by the sheer fact of how he has everything memorized, which usually takes more than one try to accomplish. I actually like this more about cinema compared to the Japanese style. I almost feel like anime’s and mangas treat their readers like they are stupid, but I understand that part of the draw is this amount of detail. I actually like the little bit of mystery behind it, and how you discover things the same time as the characters. Like when we think is their first time getting to the farm house, we get to have that “aha” moment when we discover he’s been there before, at the same time Rita discovers it… If they had shown that in great detail, the whole movie will play out like a journal, and in my opinion, that’s just no fun… And honestly, for me personally, I wouldn’t bother trying to keep count of the loops, because frankly, what’s the point? Just keep trying until I get it right, that’s all that matters…

      • I actually loved that scene too
        but I’m sure it was based on the particular way probably you and I are into this TIME TRAVEL stuff…

        the 3 sugars and how he already had the helicopter keys…just too cool :)

        • @Matrix

          That’s one reason why I don’t really like Anime’s, they are so meticulous they really don’t leave anything up to interpretation. They are so focused on having a “complete” picture I think they lose the concept of things like mystery, and things that make you think or talk about afterwards. I hate how they will stop all of the action just so they can explain to you in detail exactly why everything is the way it is. I feel it breaks the pacing terribly and for me, pacing is very important. And the fact of the matter is, in real life sometimes you’ll never know how something happened, or know all of the facts behind something, I don’t see how watching a movie shouldn’t be the same. It draws you into the movie and into the shoes of the protagonists more if you are, at some times, just as clueless as they are. And to me, this immersion really appeals to me. And that is something that’s lost in the Japanese style to story telling most of the time.

          That’s just my opinion of course. I know there are plenty of people who love anime and manga, but it’s just not my style for many reasons including what I’ve described here…

      • I don’t think what I’m suggesting will change the story all that much.

        I just think it helps quantify how much Cage went through and ties in with the manga a bit. For the farmhouse scene, it wouldn’t matter if it said 307 as he can just pretend it was the first time he was there. Then when she realizes they’ve been there before, he can tell her “The first time I was here, was 277… I’ve tried to save you 30 times” and then the audience can understand his actions.

        When he goes to the bar, it could be number 752 giving you more insight in why he gave up. And then when he finally masters his training, there could even be a scene where he stops counting exact loops and just says “I’m in the thousands somewhere”.

        It’s not about detail, it’s just about another device to show you how much he really goes through.

        We all have our own opinions, and this is mine.

        • @BigNerd

          I just don’t see the point in it. We KNOW it’s been a lot of loops by how defeated he is. The movie lets his face and his acting tell the story. We don’t need a number to tell us that. And by him saying that he’s tried everything and he can never save her, we know he’s literally tried everything, because he has the opportunity to do so. Again, the number is pretty arbitrary, whether he tried 30 times or 35 times, we got the point that no matter what he tries, she always dies… I just like letting the actors tell the story through their acting and dialog without the need to spell it out for everyone. And also keep in mind that this isn’t really based on the Manga. From what I’ve read, the Manga and this movie are both based on the same source material. So I’m sure both of them probably changed a few things. But I’m pretty sure this movie deviated a lot more than the Manga did. I have no doubt that the Manga is more true to the source material, but I just really liked the way they handled everything in this movie…

          Not saying anyone’s opinions are “better” than the other, just stating why I feel that way. I understand why you feel the way you do, and like I’ve said, it’s a difference in preference in the way a story is told. I’m probably in the minority with my preferences…

          • @Ken J:

            They could have at least spelled out exactly how the Alpha and Omega blood worked so we wouldn’t have to guess.

            Regardless, the biggest hole here is if the Mimics are experts at using the time reset ability to their advantage, why didn’t the Alpha just kill itself (or have another Mimic kill it) once it realized that Cage and Rita were after the Omega?

            They would have least learned that “move” from Cage when he drowned himself at the damn.

            • Hmm… I think I just answered my own question.

              If the Alpha killed itself when Cage and Rita were storming the Louvre, where would it reset to? Back to the point where Cage lost his Alpha ability?

              They probably didn’t want to risk resetting back so that Cage could actually convince more soldiers to attack the Louvre. Or maybe they weren’t sure it wouldn’t reset back to when Cage still had the Alpha ability and get stuck in time loops they had not control over again.

            • @BigNerd

              They did pretty much spell out how they worked…

          • I agree with Ken J. Not giving obsessive details allows for better immersion. I run tabletop and play-by-post roleplaying game and I’m always having to fight my tendency to swamp players with in-world data. Too much info spoils the fun; only give them the absolute minimum, as they need it, when they need it. Joss Whedon has the same opinion (from an interview some years ago now): “Don’t give them what they want. Give them what they need.”

            As to numbering the loops specifically, “Groundhog Day” is an absolute classic and yet Bill Murray never specifies exactly how many times he’s re-lived that same day. It’s left to the audience to realize that by the end of the movie the number must be up in the high thousands, based on how precisely he can time literally everything.

            • @Richard

              And I read somewhere that some piano experts say that for him to be that good at the piano if he started with no experience, he must have looped 10 years worth… o_0

  17. Okay, so everyone here is talking about the very end with the Omega. I wondered about another plot hole. After finding the real location of the Omega in the car, why doesn’t she just shoot Cage to reset? Why do they try to run thereby getting into the accident from which he loses the ability?

    • Probably just too caught in the moment of driving. I would have done that too, but you never know how you’d react in a situation like that unless you were caught in it…

      And from personal experience, it’s actually kind of a hard thing to draw a sidearm out of a holster while sitting in a car.

      • I’d say that Rita was also caught up in wanting to personally participate in ending the Omega. Perhaps she suspected how he had begun to feel about her. So it may have occurred to Rita that if she re-set Cage at that point, when he woke up he might try to do the deed without involving her.

        But the difficulty of drawing from a standard belt holster while seated is quite real. It’s why the first hands-free cell-phone accessories were created; it’s very hard to get a belt-clip phone off your belt while driving. It’s also why – whenever I design an RPG gunbunny – I specify that he uses either a shoulder holster or a *cross-draw* belt holster.

    • The logic she was following was to “reset” (kill him) only if he was badly injured … to avoid any chance of a transfusion.

      Since (if I remember correctly) he was not injured at that moment, the situation did not yet warrant a “reset.” She had no way to know they were about to get into a non-lethal accident in which he was going to receive a transfusion.

      So … hardly a “plot hole”.
      Just an unfortunate, but perfectly understandable, miscalculation on her part … she didn’t know what was about to happen.

  18. Maybe something: In the book the explanation of the communication between the alpha and omega is that it is through tachyons. My thought on the ending, and why he ends up earlier in time, is that the when the omega died, it spewed out a stronger burst of tachyons as it died. Last breath – or something :)

    BTW: What was the alternate ending that was in the script? I read someone who had seen it at a test screening, and who thought the ending the movie ended up with was too Hollywood-y.

    • I think I should write: The omega sends information back in time with the help of tachyons. Spcifically memory information, so that the memory in previous time will also remember what happened in the future.

  19. Does anyone think that cage was like dreaming

    • Seeing as he woke up in the helicopter jus like th beginning

    • He would have psychic abilities then because when he went to the base, he saw J-squad making the same comments he remembers them saying while PT-ing, and then he finds Rita Vrataski in the exact position he remembers her and she even talks exactly as he remembers…

  20. Maybe I’m over simplifying things, but I thought he went back to the earlier point because it was earlier in the day. For all the previous deaths, he has always reset from 24 hours from being killed by the Alpha and absorbing it’s blood. At the end, it’s a few hours earlier when he absorbs the Omega’s blood, right? Because they changed the past before it happens. So he goes back to 24 hours from that death.

    • Well, he’s died during training before and still ended up in the same place. I think the explanation that him waking up with handcuffs wouldn’t have happened now with the Omega dead, he wouldn’t have cowered in front of the General. So his only wake up point would have been from the helicopter ride.

    • Two reset times are waking up times. First waking up-reset time (save point) is after Cage’s stun and waking up in the camp. Previous waking up-reset time (save point), in the helicopter. First reset destroyed. Only reset time, was the previous in the helicopter. Sorry for English.

  21. Plot holes:

    1. Why does the General send a marketing guy to the front line? Cage is his ally – why would he want him dead. That would not happen in real life. Just give the soldiers a camera. This is didn’t give a good enough reason for Cage to go to battle. In the manga, the hero is actually a soldier.

    2. Why didn’t Cage just try to drop a bomb on the Louvre? Sure he would have had to persuade J-Team, but it was a hell of a lot easier to kill the omega with a bomb.

    3. When the J-Team helicopter crashes at the Louvre – why isn’t the whole area overwhelemed by aliens?….The aliens would have seen where the heli crashed. But J-Team were able to sneak around unseen. This was the weakest part of the movie.

    • @Hulk

      1. He doesn’t want him dead… Their intelligence told them that there is minimal enemy activity on the beach (of course you find out the intelligence is wrong, it’s what the alien force wanted them to think). He’s sending him to the front lines to document “acts of heroism” as a kind of propaganda to make the invasion look good to the public so the people will not be as angry at the General if the death toll becomes too high… They explained this pretty clearly in the beginning scene…

      2. Drop a bomb??? And which bomb do you mean? You mean, those bunker buster bombs that TRANSPORT DROP SHIP they were in had?? Oh right, that’s a TRANSPORT DROP SHIP and didn’t have a bomb… Not to mention, the Omega was under water. Even if they had a bomb, when it blows up, it’ll kill the alpha that was above the water first, and it would have just reset the day and the Omega wouldn’t be there any more now that it knew the humans know its location…

      3. They were… You didn’t notice the horde of aliens converging on them? That’s why they had to leave in such a hurry and why those two stayed back at the gas tanker… They just took a few minutes to get there because the transport dropship crashed a little ways away from the Louvre…

      • Ken J said: “You didn’t notice the horde of aliens converging on them? That’s why they had to leave in such a hurry and why those two stayed back at the gas tanker… They just took a few minutes to get there because the transport dropship crashed a little ways away from the Louvre…”

        If I recall correctly (and it’s possible that I don’t), the Worker mimics didn’t start coming at them *until* they fired up the broken plane. And the only reason they did this was because they had crashed on the wrong side of the river from the Louvre and needed it to get across the water. If there had been a convenient intact bridge, they (being *infantry*) would have preferred to try and sneak across it. As per the farmhouse scene (where Cage tells Rita that the fields immediately surrounding them have twenty Workers lying dormant, as they sit there drinking coffee), Worker mimics don’t appear to “go active” unless a certain amount of machinery starts running.

        • @Richard

          That was WHY they needed to fire it up. The whole point is to be able to get across the expanse “with speed.” They knew they needed it to get away from the mimicks…

          • @ Ken J, who said: “That was WHY they needed to fire it up. The whole point is to be able to get across the expanse “with speed.” They knew they needed it to get away from the mimicks…”

            I think it was more like (paraphrased wildly from memory):

            Some Grunt: “How do we get across the river?”
            Cage, looking at the semi-intact dropship: “We crank that up.”
            Some Other Grunt: “S**t. THAT will never fly again.”
            Cage: “We don’t need it to fly. We just need it to stay ahead of the mimics.”

            In other words, everyone knew that cranking up an engine that size would draw in every mimic in the area, but they also knew that this wouldn’t matter so long as the plane could stay ahead of them. I mean, it wasn’t like anyone in J Squad was actually expecting to *survive,* whatever happened. All they were trying to do was reach the objective and blow it up.

            • Yah I guess. I guess since they crashed far from the objectives, the mimicks didn’t really bother going to them. They probably thought they were all killed in the crash anyway…

  22. Re: Mimic Reaction To Machinery Instead Of People

    Just a wild thought . . .

    Maybe the purpose of the alien invasion wasn’t to wipe out humanity. At least, not directly. Maybe it was to take away our advanced technology. So long as you don’t fire up an engine, the mimics leave you alone. Since they like to bury themselves under the surface of the ground, you’d probably never actually see one.

    The question then becomes: why do this?

    Possible Answer: So that you make Earth relatively easy to conquer by your follow-on second wave of Alien Masters, yet still leave the planet with a viable slave labor pool.

    And there’s the sequel! :)

  23. I wonder why it was only J-Squad that went to the Louvre. Rita’s squad should have followed her, and her old squadmates from Verdun… so that should be three dropships and three squads….

    • @Pewter Lips, who wrote: “I wonder why it was only J-Squad that went to the Louvre. Rita’s squad should have followed her, and her old squadmates from Verdun… so that should be three dropships and three squads….”

      I doubt Rita actually *had* a squad at that point. While we see her getting out of a crashlanded transport with a couple of other troopers (the guy with the deathhead face shield really sticks out in my mind) in the landing sequences, that doesn’t mean that this was her squad. Instead, those guys were just the remnants of whatever scratch squad she was given to lead, just before the drop which was SUPPOSED to be a cakewalk. Remember that we only ever see her training solo or with Cage. If she had her own squad, she would have been with them them all the time, *especially* less than 24 hours before H-Hour. Prior to this – as a Certified Wounded War Hero – she would have been busy recovering from her wounds and/or doing PR promotions, which is even more reason for her not to have her own new squad.

      As to her OLD squad . . . I suspect that Rita was its sole survivor. SHE only made it through Verdun thanks to the several thousand prior loops which left her able to kill 100 mimics before suffering the wound that took her down but didn’t outright kill her. Given that early Cage loop in which she steals his battery (AFTER he saved her life!) in order to give herself a few more minutes of vengeance on the mimics, I’m pretty sure nobody else she knew made it through Verdun.

  24. I have a continuity question…or maybe I wasn’t paying attention. On the final mission after Cage get his transfusion (no more resets) The drop-ship is shot down near the Louvre.Cage and Rita are alone and the dialogue is some like “Who’s left?” then the scene cuts to them in a group with about 3 of J squad. Any help appreciated.

    • He doesn’t ask who’s left, I think he says “and the others?” He went back to where the ship went down, I think they were all kind of converging to that point. Rita was just the first to get there to discover Cage. The next scene was most likely like a minute later when the rest of them caught up to her.

      • Thanks for that. That is how I rationalised it but it just seemed an odd scene cut.

        • It was probably a pretty rushed edit job compared to the rest of the film. I guess maybe we’ll know more once the deleted scenes come out, lol.

  25. In my opinion, this gives creators of the movie an opportunity to create a sequel. If major cage has now been reset it could mean that he has been reset by a power higher and the Omega. Meaning that the Omega is no different than alpha but there is a higher power at work. If a sequel commences, it would be Cage reliving his now current timeline over and over and over again trying to find the next stage of the aliens presence, possibly out in space.

  26. I’m working on an explanatory theory.

    But I have a couple of questions first. (I have only seen the movie once, and I’ve not read the novel.)

    1. After Cage is killed for the first time by an Alpha and is infused with its blood … in subsequent loops, does he ever encounter the *same Alpha* again?

    2. Other than the Alpha at the dam, does he encounter … or kill … any others … or does he only encounter Workers in subsequent loops?

    Thanks for any answers.

    • The alpha’s are extremely rare, and probably only appeared for a little while in that very specific place where he encountered it the first time. In every loop afterward, he tried different routes and methods. And when he met Rita and was explained how it works, then they would have intentionally avoided the alphas from that point on. At least that’s how I perceived it.

  27. I have a question. After the second or third loop when Cage saved Rita’s life for the first time, why did she take out his battery?

    Ok, I just realised I have more questions.

    Why she HAD to kill the Omega? She said it when they visited Carter (not really sure).

    I think Rita was a pretty selfish person!

    • For your first question, she did because she’s a no-nonsense fighter. He had a hole through his chest, so he was dead no matter what. At that point, there’s no reason to let that battery go to waste if she could make use of it.

      And at first she did say she wanted to kill the Omega because she felt the fight was personal for her, probably to do with all that she went through before at Verdun. But notice at the end, she let Cage kill the Omega.

      And Rita was awesome, don’t talk about my wife like that, lol. :-P

  28. I have a theory about the ending. I look as it as a gift from the Omega. As a final gesture of respect from soldier to soldier.

    Just as there is respect for enemy soldiers on the battlefield [at least there used to be]. Both are trying to kill each other, but both know their enemy is doing their job like they are.

  29. I was looking forward for this movie, I love everything with time travel in it, and I really liked it. It had good action, a lot of humor, a good story, etc. I love Emily Blunt, and I think that Tom Cruise is still a great lead.

    I mostly agree with your ending explanation article, however I thought upong first viewing that the issue with him waking up sooner is simpler. I thought that the loop was a 24 hour reset, from the first time he dies killing the alpha. So that will be when he wakes up in the tarmac, and after that that point is fixed.

    The second time he gains the ability, after defeating the Omega, it happens several hours later. In the original it was in the middle of the Downfall battle, however in the second one they were trying to kill the Omega before the battle to avoid the massacre. I think that’s why he wakes up several hours before.

    It’s a little weird how we can reset time with the Omega being dead and still keep the death untouched, but I really liked the movie, I’m not one to nitpick a lot. I liked it.

  30. Yep, I already saw it twice in two separate screenings. Skipped a screening for a movie I haven’t yet seen just so I can see this movie again, lol.