‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Spoilers Discussion

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Edge of Tomorrow Spoilers and Ending Edge of Tomorrow Spoilers Discussion

(┬áConfused about the “Day Reset” time-travel logic? Read our Time Loop Explanation Article.)

While fans are already chatting over in our Edge of Tomorrow official review, this is the place where you can talk about the film’s ending and spoilers without ruining the film for those who haven’t seen it yet.

If you HAVE seen Edge of Tomorrow, then rate the film for yourself in our poll below, and then jump down to the comments to join our discussion. If you HAVE NOT seen the film, you best not read any of the comments in this discussion thread, as they will surely contain MASSIVE SPOILERS. You have been warned.

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Edge of Tomorrow is now in theaters. It is 113 minutes long and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence, language and brief suggestive material.

Want to hear the SR editors discuss the film? Stay tuned to the Edge of Tomorrow episode of the #SRUnderground podcast.

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  1. Clever premise, with perfect logic until the last thirty seconds when the whole logic unravels so everyone ( except the aliens) can live happily ever after, there is no logic to the reset if all the aliens stay dead ! Spoiled the whole film for me.

    • Thank you for voicing that. I finally watched the film last night and felt exactly the same. It would’ve been a my better ending if they just left it at the explosion and then cut to news of aliens defeat IMHO. Great film otherwise!

  2. Edge of Tomorrow; is an awesome film & Tom Cruise made this movie work! Because, he really owned the non-combate military officer, who became a true top notched US Soilder. But this film with the “Time Loop,” Is self explainatoric. Therefore, “Reset the Day,” is eventually what Major Cage did, & saved humanity too! But, also he used the “Reset” to go back to get his “Wife…”

  3. Edge of Tomorrow, is a film about turning back the hands of time to defeat an Alien invasion that has come to Earth to Conquer. Then humans use the source of Alien intelligence to prevail. Tom and & Emily Blunt are starriffic in this must see film!!! :-)

  4. How did Cage come “back” after an event that could not have happened yet; he lands in the helicopter and is greeted by the corporal who shows him to a live broadcast of the General talking about the energy surge in Paris that disabled the mimics. This surge did not happen until at least the next morning? Could Cage then not only reset time but also change the chronological order of historical events, apparently setting the effect before the cause?

    • Think about it, Major Cage arrived in London to see the General the morning before the next day mission on the beach. Therefore, while in the General’s office. Cage then took “Dr. Carter’s device from his office. Then, as the movie shows. Cage said he didn’t have it. But, he kept it. Remember, he was a still a super solider, even when the Omega blood got on him when he completed the on screen conclussion. But then for him to save Sgt. Rita Vrataski, & J Squad. He went & did it by his self. Then, Major Cage went to go see Sgt. Vrataski the day before he met her on the beach. Remember, “Attention” (an office salute). Then this time she said to him,,”yes, what is it (?)”. Then he smiled. But the end credit song came on, “I need to know now, know now can you love me again…” Rick Schuman-Now you know???

  5. If I grasp all other aspects of the “loop” ability, the only one that leaves me wondering is this. If Omega resets time when an Alpha dies, why then didn’t the Alpha killed by Cage create an Omega reset.

    • JustSayin, good question. But, Major Cage (Tom) didn’t kill the Alpha. The Alpha serverilly ingeared Major Cage only. Then Cage dropped the belt of Granade that floated & went inside the Omega. Plus, Cage showed the Alpha the Pins before the explosion, & as soon as it exploded. That Alpha died along with all others & the Mimics. Therefore, there was no reset. So, if you’re still wonderful(?). Look up My other post…

      • I think you meant “wondering” instead of “wonderful” unless you’re really just complimenting justsayin?? lol :-P

  6. What if the Omega’s blood gives Cage the ability to reset, whenever, wherever, for any period or time sequence, however far in the past? This would let him be able to live forever, albeit in the same time contiuum (imagine reliving the 80s over and over again). And, if that’s true, he could set it up such that he never, really, dies. He just loops back to a time when he was, say, 24, and progresses from there. Taking this to the most illogical length, could he go back to just after his birth, taking with him all of the knowledge and experiences from before he reset time? This aspect is really never discussed in any of the blogs or commentaries I’ve seen.

    Now, why is a guy ..that.. old still a Major?!? He’d be the oldest Major in the history of the 7-tier officer ranking system. Or is this in deference to Cruise’s youth vanity? At the VERY LEAST, he should be a LT COL and likely in range for COL (O6). And, come to think of it, who would ever let a lowly Major be a spokesman? Majors are NEVER spokesmen. They just don’t rank and don’t have the credibility of their Commanding General, or their civilian public / press relations folks. Every time I see this movie, this issue really irks me.

  7. Yep, I already saw it twice in two separate screenings. Skipped a screening for a movie I haven’t yet seen just so I can see this movie again, lol.