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sr underground 147 edge of tomorrow Edge of Tomorrow – SR Underground Ep. 147

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode one-hundred forty-seven of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick, fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we review Edge of Tomorrow, interview composer Christophe Beck, and discuss the Doctor Strange director pick, and round-up Star Wars: Episode 7 news leaks.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 147 - Edge of Tomorrow

We review Edge of Tomorrow, interview composer Christophe Beck, and discuss the Doctor Strange director pick, and round-up Star Wars: Episode 7 news leaks.

[0:00] News: Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ To Be Directed by ‘Sinister’ Helmer Scott Derrickson, ‘Doctor Strange’ Rumor: Will Jared Leto Play the Sorcerer Supreme?, New ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Set Images Tease the Millennium Falcon and More‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Cast Adds Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie, Second ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff Film Snags ‘Fantastic Four’ Director, and Sigourney Weaver Speculates on a Possible ‘Alien 5′.

[58:29] Review: Edge of Tomorrow (read our full written Edge of Tomorrow review).

[1:26:19]  SPOILERS: Edge of Tomorrow (join our Edge of Tomorrow spoilers discussion and ending explained post).

[1:57:38] Rants and Raves: Interview with Edge of Tomorrow composer Christophe Beck.

[2:24:07] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



Next Week: 22 Jump Street and How to Train Your Dragon 2

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (Maleficent opening): Sal reports that The Prince That Was Promised won with a perfect 15.

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  • 22 Jump Street - 3,000+
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2 - 4,100

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  • The Signal – 100+

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Music by Omarie B. Williams (@OmarieWilliams)

Guest: Perri Nemiroff (@PNemiroff)

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  1. Hey guys, quick question:

    I posted this in the Open Discussions thread, but thought it would be easier to find an answer here. In the last scenes of “Edge of Tomorrow” when Tom Cruise is watching the news, you can see Lara Pulver standing in front of him. Did she have scenes which were cut from the final product? Because there is no way she was just an extra, she’s too damn attractive and it was too distracting seeing her in the scene. Do y’all know anything about that?

    • I know there were a couple famous people whose scenes were cut – it’s certainly possible that she was one of them.

      • Korath: “Who?”

        • “Nevermind.”

  2. Dear Ben. (I posted this before but misspelled your last name)
    I come here to screen rant licking my wounds and acknowledge that I was “Dramatically” WRONG! When it came to this weeks box office I never expected EoT to get blown out of the water by almost 20mil, come in third and not crack 30 mil. I truly did underestimate the Twilight like cult following of the fault in our stars.
    its to bad for Cruise because it truly was an awesome performance on his part and EoT is a great movie. Luckily for him the world box office still loves him and should still make good money when its all said and done.

    • Ha! Funny you mention that, we mentioned that comment on the podcast but didn’t mention you specifically. Ya, it was a bummer (though The Fault in Our Stars was a solid movie too). I definitely didn’t expect Edge of Tomorrow to come in at number 3 though.

      No hard feelings at all.

  3. Unfortunately ben, people jumped to spend their money on the marvel brand, godzilla and malificient.
    Edge of tommorrow was an A movie. Best science fiction movie of tom’s career and the best sci fi
    Fiction this year so far. Movie had great actors, great depth, action and visual effects and special
    Effects. I passed up xmen 5 to see edge of tommorrow and love the ending to eot. Saw xmen 5 on
    You and glad i did not pay to see that.

  4. Box Office Battle
    1 How to Train Your Dragon 2
    2 22 Jump Street
    3 Maleficent
    4 The Fault in our Stars
    5 Edge of Tomorrow
    10 Neighbors

  5. THIS is the movie I want to see

  6. How to train your dragon 2
    22 jump street
    Fault in our stars
    Edge of tomorrow

  7. Wow perrys really bitter about EoT and Tom Cruise. Blame your friends for over hype, not the movie.
    My explanation, more goop, more loop.

    Also he has to die every day for the reason that his body would replace the blood

    Dont nitpick a movie to death people, its not smart or satisfying, you can do it literally with any movie. Its not like theres gaping holes.
    But….how it shouldve ended;
    Rita goes to fight the Alpha as cage goes to set off the bomb thinking shes dead.
    The Omega starts to move and resets the day but the bomb has already gone off damaging it
    It turns out Rita killed the Alpha and got blood on her again.
    Rita comes to retrieve Cage while he is in J squad and recognizes him as Major and tells the others to show some respect

    • Also I live in Kentucky.
      Not Science Hill, people loved the shout out though, I preferred Cruises retort about science.

    • For my part, I quite enjoyed the ending (and absolutely loved the whole film). I much prefer the way the film actually ended to any (derivative and boring, imo) ending where theu start all over again with the EXACT same plot device. The implications of Cage now possessing the DIRECT and precise power of the Omega instead of any straining through an Alpha’s blood is MUCH more interesting to me.

      I hope EoT does excellently internationally, at least. It deserves to experience a great run and a lot of success.

      • I doubt he has the power.
        Also it completes the the beginning of the story without ignoring it completely instead of a boring and easy (imo) it never happened and
        Cage a coward, proved himself to the toughest soldier as a hero even though he doesnt or anyone else knows it, and she redeems him.

        • cody…

          We’ll simply continue to disagree, then, as I saw the ultimate reset (in conjunction with the very telling showing of the Omega’s blood infusing Cage completely “earlier”) as evidence that Cage had regained AND newly gained the power he previously possessed and more. Since this film was his story, and he yet retained his skills and experiences…and the resulting confidence…AND was able to see his desires through, I count the viewing experience as complete and worthwhile.

          If you did not, that’s fine.

          • Most likely he was only able to turn back time because the remnants and components of the omega were there to use

  8. I’m blown away by how so many people are confused by this movie. The script is brilliant and the chick you guys got on this podcast is so clueless it actually hurts. LOL she didn’t even know the omega was a living being… There is a difference between an opinion and an informed opinion! No wonder she doesn’t freaking get it! (And that was a hilarious awkward moment you guys had there with her LOL)The fact that she hates that cruise comes in like the shining knight at the end is evidence of it when that is one of the best parts of the movie. Everyone is saluting because of his rank but now he actually deserves it he went from coward PR guy to full blown decorated war hero bad ass who sacrifices his life for the world by the end… It was a beautiful redemption scene at the end for the character. OMG she was SOOOOOO annoying!!!

    And I don’t even get how some of you guys don’t even get why the relationship is one sided. For Rita it’s only been hours with Cruise but for Tom it’s been years, decades maybe even centuries since he says it feels like an “eternity” for him. Of course it’s one sided but she gives him a kiss at the end because she realizes that this guy is giving his all like a true soldier with no reset (Like her) and she realizes that he’s been saving the day for so long…

    The reason most people don’t get the ending is because they don’t understand the premise that once the first Alpha dies and gives the power to Cruise, that alpha is dead for good. He doesn’t reset with Cruise at the beach again he is gone! That’s why we never see him again and the second alpha at the damn is not the same alpha at the beginning and the third alpha in Paris is most likely a different one than the one at the damn as well. I had a friend that thought there was only one alpha (No wonder he was confused.)Once the Omega died like the first alpha he no longer resets. He is DONE! But his blood still gives Cruise the power to reset. That’s why all the other aliens die too since they can’t live without the omega.

    And the reason Cruise wakes up at the helicopter the last time is because all the other times he died it was the next day after the beach attack. When they kill the omega it’s on the very night he gets sent to the camp hence being brought back earlier…

    It was a sophisticated movie and unfortunately it requires a sophisticated mind to appreciate it. I just hope the strong word of mouth keeps it going over the coming weeks here in the U.S because it’s crushing overseas and deservingly so.

    And the religious bigotry shown towards Cruise you guys talked about really is shameful. All the guy keeps doing is making good caliber entertaining movies. I Can’t wait for MI5!

  9. There’s your Dinosaur Xenomorph.


    • :O

  10. Just got back from seeing this movie.
    It was excellent.

    Best Sci-Fi I’ve seen in a long time!
    It’s a shame, and a little confusing, that it did so poorly.

    The person in charge of marketing should be fired!

  11. I got no problems with this film at all , we can all argue about the rules of time travel but nobody knows nothing.

  12. Planet Hulk vs Aliens

  13. I think ben’s mistaken as to how Cruise comes to be able to reset time. Cruise doesn’t, in truth; the Omega does. Cruise doesn’t take the power to reset time from the Omega thru the Alpha’s blood, instead Cruise compels the Omega to do so by becoming a sort of Alpha and dying. (The Omega resets time if ever one dies, remember?) I don’t know about the ending, however.

  14. Yes, Edge of Tomorrow could have been better but I thought it was a lot of fun and I liked that they let us in on the later iterations of certain moments; certainly after Groundhog Day and Source Code and the first 30 minutes of this they can trust us to understand what’s been going on and why it’s only relevant to see a scene until it’s addressed for the nth time.
    Very cool that Ant pointed out how great Bill Paxton was in this, I was surprised that he could be this much fun and steal all those scenes. I would have liked to see him go on the final mission just because he had be so much fun.
    The end was a bit of a cheat but it’s not a deal breaker; since we’re so in the dark about the mimic time control rules they could justify it in many different ways. I wonder if a sequel might be a possibility… Ant’s idea was funny and actually pretty cool!

    • Oh yeah, and I actually liked the kiss! I mean the chemistry was there and they were facing imminent death!

  15. Ahhhh, they rewrote the ending? I knew it. I told everyone. Studio Interference. You guys read my comments.

  16. I want more team-up films! Bring on Beetlejuice Meets the Ghostbusters!!

  17. Anthony is 100% correct at 1hr 54min.

    Its funny you guys and comic book fans in general were just gushing over DoFP even though that film had more inconsistencies and plot holes then any film this year. Not to mention the final act was just a repackaging of the First Class ending and a circle jerk of the same speeches Magnito has been giving since The Last Stand. I literally felt deja vu watching that film in theaters. If DoFP wasn’t an X-Men film, it’d been crucified by internet over analysts just like this one. But it gets a pass apparently since its a superhero film.

    Trying to have a discussion about a time travel movie these days is hilarious. Everyone talks as if they’ve done it themselves. Its really not complicated and I don’t think this film was “trying to be smart”. I thought this film and DoFP were pretty straight forward. They were interesting, not “trying to be smart”, theres a difference.

    And yeah, can we drop the Tom Cruise hate thing? I keep hearing him mentioned like “ugh, a Cruise film” or like in this podcast “they Tom Cruise’d it”. What does that even mean? Lol. Everyone (not SR) is being biased even though Ghost Protocol, Jack Reacher, Oblivion, and now Edge of Tomorrow are all better then 90% of the films most of these veteran high paid actors are making at this point. They’re also better then most of the filler crap we’ve been getting from DC/Marvel/Sony/Fox that we seem to love. Cruise is actually trying to make blockbusters that are different. This film wasn’t even in my top 5 most anticipated films of this summer, yet it ended up being the most refreshing one.

    If this was a “average B-movie”, what the hell were Man of Steel and Transformers 3…….

  18. I’m actually from little ol’ Science Hill, Ky! There not much to it but it’s home ;) I would love to know why they put my hometown in the movie. If anyone knows I would love to know :) Go Science Hill, Ky!! <3

  19. Perry’s a sucker for trusting so deeply in her friend’s hype of a film. When I have friends that say “You have to go see it!” I will give them some level of trust in that it’s probably good, but I’m also automatically skeptical because I know some people don’t notice things in a movie that are terrible, and only come away from it with the good parts. So when they say how great a movie is, I go in thinking “hm, will this live on to what Mike said about it?” I’m never disappointed when a movie doesn’t live up to hype, because I go in knowing it probably won’t.

    Side issue, but jesus I can’t handle Perry’s voice, it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard. Especially when she cranks up the volume to say yet again she hated the ending. I got it the 4th or 5th time.

    • Totally agree. We’ll definitely ask Perri to change her voice the next time she’s on ;)

      • I think we all know people can’t and shouldn’t have to just “change their voice.” So nice snotty retort Ben. :P Still love ya. Usually.

  20. How do you guys have someone as ignorant as Perry in a conversation about Edge of Tomorrow when she doesn’t even understand that the Omega is the big boss? I haven’t heard someone sound so stupid in a very long time…
    you guys should do a better job vetting people before doing a podcast.

  21. There is a movie that came out in 2009 called triangle it’s a story about a woman who has to live die and repeat she is trapped in a time loop I think.. don’t really remember it that well, but it doesn’t have aliens or high stakes or anything like that it is a little confusing but its what I thought about when I watched edge of tomorrow

  22. I wonder why nobody mentioned the Manga “All you need is Kill” that it’s based off of. I actually clears up a lot of questions but also answer why certain directions were made.