‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Ending & Time Travel Explained

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Edge of Tomorrow Ending Spoilers Edge of Tomorrow Ending & Time Travel Explained

Based on the Japanese novel All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, Edge of Tomorrow tells the story of Major William Cage (Tom Cruise), a man who is forced onto the front lines for a major military operation against invading aliens known as “Mimics.” Untrained and unprepared for combat, Cage is killed within minutes – only to wake up 24 hours earlier with no choice but to relive (and die) the same day over and over.

Like many time travel (or time loop) stories, Edge of Tomorrow relies on heady exposition and mind-bending sci-fi ideas which may confuse certain moviegoers. For that reason, we’re here to help breakdown the Major Cage’s ability to “reset” time, as well as explain the film’s ending. Our discussion is going to be full of SPOILERS from here on out – for both Edge of Tomorrow and the All You Need is Kill source material. READ NO FURTHER unless you’re all caught up. You have been warned.








The Source of Time Looping

June Preview Edge of Tomorrow Edge of Tomorrow Ending & Time Travel Explained

In the opening moments of the film, we learn that Major Cage is a government-sponsored talking head who refuses to document the UDF campaign “Project Downfall” from the front lines. Branded a deserter, Cage is forced into military service (as part of J-squad) on the eve of a massive offensive, waking up at Heathrow airport in handcuffs (the starting point for the time loops he experiences throughout the film).

In spite of rigorous planning and secrecy, the Mimics see the attack coming and the offensive turns into a massacre – wiping out humanity’s last line of defense. On the ground, Cage watches as J-Squad and UDF war hero Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) are mercilessly slaughtered by orange-tinted Mimic drones. During the fracas, Cage comes face to face with a blue colored “Alpha” Mimic, exterminating the creature as its acidic blood rains down on his face, killing him. That Alpha blood gives Cage the ability to “loop” (aka reset time by a day).

Edge of Tomorrow Aliens Rita Vrataski Edge of Tomorrow Ending & Time Travel Explained

Through countless trial and error attempts, Cage manages to befriend Vrataski and her physicist confidant Dr. Carter (Noah Taylor) who explain their theories on Mimic physiology. Carter asserts that the Mimics, named for their uncanny ability to adapt to human military strategies, are a highly-evolved hive mind capable of controlling time. At the center of the collective is the “Omega” Mimic, an extremely large and powerful creature that serves as the brain of the Mimic force but is hidden far away from the battlefield for its own protection.

Where the normal orange-colored Mimics are basic workers/pawns, sent into battle for the sole purpose of killing enemies, the Omega also employes the use of the blue-tinted Alphas, who serve as the eyes and ears of the Omega on the front lines. Unlike basic Mimics, Alphas are precious to the collective, and thanks to their direct link to the Omega, contain the head creature’s time-controlling essence in their blood. Should an Alpha die, the Omega resets time but retains the knowledge of everything that went wrong on the battlefield – allowing the creature to make tactical adjustments accordingly, and gain an upper hand in the new time cycle.

The highly-evolved power to wind back the clock is responsible for the extraterrestrial’s unrelenting adaptation to human military efforts, as well as the reason Mimics were able to see Cage’s invasion force coming: because the Omega had already watched it all happen in a previous timeline, and had mapped out a different strategy following one or many resets. In effect, the Omega is able to turn any fight that it experiences into an elaborate trap – until Cage inadvertently hijacks the time-loop ability.


The Rules of Time Looping

edge of tomorrow tom cruise Edge of Tomorrow Ending & Time Travel Explained

At the time of his first death, Cage is drenched in the blood of a dying Mimic, essentially transferring the Omega’s time control ability to Cage. After saving her on the French battlefield, Vrataski reveals that she had experienced the same looping phenomenon during an assault at Verdun, but subsequently lost the ability after she was severely injured and bleeding out. During her time looping, she worked with Dr. Carter to understand how the time reset ability actually worked – attempting to find out if it could be transferred to others via physical contact, blood, or other bodily fluids.

The pair came to the conclusion that only one organism (Mimic or Man) could be in charge of the reset at any given time – meaning that when Rita acquired the ability, the Omega no longer had control, giving Vrataski (and later Cage) a temporary edge. The Alpha blood also caused Vrataski (and eventually Cage) to have visions of the Omega’s hidden location, and Dr. Carter surmised that if they could find the creature in time, before a reset, they could wipe out the entire Mimic invasion force – since the creatures were all extensions of the Omega. As it turns out, Vrataski and Cage’s “visions” were actually traps, planted by the Omega after it had figured out who was in control of the loop – by drawing Rita (and later Cage) to an isolated location, the Omega hoped to reclaim its looper blood, so that the Mimics could regain control of the time reset.

Edge of Tomorrow Alpha Mimic Edge of Tomorrow Ending & Time Travel Explained

Cage manages to survive the Omega’s trap (by drowning himself) and the encounter encourages him to revisit an abandoned piece of technology that Dr. Carter had built – based on the appearance of Vrataski’s original visions – to track the Omega by hijacking an Alpha’s connection to the Omega. After a number of resets, Cage and Vrataski successfully acquire the gadget, and Cage uses the device on himself (since his body contains Alpha blood), quickly locating the Omega. Yet, during their attempted escape with the device, UDF infantry destroy their getaway car, leaving Cage injured and bleeding out. He awakens hours later with an IV pumping fresh blood into his arm, having lost the ability to reset time – just like Vrataski had months earlier.

As a result, control of the loop reverts to the Omega - but, unless an Alpha is killed, Cage and Vrataski still have time to travel to the creature’s location and destroy it. The pair enlist the help of J-Squad, who Cage manages to convince of the time loop (thanks to the countless hours he’s spent with each of them in prior loops), and the soldiers set out for Paris – where the Omega is concealed underneath the Louvre. No longer able to reset time, Cage and his team only have one shot to kill the Omega, and are tasked with the added challenge of not killing an Alpha. As mentioned, should the team kill inadvertently kill an Alpha, the Omega would reset time, and Cage would not retain any of the memories of his previous exploits.


The Ending Explained

edge tomorrow tom cruise emily blunt1 Edge of Tomorrow Ending & Time Travel Explained

J-Squad is killed-off one at a time while escorting Cage and Vrataski to the Lourve - where entry to the Omega’s lair is guarded by an Alpha. Vrataski sacrifices herself in order to distract (without killing) the Alpha, while Cage tries to destroy the Omega, which is hiding in a flooded portion of the parking garage. As Cage swims downward, he is impaled (and mortally wounded) by the Alpha, who spears him through the chest with a tentacle; in spite of his injury, Cage manages to release a cluster of grenades. The explosion kills the Omega, and since it is the brain of the Mimic collective, its death causes the remainder of its kind on Earth to wither and die, putting an abrupt end to the alien invasion.

Even though Cage survives the detonation, he is doomed to die – that is, until the Omega’s blood, rising through the water, seeps into his wound. As Cage dies he regains control of the Mimic’s ability to reset time – this time waking up hours before he was ever arrested (his usual start point in the loop). Furthermore, certain actions from the previous loop are retained – while others are not. The Mimics are dead following an unknown event (unknown to everyone but Cage) below the Louvre. Yet, J-Squad and Vrataski have all been resurrected, with no knowledge of their role in eliminating the Mimics during the prior time cycle.

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  1. Great movie. I loved it. Nice to see some good Sci-Fi. I didn’t like Oblivion so this was a good restart for me(no pun intended).

  2. I wonder how many times Cage may have restarted from the helicopter to figure out that he had to get to the front lines. I think he had restarted from that point before. Maybe not.

    • What the Hell are you talking about?

  3. The only problem is which time travel theory are they working with. Before he killed the omega everything happened as it should at each time unless he changed it. Which he did, so in theory if he went back in time then since he kills it in the future, shouldn’t it always have died in the future. Is time linear in this, meaning one flow in which each event is always occurring over and over in order to go back to that event. Or does each time travel occurrence create another timeline in which events are Undecided. Or is time more River like in which you throw a Pebble in the river it still finds a way to flow around it in order to get to its previous designed path. It takes a significant event to change its path to something new and not designed. In which Case his killing of the omega would be just that.

    • They use the doctor who “fixed point in time” for the Omega and its power. It’s outside timelines. So when it dies, it cannot reset time for itself (one could argue Omegas cannot reset time for themselves, but only its brainchildren, and would not be interlinked with other Omegas, think parent-child relations in programming). Think of it like a time bubble, its death doesn’t happen at a certain time or location, it just… happens. So when Cage uses the blood to go back one last time, he carries with him the energy of the last time dilation, effectively “popping the bubble” the Omega was in.

      Hopefully that makes sense…

  4. My one question is why they tried to escape after they found out where the Omega was. They should have not risked him getting hurt and just shot Cage right away.

    • They couldn’t. Had they reset once more, the Omega would have known it was found out and moved again… Making the visions not necessarily untrue, but alterable since the Omega is guarded by Alphas, and the killing of an Alpha lets Omegas reset.

      So in effect, he HAD to lose the power to be able to find it without it foreseeing that happening.

  5. The only thing that didnt make since to me was this: the fact that the omega had the ability to reset time only after death triggered it (either by the alpha or cage). The alpha and cage didnt have the time reset power, just the trigger (via death) for the omega. So if the omega was destroyed, how could time be reset just because cage got more blood? The alpha died at that moment too and would have triggered but the omega was gone at that point. No omega, no time reset.

    • That isn’t really explained but the Omega could just be another level in the reset. Remember the alphas and Omega don’t seem to need anything from Earth so it would appear as though they are a pre invasion force to clear out the most dangerous creature on the planet. Then hold the planet for a colonization. The ability for him to be reset to a time before his arrest and the omega disappearing at that stage would suggest the Omega chose another tactic when it was reset.

      Or he became the Omega on earth and was able to choose what was reset and when. That would open up the chance for the third tier of the reset to not realize that humans were in control of the planet and they would send their colonization force.

      If their colonization force did not show up for a few thousand years. The genes passed on by him and his family down through the ages May level out the playing field against a race that can manipulate time.

      Of course there is the other chance that the Omega has a 48 hour reset as opposed to the alpha having a 24 hour reset. thereby giving the Omega the chance to leave before it would be killed.

      This could open up the possibility of the Omega being a test for advanced races. Kind of a if they can kill an Omega this must be a race with close to our level of intelligence. the human race would no longer have to worry about alien invasion because they would feel that they could fight it off. the human race would know that alien enemies exist and that would open up the possibility for alien allies to exist.

      the other possibility is its not a time skip or loop but a dimensional shift. shifting to a different dimension where everything was the same except for the mind of the traveler. the Omega could have decided to leave him in a dimension and move on to the next one.

      • See my later post about the time difference in the final wake up

      • Very Good very good specially that last part. Its true .. i think this could be dimensional.. and when it comes to time travel and dimensions well.. the possibilities are endless so hence its possible for many prequels and sequels to this. I would to know more about the origins of the Omega’s and new even more powerful alien races to challenge man kind. They could even turn this into an Independence day thing. I thought the groundhog day thing may be lame but they worked it out well. The chick is hot and smart i like the action chicks with tough characters. Excellent blog i shall repost for my amusement as well as the man hot women on my facebook. Don’t worry i wont hijack your blog blood and use it as my own ill give you full credit.

        • That was in reply to abdominal’s comment didn’t see anything that pointed out it was in reply to his or her comment. Abdominal email me your fb if you don’t mind, as a man with a superior intellect i like to be amused lol dimensionalcrusader@yahoo.com and no i didn’t make this email just because we are talking about dimensions .. i am the original Dimensional Crusader, Starlord, Doctor who, Q, they have nothing on me hahahahahhaah lol

    • The short answer is this: The blood Cage got at the end was not Alpha blood, but the blood of the Omega itself.

      When the Claymore mine exploded, he got splashed with Alpha blood just as the Alpha’s death triggered a reset. By doing so, he hijacked that Alpha’s “place” in the time-warping network.

      At the end of the movie, when the Omega died, all the Alphas also died with it. The death of all these Alphas would trigger a reset.. except that as you correctly mentioned, there is no Omega.
      UNTIL Cage absorbed the Omega’s blood. At that point, he took the Omega’s “place” in the time-warping network. Essentially, he became the new Omega.

      With him seated in the Omega’s “place” in the network, the mass deaths of every Alpha could now trigger a reset, except instead of the alien brain being sent back, Cage was sent back instead (as the Omega).

      However, only one being can be “seated” in each “place” in the network. So when Omega-Cage went back to his sleeping body on the helicopter ride, the alien Omega was destroyed.
      Cage wouldn’t wake up till a few hours later, with the sun streaming through the helicopter window.. by then the alien brain was already dead for a few hours, and the General was already making his announcement on TV about all the Mimics falling dead.

      Note that if this holds true, as an unimportant corollary, when Cage got splashed with the Alpha’s blood the first time on the beach and made his very first reset, moments after time snapped back to the quiet morning with Cage in cuffs, that same Alpha spontaneously died quietly somewhere in France (in the same way the alien Omega dies when Omega-Cage resets at the end of the film).
      This is because only one being can be seated in that “place” in the network, and Cage hijacked it from the Alpha.

  6. The Omega and its Alphas exist outside time. The Omega is about self-preservation. Normally the Omega would reset time when an Alpha (or one with Alpha blood) is killed to ensure its survivial through the use of information up to that point. In the end, however, the Omega cannot reset time to ensure its survival because it cannot ever prevent the falling, live grenades from killing it. The Omega sees the inevitable checkmate a step ahead because the grenades are falling before Cage dies. Knowing that it will die as long as Cage is playing the game, the Omega knows that its only way to survive now is to reset time such that the Omega abandons the game before there is a game to be played by Cage. That is why when Cage wakes up at the end, the Mimics are already being defeated — the Omega abandoned the game before Cage is put “in play” by events beyond its control (it does not directly control human behavior) in order to prevent Cage from inevitably killing him later. It also explains why Cage retains his memory — the Omega is still alive to preserve it. It also means, helpfully, that the Omega remains alive and can have other plans for the sequel.

    • This actually makes more sense than most

    • Good explanation, but I hope there isn’t a sequel. Reason? A second, sci-fi Ground Hog’s Day with the same characters would be AWFUL. What’s the other option: a 2 hour “let’s hunt the big alien for real this time” movie?

      No thanks.

      This movie was good as-is, and should just be left as a standalone. Sort of like…Inception. Just leave it be a smart, stylistic, well-written solo movie.

    • Best explanation thus far. For Tom to be alive AND remember all the previous events the Omega still has to be alive-in him. It’s a razor thin line to have him and an alive Omega but this is possible.
      So he’s watching the news that all the squids are dead. How? He killed the Omega in the future but was only able to reset time to the point of him being in the Helicopter(I guess there is a limit to the distance the Omega can travel back in time. Hence the invasion, and destruction of civilization to that point still is in effect)At the same time he carried with him the Omegas ability to go into the past (the maximum distance of time travel) and him being the Omega “ordered” through himself the self destruction of all the squids. Keep in mind by “allowing” Tom to kill him and stop the invasion the Omega was able to as Adam said “take itself” out of the game by basically having the invasion stop and presumably the Omega zoom away to another planet. The Omega live on.

  7. The reason he was sent back in the end to the helicopter

    for purposes im assigning time to certain events to follow better

    him waking on the helipoter is day 1 hour 0

    When he dies on the beach it is day 2 hour 12

    which with the mimics power resets him back to the base time Day 1 hour 12

    so when he finally loses his power he goes to paris,

    When he dies in paris and gets the mimics powers for the second time at say Day 2 hour 0

    Since he got the new powers on Day 2 hour 0, when he dies it resets him back 24 hours
    to Day 1 hour 0, which is on the helicopter

    this is what i got out of it

    essentially when he got the power the second time its lot earlier then when he got it the first time, so he was sent further back in time

    he still has the mimics powers
    my guess on omega death
    The mimics died twice, once at Day 2 hour0 and when Cruise goes back in time to Day 1 hour 0, thus ending the war and movie

    The omegas death is now a mark event in time, due to cruise having the omegas blood, so when cruise goes back to Day 1 hour 0, cruise having the omega’s blood cause the current day 1 hour 0 omega to die as well

    • See my later post about the time difference of the final wake up. No calculations needed.

  8. Looks like this answered all my doubts barring the ones’s below!

    1. What was the relevance of Rita sharing her middle name (Rose)? Reason I ask is it was dramatic enough for me to think there’s going to be some incident that may come later in the movie.

    2. Cage mentions that Rita will find her brother in the Arcade soon. Doesn’t happen either!

    3. How does Rita realize that she has lost the power to reset the time? The only sure way to know is to die which she apparently didn’t!

    • Well,

      1- It would show her on the next resets that they got so close she could share her middle name with him. I think it served a sentimental value primarily, but it would also make her trust him much faster on the next resets thereby speeding up their attempts to destroy the omega (there’s no indication that it made a difference though).

      2- I don’t remember that. On which scene was it?

      3- That’s the only sure way, yes. But Cage says that he actually “felt” he could no longer reset the day, so it seems like that ability gives some sort of strange feeling to its possessor, which is lost with the loss of the ability.

      • Regarding point 2:

        @Theos: While driving in the minivan Cage tries to get Rita to talk. He claims she told him a story on a previous iteration about visiting Lyon with her family (presumably as a child). In the story her brother gets lost but they later find him in the arcade.

        @Jugz: He was either recounting a story she told him, or he was making it up just to break the ice and get her to talk. Either way, it regarded an event from her past (real or fabricated). I don’t think it was a prediction that they were going to find her brother in the course of the movie.

  9. The main problem with all this is that it is based on overly convoluted and “convenient” rules, hammered into shape to serve the plot rather than forming a workable, coherent backstory for a basically believable sci fi cosmos. For instance, the idea that alpha blood transfers time control powers to humans is ludicrous, even by sci fi standards. It’s way too much of an achilles heel for the bad guys. If they were really this vulnerable to having their time travel hijacked, how is it that they could be so successful that they would ever have made it to Earth? Or is the human race just lucky that we have this hijacking ability? Once again, too convenient – why should humans have any abilities related to some alien species that evolved on another planet?

    Similarly, the notion that the hijacking ability fades just because you get a blood transfusion is absurd. Cruise just got splattered with it, it wasn’t injected into him, therefore even a little of it must be very powerful. A blood transfusion is not total replacement of blood, so even though the alpha blood is super powerful, adding some human blood somehow neutralizes it? Doesn’t wash.

    It’s a sure sign of bad sci fi when the story will only work if blah blah blah blah and then blah blah happens but also blah blah plus not blah blah….nope, it needs to be like this: blah blah and then blah. Boom. Keep it simple. This is particularly vital in a fast-paced action movie where the last thing the audience is interested is trying to follow a bunch of convoluted rules pulled out of some writers’ ass and made even more convoluted by the desperate attempt to patch over all the plot holes.

    • Feel better now?

  10. i loved this movie… i thought when he went directly to Vrataski that he had a plan to make sure she would live thru a more planned out destruction of the Omega. He would have his rank and knowledge and the General would be no problem. I had thought of course that she had died and he defeated the Omega which he did but when the reset came up i was like WHAAAAT ??? thinking about it and with that smile at the end it looks like he is going for doing it again… knowledge is power and they now have all the power… to do it so very little happens to each player… they could even bomb the Louvre… and they both would live etc..Literary licence is fun and the screenwriters or author of the story took full advantage of that with this ending… he reset and has more power to control it with the Omega blood.

    • Sorry to burst you’re bubble, but at the end when time was reset to the beginning of the movie, it was made abundantly clear that due to an unknown event (only Cage knows), the mimics all died and the human armies were taking back the land unopposed…

  11. The end doesn’t make any sens , the Omega should be omniscient and should never be killed.
    If you want to include that possibility(which would be a voluntary suicide from the Omega),then,the very existence of the Omega should be erased from this world and not just killed in a paradoxical reality a few hours ago …

  12. He received the worst curse possible if you think about it. No matter how long he lives, or when he dies he will always reset and relive everything in an eternal loop. Mnakind will never progress past his lifespan.

    • No, thats not true, he can have his blood removed like he did before

  13. I have a alternate theory on how the omega functions. The current theory suggests that the omega is the brain and all the alphas are just pawns of it, but we are only going on a hypothesis that the doctor had. I envision the mimic physiology more like a group of people playing some sort of rts online(bear with me here) The alphas are the conscious brains, or players, the beta mimics are the units that the alphas control, and the omega is the server. The omega doesn’t actually control anything. It is a nerve that has reflexes. Like when you go to the doctor and they hit you below the knee with that rubber hammer. It doesn’t choose to reset time, It is it’s reflex to getting a disconnect on one of its players. It resets to the last save point, or point when the alpha was awakened. Now for some reason, the human nervous system is able to hack into the system during a reboot if it is mixed with what we assume is alpha blood, but could be unrelated to the blood, and may be a sort of singular quantum entangled particle within the blood. We don’t know that the addition of blood is what caused the ability to be lost, perhaps it was the loss of the blood with that particle. It could have been passed to cage when he blew up the alpha, but because the particle fell onto him during the split second when the alpha was still alive, that alphas death did not trigger the reset, cage’s did. Even without cage, the battle continues as normal, and no other alphas die, so perhaps more than one can control it, but only the one who dies remembers what happened. By this reasoning, it was the blood lost during the accident that caused cage to lose the ability not the blood he was given.

  14. It makes no sense to me. The ending is crazy. How can he have blood in him of something that is dead now and killed all of its kind. Also why is the army still training to go to that beach when ALL ALIEN LIFE is dead. Why did he wake up in the helicopter.

    • Unsure, but it probably involves a break from the reality we know and “love”.

      The Army still training to go to that beach. Better safe then sorry, no?

      Why did he wake up in the helicopter. See other comments for your answer.

      • Remember that the whole military base was on a communications black out with the outside world…maybe they didnt know yet?

    • That was a Hollywood addition – in the book, he detonates the grenades, killing himself along with the Omega, ending all the aliens as well. End of story. I hate it when they tack on a happy ending that really doesn’t make sense.

  15. It makes no sense to me. The ending is crazy. How can he have blood in him of something that is dead now and killed all of its kind. Also why is the army still training to go to that beach when ALL ALIEN LIFE is dead. Why did he wake up in the helicopter

  16. So, what you’re saying is “Edge of Tomorrow” steals from both *Ender’s Game* (Orson Scott Card’s classic SF novel, which became a film starring, among others, Harrison Ford) and the film *Looper* starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. So glad I didn’t watch this Tom Cruise vehicle.

    • Cynic much?

  17. The problem is with the 24 hour reset established by the director. It seemed as though Cage’s resets were occurring at the base when his actual resets were occurring from the helicopter when Cage starts his day.

    • See my later post about the time

    • If you remember, when Cage resets for the first time he reacts in a way that heavily suggests he had just experienced death a split second earlier. This means that the reset point was in fact on the base.

  18. OK so, I have a differing theory from above.
    So, my main question is how on earth could the lead actress know that she no longer has the ability to die and relive the same day over and over again without having died (which would have failed resulting in her, you know not living anymore…) So my theory is she CAN still repeat the day over and over but has gotten totally sick of it and is repeating her day since Verdum. This is happening on top of Tom Cruise’s character doing the same.
    So when eventually they kill the Omega she remembers all this s*** and does it before Tom Cruise does anything, hence why the Omega is dead but the past has repeated itself.

  19. I think the theory about the waking moment being the point of restart makes some sense in regards to the initial reset loop. However, it does not explain the ending because remember that Cage woke up in the hospital bed after bleeding out, making that the first waking moment and not on the helicopter at the beginning. The theory that could explain the ending is that with the Omega blood, Cage gained the ability to chose the restart point. (As I typed this, I realized that if the mimics are gone then the timeline in which Cage ended up on that hospital bed never would have occurred…see this is the mark of a good movie, if you are thinking about it in depth after you see it lol) Oh, one more thing. The device that allowed Cage to find the true location of the Omega would be utterly pointless if it was used as intended. When Cage used it, Cage was the one who saw the location. So if it was somehow used on an Alpha, all you would accomplish is showing the Alpha where the Omega is. Then you would have to somehow communicate with the hostile alien and have it tell you where to go. Very spotty logic with that device, and this is reinforced by the fact that Dr. Carter was confused when Cage and Vrataski came up with the idea to use the device on Cage. Also, why is Cage hesitant to stick the thing in his leg, he has died THOUSANDS of times….I’m pretty sure his self-preservation instincts would be long gone. Okay, end of rant.

  20. How come there’s a reset when the omega is killed. The omega as stated is the only one responsible in resetting time, while the alpha is sending a signal to reset time. Maybe there’s a second omega? somewhere we don’t know about………………… a sequel maybe?

  21. It’s three cream one suger bro :/

  22. How about one more whack theory. When Cage kills the alpha he absorbs the alpha’s connection to the omega and it’s ability to reset the day via that connection. When he dies he triggers the reset and wakes up getting his butt kicked just like the day before except that he has the memory of the prior day and he still has the alpha’s connection to the omega. That second day, as well as all the subsequent second days, there is one thing missing that was there the first day, the alpha that he killed. It should have been there but it is clearly missing. We know it’s not there and he just kills it or that would reset the day. Cage hijacks the alphas connection to the omega, resets the day, and at that instant when Cage returns to the past, that alpha dies immediately because it no longer has a connection to the omega. Without a connection to it’s brain, the omega, the alpha can’t survive.

    Fast forward to Cage blowing up the omega. The omega is dying and Cage once again is able to absorb this alien’s species communication link only this time Cage hijacks all of the omega’s links as well as the omega’s ability to reset time. It makes sense that the omega itself could trigger a reset just before dying as it would make the omega almost invincible.

    Cage hijacks the Omaga’s links to all it’s tumbleweeds from hell and triggers a reset. We know it’s before dawn because it’s still dark so a reset would put cage back when he was asleep in the chopper hours before it would land. At that instant he would be asleep in the chopper only know he has the memories of the past and he has the omega’s connections and time reset ability. The omega no longer has connections to all it’s body parts and they all die creating the power surge. Cage wakes up a few hours later to find the war over.

    When he goes to see Rita and she starts yelling at him, he should have said ‘hello Rose’

    • That is a very good explanation.. I too noticed the first Alpha, the one that died giving Cage the reset power, never appeared again in subsequent loops.

      I like it..

    • Finally someone said that cage should have said “hello rose” or I would say “we’ve done it rose”, without the need of explanation , instantly she would know that it was them that killed the omega!

  23. …..When cage was reset and ended up starting over where he is in the chopper, I saw it as he now gain the power of the Omega. He now is able to reset time as he see’s it. Who said their was no more mimics when it got to that point? The victory that was stated on the news was when the mimics “where loosing ground” that was a trap for the human race to through every thing we had at them. So this guy is confusing me a little on what he was talking about.

  24. At the end, when Tom Cruist goes to see Rita again, does she still have the mimic memories. If he were to tell her that he had them or that she told him to see her when he woke up, do you think she would remember? If so then he can finally get to know better and get together with her and tell her to come out of the military

  25. “The pair came to the conclusion that only one organism (Mimic or Man) could be in charge of the reset at any given time – meaning that when Rita acquired the ability, the Omega no longer had control”

    This is wrong. Towards the end of the movie, the J-Crew is instructed not to kill an Alpha, and to “take one for the team” if presented with a life or death situation involving an Alpha.

    This implies that the day will be reset when an Alpha is killed, giving the Omega, and all mimics, knowledge of how Cage got so close, and the ability to prevent it in the next timeline.

  26. That’s not really how I understood it,

    The Alpha’s ‘link’ is what is transferred to Cage, Cage cant reset time by himself, the Omega does it.
    When Cage gets killed, the Omega senses it’s an Alpha that got killed and resets the day.

    That aside, absolutely loved the movie.

  27. I accept the fist explaination you gave for why he woke up hours earlier. It was one of the issues I had with the movie. The other main issue I have is with Vrataski losing the time reset power. If time reset when she was killed then she wouldn’t be there to explain that she lost the power because without the power she’d be dead. How else would she know she no longer had the power unles she died and never woke up? If that makes sense.

  28. Loved this film. Quality sci-fi in a world of crap movies.

  29. Major Cage has become an omega, but on account of his humanity, he has become like a watcher from Marvell Comics. However with the added ability to choose the reality he wishes to inhabit.

  30. Well, he’d only keep it until his blood was swapped out.

    That doesnt only happen through transfusions though. After a certain amount of time, the blood in his veins would be replaced by new cells, essentially purging him of the power. So even if he did keep it, he wouldn’t keep it for the rest of his life.

  31. Let us say the Alpha’s blood contained some constiuents (ex. special particles) which grant to time travelling ability, and which ultimately seeped into Cage’s blood and cells.

    Cell building blocks are recycled to make new cells. Similarly, the special time-travelling particles also recycled into the new cells.

    Transfusion would remove these special particles dissolved in the bloodstream, thereby removing the time reset ability from a person.

  32. After a long hard think, this is what I think happened.
    The omega can reset time and everything around it, reincarnating everything it is more powerful then.
    But it can recarnate itself. So when it dies it dies permanently. Its blood was transferred to cage when it died. and when cage died he reset time again. With ought the reality of the omega being alive.

  33. After a long hard think, this is what I think happened.
    The omega can reset time and everything around it, reincarnating everything it is more powerful then.
    But it “cant” recarnate itself. So when it dies it dies permanently. Its blood was transferred to cage when it died. and when cage died he reset time again. With ought the reality of the omega being alive.

  34. This is what iI think happened. When everything restarted no one died. Not even the mimics. The biggest difference is, everyone now knows where they are. They wont be going to that beach, they will be going to the actual base, in Paris. How they came to know this i don’t know, so everything is restarted now they now where they actually are and going to attack them there

  35. Think Of it from the Omega’s point of view and the ending as a last ditch contingency plan to allow the Omega to retreat.

    Let’s say the the only being unaffected by the time reset is the alpha, or any being, that initiates the time reset. This means that when the death of an alpha occurs the only way that the Omega is made aware of what happened is by having the Alpha tell the Omega what happens. This would explain the necessity of keeping Alphas on the front lines.

    We also know that the Omega has some kind of subconscious, or telepathic link to all the Mimics and the time resetting Alphas. We can also assume that Cage has established a link with the Omega. How else would that interface contraption that the doctor made be able to locate the true location of the Omega otherwise. We can even deduce that it took time for the link between Cage and the Omega. (Or more accurately, Cage time) Perhaps as Cage became more aware of his ability and the existence of the Omega his connection to it was triggered. Once triggered the Omega would be aware that something was awry and would then react accordingly.

    We can assume the Omega is intelligent and aware of the possibility of humans using the time reset ability because it happened once with Rita and it prepared traps to lure out the time resetting humans in order to strip them of the power. If this is possible other contingency plans are also possible. Plans that would take into consideration the possible death of the Omega. (If a connection relays info to the Omega why not attack Cage at the base? Because killing him would accomplish nothing and preemptively attacking the humans to get to Cage would compromise the Aliens effort to eliminate humans as they attacked. Perhaps this was the Aliens last hope to finish off mankind.)

    Did the Omega know that Cage was disconnected? They killed the Omega as soon as they were able to locate it. Did the Omega have time resetting abilities? Obviously, if it passed them to Cage. We do know it was Cage that initiated the final time reset. And if Cage is reconnected to the Omega then the Omega is aware that Cage will win. So the Omega uses Cage to initialize a reset or whatever.

    One final reset from Cage and everything goes back to the past. Cage tips the past Omega that he kills it via renewed connection and the Omega bugs out. The reported power surge is a result of the Omega leaving planet and we have the possibility of a sequel.

    Nailed it. I win!

  36. When everything restarted, it is made abundantly known that the mimics have ceased all activity and that they all seem to have died. Also, even if everyone knew where the Omega was, the fact still remains that the mimics had conquered half of europe…so I’m pretty sure they would remain focused on that. Your logic is flawed and incomplete my friend, sorry.

  37. I’ve read most of the responses here, and pretty much every single explanation has some massive internal contradictions with the movie, or the rules it established.

    I can live with that. It’s time travel, and no explanation will never be able to make sense of that. However, the only major problem I had with the movie is why Vrataski didn’t kill Chase the second that he revealed to her where the Omega was (Louvre). Instead, she decided to continue the car chase, and they eventually crash, and she goes unconscious. Pretty s***** decision making on her part, and an insanely stupid risk to take. She should have kill him right away, so he’d start the day fresh with knowledge of where the Omega actually is, and no need to take the huge detour and pickup the contraption.

    I haven’t read a single response that addresses this. Why didnt she kill him? Why did she keep driving? Even if they DID get away unscathed, that would be an infinitely worse scenario compared to starting the day over and saving a shitload of hours.

  38. The only possible internal consistency violation is if the Alpha isn’t actually destroyed by Cage taking its place on the beach the first time. It appears that it is, as that Alpha does not appear either by the beach or anywhere near there again, even though it apparently was the one leading the Mimic defense there.

    And yes, I agree with the whole car chase scene. Yes, Cage was surprised that they actually got the gadget that time – so surprised he appears stunned by the turn of events – but they should have been savvy enough to just act then and there to find the Omega and then kill Cage.

    I have no response to that one. I doubt anyone does, unless there is a chunk of script which was taken out explaining it.

    But that’s about the only issue I have found with the movie. Everything else adds up.

  39. I actually think the way it is it feels natural. People act on habits and experience. You can’t really fault them for not suddenly getting smart and acting outside of their frame, a frame that has carried them so far through the uncountable times of Cage dying accidently or on purpose.

    I mean if they were smart they should have tested the device right away while still in the office. Then reset and try it one more time just to confirm that the Omega hasn
    ‘t gone somewhere else. Then reset again and go for it.

  40. I agree with you but to play devil’s advocate a little bit…, maybe she lost her gun? NOW SHUT UP!

  41. “Why did Rita continue to drive instead of killing Cage as soon as he used the device that told him that the real location of the Omega was at the Louvre in Paris?”


    “Why did Cage wake up on the helicopter during the last reset and not at Heathrow like all the prior resets?”




    “Why was the Omega dead after the last reset?”



  42. If you listen to Cage during the scene at the General’s office, he says don’t shoot him like you did the times before. Implying she was predictable and he couldn’t get her to do it his way so he kept modifying his strategy each reset cause he knew what she would & would not do. That’s why the car seen continued, because by that time he knew she would be stubborn and he thought he’d figure it out.

  43. They were trying to get back to the scientist in order to use it properly & were forced to wing it out of desperation; thought that was fairly obvious

  44. I have one that I’ve had since the beginning.

    If the Mimics know that the blood carries the power of time reset, why even send the Alphas into battle?

    Just watch the other Mimics fight, if the tide turns against them, kill the Alpha like Rita does to Cage.

    That would kill the whole core of the movie, but logically, if you have that power, you protect it.

  45. I am not sure..

    But the helicopter landings did not happen on the same day / time :)

    The first landing happened after 08:40h AM (big ben)
    And it is cloudy

    The second landing was around 12:30h PM (big ben)
    Sunny and shadow of the “nelson’s column”

  46. No.

    It doesnt send you back 24 hours from when you got it.

    The theory doesnt hold any water, as Cage died multiple times during training before the battle on the beach (when she would reset him during training vs the metal arms, also he died rolling under the truck on the first attempt). Both of those ruin your theory about the “24 hours” thing.

    the only thing that makes any sense is that either the Omega’s time control trumps Alpha time control.

    Cage killed the omega, taking the omega’s time control power. Which means as soon as Cage resets, the Omega is dead, as it knows its a matter of time before its defeated now that Cage has the stronger time control, and the Omega can no longer reset time, if it or one of its alphas get destroyed.

    Also, the Mimics want Alphas on the beach..because thats how they know when to reset, and adjust their strategy.

    If an Alpha dies..they just reset, re-position their forces, change the alpha’s plan a bit..and they are good to go. This is why they have never lost a single battle…until Rita managed to get the time control ability, allowing them to not just keep resetting that one battle.

    If you dont put an alpha in every battle, you risk losing that battle, and being unable to reset it and go again. Alphas can only reset on death. Therefore they need an alpha to die, whenever they lose a battle, so that they can reset the battle and change their strategy in order to win.

  47. Firstly, presumably, on all the other worlds they had conquered, no other being had ever had the ability to hijack the power.
    The scientist does say this somewhere:
    “Perhaps its vulnerability.. its ONLY vulnerability.. is humanity.”
    It’s quite unprepared for the weirdness of another species (us!) being able to somehow steal the ability.

    Secondly, I think the orange Mimics don’t actually have the ability to think indepednently. The entire army is one giant organism, and the orange ones are just drones. They need Alpha Mimics fairly near, to serve as “leaders”, or rather, as signal relays.
    Sort of like Synapse Creatures for the Tyranid Hive Mind in Warhammer 40,000 if you’re familiar with that.

  48. The 24 hour theory still works if the person who ‘inherits’ the reset power is sent back 24 hours from the time of his original death, meaning from the time he/she inherited it. So Cage grabs the claymore, kills the Alpha, gets melted by its blood and sent back 24 hours from that exact moment with the reset power and returns to the same moment from then on out regardless of the time of subsequent deaths. However, I believe that this is just a coincidence. More likely is that they are sent back to the most recent time they woke from an unconscious state, and that most recent state for Cage happened to be about 24 hours prior to inheriting the reset. There was no evidence to suggest that he had slept from the time he woke up to the time they suited up.

  49. I believe the best explanation for the ending is the one where cage resets at the time the omega would have reset, it makes the most sense so far from what i’ve read here.

  50. See my later post about the time

  51. Your first point is invalid. There are many other ways to die than with a gun… I can think of an easy one in a speeding car. It involves removing your safety belt and driving full speed into a concrete wall. If you really feel creative you can actually tie the safety belt around your neck before running into the wall.

  52. Your first point is invalid.

    1 – There are many other ways to die than with a gun… I can think of an easy one in a speeding car. It involves removing your safety belt and driving full speed into a concrete wall. If you really feel creative you can actually tie the safety belt around your neck before running into the wall.

    2 – Why not use the machine in the general’s office, then killing him straight after (barricade yourself in the office if need be).

  53. Okay so one thing I noticed and a few have mentioned is he would always adjust the way he did things to protect the girl and the timeline.

    What if in the car accident he had managed to die and when he entered the hospital where his blood was being exchanged he had done it several times before and figured out how to manipulate his way into making it look like he had (the ability removed) including pretending to try to break free knowing she would come untie him (there infinite solutions here, the reason I choose this point to contradict is because there are tons of ways she could have killed him and he just so happens to need blood) for instance when he woke up he snuck off to the hospital and donated blood knowing it would be reused on him same hospital, blood type, fresh, etc. regardless how he does it doesnt matter as long as he tricks her into thinking he has lost the power.. Now when they go to France he makes sure they all drop even thou hes not “strapped in” he knows he will survive. He knows that the engines will work on getting them across to where they need to go and also the only way to get there is to sacrifice the rest of the crew or J squad he also knows the impact when they crash into the building could possible kill him so he lands in such a way it wont (if you watch the way he rolls) he probably should have died regardless when they get to the point.However when he hands her the grenades I think this is far as he had gotten the time before because he doesn’t seem to account for her reaction and I believe he was going to let her take them knowing that the Alpha wouldnt kill him and hence she would be able to get rid of the Omega easily however her refusal seemed as a shock to him and so when he is about to dive down to the water and hears her die he knows he cant go back again because the Omega would account for her not having the grenades and kill him instead.

    Alternate idea
    Now with the Omega learning to change his strategy what if the reason Cage wasnt hooked in is because the first time there was no air defense Cage expected no resistance till they got into the building with the crew dying he knew they would die (because in the loop with the helicopter and the girl)no matter what they would die at that point and they would do it by sacrificing themselves so the two could reach their goal.

    The ending to the movie in my opinion could have been a billions time’s better for instance if he would of said her full name including middle name and then the ending of the movie is her walking up and hugging him or something cheesy regardless that kinda happy ending was literally right there for ex. He tells her everything and of course she beleives him then it scenes off to the scientist tracking the aliens on near planets and the humans preparing for war with Cage leading them that would have made me satisfied :) really good movie thou loving all the interpretations

  54. Rubbish ending in my opinion.

    Still, everyone except one poster has missed the point about the final wakeup.

    He is waking up in the helicopter at the same time he woke up in the military base.

    You can see the clock. We have to assume (why, I’m not sure) that the death of the Omega somehow pushed he trip to London back by 4 hours.

    Because he arrives about 4 hours later at the end, than in the beginning (check the clock).

  55. It seems to me that this is just an incoherence due to the filming weather and time. Not a clue in itself.

  56. no one actually gets the real story, and this is not the first movie with this plot..


  57. I see it, it passes very briefly in the background outside the helicopter door as Cage wakes up at the end of the movie.
    The time on the clock tower (12:35) is a movie mistake, I think. They probably filmed Cage’s second awakening on the helicopter as an afterthought at a different time.

    If you watch a bit further, he walks into the building and watches the General announcing the Mimic collapse on BBC News, and the time shows 8:57am.
    This agrees with the time seen on the clock in the long shot of the helicopter flying past it, which is 8:40am.
    Presumably it took 17 minutes for the helicopter to arrive at its destination, to land, for Cage to walk into the building and look at the TV.

  58. Okay here’s my theory:
    When Cage died with the alpha on the beach and had its blood seep into his veins, he hijacked its ability to reset/respawn. That alpha did not appear in any of Cage’s subsequent resets; it was eliminated in some way or another, either:
    1. It was temporary prevented from respawning and would be able to do so once Cage was no longer in possession of the respawn ability, or
    2. It was permanently killed/erased from time. Meaning the mimics would have to birth/build a new alpha to replace it once they had stripped Cage of his ability, or just suck it up and make do with one less alpha.
    Either way that alpha was gone. Now when Cage killed the omega and absorbed its blood, he hijacked its powers and it faced the same fate as the alpha at the beach. The omega is the brain of the mimics, so naturally without it the other mimics die, and we can see that in the end of the movie.
    Cage’s reset at the end of the movie is a trick one, although it is possible to explain. He did absorb the blood of an omega but, the omega appears not to have the ability to respawn like alphas do. It seems its only capable of facilitating the alphas’ resets and perhaps control the reset points, but the reset can only be triggered by the death of an alpha (maybe that isn’t the case and Cage is the reason why the omega couldn’t reset time on its own volition). So how did he respawn with only omega blood? Well he was in contact with an alpha at the time. The alpha at the Louvre had its tentacle pierced through him and may have scraped itself on his ribs (it’s far-fetched but bear with me) or the omega blood may have reactivated the latent alpha blood in him, allowing him to reset.
    The reason Cage had a seemingly different reset point was because with the mimics defeated, there would be no need for him to meet the general, no reason for him to be arrested, or taken to Heathrow. His reset point is technically the same; it’s the timeline that changed. Either that, or exposure to the omega’s blood gave him the ability to choose his own reset point, use another alpha’s, or use the omegas originally planned reset point.

  59. 1.) Omega as a brain has all the information from connected alphas (eyes and ears), this way it can alter the strategy after the alpha’s death, and avoid it happens again. Cage using device and connecting to the Omega, could see Omega’s information, but at the same time Omega could see Cage’s information, so after connection, Rita and Cage, was have to carry on, otherwise after restart, Omega would move and they would have to do it all over again. This in my opinion explains why Rita didn’t kill him in the car.

    2.) After Cage kills alpha, Omega know this happened, and after restart alter the strategy so alpha won’t die again. This explains why it is not there again.

    3.) The ending is a bit confusing though. We know that there could be only one alpha triggering the “day restart”, so after Cage hijack this ability other alphas can’t do it anymore till he loose this ability together with his blood. Maybe same thing is with Omega. There could be only one Omega controlling the ‘swarm’ (alphas and orange betas), so after Omega’s death Cage possess Omega’s abilities but he cannot connect with alphas and betas, so after restart alphas and betas die because lack of this connection. Brain controls all the functions of the body and without instructions from the brain the body (alphas and betas) dies. Same happens with Omega without the body Brain dies, unless the brain survived and Omega is still there but has no connection with the alphas and betas till Cage will release this ability back to it, and we will have a sequel.

    4.) Last thing is why Cage wake up in the helicopter. For that I like the idea someone mentioned here before, and it is that the “day reset” gets you back to the end of your last unconscious state which in this case would be when he was asleep in the helicopter.

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