Edgar Wright Back To Writing ‘Ant-Man’

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ant man Edgar Wright Back To Writing Ant Man

While two big Marvel superheroes charge toward theatrical releases this summer in Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, one very small one still hides in the corner. Fans of Edgar Wright and Marvel who remain hopeful that Ant-Man will get an official release date or appear as part of the superhero roster in The Avengers can remain disappointed.

Like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and the lengthy amount of time it took to come to fruition once Wright climbed aboard, Ant-Man has been in the script stages for years. The latest update places the geek favorite director still at the writing stage, working alongside fellow writer Joe Cornish (The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn) on the latest Ant-Man script draft.

Unlike the Iron Man films which are assigned strict release dates before stories are finalized and forced into production without adequate time for preparation, Ant-Man is a lower budget film that doesn’t seem to have had any strict deadlines (yet).

“This one’s not about about the urgency of summer tentpoles and things going into production without a script… It’s slightly different than that. “

Wright recently had another meeting with Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige where they discussed the project and now they seem to be at the stage of putting together the next draft. While there’s been no official movement on the project or the story it will follow, we have a general idea of Wright’s vision to go along with our comedic expectations – even if it’s not a comedy – from what he described about his Ant-Man concept last summer.

“I know there’s a big stigma attached to it, mostly because every movie about shrinking has been about people in peril. I think it’d be great to do a shrinking film about a bad-ass secret agent.”

“Even something like The Incredible Shrinking Man, which is a fantastic film, is about a guy in trouble. But this is going to be nothing like that. It’s essentially a high-tech spy heist film with somebody with a very particular power.”

With The Avengers being the only currently scheduled Marvel Studios film of 2012 and ditto for Iron Man 3 in 2013, there’s room for a second film both summers to fulfill Marvel’s goal of two major theatrical releases per year. Since Runaways has been delayed from its previously planned March 2011 production date, will Marvel push for another film to enter production this year for a 2012 release? Could it be Ant-Man?

When Feige talked about the future Marvel Studios movies, he did indicate that Ant-Man would go intro production not long after The Avengers and that shoots from April to September.

We hope so as Wright delivers what fans want in a quality manner. Scott Pilgrim didn’t make big bank at the box office, but everyone who watches it, critics and moviegoers alike, all come out with a positive reaction.

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Source: LA Times

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  1. Unlike all of the other characters. Ant-Man is THE hardest to sell, introducing him in the Avengers is the way to go in order bring some familiarity to the character before he comes out with his own film. This way the average movie goer will know who he is and give his solo movie a chance because they saw him in the Avengers. Otherwise not having him in the Avengers in some capacity and making him stand alone without any previous buzz or introduction is a bad idea.

    • I completely agree. Pym needs to have some small but pivotal role in the Avengers movie to carry it forward. It could be as simple as him playing the stay at the lab scientist who figures out some key piece to the puzzle. Maybe also show off his superhero abilities just to get a taste.

      The name “Ant-Man” just doesn’t inspire people to see a movie about him without knowing something about the character. Thing is he can also become “Giant-Man” which is MUCH more impressive but who would know that sight unseen?

  2. I can’t wait for The Avengers, but I honestly think Antman and Wasp will not work on screen and will fail at the box office

  3. “It’s essentially a high-tech spy heist film with somebody with a very particular power.”

    This to me just sounds horribly WRONG. Hank Pym aka Ant-Man is biophysicist and nanotechnology expert, i.e a scientist NOT a spy.

    “We hope so as Wright delivers what fans want in a quality manner”. Well one would surely hope so, but I don’t see the correlation of Edgar Wright’s style on “Scott Pilgrim” as working for an Ant-Man film.

    I still don’t see why the “Avengers” has to follow the “Ultimates” route. Ant-Man & Wasp are two of the ORIGINAL founding members and should have been given prominent roles from the beginning.

    Ant-Man first appeared in Tales to Astonish #27 (Jan. 1962) & the Wasp first appeared in Tales to Astonish #44 (June 1963). Great history and tension between these characters that would work on screen given the right engaging story line.

    They were present when they revived Captain America from suspended animation in issue # 4.

    The average movie goer should be introduced to Ant-Man & Wasp in the first “Avengers” film, but I guess that isn’t going to happen under Whedon. Really disappointing if you ask me. The Avengers are my favorite group of super heroes, but I’m not really anticipating the film anymore.

    • You say under Wheadon, but I highly doubt it was his decision.

      Marvel made the choice to follow the Ultimate universe long before he came along and the scripts for all of these films was written before he came along as well in fact he only helped touch up Avengers he was not apart of the writing team from the start and the general cast and gist of the story was established before he came along. Also so far Marvel has been getting the reputation for wanting people to play ball. Basically most of the shots are being called by Marvel.

      • @ Daniel F

        You’re right. I should be pointing the finger at Kevin Feige for following the “Ultimate” universe. Still I kinda hoped Joss Whedon would carry some clout in the decision process. Isn’t he rewriting the script to “Avengers”?

        Marvel calling all the shots is the reason Jon Favreau left the “Iron Man” franchise.

        • People use the term rewriting way to liberally.

          He’s touching it up. It’s not from scratch same basic character same basic story he’s just changing some details to craft it in to a better story and make it a little more of a level playing field for all characters.

          Still even if he started from Scratch Joss has no clout. He’s a Geek Icon sure, but he’s not some paralyzing figure like Spieldberg or Cameron. Just like Jon was still pretty low level when he started on Iron Man Marvel likes to bring in guys trying to get that one big franchise to really make a big name for them selves. They want people they can promise a carer making movie to and that they can control.

          Marvel has already pushed how many people away at this point because they rocked the boat ? Wheadon tries to push any issue to much and he’d probably be replaced.

          Basically when it comes to marvel films the actors are just that they are actors it isn’t their place to interfere in the creative process and a director is just a director they tell people where to stand and how to film a shot. However marvel writers write what Marvel tells them to write. Everyone does their jobs and if you try to step out and put your touch on a little more they beat you down in to submission or into quitting.

        • I’m a bit confused. How is their choice of going with the Ultimates look and possible story a reason to not include Pym and Wasp? Because even in this alternate version both are part of the original group.

    • Actually it sounds like Edgar wants to go with Scott Langs (Ant Man), whom was a buglar who stole Pym tech in order to complete his heists,

  4. Edgar Wright is not RIGHT to make this movie.

    • @ Ulik

      No one is right to make this movie.

      Ant-Man is a pretty lame character that can in no way stand on his own.

      I would rather see a Vision & Scarlett Witch movie.

      • @Longshanks, I respect your opinion, I however don’t find the ability to be able to shrink or grow large in size, have Hank Pym’s intelligence, be able to control all of the trillions of insects in the world, manipulate molecules, sub-atomic matter and be a master of nanotechnology and biochemistry as lame. The character’s personality is heroic but also flawed and human. If you find him lame that’s cool,however I don’t and I also like Vision & Scarlett Witch. Without Pym there would be no Ultron and without Ultron there would be no Vision.

  5. Sorry…
    But Antman and The Wasp are some of the dumbest superhero’s ever.
    Antman’s power: he can become very tiny and talk to ants….
    Wasp”she can become tiny, fly and has some sort of sting that blindes you temporarily…

    Way’s to defeat them: flyswat, foot, newspaper, spiders, raid, lighter, sunlight, water, sand, cat, dog, , bird, wind…

    In short, superhero’s that can be defeated by normal people, animals or the elements…not so super.

    The only way these 2 could work is as a comedy, cuz their powers are ridiculous and really useless….no one will take a serious movie about them serious.

    • @ Samplelord

      Yeah right, Ant-Man & Wasp are some of the dumbest super heroes ever??? LOL. That’s why they’ve been an integral part of one of the most popular assembly of super heroes over the last five decades. :-)

      The dumbest idea ever is the ill perceived notion that they can only work as a comedy. You’re obviously not a fan of the comic books. They have NEVER been portrayed as comedic or camp. I suppose you like campy Adam West’s Batman over the serious Batman??? :-)

      Speak for yourself when you say no one will take them seriously. A great screenwriter can develop a great dramatic narrative, plot, sub plot, dialogue, etc…..etc…..and a great director with great actors can achieve believable performances.

      After all movies and especially super hero movies are about suspending your disbelief. If you’re trying to justify non realistic elements in super hero stories, what do think of Superman not being recognized when he dons a pair of glasses? There would be a ton of examples if you really want to nit pick. :-)

      How about Batman & Captain America. Both could be easily killed by a single bullet shot. Same with Hawkeye and they’re much bigger targets than Antman & The Wasp. I like my super hero movies to have a great degree of realism and non realistic elements can be well written and performed as being believable. That’s the magic of movie making. :-)

      Edgar Wright has NO RIGHT to tamper with the origins of two of the greatest and most crucial Avengers ever.

      • see u dont see the problem when it comes to the general public not comic book fans. the general public might find hard to buy into Ant-Man people will think its “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” type of movie not a superhero movie

        • The general public had no problem accepting “Scott Pilgram” or “Kick Ass”. Characters from those films were virtually unknown.

          The same could be said for “Hellboy” & “Watchmen” and practically any comic book movie that hits the screen for the very first time.

          Ant-Man & Wasp have been around since the early sixties. :-)

          • so what they still suck i agree they are the lamest super heroes and i read the ultimates and avengers all the time and i wish they were NOT apart of it im glad janet and hank pym die during ultimatum

            • Yeah, yeah, yeah, Blah, blah, blah. You know tankD, you come across as quite hostile in your replies. :-)

              I couldn’t care less for the the”Ultimates”. As far as I’m concerned and this is my opinion, it’s a second rate imitation and impostor to the ORIGINAL mainstream Avengers series. It serves as a very small alternate re imagining compared to the ORIGINAL 616 MARVEL UNIVERSE.

              So you read The Avengers? Does that include the current Avengers series, plus Secret Avengers, Avengers Prime and all of the volumes going right back to the first 1963 series???? because I own the entire run.

              • Magnetic not sure if I told you, but I found my Avengers #24 Ex didn’t take it it was packed in a box I hadn’t opened. Can’t remember if you were interested in that specific issue or not just remember we had discussed my collection at one point.

                • Hi Daniel

                  Yeah we did discuss some of your Batman collection, but I think I had most the same run as yours. You also did mention “Avengers” #24 in another post. Thanks but I already have that issue.

                  Why not keep it and pass it on to your daughter? It may be worth a lot more by the time she grows up. :-)

                  • Well Mag the problem is I could really use the money now and I already have money set aside from her future and various other collectables that she will get.. My comics however just take up space and could turn a profit for me so I’m looking to ditch them all.

                    • @ Daniel

                      These are the current Overstreet Price guides for issue #24 of Avengers.

                      Near Mint + $ 255.00
                      Near Mint – $ 150.00
                      Very Fine $ 63.00
                      Fine $ 27.00
                      Very Good $ 18.00
                      Good $ 9.00

                      You could mark it up a little and sell it on Ebay. :-)

                      I also purchase comics from Mile High Comics. I know they buy collections. Not sure if they purchase single issues.

          • are u serious “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” only has a few supporters not the general public, it became a major financial disappointment for the studio. also what put people of that movie is the casting of Michael Cera. alot of his performance is just him playing as himself.

            kick-ass has the support of the general public cause its a superhero movie about a kid who want to be a superhero plus people wanted to see Hit-Girl.

            Hellboy – people can buy into that character cause the movie has supernatural story.

            Watchmen – the general public can by into that movie cause its a superhero movie about characters who dont follow by the typical superhero acts.

            doesnt matter how long Ant-Man & Wasp have been their powers seems too lame to the general public. too make Ant-Man work they need to let it come of as “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” remake, reboot, etc lol :p

            • Mace I love how you think something so you just auto declare the entire world agrees with you..

              You may not like Micheal Cera, but the general public actually does and far less people were turned away from it because of him than you’d like to think. There is a reason he gets cast in so many films and as the star usually and it’s because he’s popular. Like it or not that’s a fact. Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean everyone hates him.

              Hell I can’t stand Depp, but I’m not gonna be ignorant and claim the world doesn’t like him.

              What turned people off was that it was a lot of really young people and had some very strange visual effects and it seemed hard for the general public to ‘get’ it.

              However, while it may have not been a huge success pretty much everyone who actually went to see it loved it. Most people who bash it like your self didn’t even bother seeing it. Your criticisms especially show that you have not seen it. Since the only thing you can talk about is Cera being in it and how he plays the same character and Pilgrim was actually a bit different for him. He didn’t play the innocent lovable nerd. He actually played a cool hipster talented musician who’s a bit of a jerk. Still you didn’t actually watch the film so can’t expect you to know anything about it other than that blind passionate rage you have against the actor.

              • u made me laugh, how u know i didnt watch “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” u know my life. well for your info i actually watched the movie in the cinema when it first came out. even tho his playing a hipster character he still had Cera playing Cera moments in the movie im not the only person pointed it out.

                “blind passionate rage you have against the actor”. – thats funny not once i said i hate Micheal Cera i think his alright but i dont see anything different from his other performance. plus i can have opinion on the actor performance if im paying to see their movie.

          • Actually,the general public DID have a problem with Scott Pilgrim considering that it pretty much bombed at the box office.

            Kick-Ass doubled Scott Pilgrim’s worldwide take,but it didn’t really set the world on fire either.

            So your statement isn’t true about what the general public is willing to accept.

          • Scott Pilgrim- Great movie (IMO), but it was a flop
            Watchmen- Not a flop, but not a success either
            Hellboy- Somewhat of a success. It made $99.3 million of a budget of $66 million.
            Kick-Ass- Was considered to be a disappointment at the box-office.

            All the films you mentions were great (IMO), but they weren’t appreciated by the general public.

            • @ Little Monster

              With all due respect, after acquired facts of films presented is fair enough, but my point was we don’t really know how well virtually unknown characters are going to be accepted when a film is first released.

              So then Ant-Man and Wasp should be open to the same public scrutiny. :-)

              • the only unknown character that first done well was Blade. but he has better powers and he was bada$$. the only way imo Ant-Man does well if they make something amazing and dont come of as “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” lol :)

                • BLADE was successful, but most didn’t even know it was a comic book movie.

                  • thats true but now they know cause of its success of Blade to bad the 3rd Blade movie killed the idea of a sequel.

                  • But that is the point….
                    The movie had W.Snipes, well known for his martial arts, Vampires, action, horror elements…anyone who likes action would have gone to see it, the horror crowd, W.Snipes fans (he was at his high point back then)and the vamp crowd.
                    This is a project you can sell to a studio cuz they can see that it will make its money back, there is a demand for these films.

                    Starring( for the sake of argument)Nathan Fillion, who has the power to shrink to ant size and comunicate with ants, He will be part of a team that includes the Hulk, he has cool gadets, action, some sf elements….
                    His power alone and the fact that he joins a team that includes the Hulk will make people think its a parody/kickass type movie…if you say “no, it’s a straight action flick”they will laugh….
                    The fact that he is unknown (for mainstream)in a team with the Hulk,one/if not the, strongest superhero that every one in the world knows will make people cringe…
                    Because of his power, the mainstream audience (and for me, for that fact)will laugh at the fact that someone who’s power is to shrink, not gaining but losing power, is considered an equal to any superhero…
                    Even as Giant man, thats all he is, a realy big man with added strenght and still the Hulk, Thor, Vision, hell even Cap with his extreme military background, he will translate poorly next to any other super powered hero…
                    Thats it for me…goodnight

                • @ mace

                  That’s why I would rather see a well known experienced Director who has worked on big action/sci fi films. Such a Director is more likely to stay true to Ant-Man’s origins.

                  With Edgar Wright at the helm, it probably will come off as “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”. :-)

                  • well remember its Marvel Studio they aint hiring well known directors cause its costing them money also they like giving underrated directors a chance to shine. Jon Favreau is no one first choice to direct Iron Man the guy wasnt a director well known for action film and look what he done for Iron Man.

                    Edgar Wright is a good choice for directing Ant-Man cause u can see he has a passion for the character but when it comes to the general public who aint comic book readers they might have a issue with a character like “Ant-Man” main powers is turning small.

                    anyway i hoping for Marvel Studio to do Black Panther, Dr Strange, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and a Heroes for Hire combo in the near future.

                  • @Magnetic Eye, Your absolutely right. He already said he was going to go with Scott Lang and that it would be sort of a comedy. Then he said it was going to place in the 60′s and about Ant-Man being a spy?! Common, Edgar Wright is good at what he does but HE’S ALL OVER THE PLACE with this character and doesn’t have a clue where or what he needs to be doing. They need to get somebody else to do this before it’s too late. They’re not wanting to put Pym in the Avengers movie BECAUSE OF EDGAR WRIGHT not wanting him there because of the way his script is written. I’m sorry this is not the EDU(Edgar Wright Universe) this is the MCU Marvel Cinematic Universe he needs to either get with it or get out.

                    • @ Ulik

                      I agree. He’s good at what he does but Ant-Man doesn’t need a comedic director.

        • My point exactly….

          • My comment was directed at Mace…

      • @Magnetic Eye, Well said brother.

        • Thanks brother Ulik :-)

      • No, Ant Man actually IS one of the lamest mainstream Marvel characters. Did you read the Infinity Wars? Yea lots of Pym action there. There’s a reason he isn’t popular outside of comic book fanatics…he sucks! The iconic ones are iconic because they’re written well. Pym has NO mass appeal. I suppose you like crap like Marvel Zombies. How do you like it when strangers assume things about you?

        Ant Man will never be an A lister. You’re trying to speak of him as if he has the appeal of Spiderman…that’s just stupid.

    • @samplelord, ROFL now THAT was funny, ha ha ha ha.

  6. Thanks for contributing to the conversation.

    • LOL

  7. This will be a movie worth seeing mainly due to Edgar Wright

  8. Well, opinions vary and I respect the next guy’s right to voice his or hers, but I think Wright is definitly the LAST guy I would hand a Marvel property to and expect anything remotely resembling the source material…
    Not to say he isn’t very,very good, but Scott Pilgrim absolutly paled in comparison to his other work IMO. And for those who think the Wasp and Ant-man are lame, ask yourselvs this: If you were given time to thoroughly study the history and exploits of the characters within the framework of the Avengers, INCLUDING Pym’s ability to not only shrink himself, but to grow to huge proportional size, wouldn’t you jump through the window of opportunity that has opened in recent years and attempt to make an engaging, exciting, visual, and …yeah, well…FUN movie?
    I sure would! ;)

    • @Nowhere Man, Great post! Let alone the fact that if anybody were given AntMan’s abilities, they’d be lying if they would said that they wouldn’t use it. Most people would probably use to sneak around or steal.

    • @ nowhereman

      Yes! another voice of reason prevails. Edgar Wright should NOT be turning Ant-Man into a comedy. In fact he should have absolutely nothing to do with any MARVEL character. :-)

  9. hmmm it will prob be a good movie

  10. Antman………are you effing kidding me!

  11. I think the underlying question that the critics want answered is why are these characters there and are they necessary? Don’t they just clutter the scene with their seemingly weak and ineffective abilities?

    Most all heroes have their weaknesses and Hank and Janet are no different. Some of their weakness is being the wrong size at the wrong time. However if they’re the right size at the right time they’re very formidable. For example if they were to shrink into the nano world how could you crush them? Even the mighty Hulk couldn’t do it. Then their’s the whole detection problem. Are they even there? I think this appeals allot to Edgar Wright the power to be invisible and undetectable. Look for that to be the most leveraged ability in any story ant man’s in.

    Have you ever been in the midst of a locust invasion or encountered swarms of army ants or what about influencing bacteria? Brings a whole new meaning to the words “germ warfare.” They also work as part of the Avengers team. What these fighters of wrong do is work as a team! So while your Über villain is busy trying to deflect attacks from the likes of Iron Man, Thor, or even Captain America you’ve got a couple of superior stealth fighters coming at the opponent from directions that the villain has no possible way to counter. Unless of course they catch them in a vulnerable position. Yes that happens many times, but if it didn’t why do you suppose the other members of the team exist?

    It’s all part of a plan, and the plan is to provide drama. Like when or where in the story does Pym and Dyne get in their licks? How are they important to the team in this story? And to answer that you just have to wait like the rest of us to find out…

    • @T.O.M, Great point!

    • @ the old man

      One of the best posts so far with some sensible valid points. Some folks around here simply need to get up speed with the whole of Avengers history, utilize their imaginations and see it takes all kinds of strategic teamwork to stage a formidable battle plan. :-)

  12. I love Edgar Wright as a writer/director but I don’t know about this one. I read that he is a writer on Speilberg’s “Tin-Tin” but I want to see another film he directs also. In my opinion he is batting 1000 so far so I expect what ever becomes of this will be good but again it doesn’t seem right to me.

  13. I dont know squat about comic books. So I say with an outsider perspective that – ant man is weak. I downloaded a cartoon with him and that flying fairy in it and ant man had a bad attitude and was getting his arse kicked anyway.

    Now that little fairy wouldnt be so bad, if they pick an actress with big breasts. I’d watch that.

  14. Guys, I agree with pretty much everything that was said. Right down to the big breasts comment. I used to read Avengers alot and Hank and Janet were pretty substatial characters. But, that was the comics. I dont know who Edgar Wright is, but transposing those two from comics to film is one hell of a trick. I think it would be really cool if he could pull it off. Just think how bad a Batman flick would be if they went with just blue and grey tights and a yellow utility belt, and tried to show him swinging around Gothams buildings on his “batrope”. I dont see how antman can translate to film, but we’ll see.

  15. This character doesnt deserve it’s own film. Antman is a sidekick at best. Would you give Robin his own film, or maybe do a film about jubilee. I swear these writers/producers are in such a hurry to make a buck, they will ruin any franchise trying to do it.

    • Wasp is Ant-Man’s sidekick and both contribute as part of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes “The Avengers” :-)

      Teamwork is what it’s all about.

      • @Magnetic Eye, All these people making stupid comments about Ant-Man haven’t read any of The Avengers were he played a pivotal role. I could tell that they are because anybody who has a thorough knowledge of Henry Pym and The Avengers would never say the stupid stuff they are saying. They’re just going about what they speculate or briefly seen here and there. They know nothing.

        • @ Ulik

          So true :-) They comment as if all Ant-Man can do is shrink down to ant size and that’s it. LOL :-)

          They don’t know the pre-Avengers history or the pivotal role they played in the founding of the Avengers, nor any of the key moments, hardships and adventures over the years.

          They’re simply making comments based on superficial pre conceptions. :-)

          • Eye, I have strong doubts about an antman movie, but your positive attitude is admirable. I’ll try to catch a little of it, if you don’t mind.

            • @ happyman

              Thanks! :-) I don’t mind at all. Spread it around…….spread it around. :-)

  16. i’m tired of people thinking Antman/Giantman and Wasp is wack or lame or silly. These characters provide the more human elements of the Avengers team, who is also made up of a Norse Thunder God, a billionarre human weapon,a legendary super soldier, and the strongest beast on Earth. They have had a relevant part to play. theyre the the human faces of the most fantastic team in the world.
    We need believable human interaction to balance this movie out so the general audience can latch onto a character and action driven movie. Their powers arent as formidable as the other Avengers members because their personalities play the bigger role.
    and i’m not thinking edgar wright knows any of this. and marvel is so in love with its future powerhouse franchises that they are letting what they consider their minor characters to untried talent.

    • You made a lot of sense with your last statements. I totally agree with your perspetive, i just dont think that he can carry a movie by himself.

      • @ Beserker

        You’re right, I don’t think Ant-Man can carry a movie by himself, especially if Edgar Wright uses the lame Scott Lang character and turns this into a comedy.

        Hank Pym, the ORIGINAL Ant-Man & Janet Van Dyne, the Wasp is the movie that should be made. Otherwise NO solo movie BUT as founding members SHOULD be in the “Avengers” film.

        If MARVEL can’t afford big name (A list) Directors, I would like to see Jon Favreau or Louis Letterier handle the project. They at least have a better proven track record with MARVEL characters.

        • To meet you on common ground, I do agree with you on this…

          If Marvel does take the Edgar Wright route (A comedic spy movie…), with the comedic style (gags, references, dry humor) that deviates from the Marvel canon (things he invented, giant man, wasp, how/why he joined/formed Avengers)it will not fit in with an Avengers movie/sequel.
          Could be a mainstream hit, but with the fans of the current Marvel movies it would probably just disappoint.

          This is one thing I’m curious to see in the Avengers film now being filmed, as Iron Man 2 had to much Downey and not enough Iron Man/War Machine/Whiplash….
          I hope the movie won’t be filled with quips from Downey towards the other Avengers….cuz that gets old real quick.

          Still not an Antman fan though….0_o

          • @ Samplelord

            Cool. Thanks. Yeah I just don’t see how an Edgar Wright comedic spy movie would work for Ant-Man and I agree constant quips from Downey towards the other Avengers wouldn’t go down too well. :-)

    • @ allen

      Well said. Spoken as a true believer.

    • @Allen, Awesome comment! Even any subjectively lame or boring character can be made into an interesting movie. It’s all about how well it’s written. If it’s written well, even a movie about a person who stays in their apartment all day can be made into an interesting movie.

      • @ Ulik

        Amen to that. :-)

  17. I’m hoping that Mr. Wright diverges from his usual style and gives us something like a cross between James Bond and Ang Lee’s Bruce Banner. Someone who’s capable of doing brilliant things with a cool sardonic demeanor, but has a profound emotional weakness that he struggles with.

    Now enter his opposite number, the woman in his life. We find out how they meet, what she’s like, how they compliment each other. Then comes the twist, the adventure. What Antman is doing is technically illegal but in a larger view of things it helps SHIELD solve a thorny problem and of course he doesn’t realize it until a SHIELD agent comes out of the shadows to explain it to him. At this point they draft him and send him back into the game he started by committing a crime to carry out SHIELD’s objectives. Antman discovers that this kind of “career choice” suits his ego and he enlists with SHIELD. Threaded through this story his girlfriend either turns out to have been a SHIELD agent all along or becomes a key part of getting Antman to his goal. The angle, behind every good man is an even better woman.

    So how is this example not the framework for a good movie? Check out a few movies that had potential and look closely into what made them potential gems “Remo Williams: The Adventure begins” and “Danger Diabolik.”

    • Knowing Edgar Wright’s tastes, I think he’s probably going to take a great deal of inspiration from Danger Diabolik for this film.

  18. Actually on reflection Marko has a point my pitch wouldn’t work at all it breaks continuity way too much. It can only be seen as an example of elements that could be used for the character of Ant-Man to fill a movie out.

    Really all you have to do is turn to the comics and based on what Edgar Wright has said this movie won’t really be about Hank Pym. That being the case here’s my current theory on what this is about. Back filler. Why? To continue to do what’s being done within the other stories, leads, that send the audience to further Avenger stories, setting them up. How this story works into that I hazard a guess that at some point Lang has a part to play and the replacement for Ant-Man becomes a story element in some capacity. Which happened in the comics. I figure that they’ll short change the budget because of this and we’ll get a 90 minute movie that showcases the ideas behind the hero and primarily tells Scott Lang’s story. It’s definitely going to be a more human drama. compensation for the comic fans for all their support over the years I guess…

  19. They really are going to have a tough time making an Ant-Man movie work. If they can pull it off it’d have to go down as the greatest achievement in the history of super-hero movies.