Edgar Wright Filming Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ This Year?

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As Marvel enters the second phase of its movie universe, leading from The Avengers into the already-announced Avengers 2, we’ve gotten solid confirmation on most of the projects on the immediate horizon: Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 are both slated for 2013, with Captain America 2 following in 2014, and Avengers 2 expected one to two years thereafter.

However, Ant-Man - the film based on one of the founding members of The Avengers, and a project which has been in the guiding hands of Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright for years now – has been a noticeable absence in Marvel’s slate of confirmed films. But recent updates from Wright himself may point to Ant-Man coming down the pipeline sooner before later.

Wright was a guest on the Empire Magazine podcast recently, where he dropped the following quote related to both Ant-Man and his upcoming apocalyptic comedy The World’s End (which will conclude the “Blood and Ice Cream” trilogy begun by Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) :

Things are happening, and other things are happening on other things as well. There’s some interesting plates spinning and I ideally hope I’ll be shooting this year.

Those words set off a bevy of rumors and speculation – most of which pointed to Wright “confirming” some earlier teases that Ant-Man will indeed begin production soon. Slash Film followed up with Wright via email, and got the following response:

So as not to jinx things, I am going to remain spectacularly vague on this. Let’s just say I hope to shoot some Ant-Man & World’s End this year.

Edgar Wright talks Ant Man movie screenplay Edgar Wright Filming Marvels Ant Man This Year?

Our own Rob Keyes already broke this situation down, explaining in detail why it makes sense for Marvel to do Ant-Man next. If you won’t bother to click the preceding link and read Rob’s analysis in full, here’s the gist of what he says:

  • Our theory at this point is that Marvel movies will branch in two directions: Earthly espionage stories (Cap 2Iron Man 3) and cosmic stories (Thor 2Guardians of the Galaxy), all converging into the plot of Avengers 2.
  • Ant-Man is being envisioned as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, much like Captain America.
  • Captain America 2 will deal with Cap (alongside S.H.I.E.L.D.) dealing with worldly  threats.
  • An Ant-Man movie would therefore tie perfectly with Cap 2 (and a potential S.H.I.E.L.D. movie).

Marvel’s 2014 movie slate has been something of mystery, ever since it was announced that Cap 2 would be coming in April (the first springtime release for Marvel), with a second – undetermined – film coming later in the year. Previous words from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige hinted at Edgar Wright shooting some Ant-Man test footage in 2012; if Marvel likes what Wright has put together, don’t be too surprised to hear announcements about this Ant-Man movie (its existence, the cast, etc.) at or around the time of Comic-Con 2012.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on the status of Ant-Man and all Marvel movies as news is released.

Source: Empire Magazine Slash Film

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  1. I was never a big fan of Ant-Man or Wasp, as I always found their powers to be lame. But I certainly appreciate what they’ve done– Ultron and all– and I’d welcome a movie by him.

    But I still have my fingers crossed for Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist… bring me those!

    • A movie about Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne would be so awesome. Ant-man and Wasp are fantastic characters. Pym is such a flawed and complex hero. You can go in a lot of places with Pym. Ant-Man would be great for starters, but let’s not forget Giant Man, Goliath and Yellow Jacket. You gotta love the “Pym-particles”, right?

    • I have to admit I’m always bewildered when someone comments they think Ant-man’s powers are lame. Someone who can change his size from 1/2″ to as tall as 200′ I personally find quite unique and awesome.

      He can also use his Pym particles to shrink things around him, ANOTHER great ability.

      • And even though he’s the size of an ant, he still has his strength. They can do a number of strange things, like have him shrink to the size of a molecule. I say bring it.

      • @ mongoose

        I don’t know, to me their abilities aren’t that interesting. And Hank Pym is a complex hero, but that’s because he creates world-dominating robots (that likewise fail as much as he does) and beats his wife. But like I said, I don’t dislike the characters, but I wouldn’t put them at the top of my “Must See Characters on the Big Screen” list.

        @ Spencer McCord

        Pym’s handful of identities also always felt stupid to me…

  2. Well Kevin Feige has just recently mentioned TWO Marvel projects but didn’t reveal the details. And Ant Man has been brought up many times before, albeit in a vague way.
    Of course Avengers 2 will be on its way and Henry Pym ( along with Wasp ) was among the original Avengers, so this makes sense.

    But if Marvel could skip Pym being in the first Avengers movie, then why now? There are so many other more interesting Marvel characters that the general public knows nothing about : The Vision, Scarlett Witch, Na Mor, Black Panther, Ms Marvel, Captain Marvel…

    Whedon was asked what new characters he’d bring into the team and he mentioned he liked the idea of new female characters. And I think that’s great. I suppose if Ant Man is next then obviously Wasp is there, too….

    • Stop thinking negatively! I thought you wanted Ultron to be in Avengers 2 so you have GOT to think positive!

      • LOL. I’m NOT thinking negatively. I’m trying to be positive!! (Look at my last paragraph.) And YES bringing in Henry Pym and Jan Van Dyne should lead to Ultron! Imagine the possibilities of bringing ULTRON to life on film. Body Hopping and ….. JOCASTA!!!

        • Well, for the most part. You did play the devil’s advocate a bit in your middle paragraph.

    • I agree, BUT some of those characters, Vision and Scarlet Witch first and foremost are pretty damn complicated to try and slide in. The vision would have to have a back story as to who built, why he has the memories of a dead guy, who the dead guy is, and Scarlet, well, let’s not forget who her daddy is and all the muddy movie that would make. A good Namor/Hulk/Thor, city leveling fight would be great! I wish they would have let Thor and Hulk tear each other up a little more in the movie!

    • You can’t have Vision without ultron and you can’t have Ultron without Pym.

      • or the Human Torch and Simon Williams. He’s just too complicated to throw in without greatly adjusting his origins.

  3. Guilleme Del Toro needs to direct the next HULK film !

    2013 Iron Man 3 ( Summer ) Shane Black

    2013 THOR 2 ( Christmas ) Alan Taylor

    2014 CAP 2 ( Spring ) Hawke Eye and Black Widow should be present . Steven Spielberg ( yeah i said it ! there is no stopping MARVEL at this point )

    2014 HULK 2 ( Summer )Introduce Hank and Janet Pym Guilleme Del Toro

    2015 AVENGERS 2 ( Summer ) Joss Wheadon

    • You think Marvel has the clout to get Spielberg now? It’d be interesting. The movie would be either fantastic or just terrible. But I honestly think he’s too big for a Marvel movie. Marvel will give their directors some freedom, but they’re still kept on leashes of varying lengths. I think they and Spielberg would butt heads too much.

      It’d be like when WB was going to move forward with Kevin Smith’s Superman script, then hired Tim Burton to direct it. Burton came in and immediately scrapped the script and said his own team would write it. And the whole movie eventually fell apart. In that case, it was a good thing. But Marvel has too many moving parts to have a film hit a roadblock like that.

  4. Man i hope ant man gets made along with wasp be a movie dream for me :)

  5. Well if people are so put off by the lackluster name, “Ant-Man” they could always break with tradition and call it, “The Pym Particle” (since with Wasp, the movie would be focused on the use of Pym’s invention). Of course if they try to do a more general SHIELD movie and send Pym to Wakanda to investigate vibranium and get caught up in helping Black Panther (like a few of us have suggested), then I’m not sure what the movie title should be.

    I’ve also been thinking about who should play Pym and I have a very short list:

    - Luke Evans
    - Brad Cooper
    - Michael Fassbender (I know, I know but he would be great!)
    - Nathan Fillion (just for The Avenger ;)

    Please feel free to discredit my choices and add your own.

    • Nathan Fillion FTW!!!!

    • +1 @Nathan Fillion

  6. I can only hope that ant-man (hank pym) will be played by Nathan Fillion (firefly, castle, Capt. Hammer) hes an underrated actor that would do well in the role, he’d be cheaper to have (which helps costs on avengers 2), and hes a friend of joss weadon. That said you could get also people with more wide appeal and “star power” to play wasp and the villian.

    • I have to agree…Nathan Fillion would be awesome and alot of fan want him to be part of the movie.

      • Nathan fillion looks nothing like antman… to bulky not lean enough. I see more of the bradley cooper, ryan gosling type.

        • Ugh, they are in everything now. And besides Nathan is MILES ahead of them when it comes to acting.

          • Saying nathan fillion is miles ahead of ryan gosling is a fan boy statement. He is a tv actor for a reason. He has talent there is no doubt. But he isn’t even miles ahead of many of the people on other tv shows

            • first choice for me would be nathon fillion (been picturing him in the role ever since he was rumored to be attached way back when). if not though … david tennant anyone???

              • I’m a CB geek, not really much of a sci-fi geek, but I really don’t understand the slobbering nerd worship of Nathon Fillion. So The guy was in some cult fave show that got canceled pretty quick. I don’t see how that qualifies him to play every freakin CB hero, sci-fi, or video game movie adaptaion charater that comes along. Seriously, every time any part for a future movie is discussed, there’s always at least 5 people who pop up and say he would be perfect for the role, yet he never get’s any parts. Surely he can’t be the perfect guy for every geek worthy movie. Eventually this guy has either got to be in something of worth on the big screen, or the annoying calls for him to play every friggen role have got to stop.

                • You exaggerate. Nobody ever said Nathan Fillion should play Batman. Or Superman. Or Iron man. Or the Hulk. Or Wonder woman. Or any superhero other than the Green Lantern and Ant-man. That’s because the guy is a near perfect fit for those two characters. In other words, you’re just wrong when you blame Firefly nostalgia. (Just to make things clear, that was a terrific show. Cancellation is hardly proof of bad quality.)

                  • *Serenity

                  • I have seen his name mentioned for Superman, Bruce Banner, The Riddler(before Bane was announced for TDKR), Nathan Drake, Dr. Curt Conners, Solid Snake, Green Aarow, Capt. America, Thor, Hawkeye(before they were cast), and countless others. The only thing the guy has done is two TV shows that got canceled in their first season and a box office flop that has a cult following. His name gets brought up every time there is a geek role that needs cast, yet he has never been cast in any of these kinds of roles. My question is, why him? What is this man crush that seems to surround the guy? Is he ever going to do anything to deserve it?

                    • Well, I don’t know where you heard fans saying Fillion would be good as those characters you mentioned, but they’re obviously delusional ;) (Fillion as Thor or Cap? seriously!).

                      I don’t think Fillion would be a good Green Lantern either (too old and not muscle-y enough), but I do think he would be an awesome Hank Pym.

                    • I agree, he wouldn’t be the perfect guy for any of those roles, but inevitably, there are always a bunch of fanboys who jump up and scream that he is the only guy that could play them. I just don’t think the guy is the “sliced bread” that everyone makes him out to be.

                    • My question is, why anyone would burden their children with 4 first names? Seems a bit much.

                    • It’s the 4 Robins. Richard Grayson, Jason Todd, Timothy Drake, Damian Wayne.

  7. This Ant-Man fellow seems like he has some cool powers, but the fact is that it’s so wild anything can be done with it. He can grow 200 feet and just crush some bad guys like an ant (ironic or something) Or shrink and mess around with a giant robot villain’s parts until they break down. Something interesting is Ant-Man and SHIELD, so SHIELD can direct mini-ant-man what to do inside a robot or bad guy convention or whatever, and then they find ant-man and take him away. This could lead to a sub-plot (heck, even plot) of another Marvel movie, or even Avengers 2 where they’d need to free Ant-Man to help them with something. Besides that, the topic of his powers are so vague that he can do so much. I don’t know ANYTHING about him besides through comments and it seems to me that he’s a limited Mr.Fantastic. If he’s not limited then why not just stretch his arms and legs too besides just grow? Again, don’t know much about Ant-Man. It would be extremely hard in my opinion to make an hour and a half/two hour movie about this, and then, make it good. I mean, Marvel standard good. So like, good to the tenth power. I don’t have anything against it but I just don’t think it would make a great Marvel movie, and I think because so many people feel the same way it’s been postponed for so long. If not, then they should just do it and get on with other characters. My favorite heroes are all of the Avengers, Spider-Man, and the Human Torch. Unless Marvel owns the right to Human Torch and decide to give him a solo movie, then I wouldn’t be surprised but it would still be a cool movie theme. What about ice-man? Was he a mutation or in the X-Men? If so then Fox owns his rights according to a captain america comment, but that would make an OK movie. But then again I’m very picky about heroes, and I thought Thor would be bad when it turned out awesome. So if they make an Ant-Man movie then go ahead, Marvel, please prove me wrong. I’d honestly love to see a good movie out of something I thought would be bad. If they make an Ant-Man movie I’d definitely see it.

    • None of this makes any sense. What are you talking about?

  8. I’ve never been a fan of Wasp or Ant-man. But Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes has shown me how badass both could be in a movie.

    • Agree 100% with that!

    • Yeah!

  9. i’m a light to medium comic nerd at best. i never read any iron man, captain america, thor, avengers, or x-men. i read the biggies; superman, batman, spider-man, and some daredevil, The Hulk, justice league, umm, and archie :) i never thought Iron man would work as a movie, or Thor. I’m glad i was proven wrong. i am thinking the same thing about ant-man, and hopefully i will be proven wrong.
    my idea to introduce those lower-tier (for lack of a better phrase) characters into the marvel universe was to base it a bit on The Avengers:EMH. make it a shield movie, with Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne, and give their origins through a flashback, or something, then have them go to wakanda, looking for more vibranium, they find t’challa and his city, and give black panthers story, put in some common villian, maybe get a hulk cameo in there, or one of the other avengers. maybe flesh out a certain villian (don’t want to spoil The Avengers for the 3 people left in america who haven’t seen it yet!) some more. but, maybe those guys can carry a whole movie on their own. i guess we’ll see

    • You lost me at….Archie. :-D

  10. Who would everyone like for wasp? From watching earths mightiest heroes I can only think of… honestly scarlet johansson would be my choice as emily blunt was my first choice for black widown. But with that not possible maybe someone like rooney mara, charlize theron (would need to dye her hair of course) or emily blunt. Idk just an idea


      • ….. I’m assuming john you are a whedon fanboy… naming fillion and eliza. Not by any means is a horrible choice but with the money they just made I expect them to go bigger

    • oh oh I know! Kristen Stewart! I’ve heard she’s just an awesomtacular actress!

      (ok, just typing that made me wince a bit :D )

      • I just puked a little………

  11. I have a hard time believing non-comic book fans would want to see a movie called “Ant Man”. I’ve never read a comic book in my life (OK maybe one or two as a kid, but I don’t even know if I finished them), but I’d probably check this out just because the director of Scott Pilgrim (which I loved) is doing it.

  12. ideas for wasp
    Kristen Bell (forgetting sarah marshall)
    Olivia Wilde (tron: legacy)
    Kate Beckinsale (undeworld)
    Michelle Trachtenberg (euro-trip)
    Milla Jovovich (resident evil)
    Alyson Hannigan (american pie)

    i think each one of them fits well (and doesn’t fit) for different reasons. personally alyson Hannigan wouldve been %100 perfect 5-10 years ago but i think she could still pull it off that said i think kristen bell is my first choice.

  13. What do people think of sam rockwell for ant-man? I know he played justin hammer but I doubt that’s a big deal he ain’t coming back. I think he looks like he could pull off the sides to pym

    • So… your saying that the guy who played Stark’s business enemy should now play a hero that Stark is friends with in the comics?

      No ;)

    • I’d totally go for that. He’s a great actor. Change his hair color and let the audience get over it.

      I’d like Nathan Fillion as much or more. He’s kind of big so it would be funny that he’s ant-man. Plus he can be a hapless scientist or a leading man.

      • Just like the “race” issue with Ilba as Heimdall, not all actors fit a particular role no matter how well they act.

        I love Rockwell in the things he has done but he’s a bit too, hummmm how can I put it…..scrawny? and also has too much of a comedic style to him. Neither are qualities I feel Hank Pym has (or should have even with a re-imagining)

  14. The movie NEEDS to be based on Hank Pym NOT go&@#mn Scott Lang. He could be a scientist AND a spy, that’d be VERY different.

    • Did I miss something and this was indicated?

      If true, yes it would be an asinine move since Lang stole the Ant-Man outfit from PYM. So who would Lang have stolen this from, SHIELD? And so we would have just some thief running around with no real knowledge of the powers at his disposal? No thanks.

  15. I don’t really see this as “confirmation”. I see it as a movie maker who wants to make a movie.

    From what I’ve heard, Marvel Studios does one movie at a time. With Iron Man 3 starting to shoot in a week or two, followed by Thor 2′s filming, I can’t see Ant-Man beginning it’s principal photography until 2013.
    I mean, these superhero movie movies generally take about a year from the initial filming to the release of the movie, so if they shoot it this year, it’ll be in post production for what? About a year and a half? – that seems unlikely.

    So… unless there’s something we don’t know about (like Marvel having a third slot for 2013 – or possibly planning on having three slots for 2014), I can’t see Ant-Man starting it’s filming until 2013.

  16. I have concerns that Ant-Man wouldn’t find a big enough audience and so not make a profit.

    For some reason this came to my mind.

    “Honey, I shrunk the super-heroes!”


  17. If Marvel make this, they will lose all their cool.

  18. This will be the worst idea ever from Marvel since that Daredevil movie with Ben Afflicted. If they con volute this any further they will be in danger of loosing the audience in a see of costumed freaks. Xmen 3 and Spiderman 3 are perfect examples of this. Stick to what they have got as the dynamic works. Why do we need 3 – 5 more avengers, more scientists etc? They are not going to kick out Thor, IM, Hulk or Captain America and i doubt Hawkeye or widow will go anywhere either so adding Antman, Wasp, and all the others mentioned here the movie will have to be about 9 hours long!! I for 1 just hope the bring in Thanos as a bad guy who can control the Hulk using the gauntlets.

    • To be fair, the X-Men, Spider-Man and Daredevil movies were not made by Marvel – Marvel did have some creative input into those movies (like Venom in SM3), but they weren’t the ones that screwed everything up (like Venom being TERRIBLE in SM3 ;))

      So far, all the movies made by Marvel have been well received (i.e. a positive score) from most critics and fans on sites like Rotten Tomatoes. A success rate of 100% is pretty good IMO.

      I don’t understand all this negativity when it comes to Ant-Man though. He’s an awesome character (and so is the Wasp). Does he need his own solo movie? No. Could he be introduced in a Cap 2, Black Panther or SHIELD movie and then brought onto the team in Avengers 2? Yes! That’s a wonderful way to go…
      One way or the other, the character is definitely going to make his appearance in the movie universe very soon, so all you Ant-Man haters better start dealing with it, because it IS happening.

      • As a side character, fine, and as Hank Pym, fine, but not as Ant-Man. It is too ridiculous a concept and in a solo film the general public will not go for it.

  19. I believe Ant-Man is a ridiculous character/hero to be in “The Avengers 2″ or in any movie to be exact. Mainly because of his name and his ability to control “ANTS” His ability to change size, grow and shrink is unique and useful. Everything else in my opinion is ridiculous.

    • For those so adverse to using the title “Ant-Man” I have suggested they break with tradition and call it, “The Pym Particle”. A bit more thought provoking and interesting don’t you think?

      • Perhaps “Giant-Man” is a more intriguing name then “The Pym Particle”, either way, there both nicknames of his and they’re both better than “Ant-Man” for sure. His power to control “ANTS” it’s what really gets me, I find it really idiotic and childish for a movie, for a comic book is find but for a movie, come on. Just imagine, a bunch of “ANTS” attacking “THANOS” in The Avengers sequel. -__- it’s ridiculous, the same for “The Wasp”, but who knows, my opinion might change if they do it right. They should really have “Spider-Man” in “The Avengers Sequel”, now that’s something everybody will enjoy.

        • Do you know how many ants there are on Earth?

          It’s been estimated to be at least one quadrillion or 1 x 1015 (one thousand million million)

          They may be small but that is a huge force to have at your disposal.

          • that should read, 1 x 10 to the 15th power.

            • Your Right !

  20. The only version of this character that could feature in a film version is the Ultimates Hank Pym, but that is so far removed from everything Marvel are striving to build, that it won’t happen.

    Wright is a great director, and he absolutely should be involved in a Marvel project, but by god not this one, all the street cred and popularity created by the behemoth that is The Avengers, will be gone, down the toilet if they release a film called “Ant-Man”
    In the end it doesn’t matter how good it is, the huge numbers of average movie goers, IE, not comic book fans, will run a mile and it will flop like a discombobulated seal.

  21. For Avengers 2 you must have Ant-Man, Wasp, and Black Panther. There really isnt an argument. They have to be there.

    I do not think any of these characters necessarily need their own movie though. I think any new avengers can be introduced in Cap 2, Thor 2, IM 3, SHIELD, etc. Just bring them all together for Avengers 2.

  22. Horrible news indeed :/. Its like Doctor Who, you can just tell when a show or a series of comics start to run out of ideas. Ant-man? Giant man? Really? Theres no creative input there, theres nothing unique. Its a given ant man can shrink himself to ant size. Its a given that the giant man will be big, but how is that and advantage? Wouldn’t he tread on innocents and be a massive bother to be around. Surely he would do more damage than good.

    I just think those characters wouldn’t fit in with the ones we have now. I am not a big comic fan, but I love the films. They need to introduce new hero’s who are equal in terms of powers and skills and height, like they have now. Couldn’t people just tread on Ant-Man? Wouldn’t Giant Man just own the hulk? Imagine if they tried to have another 360 shot with those guys in the mix?

    I understand I maybe talking about something I don’t know very well at all, but I just think those hero’s sound incredibly boring in terms of there powers.

    • Yeah, no offense, but maybe you should read an Ant-Man comic (or an Avengers comic featuring Ant-Man) or just go watch a few episodes of Avengers: EMH before you say things like that.

      Like I’ve said before: with the right director, a good script, an awesome cast and a superb marketing strategy, an Ant-Man movie could be a huge hit.

      • @Avenger

        You said it all. In particular, the Marvel brand is so strong that if the script was good, then actors would literally line-up to be part of this project.

        • I agree. I think they could do a lot with Pym. Show him messing up a lot. He was always coming up with new things because he was never real good at being a hero. Showing him evolve and keep trying to be the guy he wants to be, could, if written well, make for a fun flick.

    • You don’t see how becoming 200′ tall is an advantage? o.O

      And your disadvantages can be said of most superheroes. ;)

      • Well if he is basically a giant, he would cause a lot of trouble. I mean, he’d tread on people or could get blasted into a building full of people, bringing the building down and killing everyone in side, right?

        • It’s all about the writing. When Superman fights some mega bad guy they end up destroying entire city blocks. In Avengers:EMH they had Thor completely obliterate about 1/4 mile of the city, calling down lightning on Graviton’s head. And it’s not as if he has no brains. Since he has total control he is smart enough to NOT grow to 200′ tall in the middle of a highly populated area.

          Watch this, it shows Ant-Man in action (as Giant-Man) and shows Thor’s blast. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&NR=1&v=AJ45rvkjvMA

          There has to be a certain level of suspension of disbelief for most of this to work anyways and if you refuse to do that for this character (but are willing to accept it for others) then there is no reasoning with you.

          • Really not trying to be a bother, i’m just simply curious. I mean, giant man would have basically the same capabilities of the Hulk, minus a few details (turning green, rage etc). I mean in the films, we have a nice diverse range. We have a guy who represents the average guy who is heroic at heart, as well as physically (cap). We have the muscles (Hulk). We have the superpowers (Thor). We have the cocky witty man (IM).I know some of these fit into more than one of the categories I mentioned, but those are there main appeals, for me anyway. I just think with all the heroes we have now, its an epic balance. A guy who controls ants with a helmet, who is also a guy who can change his size, would just break the nice little team we got now. Black panther seems cool, but again I wouldn’t want him in the next Avengers, unless they got rid of 2 heroes who are in the team now (if I had to make a call, preferably BW and HE).

            Personally, I would rather develop the relationships with the characters we have now, and further how they interact with each other. Then after a few more films, set them aside, and bring a new group in. If more heroes are introduced on top of the ones we have now, characters will be shunned and the film would just be a mess, right?

            • Well the team is going to change and we really can’t wait for a “few more” films. In 10 or so years RDJ will most likely not want to reprise the role no matter how much money they shower on him so if we was THIS cast then now is the time.

              Plus I don’t really think you “get” why many of us want Ant-Man. Not only is he a founding member and he has some unique powers, but he is also the one who creates the Ultron robot which would be an awesome and more personal story for Avengers 2. This story then gives us Vision and how can you possibly deny that Vision is not cool?

              So for that to happen we NEED Hank Pym. Sure they could just say Stark creates Ultron but if the Marvel Studios has shown us anything, it’s that they are trying to stay fairly true to the source material and this would be a HUGE deviation and a slap in the face to all those stories. So I can only believe they wouldn’t so this.

              As for being a mess…….if it can work in an animated show then why not on the big screen? It’s ALL about the writing. If they can balance 5 then adding in a few more shouldn’t bee too big of a challenge. Plus they could always drop say Thor and Black Widow for a movie. Thor is getting a #2 (and probably 3) after all and so may BW.

              • Ah I see, and I now sought of agree about Ant Man, but again not really about more characters in Avengers 2. I loved the amount of time each character had in the sun, literally down to the second. Everyone had there moments, everyone was a key player, everyone was heavily significant. If more characters were introduced, the characters we love now would have MUCH less screen time, and to be honest I would hate that.

                I don’t want Avengers 2 to feel like some characters are just a long for the ride, which would definatly happen if more characters were put into the film. Characters need enough screen time so the audience become perosonally invested in them, and a few lines of a dialogue and one awesome moment (which would near certainly happen if more characters were in Avengers 2), would just disinterest me.

                Maybe thats not the point in the Avengers. Maybe its meant to be seen as the Avengers being one thing on its own, and not each individual character being themselves but fighting side by side, if you get what I mean. Maybe the characters are something else as a team, as opposed to being themselves.

                I watched an animated Ultimate Avengers or something the other day, and utterly hated it. Each character had like 5 lines, and I understand that those films are much shorter, but thats the direction I fear Avengers 2 could head toward. I say closed group of characters, more character development, and roll on Avengers 2.

                • Well if you don’t want characters along for the ride then kick BW to the curb. As great as the Avengers was, they contrived a way to make her feel important. In the big picture she did very little to make a dent in the invading force.

                  That proves however that it is all about the writing.

                  As T.Van pointed out below, they can manage to balance a larger group than 5 and to just stick with what we have now feels unnaturally limiting.

            • @George

              Wouldn’t your concerns be addressed if the run time was extended? The Return of the King managed to balance at least 13 “heroes”…heroes although it ran about an hour longer than Avengers.

              With the loss of Coulson, were Cap, Hulk and Iron Man to get 5 less minutes a piece, Whedon could likely add another 4 characters if given another 1/2 hour. Granted, I recognize that this is an oversimplification, but my point is that the running time can sometimes dictate the number of characters we see in a project.

              • Good point to an extent, but the characters don’t interact with each of the others for the entire film in all three films. FOTR has them all together for awhile, but you don’t often see Merry and Legolas chatting, or Gimli and Frodo etc. When they’re all together, they need moments with each other individually, as well as their cool individual action peices and group action peices.

                • Nor did they in Avengers. The only time that all 5 were together was once in the boardroom and briefly when they were all standing back to back for what, 5 secs?. They then promptly split up and did a lot of cross/tag teaming.

                  As I said, 8-9 might be a more complex task but I have confidence that they can do it and make it even more spectacular.

                  • No mate, everyone did converse with each other. I can remember a lot of moments infact when they did. My point is, in Avengers, you see how each individual Avenger reacts to the other individual Avenger. You get there opinions on each other. LOTR you don’t. I love LOTR, but individual members of the Fellowship don’t interact with other members, which in my opinion is a huge loss for the film.

                    I don’t like the way the films are rumored to be heading to be honest. I mean yeah, not all the Avengers fought together at one time, but I was more interested in the characters interacting with each other than the action. The entire films should be character based and detailed, not ‘lets see how many characters we can fit in and have one big action peice at the end’.

        • Well, they’ve managed to around that throughout the years (in the comics, tv shows and animated movies) so again: with a good script/writer and good directing, one could easily get around that issue.

  23. I wanna see Liam Neeson for Dr. Strange!!

    • Hmmm…interesting choice.

    • I would not have thought that, but yeah, that could actually work. The idea of a guy mastering some sort of mystical art….you’d have to be an older guy….well played, sir.

  24. If Ant-Man is going to be the unknown Marvel project scheduled for 2014, I would hope that Captain America 2 would include Black Panther.

    The sequel could include a flashback sequence to WWII when Cap and the Howling Commandos were sent to Wakanda to prevent the Nazis from obtaining vibranium (see Reggie Hudlin/Denis Cowan’s “Flags of our Fathers”). That mini-series had expanded upon the first meeting between the Black Panther (T’Challa’s grandfather) and a still relatively inexperienced Steve Rogers.

  25. I say never believe or listen to anyone with 4 first names. Obviously, something was wrong with their parents, and that something got passed down.

  26. Ant-Man has never appealed to me in the comic books. But this is Edgar Wright so I say f&#$ yeah!

  27. i say, bring it on! the avengers could really grow with charectors like these (not that ithe franchise needs help, THE AVENGERS WAS AWSOME!!!). they are brimming with human frailtese. plus, no hank pyme, no ultron or vision or jacosta. as for the visions memories of a dead guy; i can only think of one recently deceased fellow i would dig seing be made into the vision, and s.h.e.i.l.d. already has him on ice. personally brad cooper would make a great hank pyme. i believe he could pull of a dysfunctional, alcholholic wife beating genious ( i’m recalling “limitless”) and as for janet, the always smoking hot olivia wilde.

    but that’s just me.

  28. I think Patrick Wilson would also make a good Henry Pym i think he’s a great actor and i’m sure a lot of other people would agree with him being casted as the lead role. Also i think that Sean William Scott would be good as Scott Lang.

    • o.O……ohhh, I like that suggestion and will add him to my short list.

      And why do people keep bringing up Scott Lang? He is basically Ant-Man 2.0 when we don’t even have Ant-Man version 1 yet!

  29. Benedict Cumberbatch would be an incredible Hank Pym.

    Joe Cornish has already said the Ant Man film will include Pym and Scott Lang with Lang being the version of Ant Man that would join the Avengers. Thats why I think Cumberbatch’s comment on a secret project he cant talk about is to do with Ant Man. I can see him being happy to play the role once and then hand it over to another actor playing Lang to do film after film.

    • If true that is completely lame. Introduce the real Ant-Man only to have the role usurped by the end of the movie? That kind of defeats why I would even want Ant-Man on the Avengers. A thief will not be contributing to the construction of Ultron, has zero ties to Wasp and was NOT a founding member of The Avengers.

      If this is the outcome then I have no desire to see an Ant-Man movie or have him join the Avengers.