Marvel Has Met With ‘The Middle’ Star Eden Sher

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EdenSher Marvel Has Met With ‘The Middle’ Star Eden Sher

Marvel Studios has plenty of projects mapped out – all the way through 2028 – but there are many roles in upcoming movies and television series that have yet to be cast. Possible side characters for cinematic sequels such as The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (which is not yet confirmed), Captain America 3 and Thor 3 will need to be filled, as well as the lead roles of other upcoming projects like the as-of-yet unofficial Doctor Strange or only-rumored Ms. Marvel film.

But, while there are plenty of roles available in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, there are four big roles to be filled on the television side. Particularly, Marvel’s television series and culminating miniseries to be produced with Netflix: The Defenders. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage haven’t been officially cast yet, though that should change soon – seeing how the Daredevil series begins shooting in New York City this summer.

Earlier today, star of ABC’s The Middle, Eden Sher, tweeted that she attended what was supposed to be a short meeting at Marvel, but turned into a three-hour long encounter. Her reaction — a mixture of optimism and being somewhat overwhelmed — seems to point at some sort of agreement between Sher and Marvel.

Read her tweet:

Marvel also tweeted about Sher’s visit to the offices, though according to their Twitter it had more to do with The Middle’s season finale and Sher’s love of comics than casting discussions.

Read Marvel’s tweet:

Sher, who got her start on Showtime’s Weeds, has played awkward middle daughter Sue Heck on The Middle for five seasons and will return for the show’s sixth season in the fall. However, by the sound of it, Sher may soon be transitioning from the family-oriented sitcom to a different Disney-owned property – one that involves superpowers, rather than slapstick humor.

JessicaJonesMsMarvel Marvel Has Met With ‘The Middle’ Star Eden Sher

Though it’s unclear – and wholly open to speculation – what role (if any) Marvel is possibly eying Sher for, it must be a character that requires “80 lbs” worth of comic books. As of right now there are two major contenders for who that character could be: Jessica Jones or Ms Marvel. Many are leaning toward Ms Marvel as one of Sher’s followup tweets was directed at Sana Amanat, the Marvel editor who helped create the newest Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan.

Read Sher’s followup tweet:

Rumors have surfaced about whether Ms Marvel would appear in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it has not been confirmed. Additionally, the Avengers sequel began filming in February and is well into production, so if Ms Marvel were to appear it would only be in a small role. (Like, maybe a mid-credits scene? Just throwing it out there…) Whereas, by comparison, Jessica Jones is still a ways from beginning production and will need to be cast sometime in the coming months.

Though Sher’s appearance falls more in line with Jessica Jones, her age is closer to the younger Ms. Marvel – especially Kamala Khan, who is in high school and whose character is somewhat similar to the awkward teenager that Sher plays on The Middle. Either superheroine is a possibility at this point, but nothing has been confirmed.

Do you think Sher is close to being cast (or maybe even has been cast) in Marvel role – and if so, which one? Let us know in the comments.


The Avengers: Age of Ultron will hit theaters May 1st, 2015; stay tuned to Screen Rant for more updates on Marvel’s Netflix series.

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  1. Im confused on why you think she might play Kamala Khan, her nationality plays such a big part in her comics.

    • Oh, that’s right. Actors should never have the ability to play other nationalities or God forbid fake their accents.

      • lol. what a ridiculous comment. why would you cast a white actor to play a role so grounded in Muslim heritage? i’m sure if marvel was casting khan they would just cast an actual member of the aforementioned nationality. you know how angry people would get if they cast a white actress as khan?

        • Why aren’t they mad that they cast a black man to play Human Torch who has always been white?

          • It’s only ok when when a white character goes to someone different otherwise it is considered racist!

          • They are mad. And I agree, her culture plays a big part in her character. She’s the first Pakistanese superhero for that matter.

            • Sorry, *Pakistani*.

          • Come on. That is so important that the Human Torch be white? What a joke. When will the trolls get over it. Yes they cast a black guy as Human Torch go cry in your Marvel pillow. That sad part is he should be playing Reed Richards, but God no they most all be white. A bigger problem is guys like Goyer & Snyder running DC with what thus far had been a pretty bad reimaging of that character. Unlike most who complain about Human Torch I will wait & see Batman vs. Superman.

            • Michael B. Jordan will deliver a great performance, just as Idris Elba has done for Heimdall. But I still don’t like it when characters are cast with another race, REGARDLESS of which way the mis-casting occurs.
              I would rather see a white guy play the character based on a Norse god. Am I racist for that? No.
              I would rather see Idris Elba play Black Panther! Okay, so he might be a bit old, but that’s not the point. There is already a great amount of diversity in Marvel lore, and placing those characters in the MCU would enrich it heavily. Wakanda could be a MAJOR geographic player in the MCU, if they have it be the only known place of vibranium for example.
              Marvel’s mentality seems to be using a popular character, and recast with a minority race/culture. Trying to hit two birds with one stone? Fans are happy about the character at least being there, while minorities are pandered to? It’s bull s***.

          • seriously i come from a big black family, but i was so furious when i heard that they were making the human torch black and so is he father, sue is gonna be an adopted member of the family, bulls**t, as long as i have been reading comics he has always been white, thats like changing black panther to white panther, should not be allowed, the only person i approve of is Samuel l jackson.

            • You were furious? Lol. Yeah, because inaccurate casting decisions are such a BIG injustice these days. I mean , it’s atleast one of the biggest problems in America. Child molesters getting 2 or 3 months of jail time – white child molesters at that – is nothing compared to a black man taking a white man’s role in a fictional movie.
              If you do have a black family out there…somewhere…as you claimed, then they should give you a hood-style whooping… give you something to really be furious over, instead of something as petty and trivial as comics. Have a nice day.

            • You guys are arguing over something Hollywood will and has done willingly. They will continue to do so despite anyone’s suggestion. Need I remind everyone of these movies,

              1. Air Bender
              2. Dragonball Z
              3. King of Fighters
              4. Street Fighter
              5. the upcoming Fantastic Four and their black human torch and adopted girl, woman?
              6. Chung Li (ok, street fighter characters had it bad)
              7. That asian guy in the first Captain America movie
              8. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
              9. Ang Lee’s Asian looking Hulk

              As of now I am petitioning for the whitest actor to play Black Panther.

              • I did not know Hollywood operated as a groupmind somewhat like the Inhumans Good to know.

            • So you’re also gonna be mad they changed the West family in The Flash TV show to black actors, even though DC Comics are adding a black Wally West to The New 52?

          • Because human torch’s ethnicity is not a defining aspect of his character. and i dont know if you’ve read any responses to the human torch casting, but there are loads of fanboys butt hurt about it

        • Let’s not forget certain… groups in the Middle East

        • What’s really ridiculous is the hypocrisy that comes with political correctness these days.

          Cast a non-white individual in a role of an originally white character – “Well, it’s a new era, the race should not matter as long as the character’s essence is the same. People who disagree with the casting are racists.”

          Cast a white individual in a role of an originally non-white character – “It’s an outrage! It’s white-washing! The character’s race plays a big part in the character’s story and therefore cannot and must not be changed. This must be protested and boycotted. People who don’t are racists.”

          Racism, like so many other things in the world, works both ways. Lots of social activist groups fail to see that, and it reflects on the populace as well.
          Pitchforks at the ready, my lovelies…

        • Do you even understand that the Islam faith is a religion and not a heritage based on nationality?

          • He probably doesn’t, but she is a Pakistani-American. It is well established and a huge part of her story so far. She is also a Muslim. The person you are replying to is someone who could learn something from reading the new Miss Marvel.

        • It’s not a ridiculous comment. Sure, people would rightfully be upset, but on the other hand, it’s called “acting” and not “actually being.” Good actor trumps all else.

    • My guess is the character will be a combination of the original Ms. Marvel and the New Ms. Marvel. Basically a similar back story to Danvers, but the age of Khan.

      Kinda like how the Amazing Spider-Man movies are blending the Ultimate and 616 Spider-men (Spending more time in High School like Ultimate did, but having his first love be Gwen like in the original comic, etc. ).

      A fresh take on the original Ms. Marvel if you will.

      • That’s not really possible… (speaking as a reader of both Carol and Kamala’s stories).

        Carol Danvers’s non-superhero backstory is that she was a decorated Air Force officer… which isn’t exactly feasible for a high school student.

  2. I think she’s just visiting the building, not for talks or stuff…
    Just because an actor/actress came to Marvel, doesn’t mean they would end up in a movie right? Remember Simon Pegg and the whole ANT-MAN thing? LOL

    And personally I would prefer we have Carol Danvers in the movies, while Kamala Khan can be featured in Agents of SHIELD (who is probably heading towards Inhumanity anyway). Kamala can’t appear before Carol shows up first though, she’s her fan right?

  3. I have no clue what role she’d be up for, but i really don’t know much about her as an actress to decide if there’s an idea in place for her to fit in the MCU.. who knows.. she must be if Marvel is courting her…

    Ms Marvel would be cool, I can see it.

    • Dude, one of the whole points of Ms. Marvel’s comic is that superheroes can look like ANYTHING. You don’t have to be blonde, athletic, white, and yes, have perfect teeth to be a superhero. You just have to want to help people!
      And the fact that you have to clarify that you wore braces just makes your comment seem stranger. WHY, man? Why can’t superheroes wear braces? Why can’t they look like real, actual people?

      And on the subject, why is Kamala so chesty in that picture? The one next to the Jessica Jones picture? Yeesh.

      • I look a bit like Napoleon Dynamite. I will be over to your place for my super hero movie casting call next week!

    • You do realize it’s just her character in ‘The Middle’ that wears braces right?

      • Honestly, I don’t know…not picking on her, but I am just unfamiliar with her.

      • To start the flame wars above that’s why.

    • I’m laughing if you genuinely believe that Eden has braces. Look up a picture of the actual actress and you’ll see that she isn’t anywhere near an “awkward teenager” or anything like that.

      • OK, I looked at the other pic link, and she does look different.
        Funny how everyone played “Pile On Goldilocks” (sulk, sulk), sometimes a favorite sport around here, right away. Anyways, fear not, you are now set up…she is your blind date for this weekend!

  4. Scott Lang’s daughter? I don’t know.

    • ^This^ Prob the most accurate comment on here.

    • Have you read Ms. Marvel, man? Kamala is an AWESOME character! How long she’s been around isn’t important!

      • Not important? It’s everything. I have read the new series, and I really like it, but I seriously doubt it will make 100 issues. Spider-girl made 100 issues, no movie. Carol has been around since the 70’s and is one of Marvel’s (few) female super hero’s. If they are going to do a Ms. Marvel movie, it should be about the real Ms. Marvel, not the current editors flavor of the week. I mean hell, where is our New Universe movies?

      • Carol Danvers should be first. Her story ties into the Thanos plot better.

        Kamala Khan is great, but she barely anything to her. She can’t be in a movie before making it to at least 25 issues, 50 is more reasonable.


      • Kamala was a character on WWF wrestling years ago! I believe he was depicted as being a big black African native cannibal or some such goofy thing.

        • He also died a few years ago after having both feet amputated due to severe Type 2 diabetes.

  5. She’s obviously going to be Squirrel Girl.

    • That seems unlikely. Unless she will be Squirrel Girl on AOS. No way is Joss bringing SG into the Avengers in phase 3. That is Thanos.

    • I hope not. I want the G.L.A. to have their own movie! :)

  6. cant stop staring at Eden Sher v-spot on her Tweet post

    • Bwahahaha!

  7. This news coupled with the news about Marvel being interested in Zac Efron makes me think that they might be heading the direction of Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot by casting younger actors for the title roles. Just a hunch.

  8. I’m going with runaways…I can see Zachary Ekron as Chase and Sher as Lucy in the Sky…I hope it is

    • sorry dude. runaways was put on indefinite hiatus due to the success of thor and the avengers, before them there was a runaways script in case they didn’t do too well

  9. What?! The Middle is still on? Is that show even funny? I remember watching promos for it prior to its series debut, it looked like such a ripoff of Malcolm in the Middle with the Dewey look alike kid and the crazy mom and just the title itself. can’t believe it has been six years, wow.

  10. This is a bit of a reach. Actors and actresses go into Marvel all the time to talk about their current projects and get some free comics. I’m sure it was nothing more than that.

  11. How can you do thhe Kamala Ms. M and not introduce Carol first?

    That’s like if Sony had made The Amazing Spider-man about Miles Morales over Peter Parker or having Bucky as Cap instead of Steve.

    You can’t do that.

  12. It could be for Agents of SHIELD

  13. She’s Rita Demara, YELLOWJACKET. Who joined in Avengers Annual #17. In the MCfilm Universe, she’ll be Paul Rudd/Lang’s Theif accomplice. She also gets the shrink on her like the WASP, but she stays with a life of crime! IMO she’s casted for ANTMAN. There’s no way she’s Ms Marvel or Jessica Jones.

  14. Someone should just compile a list of every female character Marvel Studios has the right to post it.

  15. Eden Sher is so incredibly sexy. And she’s really good on THE MIDDLE. Glad to see her getting the chance at more challenging roles in the future.

  16. Cassie Lang?

  17. What’s really ridiculous is the hypocrisy that comes with political correctness these days.

    Cast a non-white individual in a role of an originally white character – “Well, it’s a new era, the race should not matter as long as the character’s essence is the same. People who disagree with the casting are racists.”

    Cast a white individual in a role of an originally non-white character – “It’s an outrage! It’s white-washing! The character’s race plays a big part in the character’s story and therefore cannot and must not be changed. This must be protested and boycotted. People who don’t are racists.”

    Racism, like so many other things in the world, works both ways. Lots of social activist groups fail to see that, and it reflects on the populace as well.

    More to come soon.

    • You should not compare what Fox has done with Johnny Storm with anything else. It is what it is, it was done by a director who is friends with he who shall not be named. Then he made that questionable comment. The new FF could be good, it may be terrible. It is clearly going in a new direction. The casting has been not to my taste. Having Ben Grimm be a football hooligan turned Royal Marine (or whatever) from Belfast will be different than the Ben Grimm from the comics.

  18. I think this casting is in relation to agents of shield or agent carter I don’t see it being a movie casting I’m still holding out for katee stackhoff for ms marvel but I think marvel does start needing to approach younger actors to get a few years out of them especially with such long contracts

  19. Diego klatenhoff for captain america recasting after cap 3

    • There won’t likely be a recasting for Steve. More than likely they will kill him off or come up with some excuse for Bucky to become Captain America. After all, Marvel owns Sebastian Stan for SEVEN more movies.

  20. Well, Jessica Jones would be fine, but she’s not good for Kamala Khan, I mean please, in what universe would that be a clever casting? Marvel is better than that.

    Also, while I don’t know much about the new Ms Marvel, I would think that Marvel would rather go with Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, since she’s more well-known. Also, Carol does have some role in Kamala’s life I think (even if she’s just a hero she looks up to), so for me it would make sense to make Carol first and Kamala after.

  21. My votes:
    Karla Sofen (Moonstone)- her origin could work perfectly with the scepter button scene from CA:TWS, and Moonstone would fit in either the movies or AoS.

    Crystal of the Inhumans.

    Jen Walters (She-Hulk)

    Maybe Karen Page for the Daredevil Netflix series?

  22. I showwy but I’m a marhvel shuper heroh now you chaint tahlk to meh now. That’s what happens to your voice when you play a girl with huge braces that cover your tounge. Maybe if she had one normal picture I could picture her as someone not in that role, until then I think I’ll pass.

  23. Squirrel Girl!!!!!

    • Squirrel Girl my nutzz! Everyone says that, but who is she? I guess I’d better see if she is a squeeze for Chip and Dale, Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Secret Squirrel, Alvin, Simon, or Theodore!

  24. i think it makes perfect sense in this situation to cast an actress, who is not of the same race as the character. Unfortunately in today’s climate,Islam and its worshipers can be a polarizing issue in our country and even worldwide. Similar to F4 choosing some of the hottest young actors to sell tickets and revitalize their brand, execs may not want to deal with the possible box office fallout. I dunno what the profits are for Ms. Marvel comics, but I know Marvel films don’t really miss, nor can they afford to. Don’t get me wrong, they may put out a bad movie(IM3 to some) but they’ll still get a packed theater full of people who will just grouse afterwards,as opposed to potential protests. There’s also a responsibility. Islamic fundamentalists and even those who not fanatical about their faith, are very protective of their traditions (for lack of better words). The writers/director will have to “tread lightly” with certain subjects and be meticulous about the proper representation of their faith. I think it’s easier in this case to take religion out of the character’s background, and still be able to tell the same story.

    PS. never read one Kamila Khan,Ms. Marvel comic so I’m speaking with no reference info re: the comic.

    • I love how all the self-appointed authorities in this thread don’t read the comic. I suppose though that’s not very different to how most Marvel/DC film/TV related discussions here and on CBM are by people who don’t actually know anything about the comics.

      With Kamala, her characterization isn’t a one note ‘Muslim superhero’ thing; her culture, race, etc all play into it. There are white-skinned Pakistanis, but Kamala’s family is dark-skinned. That ‘othering’ is a conscious decision, part of who the character is.

  25. I’m not comparing a specific case to other cases. I’m speaking about casting in general nowadays.

    But since you’ve mentioned F4, let me use it as another example. Upon the outrage of some fans that a black Human Torch was cast, a joke column on a comic book-related site – the name of the column being ‘Why So Serious?’ used it as an article topic, openly treating the fans who protested the casting choice as racists. Several days later, when a white actress was cast in a role of a character implied in the source material – a fantasy book, I believe – to be of either African or Native American origin (meaning, no particular race was even specified) the outcry of people world over was so intense that they initiated a petition to recast the actress.

    In short, evidently any originally white character can be cast as non-white, while any non-white character must remain non-white at any cost, and anyone who shows any level of disagreement is automatically labeled a racist.

    That is hypocrisy, plain and simple.