Marvel Has Met With ‘The Middle’ Star Eden Sher

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EdenSher Marvel Has Met With ‘The Middle’ Star Eden Sher

Marvel Studios has plenty of projects mapped out – all the way through 2028 - but there are many roles in upcoming movies and television series that have yet to be cast. Possible side characters for cinematic sequels such as The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (which is not yet confirmed), Captain America 3 and Thor 3 will need to be filled, as well as the lead roles of other upcoming projects like the as-of-yet unofficial Doctor Strange or only-rumored Ms. Marvel film.

But, while there are plenty of roles available in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, there are four big roles to be filled on the television side. Particularly, Marvel’s television series and culminating miniseries to be produced with Netflix: The Defenders. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage haven’t been officially cast yet, though that should change soon – seeing how the Daredevil series begins shooting in New York City this summer.

Earlier today, star of ABC’s The Middle, Eden Sher, tweeted that she attended what was supposed to be a short meeting at Marvel, but turned into a three-hour long encounter. Her reaction — a mixture of optimism and being somewhat overwhelmed — seems to point at some sort of agreement between Sher and Marvel.

Read her tweet:

Marvel also tweeted about Sher’s visit to the offices, though according to their Twitter it had more to do with The Middle’s season finale and Sher’s love of comics than casting discussions.

Read Marvel’s tweet:

Sher, who got her start on Showtime’s Weeds, has played awkward middle daughter Sue Heck on The Middle for five seasons and will return for the show’s sixth season in the fall. However, by the sound of it, Sher may soon be transitioning from the family-oriented sitcom to a different Disney-owned property – one that involves superpowers, rather than slapstick humor.

JessicaJonesMsMarvel Marvel Has Met With ‘The Middle’ Star Eden Sher

Though it’s unclear – and wholly open to speculation – what role (if any) Marvel is possibly eying Sher for, it must be a character that requires “80 lbs” worth of comic books. As of right now there are two major contenders for who that character could be: Jessica Jones or Ms Marvel. Many are leaning toward Ms Marvel as one of Sher’s followup tweets was directed at Sana Amanat, the Marvel editor who helped create the newest Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan.

Read Sher’s followup tweet:

Rumors have surfaced about whether Ms Marvel would appear in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it has not been confirmed. Additionally, the Avengers sequel began filming in February and is well into production, so if Ms Marvel were to appear it would only be in a small role. (Like, maybe a mid-credits scene? Just throwing it out there…) Whereas, by comparison, Jessica Jones is still a ways from beginning production and will need to be cast sometime in the coming months.

Though Sher’s appearance falls more in line with Jessica Jones, her age is closer to the younger Ms. Marvel – especially Kamala Khan, who is in high school and whose character is somewhat similar to the awkward teenager that Sher plays on The Middle. Either superheroine is a possibility at this point, but nothing has been confirmed.

Do you think Sher is close to being cast (or maybe even has been cast) in Marvel role – and if so, which one? Let us know in the comments.


The Avengers: Age of Ultron will hit theaters May 1st, 2015; stay tuned to Screen Rant for more updates on Marvel’s Netflix series.

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  1. For all those moaning about character race don’t forget nick fury was white now he’s black deal with it

    • lol I think HUMAN TORCH is gonna be black too

    • I love Sam Jackson as Nick Fury. Maybe the best thing from the Ultimates line, my opinion. But, I also Sternako’s Nick Fury. David Hasslehoff butchered that version on TV. The amazing comics still exist though. Maybe Marvel will do some more adult oriented throwback animated one offs. Utilize some of the great old plots and artists for inspiration and direction.

      For me, Sam jackson playing Nick was no issue because it was done first in the comics and the fans liked it. The new FF movie is doing the opposite which is one reason why I am leery of it.

      As for Eden Sher playing Kamala Khan. No way. #1 new character with like 5 issues so far. #2 Pakistani-American and Muslim are big parts of her story and interesting.

      Screenrant trolls hard sometimes.

    • He’s still white in the regular Marvel Universe. He’s only black in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. So you deal with it.

      • Nick Fury Jr is black in the main marvel universe, you are way behind i see

  2. She could easily play Kamila Khan as she’s already 2/3 from “The Middle” East. ‘Heck’, I don’t see why she Khan’t but whatever happens brace yourselves for a lack of braces.

  3. Guys…. Marvel has a weekly podcast (This Week in Marvel) where they discuss the newly released comics and other Marvel related news. Every so often, they will have a “. 5″ episode where they bring on a celebrity to talk about Marvel comics and whatever the celebrity is promoting..
    Pretty sure this is all this would be..
    By the way, the podcast is great, I recommend it to anyone who reads Marvel comics regularly.

  4. Oh God No!! If anyone should play Ms. Marvel it should be Emily Blunt and the Carol Danvers version!

    Eden might be a good comedic actress but Ms. Marvel is a badass and I could not see this little girl playing her. I hope she’s just visiting.

    • I agree that Carol Danvers is the Ms Marvel version they should do. This Khan character is a diversity gimmick from the get go and just is not nearly as cool.

      As for who plays Carol Danvers, I love Emily Blunt and wouldn’t be disappointed to she her finally get a Marvel role. I personally would love to see Alice Eve as Ms Marvel.

  5. If she is up for either of those roles, I hope to heaven it is Jessica Jones.

  6. Wow, this thread got derailed so fast!

    I had no idea this girl existed, she is super hot! Can’t speak to what role she’d play if any, but she seems more Jessica Jones to me than anybody. Although I love the idea of Squirrel Girl, it is too much casting to type.

    I watched some videos of her after I saw this and she seems to have a decent range as an actor. I wouldn’t at all mind this goddess joining the MCU.

    • Goddess? You are kidding, right? I mean, she’s not actually as unfortunate looking as her charcater in the Middle, but she’s not exactly Charlize Theron either.

      • Nope, not kidding. Watch her in an interview. She’s charming as hell and sexy as all get out. Charlize is hot, sure but this girl really floats my boat.

        • Well, to each their own I guess. I’ve never seen her act in anything, but as long as she’s a decent actress I don’t mind her being in the MCU.

          • Aubrey Plaza, man. Queen of the hotties. I like nerd hot.

  7. After seeing all those pics in cmb I can definitely see her as Jessica Jones. As usual Marvel is spot on with their casting choices.

  8. Eden is rocking some major cameltoe there. I might watch just to see how that fits into a superhero costume.

  9. People arguing about the same oleee thing.

    • and getting nowhere

  10. emily blunt or jennifer lawrence: one of them 2 for ms. marvel

    • Emily Blunt maybe (though there is a list of suitable actresses that are talented and fit the bill, ahead of her) but Jennifer Lawrence I can’t see at all. There are so many actresses out there, great ones, ones that would fit perfectly. I just don’t get this widespread belief that she’s the best thing around or the insistence that she be in everything. Yes she’s not a child (she’ll be 24 this year) but I doubt her ability to have the look and presence of a seasoned air force officer.

  11. Is Ant-man finished? Could she be playing Stature? After The Middle I could see her playing the daughter of Scott Lang.

  12. why whenever an actor visits Marvel – does every assumption go that they’re being considered for role – for projects that don’t even have directors (or in some cases) are not even written or more important even green lighted ???

    has there EVER been a movie or TV show that casts actors for any roles before a the project is written ? or has a director or show runner?

    if she is being considered for a role – it most likely would be for something that is in production — doesn’t that make sense?
    ie. – Avengers AOU, Ant-Man or Sharon Carter

  13. To be fair I think he mentioned the new ms marvel to spark a debate I know hollywood tend to do a lot of race swapping and white washing of characters but i don’t think this gonna be the case as it will spark a negative reaction plus lets be clear majority of the black actors who ask marvel about roles always ask if they could play black panther with the exception of nick fury who asked whether their was anything for him

  14. Jessica Jones was in highschool when the whole car accident, superpowers thing happened. Hell it wouldn’t shock me if she appeared in season two of AOS.

  15. If she’s ms marvel, that would just be cringing/punch in the face for true fans. Love Disney messing with all the comics. -.-

  16. Why not Cassie Lang in Ant-Man? Surely Marvel isn’t discounting the possibility of exploring Young Avengers properties?

  17. He is a very very hot and delicious girl… I love her.