Ed Norton Not Too Enthusiastic About The Avengers?

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avengers incredible hulk 2 as villain ed norton Ed Norton Not Too Enthusiastic About The Avengers?

This isn’t too much of an update, but it definitely follows that path of Ed Norton that we’ve become accustomed to in reference to his future with Marvel Studios as Bruce Banner/The Hulk.

Capone at Ain’t It Cool News had a chance to interview the talented and hands-on actor/producer for his work on the documentary, By the People: The Election of Barack Obama, where he was specifically asked to talk only about that project. However, Capone was able to get in a few questions for the fans and that meant a question or two about The Incredible Hulk 2 and The Avengers.

Like I said above, we seemingly get an update from Ed Norton every few weeks about his involvement with Marvel’s future films, alternating between positive and hopeful, to negative and unlikely. This week’s update fall under the latter.

Norton and The Hulk made quite a few headlines in August and September when rumors surfaced that Norton as Banner as well as their green alter-ego would make a guest appearance in Iron Man 2, repaying the favor for Robert Downey Jr. appearing as Tony Stark in The Incredible Hulk and referencing The Avengers.

In response, Norton shot down the Iron Man 2 rumors stating that he knew nothing about it, but later discussed how he thinks having Hulk be some sort of villain in The Avengers would be fun. Following that, he said that The Hulk’s return is only “a function of time” which seemingly hinted that he may be back in 2012 for a role in the most epic movie of all time.

With all this back and forth and absolutely no confirmation either way, it’s hard to gauge what The Hulk’s status is or more importantly, why it’s being kept so secret. On that note, here’s the latest from Norton in response to a question from Capone:

“I don’t… Knowing you guys, you will probably have updates on that quicker than I will, so if you find out, call me! [Laughs] I actually don’t know. I’m not even sure deep inside the minds of Marvel how they are planning to string that stuff out, but I don’t think there is any if it is imminent, I don’t know.”

Following that, Capone asked if he’s at least still interested in Marvel’s plans or coming back to play Bruce Banner again.

“Things like that to me are always completely dependent on what they make of it. You know what I mean? It’s like anything can be the crappy version of itself or the great version of itself and if it’s the great version of itself, then that’s one thing. If they don’t get it right, then I don’t know, then I think… A lot of it depends on what they come up with.”

In my mind, everything out of Marvel Studios has been so positive and on the up-and-up. Their first two movies were awesome and Iron Man 2 promises more of the same. On top of that, fans including myself couldn’t be more excited with everything coming out of director Kenneth Branagh’s camp for the Thor movie and we’re all waiting in anticipation for updates on Joe Johnston’s The First Avenger: Captain America.

With the studio intentionally crossing over characters, notably the Tony Stark appearance in Hulk’s latest movie, how can they drop the ball and not have Norton involved in The Avengers? I can’t even imagine how disappointing that would be. Even if he’s in a lesser role than the other three, to me it is imperative that Banner/Hulk is a part of that.

I’m holding on to my hopes of Norton actually appearing in Iron Man 2 and fans going absolutely nuts at that revelation which would confirm the four mainstays of The Avengers roster.

What do you think?

The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

Source: AICN

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  1. I’m not too woried. ( I think I spelt that right)

    it sounds to me like edward norton justs wants the script and screenplay to be non-crappy. Which means if they want him, Marvels just gonna have to keep it up.

    Personally, Edward Norton is one of my favorite acors and saw his portrayal as Bruce Banner the best of it’s kind.

  2. They could definitely do without him. It would be nice to have everyone from their stand-alone films, but the only “vital” people to see here are Tony Stark, Cpt. America, and Thor. It would be nice to see the Bruce Banner we already saw, but it won’t break the movie to not have him, so oh well if he’s not part of it…

  3. How would you like CA to show up in the last few minutes of “IM2?” But Old Man he hasn’t even been cast yet! Are you sure? Really Sure?

  4. If he had filmed a scene with Norton already, knowledge of it would have leaked by now, even if they tried hard to keep it under wraps. I think it is impossible these days with all of the people working on movies and websites looking for a scoop.

    My gut tells me that his responses are genuine. He is not opposed to it, but for whatever reason, they have not approached him about it.

    I am sure there will be some more of those style cameos in Iron Man. But my bet is it is gonna be Thor. If it is there is any Hulk related stuff, it will probably be small references. Maybe a Bruce Banner name-drop or sat photos of the Hulk in Manitoba somewhere. I doubt there is a Norton cameo.

  5. I agree with you Jake. It just seems that Norton wants to know what he is getting into and playing it close to the vest until he finds out whats up. I also think he is honest about not knowing quite yet what is going on as far as avengers. Personally, I think the headline here is a bit misleading because he doesn’t come off as unenthusiastic to me. To me, his quotes point more to being open to the idea as long as it is a good one.

  6. Yeah, the headline is terrible. LIke all the advertising on this site…designed to draw you in.

  7. These cameos shouldn’t distract from the story/films…

    And I can’t believe Norton supports obama.
    He makes Sean Penn redeemable…

  8. if he does make a cameo in IM2 it’ll be good, if he doesnt make a cameo in IM2.. it’ll still be good.
    i would prefer at the end of IM they kinda introduce cap, or maybe thor (thor would be better as he will challenge the line between magic and science (if you know what i mean) or they could show how tony revives cap america (unlikely as cap hasnt been introduced to the future and his movie is supposedly set during WW2))

    all in all, im not to worried about banner being in any of the up coming marvel movies, but would mind seeing him in there somewhere, an appearance in avengers (possible the bad guy) would be epic though

  9. Evan says: “But my bet is it is gonna be Thor.”

    I was thinking along those lines too but wasn’t so bold to suggest it, because the look of Thor hasn’t been nailed down and Cap could appear dressed in anything really. Thor would be very dramatic. I dig low key stuff too so any works for me.

  10. @ jbird71,

    Ed Norton’s responses about playing Banner again in any form have mostly been non-enthusiastic, especially compared to every other person involved in the Marvel movies.

    Check out all the previous Norton articles I link to. This isn’t misleading at all unless Norton is misleading us with his answers – very possible.

  11. @ Rob Keyes

    Rob, you are kidding right? the titles of the last 2 Hulk articles are “Ed Norton Thinks Hulk As Avengers Villain Would Be “Fun” ” where it was written in the article that in YOUR opinion “I think it’s almost a certainty The Hulk will appear in some fashion in The Avengers”. The other is “The Hulk’s Return Is Only A Matter Of Time”, also written by YOU, that “Now he’s (norton) saying his involvement in The Avengers just boils down to scheduling…”. Yet you are now claiming he is unenthusiastic.

    I read all his quotes from that article and the new one. None of those quotes come across to me as him NOT wanting to play the Hulk. They all say to me that he is willing if the story is right, which I mentioned in my post. It sounds tome that he is not sure yet of the Hulk’s role in Avengers and until he finds out what they want him to do, he is not going to commit to it. That or he is playing everything close to the vest. Now I agree he does not project the same enthusiasm as some others, but that does not mean he does not want to do it. It just means he is cautious.

  12. It seems that Norton won’t be marvelized again for awhile. In all likelihood, The Avengers will be fighting some major baddie (kang or ultron or Dr. Doom) and need some back-up. Release banner! The hulk joins and is set up at the end for The Hulk 2 (vs, The Leader)

    So the films in order should be: Iron man2, Thor, Capt. America, The Avengers, Hulk 2, Iron Man 3, then maybe Thor 2 or Ct. America 2, and Avengers 2.

    Hopefully then Black Panther and a set up for him to join Avenger 3.


  13. When is Ed Norton ever happy? About anything?

  14. I think Hulk definitely needs to be a part of “The Avengers” in some way, big or small. Also, why would he not want to be a part of a Marvel movie? It seems to me that would be a pretty good deal. It probably pays fairly well and on top of that just think of how much more publicity you get. He did a good job as Bruce Banner, and I would love to see him return for another round of it. Also, what about Wolverine? I’m not extremely familiar with the Avengers story, but doesn’t Wolverine appear with them later on? I think having him in it would make it even more epic.

  15. Nortons comments go all over the place ,
    ranging from noncommital to enthusistic.
    His comments are like a Rubiks Cube wrapped in an Enigma.
    He is not to be taken seriously.

  16. I agree with jbird71. I think Norton is just playing it smart. How many articles and posts have we read were the studios have messed things up? (ie. Transformers 2, X-men 3, Venom in Spiderman 3, Deadpool in Wolverine, etc.) Why does Norton have to say he is excited about a script he hasn’t even seen. At this early stage, all he could be excited about is the ‘potential’ of the Avengers movie. I am hopeful that Marvel will get it right, but it is not a guarantee that they will. If Norton commits early and it goes bad, then he is just setting himself up for criticism (from all of us.) From his statements, I think he genuinely wants to be part of a well-done movie and to get it right. It could just be a strategic move on his part to keep the pressure on Marvel to make a good movie and so they don’t get complacent.

  17. I’m with Norton on this one. I wouldn’t be happy if I were him. If it ain’t broke…

  18. @Steve

    Well, he’s happy about Obama being president…

  19. chris

    why aren’t you looking forward to Thor?

  20. I still say they don’t need Norton for a Hulk cameo in IM2. Hulk is all CGI, and is voiced by Ferrigno, so a Hulk cameo is still entirely possible. We just wouldn’t see Banner.

    That said, they’d need to bring him back for The Avengers.

  21. @ Rob Keyes

    when Norton says “it’s only a function of time” he means that the Hulk will appear in the Avengers or as in it’s own sequel but not necessarily Norton playing Banner.

  22. I keep seeing a scene in my mind for the after credits for IM2. IM is flying and is hit by a bolt of lightning. He looks up and says, “You could have been more subtle. Couldn’t you have given me a call?”. The camera then pans over to Thor, “I never learned to use a phone in Asgard”. That would make me go nuts.

  23. @ M-Cat,

    Are you sure? This is what Norton said when asked about his return:

    “It’s purely a function of time… It’s always about just working things out on the schedule.”

    “I get very busy. You have to deal with the demands of your moment… I tend to keep my head in the thing I’m doing and I don’t speculate or worry too much about what two or three blocks down the thing is going to be. I know all these things will reveal themselves and work themselves out.”

  24. Rob

    am I sure? No I’m speculating but I think that’s what he meant. Not positive of course.

  25. Nortons my favorite actor, and I think I’m beggining to understand his motives. He doesn’t do many movies (as far as I know he’s only been in like 5-6 knowable ones) most of his movies are indies that are out of the spotlight but they have good scripts. Two of his most famous movies (Fight club and american history X) were fairly unknown and noone was anticipating them like they are with the avengers. If they make a really good script and he knows it’s a good movie then he’ll get involved. if not then he’ll stay clear of it.

  26. Well, the villain can’t be anyone who’s shown up in non-Marvel Studios films because their copyrights are owned by companies like FOX and SONY. Unless Disney negotiates a deal in time for the release I won’t be expecting to see Galactus or Dr. Doom in Avengers. So far all I’ve heard from the folks at Marvel is that it’s going to be a true-blue “save-the-world” mission. Not just protect the city or save the damsel. It’s going to be one of those “take over the world/blow it up” scenarios we all grew up with. As to who the villain is, I have very little ideas. If were keeping with the Ultimates some kind of obscure villain team that doesn’t include Magneto, Osbourne, or Doom. Maybe Namor? That would fit I suppose.

    I look forward to seeing Norton in the Avengers. It seems to me that either Norton will portray Bruce Banner in the movie, or no one will.

  27. I understand Nortons desire to do things right but he really needs to learn that the movie world does not revolve around him. He gets paid to do a job and if he agress to that job then he should do it. In the case of Hulk he did not participate in promotion of the movie (aka Junkets) like he was supposed to and he chalked it up to creative differences with the studios. Well I can understadn someone wanting to keep their name and image at its highest by not letting some idiot director or studio make them look like an idiot buit that’s not what happened with Norton in The Incredible Hulk.

    He is a godd even great actor, but no one actor or actress is THAT good; so good that everyone else revolves around thier whims & needs. The music industry was bad about catering to the whims of it’s biggest stars and n the end we all pay a price for that from cancelled to disappointing shopws all because the star is acting like a spoiled rotten brat.