Ed Norton Not Too Enthusiastic About The Avengers?

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avengers incredible hulk 2 as villain ed norton Ed Norton Not Too Enthusiastic About The Avengers?

This isn’t too much of an update, but it definitely follows that path of Ed Norton that we’ve become accustomed to in reference to his future with Marvel Studios as Bruce Banner/The Hulk.

Capone at Ain’t It Cool News had a chance to interview the talented and hands-on actor/producer for his work on the documentary, By the People: The Election of Barack Obama, where he was specifically asked to talk only about that project. However, Capone was able to get in a few questions for the fans and that meant a question or two about The Incredible Hulk 2 and The Avengers.

Like I said above, we seemingly get an update from Ed Norton every few weeks about his involvement with Marvel’s future films, alternating between positive and hopeful, to negative and unlikely. This week’s update fall under the latter.

Norton and The Hulk made quite a few headlines in August and September when rumors surfaced that Norton as Banner as well as their green alter-ego would make a guest appearance in Iron Man 2, repaying the favor for Robert Downey Jr. appearing as Tony Stark in The Incredible Hulk and referencing The Avengers.

In response, Norton shot down the Iron Man 2 rumors stating that he knew nothing about it, but later discussed how he thinks having Hulk be some sort of villain in The Avengers would be fun. Following that, he said that The Hulk’s return is only “a function of time” which seemingly hinted that he may be back in 2012 for a role in the most epic movie of all time.

With all this back and forth and absolutely no confirmation either way, it’s hard to gauge what The Hulk’s status is or more importantly, why it’s being kept so secret. On that note, here’s the latest from Norton in response to a question from Capone:

“I don’t… Knowing you guys, you will probably have updates on that quicker than I will, so if you find out, call me! [Laughs] I actually don’t know. I’m not even sure deep inside the minds of Marvel how they are planning to string that stuff out, but I don’t think there is any if it is imminent, I don’t know.”

Following that, Capone asked if he’s at least still interested in Marvel’s plans or coming back to play Bruce Banner again.

“Things like that to me are always completely dependent on what they make of it. You know what I mean? It’s like anything can be the crappy version of itself or the great version of itself and if it’s the great version of itself, then that’s one thing. If they don’t get it right, then I don’t know, then I think… A lot of it depends on what they come up with.”

In my mind, everything out of Marvel Studios has been so positive and on the up-and-up. Their first two movies were awesome and Iron Man 2 promises more of the same. On top of that, fans including myself couldn’t be more excited with everything coming out of director Kenneth Branagh’s camp for the Thor movie and we’re all waiting in anticipation for updates on Joe Johnston’s The First Avenger: Captain America.

With the studio intentionally crossing over characters, notably the Tony Stark appearance in Hulk’s latest movie, how can they drop the ball and not have Norton involved in The Avengers? I can’t even imagine how disappointing that would be. Even if he’s in a lesser role than the other three, to me it is imperative that Banner/Hulk is a part of that.

I’m holding on to my hopes of Norton actually appearing in Iron Man 2 and fans going absolutely nuts at that revelation which would confirm the four mainstays of The Avengers roster.

What do you think?

The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

Source: AICN

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  1. I think concessions will always be made for talent. Thats not to say I don’t share your sentiments, but it’s the way of the world. Norton is following his own personal bliss and I think he’s made up his mind that if suffering for it lands in his lap, so be it. Not having a choice to walk away just seems too much like slavery. I feel he has a very low tollerence for manipulative backstabbing B.S. as well.

  2. ” Not having a choice to walk away just seems too much like slavery”

    True but then what good are contracts if people can be allowed to ignore them? When you are looking at a massive multi-title project that reliaes on repate appearences of the same actor/actress to preserve visual continuity it can be very costly in both dollars and quality of the story when an actor/actress walks away because they are in disagreement with some part of the production.

    They have the time before they sign on to evaluate the project and decide if they want to commit or not and so long as they aren’t being asked to do something inappropriate that was not previously agreed to such as an impromptu/unplanned nude scene then they shoudl have to suck it up and do it. These are celebrities we are talkinga bout; many of whom are way over paid for what they do just like professional atheletes. I realizes that not all performers are over paid; just a small few. But because they are often paid so much is all the more reaosn they should be required to do what they agreed to even if they have “creative” differences.

    I’d have more sympathy for Norton and others if they weren’t so over compensated for their talenmt. i know that help contribute to that over compensation by continuing to pay to see tehir movies but I can still expect that they in return act like adults and not children.

    If they really want to prove that it is all about the craft of acting then they should agree to do the film for nothing up front and take only a small percentage of what teh movie makes. That way if it is good then they will make a lot and if not then they will make little. Under that kind of agreement I would see it as being acceptable for the actor to be involved with telling the director/producer what to do. Otherwise its the director & prodcuers call with the producer, the person with all their own money on the line, making the final call.

    That being said a good producer knows when its appropriate to step in and more importantly when to let the director do their job instead of trying to micro manage the production. I do agree that too often studios backing a film financially get to involved with the films production reuslting in something that is junk that could have been something better.

  3. First of all I can’t believe we gotta wait until 2012 to see Avengers! What gives? Second Ed Norton has always been good with secrets. Case in point, “American History X”. Rumors abounded that Christian Bale was gonna play the main character part in that movie and all the while Edward Norton got the nod, and if memory serves Norton made this big to do about money and rights to the film and all the while those demands had already been met long before one reel of film was ever shot for “American History X”.

    So for my money I think its a done deal and Norton and company are just being really hush, hush about the whole thing so as not to spoil it for the fans and for the film itself! When you think about it its a natural fit for the Hulk to be a bit of a foil for the Avengers as he was so in the comic series! I really think though Marvel just doesn’t know what exactly to do with the Hulk character as he has never really been a stand alone comic character he has always, always had a foil or something or someone to chase! Aside for the television series and the made for tv movies Hulk has never been on his own.

    He needs something to shoot for, something to battle, something to give him a run for his money to prove his strength and ability and that’s why I think he’s going to be in the new Avengers and possibly the Iron Man 2 movie?! What do you guys think about that????

  4. Language can be such an interpretive thing. Try getting a house built under contract your way. It can be easy and it can be difficult. Unfortunately too some things get promised outside a contract. One persons promise can be another persons maybe. But whatever Norton’s problems are he hasn’t ruled out coming back to the property. “The three legs of the agreement-tripod are desire, data and doubt. Accuracy and honesty have nothing to do with it”- Frank Herbert

  5. Ed Norton -and all the rest of the Hollywood and media
    establishment continue to balk outting the most awesome
    human halocaust in ALLLL human history.

    70 million ‘peacetime’ murders -completely unanswered for
    and STILL going on in places like North Korea, Tibet,
    Dafur and Inner Mongolia.

    Of course Ed and Hollywood wouldn’t dream of endangering
    their mass-marketer’s wet dreams -or those junk-credit
    finance lines.

    —-right ED?