Edward Norton And Marvel Still Not Getting Along

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Incredible Hulk movie 01 Edward Norton And Marvel Still Not Getting Along

Looks like Ed Norton and Marvel are still not playing nice. In an interview with MTV News, the star of this summer’s The Incredible Hulk film said that Marvel hasn’t communicated with him at all about reprising the Bruce Banner role in the planned Avengers team-up film or another solo feature.

Openly sharing his thoughts, Mr. Norton says this:

“The minds of Marvel are sometimes opaque,”

“I won’t say [they're] obtuse, but I don’t have any idea what they want to do.”

The Avengers team is expected to feature the big name originals: Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and possibly Wasp. I would also assume Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym (Antman) would have to be in this film as well.

It seems that Mr. Norton isn’t too happy or excited about the idea of The Avengers, or even knows much about what it is.

“They’ve got this notion of collecting the Marvel characters”

“Who knows where they’ll go?”

It doesn’t sound like he has much faith in this idea, or maybe he simply doesn’t want to be a team member and would rather be the lead. If that’s the case, I can see his problem as most of the action scenes wouldn’t even include him, it would instead be his giant green CGI counterpart.

Either way, I feel it’s extremely important to have him play Bruce Banner in The Avengers film. I would also love to see an Incredible Hulk sequel.

How would they do this without him? Re-cast? Not include Hulk? Both bad moves in my opinion. Since Marvel has made their film schedule publicly known, they should be signing these stars immediately. I for one, thought Ed played an excellent Banner, despite his off-screen manners and attitude.

What do you guys think? Is Norton as Banner crucial? Or is re-casting him okay?

Source: MTV

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  1. I really liked Norton as Bruce Banner, but if he’s going to be a whiney little b*tch, than I have NO problem with him being recast. The HULK is more important to the Avengers than is Banner (IMO), so re-casting his role can’t really hurt the movie. In fact, it might even help it to avoid all the BS that Norton caused with TIH.

  2. I think Marvel should go out of there way to secure Ed Norton. But if they do recast him, they should do it with Eric Bana. That’ll really frak with peoples minds.

  3. I’d like Norton to reprise the role, but let’s be honest we want Hulk in Avengers, Banner is but a means to an end.

  4. Isn’t this Ed’s first Screenplay? He probably wants it to be better than just action scene after action scene and have actual story elements.

    And ‘off-screen manners and attitute’ ? Ugh, and when RDJ made his scene all the shellheads lined up in support.


  5. If they are gonna recast the part why not approach Eric Banna, he was great in the first movie, the film had it’s problems but he wasn’t one of them.
    I for one wouldn’t mind seeing in the part again,I always thought when it came to the Avengers film Norton was never gonna play ball.

  6. Ed Norton brought me back into this franchise. I was disapointed after the 2003 hulk and expected little from the franchise. The2008 movie and particularly Norton left me invigorated and wanting to see more of this reboot style of the hulk.

  7. [quote]I really liked Norton as Bruce Banner, but if he’s going to be a whiney little b*tch, than I have NO problem with him being recast. The HULK is more important to the Avengers than is Banner (IMO), so re-casting his role can’t really hurt the movie. In fact, it might even help it to avoid all the BS that Norton caused with TIH.[\quote]

    i totally agree!!

    [quote]If that’s the case, I can see his problem as most of the action scenes wouldn’t even include him, it would instead be his giant green CGI counterpart.[\quote]
    and what about the other characters? its not like we going to see much of RDJs face while on the suit, or peter parker while fighting, or thor while flying, etc

  8. The special thing about Hulk is that they can use him as a villian if they want. They dont need Banner. It would be nice to have Norton/Bana back, but hes not a necessity.

  9. I thought Norton was great as Banner and I would hate to see him re-cast, although the Eric Bana idea is a great second choice. I can understand Ed’s lack of interest in what would be slightly more than a cameo. I love the Hulk and it will suck bad if he’s not used at all since the Avengers is my only hope for a sequel.

  10. i guess what bothers me most, is the way they set up the ending leading into a sequel with Nortons eye turn green yet he has gained control of being hulk.
    It lends the idea of a more dynamic character in future movies. Being that they left off with Norton, I would like to see a continuation of that story not just another reboot.

  11. if norton did say such things, he kind of sounds like he created all of the marvel characters involved in the up and coming avengers film. I thought he was excellent as b. banner, myself. But for a guy to refuse to promote a movie (a movie where he was the leading role, by the way) just because he didn’t like the storyline that marvel (the actual creators and holders of the hulk, by the way)decided to ultimately put out annoys me.

    Mind you, the hulk movie did well at the box office, but had norton promoted the movie months before its opening, the hulk would have exceeded what it took in revenue.

  12. I think Marvel does better when they find the actors/actresses that enjoy the comic adventure and dig the characters. I thought Norton was one of these but I now think he’s more about himself. The scenes he wanted were more of the same stuff that hurt the first movie. If he would have endorsed this one there’d be more on the way. I say move on dot org and find someone who wants the movie to be a hit not the other way around.

  13. Marvel wtf are you doing to me ???
    This news has to come out on Speed Racer DVD day?
    Damn you bastards!!!!!

    John, pretty much said every exact thing I was gonna say. (Thanks John!!). :-(
    Ed was the Banner,,, hell he was Bill Bixby as well. Marvel needs to start making calls and securing stars…
    This is one problem I have with casting A listers in these huge roles. 8-)

  14. “This is one problem I have with casting A listers in these huge roles.”


  15. A-listers get non comic book fans into see these movies

  16. Lol,,, Greenknight,
    tell that to George Clooney…

  17. still made 100 million 11 years ago

  18. 100 mil,,, 11 years ago,, Yikes.
    That’s almost like 589 million today.

    So should we recast?

  19. They should have recaste the nipple suits… :)

  20. Sal Buscemi for Banner.
    Hey, at least it would be a strong
    physical contrast for Banner.

  21. nipple suits, such bad memories :|

  22. I think the Nipples were really WiFi antennas.
    At the very least.
    Also a cool distraction for gender confused criminals.,,, ;-)

  23. I personally think that Edward should reprise his role of The Hulk in The Avengers movie. And I seriously don’t believe he’s a “whiny little b*tch” like some of you are saying. Maybe it was a miscommunication on the part of Marvel and actor. Or maybe they refused to be flexible on certain issues. If you’ve ever listened to a commentary with Ed Norton on it he comes off as nothing but nice and appreciative of the movies he’s been in and the people involved. And he does have an extensive resume. So don’t be so quick to judge and assume that it’s all his fault.

  24. I don’t know anything about Edward personally, but my gut tells me he just wanted to make the best film possible and fought for that.


  25. Two words…..ERIC BANNA.

  26. I have nothing against norton. i think he is an excellent actor, and i personally prefer norton as banner over e. banna. personally, greenknight is right: they put a-listers into the comic book movies as the lead to attract the people who know nothing or don’t have a care for the character, but the actor. however, i have always supported the use of having only non-a-list actors for these roles. i believe this is because, at least for superhero movies, it is supposed to be about the character and not the actor. however, r. downey playing iron man did bring in the people who knew nothing about iron man. yet i do wonder, was this because of robert downey jr. or becuase we haven’t seen him in anything in a long time? then there is the question of his drug issues–with so many people wanting him to get help–is it possible that they only went to see the movie in support of his acting career and of him getting help?

  27. There was definitely a certain interest in Downey Jr’s life that probably compelled people to see Iron Man all the more. Not to mention the trailers just looked fantastic.

    I think that if they do recast Bruce Banner, go with somebody with more charm than either Bana and Norton had, somebody you just couldn’t imagine as the Hulk. I won’t argue that Norton wasn’t right for the role, but the movie still did nothing for me.

  28. I agree with most here and thought Norton made a pretty good Banner. If he doesn’t want to do an “Avengers” movie, hey bring in Adrien Brody. A little too victorian in appearance for some, but there’s plenty of talent out there, what about James McAvoy? Not geek enough, well Tony Curran or Adam Levine then?

  29. hey, Gary, buscemi is not a bad pick for a bruce banner if you want to go with a geeky, maybe nerdy role for banner. but in the comics banner was not a geek. he was nerd in terms of him being very smart, but he never had the nerdy stereotypical behavior that is associated with being a nerd.