11 Movies Ebenezer Scrooge Watches On Christmas

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Ebenezer Scrooge favorite Christmas Movies 11 Movies Ebenezer Scrooge Watches On Christmas

Ebenezer Scrooge has been the world’s most recognizable grouch since 1843. That year, Charles Dickens presented Scrooge in all his miserable glory in the novel A Christmas Carol. Since then, the grumpy old man has seen the stage, the tube and the big screen in a number of interpretations. But what movies would Scrooge watch if he time-traveled to 2010? We’ve made our best guesses.

One could assume Scrooge’s main goal during a modern Christmas would be to cozy up by a warm fire and watch some movies. He would unplug the phones, shut off his computer and pop in as many DVDs (or Blu-rays) as possible. Scrooge would pump up his surround sound system to drown out any wandering carolers and sink into his lonely little world.

Ebenezer Scrooge’s tastes would be relatively easy to gauge. While some ignore the holiday spirit completely, Scrooge finds it so frustrating that he openly opposes it. Naturally, his favorite holiday movies would have some kind of alternative take on the holiday spirit.

Let’s take a look at Scrooge’s Christmas playlist, entitled Bah, Humbug!


Bad Santa

Bad Santa  11 Movies Ebenezer Scrooge Watches On Christmas

One of the most obvious picks on this list is Bad Santa. Billy Bob Thornton turns Christmas on its back and pours his beer all over it. His character is arguably one of the dirtiest human beings ever depicted on film. The sloppy, oft-drunk and always sleazy Willie embraces the corrupted side of the Christmas spirit.

While the young boy Willie encounters in the film is just as cute and cuddly as he is disgusting, even the most heartfelt moments of the film would put a smile on Scrooge’s face. There is always a dark cloud hovering overhead when something good happens. There is no question Scrooge would be applauding Willie and his partner, Marcus (Tony Cox), for their dirty deeds during the holidays.



Scrooged 11 Movies Ebenezer Scrooge Watches On Christmas

While we’ve left out direct adaptations of A Christmas Carol, Bill Murray stars in this modern day twist on the famous tale. As a narcissistic TV executive, Frank Cross (Murray) is only concerned with himself and has no room for Christmas. The three ghosts that antagonize him throughout the movie make things a little stranger.

Of course, the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future coax Cross into a series of events that will change his outlook on life and the holidays. Scrooge may not like the ending to this 1988 film, but (like any other egocentric individual) he will surely appreciate the homage to his snotty attitude.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas 11 Movies Ebenezer Scrooge Watches On Christmas

Leave it to a Tim Burton story to expose the dark and creepy side of Christmas. The stop-motion animated feature has some truly inspired concepts of the spirit of Christmas. The film’s main character, Jack Skellington, is the pumpkin king of Halloween Town until he stumbles across Christmas Town. Befuddled by the completely different atmosphere, he tries to get his fellow Halloweeners to help him celebrate the late December holiday. Unfortunately, their macabre talents don’t translate the Christmas spirit so easily.

While there is plenty of happiness spread around in this film, it is a dark tale. It’s safe to assume Halloween is one of Scrooge’s favorite holidays, so he would likely get into the movie. The characters are eerie and their actions are disturbing, but the movie sure looks at Christmas from a different angle – one Ebenezer Scrooge might appreciate.


Black Christmas

Black Christmas 11 Movies Ebenezer Scrooge Watches On Christmas

Both the 1974 and 2006 versions of Black Christmas are perfect for Scrooge. Assuming he can handle a few scares, nothing would make him happier than seeing some sorority girls meet grisly fates on the most wonderful night of the year. Nothing would please him more than a re-imagined holiday, where sleigh ride is spelled S-L-A-Y.

Scrooge may be an old man, but every one of his darkest desires will be satisfied by Black Christmas. As Santa Claus tiptoes across rooftops, Scrooge could pop this movie in and lay underneath his camouflage Snuggie with a bag of popcorn whispering “humbug” to himself.


Die Hard

Die Hard 11 Movies Ebenezer Scrooge Watches On Christmas

Die Hard isn’t your typical Christmas movie – the holiday takes a backseat to Bruce Willis’ heroics. But Christmas is still a part of the film and Die Hard essentially reminds us that not everybody gets to sit around the fireplace and spend Christmas Eve with their family – some get to spend it with fellow hostages.

While Die Hard does not directly explore Christmas, we can imagine Scrooge needs his action movie fix and what better choice than Die Hard? He could even choose the sequel, which also takes place on Christmas Eve. My only concern is that Scrooge might not be too happy with the carols sung in the film.

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  1. Great list Mike!!

  2. what about Religulous? a great xmas movie for merry athiests everywhere.

    • Points at self… Atheist right here.

  3. Love almost all of those aside from Batman Returns, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Black Christmas. Scrooged is definitely my favorite of those.

    • Little monster you didn’t love Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?

      How dare you sir How dare you.. Lol JK, but seriously that’s one of my all time fave films I don’t understand anyone not loving it.

  4. Nightmare before xmas! Hell yeah! :D

  5. I don’t think Shane Black had anything to do with Die Hard.

  6. Shane Black did not write Die Hard.

    • I think Mike got confused with ‘Lethal Weapon’ there darkpassenger. Thanks for the heads up, we’ve corrected it.

      • No problem. It’s an easy mistake to make since Shane Black is an awesome writer and Die Hard is an awesomely written movie. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of my favorite films of all time.

  7. Nice list, I would add Go. A great dark comedy set during the holidays.

  8. What about Home Alone?

  9. who the heck is disliking this? what’s to dislike?

    • That´s what I´m asking myself right now…

    • What do you mean Pittman I don’t see the ability to dislike it anywhere.. Unless I’m missing something.

      If there is though there are trolls who come up to the site and like to hate on all the writers. Though for some reason alot of them tend to gravitate toward Paul which is very undeserved.

  10. has anyone seen rare exports i want to but workin my ass off at the min so not had time

  11. Some of my favourite Christmas films on this list!

    I’ve watched already last week;

    Die Hard
    Die Hard 2:Die Harder (still cant believe that’s what they called it)
    Nightmare Before Christmas
    Bad Santa
    Muppets Christmas Carol (not on the list but my personal favourite Christmas flick)

    Watching Gremlins right now.

    Got Scrooged to watch tomorrow!

    • Sam I thought you LIked Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?

  12. What tard is going through here clicking dislike??? Whoever you are, Vic was trying to do something nice for everyone by upgrading the site for those who use it regularly, the Screen Rant family, and you’re just ruining it for whatever lame ass reason!

    Jog on!

    • couldnt agree with you more dsb

      on a side note as a northener i love the sayin jog on you never hear it up here

      are you watchin gremlins on itv 2 (stalker lol) im watchin trueman show not seen it in years but i love it

      bad santa is one of the best xmas films ive seen it makes me crease up when i watch it

      • Yup. Well ITV2+1 to be exact.

  13. One of my favorites that never gets mentioned on any list (on any site) is The Ref, great movie and characters.

    • Sully I like The Ref as well though I’ll be honest it isn’t that amazing of a movie I just really really love Dennis Leary and kind of like Kevin Spacey.

  14. I think Christmas Vacation would be a fitting addition to the list. It’s an excellent example of how, even with the best intentions, the holidays are a series of disaters waiting to happen. Scrooge would even get a kick out of Mr. Shirley getting kidnapped and delivered wrapped up with a bow by Cousin Eddie. My holidays don’t start until I see this movie on the tv schedule.

  15. I usually watch Die Hard every Christmas.

    I used to love Jingle All the Way. Don’t know if it would hold up today. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is another one I used to love. Haven’t seen it in a while.

    Man, I want to see Rare Exports so bad. When will it be available in the US?

  16. Oh die hard 2 was just and given the current British weather was just right, off topic tho I still rate die hard 3 pretty highly

  17. Sinbad FTW

    • “Ta-ta, Turleman!”

      Sinbad is most definitely ftw. :)

  18. I know it’s not a movie but the episode of south park with the Christmas critters would suit Scrooge nicely. “but we can’t rape their eye sockets unless we got the AIDS first”.

  19. i wouldn’t consider this a movie scrooge would love to see, but one of my favorite movies in general and to watch during Christmas, is Love Actually :) if you haven’t seen it i highly recommend it!!

  20. Am I the only one who thinks Scrooge would watch the Punisher on Christmas?

  21. Bad Santa has to be one of THE worst movies I’ve ever seen. Billy Bob’s character never really comes off as anything close to a character i can feel any sort of positive emotion for for 99% of the movie.
    He just comes across as a huge douche. Which was what they were going for I’m sure.

    I love love loved Nightmare before Christmas. Its really the only “musical” I’ll sit through.

    Great list, Merry Christmas fellow screen ranters

  22. “The Ref” should be on this list.

    Any Christmas movie starring Dennis Leary and Kevin Spacey is without a doubt curmudgeonly enough for Scrooge.

  23. can’t think of anything to say… Merry Xmas

  24. jingle all the way is hilarious

  25. I pretty much agree with the whole list! Well done! Happy Holidays! ;)

  26. I love Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Die Hard, really like Bad Santa, and Enjoyed Scrooged and Nightmare before Xmas.

  27. If I were to rank them I’d say

    1.Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Loved)
    2. Die Hard (Loved)
    3. Bad Santa (Really really Liked)
    4. Scrooged (Liked)
    5. Nightmare Before Xmas (Liked)
    6. Jingle All the Way (Enjoyable, but not very good)
    7. Grinch (Decent)
    8. Batman Returns (Barely Watchable)
    9. Gremlins (Dislike)
    10. Rare Exports (Can’t stand this movie)
    11. Black Xmas (One of the worst movies I’ve seen in years. Possibly in the top twenty worst of the decade. )

  28. Great movie picks for Scrooge!

  29. Why would you chose the crappy Live action version of the Grinch?!