‘Earth to Echo’ Trailer Looks Like a Found-Footage ‘E.T.’

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Sci-fi fans have a full platter of movies on offer this summer that will suit their tastes; from the Wachowski’s space royalty movie Jupiter Ascending to the return of familiar non-human characters in Transformers: Age of Extinction, and a vision of a hairier future for Earth in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. On the lower end of the budget scale, however, is newcomer Dave Green’s found footage alien visitation movie, Earth to Echo.

Echo himself (herself?) appears to be a tiny robotic alien owl with extraordinary powers that unfortunately don’t include the power to return home. After being assured that human flesh is not on Echo’s menu of choice, the group of young friends band together to protect Echo from the authorities – and find a way for the alien to get off Earth and back to its home.

The premise is strongly reminiscent of E.T. and other classic adventure movies like Explorers and The Goonies. In some ways, Earth to Echo looks like J.J. Abrams’ ’80s homage Super 8 - only with a cuter alien, a more family-friendly ton,  and not quite as many lens flares. (Sorry, a lens flare reference is required by law, when discussing Abrams sci-fi.)

Earth to Echo still Earth to Echo Trailer Looks Like a Found Footage E.T.

The screenplay for Earth to Echo was penned by another newcomer, Henry Gayden, who told the Huffington Post that the biggest inspiration for the movie wasn’t E.T. or Explorers but Stand By Me: “We didn’t want to make a movie that’s about an alien. We wanted to make a movie that featured an alien, but was about the kids. ” The kids in question are played by a group of four mostly unknown young actors: Teo Halm, Reese Hartwig, Ella Wahlestedt and The X Factor contestant Astro.

Some moviegoers might be getting sick of the found footage format, but for those who can still stomach it, Earth to Echo looks like a fun way to revive some of the classic ’80s sci-fi adventure spirit this summer.


Earth to Echo is out in theaters on July 2nd, 2014.

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  1. Looks very passable. Funny story for you guys though…

    I recently started a night job at the local Cinemark (go figure). At my orientation for the job, a movie goer somehow got sick, and hurled all over the cardboard cutout display for Earth To Echo. I thought it was a fitting occurrence because of my expectations for the movie lol

  2. Ha! It looks like every kind of classic alien/robot film slammed into one, plus “Chronicle”. I find it hilarious that originality is lacking in present day cinema (or maybe not present at all?). I mean we’ve mainly got spin-offs, sequels or the same idea masquerading through a different title, characters, plot, etc.

    “Godzilla” was a great remake/re-vision of the classic cheesy films from years ago, but it was still GODZILLA, someone’s idea from years ago (albeit there were original CHARACTERS, but still the same “monster destroys…” storyline). “RoboCop” was remade and, let’s face it, did that really need to happen? Whatever you think it still was remade because Hollywood – and writers – LACK originality.

    John Carpenter’s “The Thing”, a great classic, was a REMAKE (one of the better remakes) which proves that remakes can be a good thing, but are often not. I think that if people would just take time to think of something original, we’d be MUCH better off, but sadly we have reboots/remakes/sequels dominating the market (horror movies excluded).

    Another remake that was (much) better than the original was “The Fly”. It was the same basic IDEA that was in the original, but was better executed and better told than the original.

    Bringing it back around, “Earth To Echo” looks like another rip-off of a classic story that has been pretty worn thin through the years.

    And maybe this is the wrong place to express my views of remakes/reboots/spin-offs/sequels, I just wanted to say:

    Originality has left the building.

    • Probably because all original ideas were done a long, long time ago (talking thousands of years) and all we can do now is rehash them in original ways.

      I mean, the Jesus story in The Bible was a remake of a story that had been around for thousands of years but here we are 2014 years after that particular remake and we’re still remaking the remake in various ways.

      • Yeah, I think it was Shakespeare who said something like ‘All of the ideas have been done before’ and so we’re now just re-hashing stories, but that doesn’t mean we need to tell THE SAME stories over and over. (Examples: all the remakes coming and going, that’s just that same source material over and over again).

    • Well, I did respond with something well thought out but nope, SR apparently won’t let certain things be mentioned as part of a valid point. Hopefully, Paul can put the original comment up if it still exists, I refuse to type it all out again.

  3. When Super-8 was being made, people were talking like it was the best thing since ET. What we got was the same old alien movie. It wasn’t bad (it was actually pretty good) but we were promised a heartfelt kids adventure. And we didnt get that

    Earth to Echo looks to be the movie Super-8 promised us it was.

    • I dunno, I saw Super 8 with all sorts of expectations after a year of hype, felt completely let down. Didn’t think it was a very good film at all and this looks just as bad.

      • Super 8 is one of those JJ Abrams films that had a beginning, a middle but there was QUITE an ending there. I actually thought the ending was so bad I put it out of my mind completely.

      • Super 8 was fantastic. Period. Solid 9/10.

        If U didn’t like it I have a sneaking suspicion that you really don’t like a whole hell of a lot at all. MOstly, U like to b&*^&*^!

  4. Aaannnddd terrible. Did make ne think of the movie “Batteries are not included”, the little alien robot that is.

    • Oh my god your right thats exactly what this movie is!

      • Ya just add the found footage angle and of course godly alien powers.. Because gotta have those crappy special effect (big rig scene). Batteries had heart and compelling characters etc (from what i remember) the small mechanoid aliens were just a device to allow all these character to come together and bond etc. lovely film. I dont think this movie will do that, it all flair but no heart. Bet you anything that alien is a little child of an all powerful aliens race and “mom & dad” go pick him up at the end..ala ending scene in ET essentially.

        • That and also ‘Flight of the Navigator’

    • Movie resembles a poor cam-cord documentary of a retold story.They should can all those second rate cam-cord attempts of a bad movies.


  5. meh. This looks generic. Cool, but generic.

  6. I am really looking forward to this movie. It’s very reminiscent of E.T. which I loved and Super 8 which I really liked. I can’t wait for this movie!

  7. I’ve said that the first time I saw the trailer. I wonder if they’ll make the bikes fly in this movie too…

    I have renamed this movie ET 2014 in my mind…

    • @Ken J:

      Yep, instead of “Earth to Echo”, it should be “ET Echo”.

      This is a stealth reboot. :)

      • Holy crap nerd, you are a genius! :-D

  8. OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, just take your kids to see (or rent or buy) E.T.!!

    It is a FAR superior film and should be required movie viewing for any cinephile!!

    This derivative crap is just ANOTHER attempt by Hollywood to make money off of…well, CRAP!!!

    I know crap when I see it!

    • I’m not sure if this trailer has it, don’t really want to waste my time watching it, but there’s even the scene with them touching fingers in one of the trailer, lol. :-D

    • I think you need to take a chill pill man

      • @LEON, maybe…but the reality is I’M sick of being hoodwinked into seeing one redux after another. Hollywood is a cheap, copycat, sh*& generating machine…and we love the taste of sh*&, I guess.

  9. Apart from the irritating commentary to camera and the found footage style plus the derivative nature of the plot the trailer looks okay (sic) What is it with found footage anyway that appeals to Hollywood so much they are willing to throw everything else out of the window to satisfy the style? Its just lazy film making in my opinion…

  10. Took my daughter to see it this afternoon and started feeling sick 2/3 of the way through. Definitely the hand held camera filming. It’s been several hours and I still don’t feel well. No warnings posted and there should be, so this is intended as a public service announcement. Think twice. Other than that, the film is ok. I liked the friendships depicted by the 3 neighbor boys.

  11. sick thing u have wirten.

  12. A smart and humorous modern remake of E.T featuring smart phones, the internet and generally what would happen if the little alien landed in 2013 and not before BMX’s became popular. Partially found footage format The film pays homage to a lot of other movies that precedes it with a sly nod and a wink such as in the hilarious spoof of “The Blair Witch” final fuzzy tearful scared goodbye speech by one of the kids. It actually has a much better ending than some of the other movies on the “stranded friendly alien” subject matter with a few clever twists and good dialogue. The warm fuzzy feelings in “E.T” about childhood camaraderie is retained such as in the scene where one of the kids had to say goodbye to the alien. On the whole I would say that it deserves a 4 out of 5 stars.