Dollhouse & Sarah Connor Ratings: Mediocre To Awful

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Early Ratings For Dollhouse On Fox:
So as Vic said in his review of the premiere, the premise of Dollhouse is a bit creepy, but I thought the story line involving the clients wasn’t too bad.  Oh great, a he said – he said article!

At first glance, the ratings for the show are just not that impressive and if the networks are consistent in their responses to the antiquated ratings system, both Dollhouse and The Sarah Connor Chronicles seem lacking, though some call Dollhouse’s ratings a success.

The early numbers for Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse premiere had an estimated 4.7 million viewers.  These numbers are a lot higher than I expected, I’m glad it at least brought that many viewers in.  On the somber side, FOX usually brings in 5.5 million viewers on Friday nights.

Despite this apparent disconnect in numbers, FOX was still 2nd on Friday night in adults 18-34 and first place across key male demographics.  Which isn’t surprising, considering the amount of skin and suggestive “Active’s” assignments they’re taking with the show.

The real mind bender comes from the network insiders who say that these kind of numbers on any other night would mean certain doom by the third episode of any show.  But being on Friday nights actually gives it a fighting chance since Fridays are notorious for weak numbers to begin with.  Go figure.  So for now, all of us in the Whedon-sphere have to somehow convince all of our friends and neighbors that they want to watch this show!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Ratings:
It looks like the Friday night curse did bite The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Chronicles was the lead-in for Dollhouse and it’s numbers weren’t too hot.  It brought in only 3.7 million viewers.  The previous week, Cops brought in 4 million viewers.  Ouch.

For now, Chronicles will air its final and probably last episodes in this time slot and once done, Prison Break will take its place to run out its final six episodes.

But I would be remiss to not mention something that is on my mind about this latest episode of Chronicles.  I don’t know about you, but just what the heck was all that noise in the mid-season finale about UFO’s and taking liberties with a modified version of the California Drone?  Sarah saw a UFO coming down on her when she was shot, and then suddenly Sarah wakes up in a hospital?  They completely skipped the UFO we saw.  If they continue with those kind of disconnects in their stories, this show is going to hurt, and hurt bad.

OK… I got that off my chest.

Upcoming Scenes from Dollhouse and The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

dollhouse 103 sc14 0932 Dollhouse & Sarah Connor Ratings: Mediocre To Awful
Echo (Eliza Dushku, R) is sent on an engagement as an outdoorsman’s (Matt Keeslar, L) dream date in the Dollhouse episode “The Target”

dollhouse02 Dollhouse & Sarah Connor Ratings: Mediocre To Awful

dollhouse 104 sc23 3174 Dollhouse & Sarah Connor Ratings: Mediocre To Awful
Echo (Eliza Dushku) is sent on an engagement as a back-up singer assigned to protect a pop star from an obsessed fan in the Dollhouse episode “Stage Fright”

sarah connor 215funeralscc 215 3790 Dollhouse & Sarah Connor Ratings: Mediocre To Awful
Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green, second from L) and Sarah (Lena Headey, third from L) are in search for answers at a funeral in the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles episode “Desert Cantos”

sarah connor 216johnsneekssc sc 40pt 4047 Dollhouse & Sarah Connor Ratings: Mediocre To Awful
John (Thomas Dekker) sneaks into the sleep clinic where his mother is staying in the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles episode “Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep”

Sources:  Fox Publicity,, E Online

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  1. Sadly I have considered my self a huge Joss fan and Joss supporter. Two years ago I would of said Joss can do no wrong. Now watching Doll house I have to admit maybe he ran out of gas and only had so much creative energy. This show sounded awful from the moment the concept was announced. Then every bit of news sounded worse until it finally aired when it was simply awful.

    I actually really like Sara Connor Chronicles it’s a pretty well written show. I will admit oddly enough though the strongest part of the show is Brian Austin Green and they would be better off putting more focus on him. His stories are far more interesting and he seems to be the most talented of the cast right next to Summer.

  2. Ok so normally I like to give shows a chance, but if these pictures are representative of what we should expect from dollhouse then I think I am not going to bother with it. I mean a whole episode about being some playboys date is just scraping the idea barrel in my opinion.

    What Surprises me though is why more people are not tuning in to terminator, especially with the movie coming out this summer. Or maybe it is just the termminator fans who are watching.

  3. Patience. It’s all I can say… patience.

  4. I didn’t see Dollhouse, but watched the latest episode of Sarah Connor Chronicles “The Good Wound” on hulu yesterday, anyone else see it? Yah, it sucked, lol.

    They got some 15 year-old kid playing Kyle Reese, some little scrawny kid with pink lips and a little baby voice. That trenchcoat he was wearing looked so oversized like a little kid wearing his daddy’s coat or something. He had that teenaged facial hair.

    I couldn’t take it seriously, every time he was on screen I couldn’t help but start laughing, lol.

    Then of course it’s the typical hollywood myth that bullets have to be removed. But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, it was in her leg in muscle so it might be bad to leave it in since the muscle moves and it can cause complications later.

    And why was “John Henry” the robot, PLAYING with toys?I understand building them, but he was flying them back and forth like a little child would do. I was surprised he didn’t make sound effects for them…

    And if Riley slit her wrists, wouldn’t the hospital Baker Act her so she would have a 24-hour sitter? No way she could have magically escaped like that. That’s how all hospitals handle possible suicidals. So fake…

  5. Reminds me of how McFries got that scrawny little geek playing Kyle Reese in Terminator Salvation. Seriously, I’ve seen The Terminator like a million times, he wasn’t some scrawny little kid, how come everyone seems to use these little geeks to play him??? What an insult…

  6. I hated the choice they made for the actor who portrayed Kyle Reese. Hated it.

    Like Ken said, looked like a teenage kid who tried really hard to grow a patchy scruff beard to look older.


  7. I don’t really care, that Kyle guy will be in a few episodes here and there (in fact, his voice was almost exactly like the original character which I thought was cool), what I’m pissed off about is that FOX is going to screw sci-fi fans yet again and cancel this show, I don’t even have hope I already know its gonna happen, I knew it before it came out regardless of whether it was good or bad. I hate Fox, they need to get the F away from anything sci-fi.

    I didn’t watch buffy, well let me rephrase, what I saw was completely stupid, maybe I just saw the wrong stuff, but it was extremely stupid, the parts I saw, anyway Firefly was genius, I loved it, still do. So, now we have FOX killing Dark Angel, Firefly, Terminator and Dollhose (which might not be a bad decision).

    Fox needs to stick with stuff like kitchen nightmares, that’s their strong suit, they need to stay the hell away from sci-fi.

  8. I think Dollhouse would be great if they’d allow Joss to do what he does best but having read an interview with him, it appears he is being “bossed” around and his work is being tinkered with so let’s hope the network backs off and lets him do the show HIS way.

  9. No way he sounded like Michael Biehn. Michael Biehn doesn’t have a deep voice, that’s a fact, but at the same time he doesn’t sound like a pimply faced pre-teen like this guy does. He looks like it too, that little skinny mustache is hilarious, right over his rosey pink lips…

  10. Why didn’t they just get Michael Biehn? It’s not like he’s so busy with movies lately, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind doing a small role for the show. And I doubt anyone would mind that he’s older, we would all be happy to see the original Kyle Reese associated with Terminator no matter what… I would have came here and ignored all of the other faults of that episode and said that it was the bomb diggaty if they would have got Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese…

  11. If you stopped looking at his rosy pink lips for a sec and listened to him he sounded alot like him, I thought he was gonna come out for a sec when he first started talking.

    But who cares since FOX just screwed the show anyway. Hopefully the writers can get with McG and somehow close the series with a tie-in to the new movie, instead of leaving it hanging on a cliff hanger like Dark Angel.

  12. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen The Terminator about 100 times, I’ve seen the deleted scene from T2 with Kyle Reese (played by none other than Micahel Biehn), I have Navy SEALs on DVD also with Michael Biehn, seen that movie about 5 times, seen The Rock with Biehn about a dozen times, seen Aliens with Biehn as Cpl Hicks about 100 times, I think I know how he sounds, but I don’t know, maybe you have seen his work more than I have…

    And in the beginning of the episode when she was hearing the voice, I was already thinking “they must be kidding right???”

    But then they showed him, and it was even worse than the little mouse voice he had…

  13. Let’s not forget that these shows aired on February 13, which is a notoriously popular “date night”, being the night before Valentine’s Day.

  14. i didnt much care for Dollhouse, i found the dialog lacking and the storying wanting. truthfully id prefer a Faith spin off than this. at least there would be more meat to the story lines.

    As for Sarah Connor i like it alot. the friday death slot scares me a bit, but all in all pretty good. the guy they got to play kyle looked barely out of the cradle but i’ll let it slide if it means i get to see more of that T1000 mess sh*t up. As for Cameron, she so underused in that show and im tired of them treating her like crap. okay you hate robots we get it, but after saving your ass for so long it wont kill you to smile at her.

    in short Dollhouse; Booooo and Terminator; Yaaaahhh!!

  15. The recently released DVR numbers seems to add to tell a compelling story for both Dollhouse and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I like both shows, especially TSCC. I believe Fox can continue to invest in these stories, which have yet to hit their full stride.

  16. The actor who plays Reese is 30/31, he is not a teenager and although I agree that he looks and sounds nothing like Michael Biehn I’m surprised people are so bothered by this. The series is not exactly faithful to the first two films. Look at John Connor, Thomas Dekker looks nothing like Edward Furlong.

  17. Yah, but they didn’t turn him into a girl like they did to Kyle…

  18. Oh, and do anyone remember that episode of House with Thomas Dekker in it as that religious preacher kid? lol