Dwayne Johnson Confirms He is in Talks for ‘Lobo’

Published 3 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 10:00 pm,

Both Marvel and DC made very big splashes at Comic-Con 2012, with their Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel presentations, respectively. However, as it turns out, not all of this weekend’s superhero scoops came out of the annual San Diego event.

For years, rumors have attached Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to various superhero properties, including DC’s potential Shazam and Lobo films. Johnson himself even cryptically tweeted a few months back that a project with DC was already in the works.

Now, again via Twitter, the wrestler turned actor has finally clarified that statement. Read on to see his message.

@WritingAWonder Rumors of me possibly playing LOBO are true. Joel Silver and Brad Peyton working on it now. That could be fun.. #RockTalk

For those unfamiliar with the character, Lobo is an alien mercenary and bounty hunter who – throughout his run in the comics – has evolved from a villain into an anti-hero biker. In the film version, DC will likely move forward with that incarnation, as it proved one of the company’s most popular characters in the 1990s. Johnson certainly has the action chops and attitude to pull off the role and – with the proper makeup, of course – could easily look the part.

lobo movie brad peyton Dwayne Johnson Confirms He is in Talks for Lobo

However, until a contract is signed, Johnson’s involvement is subject to change. Still, many fans have been hoping that he will bring his action-hero physique and screen presence to an established superhero character, and this is definitely a strong step in that direction. It’s also a slick move for DC as they continue to revitalize their slate of upcoming films. After all, Johnson is largely credited for the box office phenomenon that was Fast Five and has bolstered interest in next summer’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

As it stands, Johnson is already attached to star in the film versions of the Oni Press graphic novel Ciudad and Radical Publishing’s Hercules: The Thracian War. Adding Lobo to the mix would mean that he would probably appear on screen in (at least) three comic book roles within the next few years.

Do you think Johnson is the right choice for Lobo, or would you rather see him as some other comic book character? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Ye…ahhhhh I could see the rock, but wanna see him full make up then I’ll decide

    • This is the type or role The Rock is good at but I had the same thought as you. This could all go terribly wrong depending on how he looks as Lobo (white skin, black eye markings, long hair, etc). So It’s all up to the make-up people to nail it (or fail it)

      • Well he had long hair in the Scorpion king and the Mummy 2 it look convincing to me but just need to see the make up

  2. Someone, SOMEWHERE is gonna complain that he is not big enough.

    (People said it about Chris Hemsworth playing Thor and he was as big as a house.)

  3. True. I could see Ron Perlman as lobo thou he was hellboy

    • Definitely agree with that, but aslong as they can get his look right with make up etc he should pull it off. Personally I was hoping to see the rock as Luke Cage but I have a feeling it will be a long while before we see that movie so that won’t happen.

  4. So true man. They’ve gotta make an awesome make up design like lord of the rings stylish or deadpool, if they pull this off, make it dark & gritty.

    • Yea look at the make up for sinestor he look awsome not too old or too to young he looked great (probably the only good thing about green lantern)

  5. Danny Trejo should be Lobo! LOL. Nah, Johnson can pull it off if the studio/director/writers don’t screw it up. *Fingers crossed*

    -Image comics needs to get off their arses and do something already. Pitt, The Maxx, Sam and Twitch!!!

  6. Don’t know about this one. I have my reservations about the “ROCK “but we’ll see.

  7. the wrestler turned actor has finally clarified that statement. Read on to see his message.

  8. I’ll watch the Rock in any movie, I’m just hoping the costume designer doesn’t suck. Lobo is pretty hard to pull off.

  9. Maaaaannnnn, I don’t know! I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I just want to see some more DC movies.

  10. So wait….. A DC Ghost Rider? Not at all, don’t do it.

    • You mean a DC Wolverine, don’t you?

      • I think he means Ghost Rider… there are one or two similarities (anti-hero biker), but for the most part I think Lobo is pretty original.
        No use trying to do the “who copied who” thing here…

        • I assure the three of you that Lobo is NOTHING like Ghost Rider…other than riding a bike (remember that even Batman and Captain America have ridden bikes, though, so you can see why that one particular element is not a point of comparison). If anyone, I would say that, character-wise, Lobo compares much more directly with Deadpool, in terms of the humor and brutality…and even (often) the breaking of the “fourth wall”.

          This sounds interesting, and I think The Rock can pull it off quite effectively. DC will have TWO major factors to get right for it to work: the make-up, yes, but even MORE importantly–the snarky, bloody humor. If that fails, the movie fails…

  11. Danny Trejo… Interesting thought. I could see him in full garb!

  12. I don’t see him as Lobo. His voice, his looks don’t fit the character. Remember the last time they tried long hair on Rock’s receding hairline in scorpion king? Yeah, that was bad. MAYBE as Shazam, but not Lobo.

    • the voice is the only thing i wonder about. I just always pictured him as kind of gravily, and I don’t want the Rock to try and pull off a Christian Bale Batman voice. He played a pretty good bad guy in Doom and was awesome in Faster.

  13. I do not see Dwayne Johnson at all as Lobo. Putting on a long haired wig with a goatee? Nah. You could get Mark Calloway who plays the Undertaker or Paul Levesque Triple H for pro wrestling circuit WWE . They’ve got the bad ass look and have a big following. Sons of Anarchy is trying out Jimmy Smits as a biker guy. Silly. Mickey Roarke would come off as too old for Lobo.

    • Totally didn’t think of the undertaker, man he’d be sick for Lobo, except I think he’d probably be a bit too tall (6’10″) and too old (47 atm) for anything long lasting. That and outside of wrestling I’m not sure if he can act.

  14. Not sure if the Rock can pull of the anti-hero vibe… I’ll need a lot moreconvinceing before I’d be sold on a Lobo movie either way

    • LOL! The Rock is THE most popular and beloved anti-hero in wrestling history. Wow, you must be ridiculously ignorant to wrestling, because there is NO way you would have doubts about The Rock portraying a likeable anti-hero.

      • And yes, I know wrestling is fake. Just in case some smartass wants to explain it to me.

        • Scripted. not fake.

      • The Rock is THE most beloved anti-hero in wrestling history? Are we forgetting the man who sold more merchandise than everyone, Stone Cold Steve Austin?

        • Rowdy Roddy Piper… all others were clones.

          • Rowdy Roddy Piper was never anti-hero. He was always a heel. Probably the best at it, but a heel nontheless.

            • do you not remember towards the end of his career? When the bag pipes started playing, the crowd popped (wrestling terminology) as much as it did for any face wrestler. He was definitely an anti-hero towards the end

  15. That sounds great! Im sure he would look great once the correct make up is applied,and he can act that part.

  16. Apparently Joel Silver has one more contracted film with Warners? I almost thought his leaving the lot all but killed Lobo.

  17. Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

  18. i would rather see him do something for marvel, dc is just crap except batman of course,

    • Nope, just wrong. Next…

  19. Please not the rock he does not fit at all I’d much rather see a Jason mamoa or someone else take the part

    • Jason Momoa definitely looks the part, maybe put on ten pounds or so, but yeah I can definitely see that.

  20. This could be good, but I want the JUSTICE LEAGUE! ;)
    I do agree with the above comments, it would all come down to how convincing The Rock looks in full make up – a lot is riding on that element…

    Question is, will the movie be R-rated, or will they PG it up like the most of Johnson’s other movies?

    • I can see him working, he has the build and can do action, strong personality and he can smack talk from his wrestling days. Just shave his head into a mohawk hairstyle (the real one not those faux hawk crap), Lobo death metal make up and there he is.

      • You mean Black Metal makeup.

    • My guess is that it would be PG-13. Lobo isn’t a kid’s character. (I haven’t actually read Lobo comics but from what I understand.)But they probablly won’t go full on R rated for marketing reasons.

  21. Even if he doesn’t make a convincing Lobo this is the kind of role he should be taking, playing to his comedy strengths and not doing generic action or insipid kid movies.

  22. This could be good as long as its a Lobo movie NOT another The Rock starring vehicle.

  23. If they do this something tells me he could very well cross paths with Superman somewhere down the line.

  24. The Rock is not an actor and casting him in this role will cause this movie to suck. Believe me when I say that this movie has no chance in hell if the Rock is playing Lobo.

  25. Also, since when are Lobo and Captain Marvel black men?

    • Okay…That was just stupid.

      Lobo is not human; because he’s an alien, ANY man who can act the part and undergoes the appropriate make-up session(s) can portray the character. Lobo is NOT white…at least, not in the human sense of being caucasian.

      As for Shazam, I think most people have said Johnson would make a good (at least, in terms of appearance) Black Adam…Johnson’s darker complexion works well for someone who originated in Ancient Egypt.


    • Shazam and Black Adam are Egyptian, as in AFRICA, they are a dark people. Not to mention Dwayne Johnson is only half black and a dead ringer for either of them.

  26. I prefer Johnson as Black Adam… but hopefully this is good.

    • Me too, but they are still in talks so maybe they’ll offer him that role instead

  27. I’m sure The Rock will play a good Lobo but I had always been rooting for Mickey Rourke, just seems like his role.

  28. maybe they’ll use some type of motion-capture instead of make-up???
    i.e. Brad Pitt in Ben Button or THE HULK

    • After GL I think not, it was a good idea but it costs too much.