Dwayne Johnson Confirms He is in Talks for ‘Lobo’

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Both Marvel and DC made very big splashes at Comic-Con 2012, with their Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel presentations, respectively. However, as it turns out, not all of this weekend’s superhero scoops came out of the annual San Diego event.

For years, rumors have attached Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to various superhero properties, including DC’s potential Shazam and Lobo films. Johnson himself even cryptically tweeted a few months back that a project with DC was already in the works.

Now, again via Twitter, the wrestler turned actor has finally clarified that statement. Read on to see his message.

@WritingAWonder Rumors of me possibly playing LOBO are true. Joel Silver and Brad Peyton working on it now. That could be fun.. #RockTalk

For those unfamiliar with the character, Lobo is an alien mercenary and bounty hunter who – throughout his run in the comics – has evolved from a villain into an anti-hero biker. In the film version, DC will likely move forward with that incarnation, as it proved one of the company’s most popular characters in the 1990s. Johnson certainly has the action chops and attitude to pull off the role and – with the proper makeup, of course – could easily look the part.

lobo movie brad peyton Dwayne Johnson Confirms He is in Talks for Lobo

However, until a contract is signed, Johnson’s involvement is subject to change. Still, many fans have been hoping that he will bring his action-hero physique and screen presence to an established superhero character, and this is definitely a strong step in that direction. It’s also a slick move for DC as they continue to revitalize their slate of upcoming films. After all, Johnson is largely credited for the box office phenomenon that was Fast Five and has bolstered interest in next summer’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

As it stands, Johnson is already attached to star in the film versions of the Oni Press graphic novel Ciudad and Radical Publishing’s Hercules: The Thracian War. Adding Lobo to the mix would mean that he would probably appear on screen in (at least) three comic book roles within the next few years.

Do you think Johnson is the right choice for Lobo, or would you rather see him as some other comic book character? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. I still want Rock as Luke Cage or Green Lantern. Hell even black adam. Ijus cnt cm ta c him as Lobo

    • I want to see Dwayne Johnson as “STEEL” in the Man of Steel!He has an epic Zack Snyder voice to him that he needs to unleash by playing Steel in Superman movies! He can then be apart of the Jsutice league as “Steel” is Supermans partner like Robin is Batmans, only “Steel is abit more in for things for his selfish reasons! kind of like Ironman and Warmachine. They get into fights sometimes but wrokout there strategies! Dwayne ” The Rock” Johnson was born to play the ELITE!! THE KILLER!! THE ULTIMATE BAD A$$!!! STEEL Who wields a hammer he made from his own body of “Steel”!

      • Ummm, what Steel are you talking about? John Henry Irons is a brilliant engineer who builds his suit to help Superman out on bigger missions and to become more proactive in fighting injustice.

        He does NOT create his hammer “from his own body”; he makes it as a separate implement…both tool and weapon. He is definitely NOT Superman’s sidekick but is actually a hero in his own right.

        Who are YOU talking about?

        (Oh, and DJ doesn’t fit the Steel character, btw.)

  2. BLACK ADAM! The one from 52 one of my favorite comic series ever.

  3. Dwayne Johnson as Lobo?… no. just no.

    • That rhymed

  4. horrible choice.

  5. I can see him doing Lobo, cocky and belligerent was his Rock persona in wrestling to a T, but I would still rather see him do Shazam or Black Adam. After seeing him in Faster I think he would be excellent as Black Adam.

  6. I think Mickey Rourke or Ron Perlman would be better choices for Lobo.

  7. I think Dwayne Johnson would be terribly miscast as Lobo. Didn’t Jeffery Dean Morgan (The Comedian in WATCHMAN) already state that he was interested in playing Lobo on film? That’s who DC/WBs needs to cast!

  8. What about that Joe manganiello guy?

  9. I saw Lobo once in a cartoon and I read maybe one comic with him, so I don’t see Dwayne fitting this role at all. First and foremost unless they do a STELLAR (I mean Hellboy level quality) make-up job the whole thing will look like a cosplay video. Then there is the mannerisms, voice, pretty much everything else about the character. He looks like he would be a cross between a roadie for Motorhead and bouncer at a biker bar/strip club in the worst part of wherever.

    Then there is the whole outer space bounty hunter thing, just thinking about what a bad CGI version of the Cantina in Star Wars. You would figure Warner would have been scared off with Green Lantern, and what is with Marvel/Disney? They had this guy on their lot, they can’t figure out a Marvel movie to put him in, stupid move Mouse….

    • IM GLAD that marvel did not cast him in a superhero role, I DO NOT like that idea at all!!!! he needs to keep doing what he is doing and playing the kiddie movies!! the fast movies NEED to be done. But dc can do it because they do not know how to make a superhero film besides NOLANS batman!!!! and HOPEFULLY the new superman other than that DC will never match what marvel has accomplished

  10. What kind of character is lobo? and honestly who would wanna watch a movie about a character like that? usually superhero movies help make an actor/actress’s career go up. if he did a movie about lobo, not only will it do bad, it’ll make him look bad as well. Marvel comics has made a lot of movies and were successful because they’re good at that. DC on the other hand has not. For those who said shazam (captain marvel)or even black adam, those would definatley perfect for the rock to play. ryan reynolds is already green lantern. as for luke cage, i highly doubt he’ll ever get a stand alone movie.

    • dwayne johnson if he played any superhero i think it should be cyborge from the justice leauge and thats it. i really can’t see him playing anybody else.

    • Lobo is not a preferred movie choice for me…I just find him silly. As for the type of character he is and the type of person who would watch the film: Those desperately calling for a Deadpool movie from the Marvel stable would likely find Lobo appealing since the two are VERY similar in terms of type of character, overall characterization, and portrayal of self-same character (and, yes, normally, those three would basically count as one aspect of the character).

      For my part, I would also prefer to see Black Adam (against Shazam, of course).

  11. I know I am being very cynical, but I find it hard to believe anyone cares who is playing Lobo.

  12. I would like to see Jason momoa. Conan sucked but he has the look and size, and dwayne Johnson is good but never will he be great. IMO the only truly good role he has had was in be cool. And he was a gay muscle man. Lol

  13. I’d rather see Johnson get something that has better arc potential to it than Lobo. Why not rewrite somebody like Spartan of the Wildcats? Why not do Wildcats instead???


  15. To be honest I find the character of lobo to make hardly any sense I mean as soon as he was born he killed his parents and his entire race because he was born bad to the bone, I read hat in the DC guide and I was hoping for the character to be cool… I was bummed when I read that because really thats all your gonna do, I mean think anti-heroes need to interesting and not one dimensional and that’s literally all this guy was he was a one dimensional uninteresting alien bounty hunter who’s character made no sense and he did the things he did for absolutely no reason or any reasons that made sense. I think that if they are going to do a movie on this guy they need to make him interesting enough for the audience to watch this movie and not leave the theater like they did with the Conan the Barbarian remake (I’m gonna be honest I tried watching it on Netflix over summer at least expecting the action to carry a simple plot lined story… I turned it off after 15 min it was just terrible and it’s a bummer because Momoa seemed to really enjoy it). I think they need to make him an interesting anti hero like Vic Mackey from shield or Bryan Myllis (forgive me if I spelled that wrong) from taken and make him a bad#%# like Dominic Toretto or Luke Hobbs from fast and furious those guys are good action heroes they can be really interesting and really bad#€ mother<^?€{}| so if they went for something like that then itd probably be good. We as an audience need to know why Lobo is the way he is is he angry is he upset is he cocky and that's what needs to be explored in the movie.

    As for the rock playing him, I guess I can picture that I do think Ron perlman or Mickey rourke would be better acting choices but I do like the rock I think he does some fun kid movies that kids will like and I think he does great action movies which I hope he does more of. So I think he'll at least be able to pull off the action sequences but as for the acting it depends on what story direction they're going in. I had no idea he was black adam in a potential shaman movie guess I could picture that who was playing shazam or was he casted that would've been pretty coolafter watching some of fast five the rock makes a pretty good antagonist for a movie.

    So overall do I think this movie can be good?… Yes, do I hope it's good?… Yes do I think the rock is a good choice?… For the most part yeah, am I hoping they improve on the character?… Hell yes!!!!!

  16. um considering everybody thought Hugh Jackman shouldn’t be the wolverine when they first heard that he was going to play that character and Hugh end up proving that he is the best choice for the wolverine after a amazing performance I am pretty sure Johnson might end up doing the same if we give him a chance

  17. I think maybe bizarro superman