Dwayne Johnson May Become Roadblock For ‘G.I. Joe 2′

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Dwayne Johnson may play Roadblock in G.I. Joe 2 Dwayne Johnson May Become Roadblock For G.I. Joe 2

Ever since the news got out a few months back that G.I. Joe 2: Cobra Strikes would only feature a few returning faces from the first installment, there’s been more discussion about who exactly would be coming back for the sequel – rather than what new characters from the G.I. Joe universe would be popping up this second time around.

It seems that everyone’s favorite deadly gunman/quality cook, Roadblock, will be joining the G.I. Joe team in director John Chu’s upcoming film – and none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is said to be circling the role.

In its exclusive report on Johnson, Deadline also mentions that Channing Tatum looks to be all but a lock to reprise his turn as Duke in the second G.I. Joe flick – which Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner has previously described as being a standalone picture that doesn’t require familiarity with the first film. However, while Duke’s return has been all but a given, this is the first semi-official confirmation that Roadblock would be joining the party.

For those unfamiliar with the character: Martin F. Hinton (a.k.a. Roadblock) is an African-American soldier who joined the army in the hopes that it would provide him sufficient experience to become a professional chef. While he remains passionate about cooking, Roadblock is a physically powerful and capable warrior who’s generally not to be found without his trusty M2 Browning machine gun at his side.

Dwayne Johnson in Fast Five Dwayne Johnson May Become Roadblock For G.I. Joe 2

Johnson in 'Fast Five'

Johnson is once again a hot commodity – thanks to his memorable turn as the muscular and efficient cop Luke Hobbs in this year’s Fast Five – even though his official return to playing action movie badasses was actually last fall’s Faster. Not only is Johnson of African-Canadian and Samoan descent, he’s virtually a perfect physical match for the Roadblock character (see header image). Plus, he’s got the charm and knack for comedic timing that would make him a match for Martin Hinton’s personality.

Chu has mentioned in the past that he wants to make the G.I. Joe sequel in a “down and dirty” style, so that the end result is a gritty and “kick-ass movie [with] action that’s fun, big, [and] crazy.” Johnson is definitely up for that; the former professional wrestler-turned-actor knows a thing or two about pulling off hard-hitting fight scenes, as displayed most recently during his brawl with Vin Diesel in Fast Five. Plus (with all due respect to Tatum) a G.I. Joe squad that features a Johnson version of Roadblock immediately stands out as a much more intimidating and capable force. The only downside is that if Johnson plays Roadblock, he can’t play Sgt. Slaughter, as some fans would’ve liked. C’est la vie.

With a largely new cast, new director (Chu) and Zombieland duo Rhett Reese and Paul Wernicke now tackling scripting duties, Cobra Strikes should be an improvement over its predecessor. It’ll also help that the sequel will neither be shot in or converted to 3D – which should allow Chu to make the film look all the more visually stylish and gritty.

G.I. Joe 2: Cobra Strikes is slated to hit theaters next year on August 10th, 2012.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I know how about Kristen Stewart as Jinx?


    How about Halle Berry as Lady Jaye?

    or even better

    Chow Yun-Fat as Spirit Iron-Knife

    • I take it that you’re joking…

      • In the words of Hal “Van Wylder” Jordan. “I KNOW RIGHT?!” Native American actors don’t get enough work and exposure as it is(btw I’m not Native American). Only a Native American with great acting chops should be Spirit, no fake arse Native Americans or no “I’m 1/8th, 1/48th Indian or my great grandmother was Cherokee” types. Just stop it please, and yeah I already know Johnny Depp will be playing Tonto.

      • Sorry, didn’t think I could get more sarcastic than “Kristen Stewart as…”

        • @Dante, my bad LOL! I thought you were serious. I just hate it when Hollywood keeps miscasting and whitewashing characters when theres no need for it.

        • @Dante, the sad thing is, with today’s mindless audiences, it’s hard to tell if someone’s being serious or not… especially when so many sheeple defend all the whitewashing of Asian roles these days. I’ve heard some of the most absurd, irrational, mindless things from so many people that “Kristen Stewart as Jinx” doesn’t sound that bad… But, yes, it still sounds horrendous. :)

          • I was thinking, which “actress” should never be cast as Jinx and bam, thought of Twilight girl…LOL

            I would like Ziyi Zhang as Jinx, if ever Jinx was cast.

            • Oh and about the Rock, I suppose if they want to focus on someone other than stripper boy it might not be too bad.

              So Yo Joe!

  2. Dwayne Johnson is a great actor so he may play Roadblock well and the writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernicke, I hope they do G. I Joe 2 story well because they write the movie Deadpool’s script.

  3. Crap! This has got me interested in the film again.

  4. I actually really enjoyed the first one. I thought it was just as camp and tacky as the 80′s toy line and cartoon series (That’s not a bad thing……just like the He-Man cartoon and toys).

    The only real things that disappointed me was Snake Eyes crap fighting and Cobra Commanders mask.

    I was hoping they’d make everything a bit more colourful though, to be even more like the toys. Instead of everyone having identical dark green and black armour suits, make every characters costume different and unique like the figures were.

    • Oh yeah,…..and Dwayne Johnson would be wicked cool as Roadblock.

      • I agree with you motoko. I enjoyed the first one for the same reasons you did. I did have some problems with it, but overall I thought it was fun.

  5. The Rock is still the world’s greatest athlete AND actor in sports entertainment and h’ed make a really good Roadblock but I think Cathrine Begalow would have given this movie the realness that it needed with some fun added. I’d like to see ShipWreck, Lady Jaye, Spirit Iron-Knife(played by a REAL Native American not an Asian or White Guy), and Xamot and Tomax.

  6. Can you smelllll what the ‘Block is cooking? :)

  7. So is Roadblock leading the Joes now BC I don’t see Dwayn “The Man” Johnson following behind Chaning Tattum like Marlin waynes.

    • Agreed, tatum is going to be the downfall of the entire film… audiences will be wondering who really is the main character.. tatum or johnson..

      If they are realy going for the semi reboot. they should have recast the entire line up of actors.. starting with tatum..

  8. I like the rock for this film and I thought the other wrestler was good casting as well, but rock should have a bigger part than just Roadblock.

    All so isn’t Roadblock Black?

    • the rock is black, although not right for this role. i am not thrilled.

  9. Well I like Dwayne Johnson a lot, and want him to get in more action movies, but not the crapfest that GIJ 2 is going to be. Also he isnt black, he is Samoan, but I guess you can say that is nit picking considering they had MARLONG WAYANS as Rip Cord.

    • Dwayne Johnson is black and samoan. His dad was Rocky Johnson, big pro wrestler back in the day (black) and his mom is samoan.

    • Thanks Prophet, was wondering is anyone was gonna speak up on behalf of the Rocks Heritage. That reminds of the episode of That 70′s Show, when Dwayne guest starred as…Rocky Johnson, and made the speech on how his son would become “the most electrifying athelete in sports entertainment”

      • Which means he is half black and he takes after his mothers side in looks which are more Samoan than black. Where as Road Block was dark skinned and does not look Samoan in the slightest, hence my comment.

        • @Aleric, Roadblock is a darker skinned character but mostly all of the black characters in cartoons back then had the same complexion and not all blacks are dark skinned either. As a matter of fact do you personally know any Samoans? There are MANY dark skinned Samoans, some of which are darker than Roadblock’s complexion up there. Samoans are a genetic mix of Asian and Negroid stock just like the Polynesians and ‘original indigineous HAWAIIANS. Roadblock being lighter in complexion wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. As long as they look alike and is portayed correctly. Besides all The Rock would need to do is tan a little if they wanted him darker.

          • Geez

            I am not a ten year old who has never seen another person of ethnic heritage other than Caucasian. My being half Chiricahua Apache kind of helps me to understand the dual heritage.

            I also watched the original cartoons back then, I simply made the statement that Dwayne Johnson does not resemble Road Block.

    • Aleric, Dwayne is mixed

      • But forget what I just said… All I know is that they are gonna need a lot of changes and other things if they want to save Joe

  10. Too all the GI Joes fans who understand this…

    “Who wants a body massage?? Body Massage!!”

    • I was thinking the same exact thing. Hahaha :D

    • LOL, it’s been a long time since I have seen those PSAs. They were all classic parodies.

      Body massage machine, GO!

  11. I don’t know too many non-black dudes named Dwayne Johnson either, that’s almost as black as a name as Tyrone Jackson. LOL! He’s proud of both sides of his roots and The Rock has a lot of charisma and presence.

    • @Blaastar@ double ROFL!! Fanned!

  12. i was hoping that they would set it in 8-10 years later so they cld recast everybody and maybe just maybe we could have a respectable Duke.

  13. now were talking,just throw out channing tatum as duke and replace him with thomas jane… and that would be epic..

  14. Putting aside the skin color differences, Dwayne certainly has the right physique for this character. I can see why they’re considering him.

    Still, they probably could find another role for him and give the role to some deserving black actor, but anyway.

    • Care to enlighten us on a “deserving” black actor?

    • @Phil, There are a lot of actors out there who are (as Mos Def would say) “black on both sides” who deserve a shot too but the Rock maybe mixed (like most people) BUT he IS black so he deserves a shot also. It’s just that The Rock has a tremendous amount of swagger and presence that can’t be denied and I can easily see him doing justice to this role. Who’s to say that the original Roadblock character couldn’t have been mixed(half black & Samoan). Cartoons back then didn’t really get into all of that kind of detail about the characters especially not the lead ones. Like I said up there, if his complexion is an issue, then all he’d half to do is get a tan. Roadblock is bald so all The Rock would have to do is cut his hair off “again”, grow a moustache, and maybe get a tan and he IS ROADBLOCK.

  15. I would like to see the B.A.T.s and a better version of Zartan in this one…

  16. No no no! WTF? Leave the Rock and any other corny obvious excuse for an actor out of G I Joe and get real. Scrap the first film and re-do the entire concept because it stunk hardcore from the acting to the story line. It was hard enough accepting that one guy as Duke and the sorry excuse for Zartan. Is there anyone else that thinks Zartan should be gothic/punk and darker in character? And lets not even get started on the lame Cobra Commander. Keeping the faith :-(

    • Turn zartan into a gothic punk? so basically he turns into marilyn manson?
      I thought zartan and the dreadnoks would be an 80′s biker gang who wear biker outfits and are into hard rock…

      As for the rock, this is the only good news this film project has ever had… aside from that both fingers are still crossed..

  17. A sequel that no one wants. I’ll watch Shooter and Tears of the Sun again.

  18. this role is not for the rock, ving rhames is perfect. why cast anyone as sgt. slaughter, the real sgt. slaughter could make a cameo during meetings with generals in washington, talking to the joes via video conference.
    i want the dreadnocks. b.a.t.s. , regular cobra troops, vipers, less futuristic weaponry and a real cobra commander. why does everyone have to be superhuman in these movies?

  19. Now this I would pay to watch. I like Dwayne Johnson as an actor and I really don’t know why people are arguing over his race and pride. Who cares he is clearly comfortable with who he is and so should everyone else. I’ve never been a big G.I. Joe fan because I didn’t grow up in North America but The Rock as Roadblock is dead on he looks like the character, will provide some charm and attract a huge fan base. Now if Johnny Depp is going to be in it as I read above, I`ll put my money on it right now and say it will be smash in the box office. At least 500,000,000 Go Joes!

  20. I don’t think we really need to nitpick whether The Rock is black enough. He looks like Roadblock, only a slightly lighter shade. Let’s just leave it at that.

  21. The rock is a little b****. He needs to shut up & eat John Cena’s fruity pebbles. I halfway like you now rock because you are starting to act like a little b****. Rock you look like an alien with muscles. Go back to space before John Cena gives u another attitude adjustment.