Dwayne Johnson Hints at Potential DC Movie Character Role

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dwayne johnson dc movie role Dwayne Johnson Hints at Potential DC Movie Character Role

Nowadays it’s not enough to make plans for one film at a time, when you’re playing the superhero movie game. Marvel Studios has projects roughly planned out through to 2021, while Sony and 20th Century Fox have a tentative release schedule worked out for the studios’ respective Marvel film properties (Spider-Man for Sony, Fantastic Four and X-Men for Fox) on through to 2018.

Elsewhere, Warner Bros. and DC have Batman vs. Superman in 2016, but beyond that it’s just been rumor and speculation, as far as future DC releases are concerned. Cast members like the new Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) have reportedly been signed to multi-picture contracts (which include a potential Justice League movie). There’s also been discussion online about Warners/DC developing lower-budgeted superhero genre offerings in the years ahead, based on niche comic book properties like Suicide Squad and Booster Gold – again, though, nothing official has been announced (nor have any release dates been staked out).

Point is, since we don’t have a confirmed DC project beyond the Man of Steel sequel, whenever a big name star is linked to the DC movie universe of late, we tend to assume there’re being considered for a role in Batman vs. Superman – be it significant or an introduction to them having a larger presence in Justice League. That was certainly the case back just before 2013 drew to a close, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed that he was in talks with WB/DC about a role.

So what might that role be, then? Well, The Rock made the trip to Las Vegas this week for the 2014 CinemaCon, in order to promote his upcoming mythology/swords and sandal adventure Hercules (watch the trailer that dropped earlier today). No surprise, he didn’t offer reporters an explicit answer to their questions about his ongoing discussion with DC, though he did offer three hints about the comic book character he’s got his eye on right now (via Coming Soon):

“The first quality we were looking for is that he had to be extremely complex and have a lot going on and what that does for me as an actor and for the studio, just gives us space that we can explore his complexities. The other quality is that the character we were looking for had to be well known but never brought to life. That does, again as an actor, is that it gives me a little bit of space and it just gives me a chance to put an imprint into his personality with the set of tools that I can bring to the table and put a very unique twist on his personality but still pay homage to who he is. The third thing and most important is that he had to be a badass mother***ker and on a Superman level of power where he could throw down.

“In those three qualities, I’m happy we’ve found that character and right now we’re out to a lot of writers.”

It wasn’t long after Johnson dropped the bomb about his renewed DC talks in December 2013 that the rumor started him being eyed to play the John Stewart Green Lantern. Technically, that character fits those three qualifications that Johnson described – recall it was Hal Jordan, not Stewart, who was featured in the 2011 Green Lantern live-action movie – but earlier today, Johnson appeared to shoot that idea down:

Black Adam, for those unfamiliar, is a powerful super-villain who originated in 1945, before he became the primary nemesis for Shazam in the 1970s. However, since the start of the 21st-century, the character has evolved into more of a complex anti-hero and become an important fixture in the DC Comics’ New 52 universe. Johnson has been rumored to play the character before, though any chance of a Shazam live-action movie currently seems to be dead in the water – which doesn’t mean Johnson won’t play Black Adam in a different DC movie, of course.

Justice League Dwayne Johnson Dwayne Johnson Hints at Potential DC Movie Character Role

So, what are some of the other popular choices, based on Johnson’s ground-rules? Well, to name two big ones:

  • Lobo, a character who Johnson has been approached to possibly play in the past (something that he confirmed back in the day), though a movie vehicle featuring the character has been on-again/off-again multiple times over the last half-decade.
  • Cyborg, who is rumored to be introduced in Batman vs. Superman before he appears in subsequent DC films. However, some of those same rumors indicate that the Cyborg in the Man of Steel sequel will be on the younger side (a la more traditional versions of the character) than Johnson would qualify for.

Johnson’s comment about his potential DC movie being “out to a lot of writers” seems to indicate that he is not circling Batman vs. Superman; rather, that he’s being groomed for a vehicle and superhero franchise that he can call his own, which makes sense given his current A-list status. Of course, it’s also possible that the next Superman film and/or Justice League would simply mark his debut in the DC-verse, before The Rock gets a solo feature.

And let’s not forget those pesky rumors from 2012, about WB/DC wanting to include Lobo in a Justice League movie down the line. Indeed, a star of Johnson’s stature would be a logical casting choice to play a potential Justice League member (ex. Martian Manhunter), and could feasibly help WB/DC keep up in the challenging business of superhero movie casting in Hollywood nowadays…

How about it – who do YOU think Johnson is being considered to play in the DC film universe? Better yet, who do you want to see him play in a DC superhero movie?


Batman vs. Superman is currently scheduled to hit theaters on May 6th, 2016.

Source: Coming Soon, Dwayne Johnson

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  1. I think it’d be cool to have him as Bane at some point. Give him some small lifts and he’ll look taller (and obviously bigger) than the new Batman (Who is finally a Batman-sized Batman). This would be a far better fight scene than the Hardy/Bale fight, which is kinda funny, as much as I love Nolan’s Batman, his Batman could be taken down by Jason Bourne or Aaron Cross (from the Bourne universe) and certainly be destroyed (as well as the Nolan-Bane who seemed more peak-human and closer to comic-Batman’s strength than Bale’s) by Captain America. When the comic book version would still lose the majority of h2h fights against Cap, he’d win a few and of course with his (in)famous “Bat-prep” he could out-tact the very tactically-minded Cap. Quick digression: I base this on how Batman has handled Deathstroke, someone who has continually been ahead of the game in terms of strategy and tactics, including “out-Batmanning” the Batman himself.

    As a superhero I think he’d be incredible as Cyborg (even though he’d be a bit old but he could play a pro-football player-turned Cyborg). Cyborg, imo, is more dangerous than Steel or Iron Man, the-near transhumanist equivalents.

    Martian Manhunter would be a very interesting choice, as one of the “Superman-level” JLA members, alongside WW, and Shazam (probably the only JLA member that, if he had WW’s and B-man’s combative strengths, would be superior to Superman and should at least be his equal). I’d actually even be for Dwayne playing Shazam, that could be the most fitting role for him in many ways. A godlike being, confident, cocky, Superman-level. Seeing him be more imposing and larger than Superman would be interesting even though historically they are (imo, too much, same with Bruce/Clark) too much alike in stature.

    In fact, remove the hair and eyes and take the Alex Ross versions of each and you got the same character in terms of phsyqie, same with most other great artists.

    Having Superman be the smallest (even though Henry is ripped as hell so, hardly a short guy, either, not that Superman or Shazam needs muscles)

    But since Shazam has the strength of Hercules, it’d make sense for him to be bulkier imo (The Rock is also playing Herc so that would be a bit of side-trivia), the Wisdom of Solomon. Dwayne is at that age and has the charisma to appear commanding, confident and experience, conveying wisdom.) Speed of Ares, etc.

    And imagine seeing him have a convo with Flash and Superman about how Ares is the god of speed and they can’t possibly keep up, it starts out with all of them fairly even, Superman and Captain Marvel dead-even, then Flash hits the speed-force and destroys them in a race. That’d be some cool beans right there.

    Others have said Jon Stewart is the obvious choice, and not a bad one at all. Damn-near perfect at first glance (for some)

    But I think I just talked myself into him being Shazam, unfortunately that won’t happen but it’d be an interesting casting choice that could fill-out an already interesting roster. Adding a bit more star-power couldn’t hurt. And we all know he can do fight scenes very well and is very athletic and acrobatic for his size and age.

    Another digression:
    (For Marvel U he is my top-pick for Luke Cage even though I know Luke Cage is black. I’d even be down for him to play T’Challa but I think it’s more important the actor who plays T’Challa be of genuine African decent or at least be able to pull that off.

    Also Blade, I think he’d make an epic Blade. Though I see no reason why Snipes can’t return to that role)

    *(the one Synder is going for, as that is the only version capable of remotely presenting a challenge to other JLA members let alone Superman)

    • I agree he is likely to play either Shazam or Black Adam. He looks the part for either. He could play either. I think it depends where the films are headed. Do they need a JL member or a Legion of Doom member.

      • It’d be neat to see him get the Lobo role, to follow up on my post. I’m as sure as one can be in thinking he’d really own that role. He could dig into his being the bad-boy of wrestling persona and find a well of Lobo-osity there :P

    • The Rock is black.

      Ares is the god of war.

      Mercury is the fast one.

      • @Fizzy- IIRC, Mr. Johnson is Samoan, so he’s technically of Polynesian decent.

        • His father is black. So he’s technically of African decent as well.

          • So via your own logic stating “Rock is Samoan” as bluntly and simply as you said “He’s black” Would be an equally correct statement.

            So why do you feel the need to correct IronJedi?

            The only reason I can think of is that you seem to get some kind of entertainment out of posting these one-sentence bluntly stated “corrections.” And it all comes off as really odd.

      • Lol okay, my bad, Ares is the god of war, Mercury is “the fast one”…lol

        The Rock isn’t black, and I don’t see why that’d be a problem anyway.

        The way you wrote your post out seemed rather arrogant, when writing like this

        “He’s Black”

        “This is X and that is Y”

        “Y is the fast one”

        And? Seems rather arrogant of you to just state “he’s black” and then two very minor corrections, and none of the things you say provide any reasoning on why he couldn’t play Shazam.

          • LOL, why are you so wound up about this? I actually DIDN’T say he couldn’t be Luke Cage. I said I wouldn’t mind seeing him as T’CHALLA THE BLACK PANTHER BUT I’D PREFER AN ACTOR OF DIRECT AFRICAN DESCENT IF POSSIBLE.

            So your “correction” of my “flawed insinuation” wasn’t even close to the mark.

            My point is this: You seem to be passive-aggressively attacking my post and if it weren’t for the name-calling clause it seems like you’d be at that point already. Your posts just emanate this nasty attitude towards me and I don’t understand why.

            And I have no interest in getting into a semantics argument about his blackhood and mixed race. Okay, he’s part-black, you win, I hope you feel better now :). I still think he’d make a great Luke Cage (so again, I don’t know what you think I was insinuating, you’re seeing shadows where there aren’t any)

            • But I’m getting wound up after you “deafened” someone else?

              I guess….

              As far as the bullying clause, I don’t need to resort to name calling to get my point across. Its not that serious hence the straight forward response that offend you so much.

              It’s what you took as “passive aggression”.

              • I would call it passive aggressive because that’s precisely what you’re doing and being. And to say otherwise, I think we both know would be disingenuous.

                And deafened? Lol

                You got wound up after you said that I said something that I didn’t say.

                I posted what I really said in all-caps, which you choose to ignore and focus instead on the all-caps part, and not the content of what I actually said.

                So yeah, I’d say you’re wound-up about this, as I said earlier, you’re seeing shadows that aren’t there.

                And notice how I have no problem admitting I’m wrong when you corrected me on the gods, but when I correct you on you telling me I made a racial insinuation about The Rock NOT being able to play Luke Cage (which is pretty much the opposite of what I actually said), you don’t own up to it, you just focus on the part of my post that you feel you can still argue with.

                So…there’s that. Passive aggressive, for sure.

                • Don’t think of yourself important enough to me that you even have to right these drawn out arguments.

                  Get to your point and move on.

                  Besides I agreed with you on the Bane thing correcting someone doesn’t mean your point was ever invalid.

                  When you said “even though Luke Cage is black” that insinuated The Rock wasn’t so I corrected it.


                  • And don’t think yourself important enough for me to think that I make these “long” and “drawn-out” arguments solely for your benefit. That’s quite the ego you got there.

          • BTW how does “For Marvel U he is my top-pick for Luke Cage even though I know Luke Cage is black.”

            equate to “YOU mentioned Luke Cage being black as if it meant he couldn’t be the character based off your flawed insinuation.”

            (Also, I didn’t insinuate anything, everything I said was quite direct)

            Let’s look at the rest of what I said: “I’d even be down for him to play T’Challa but I think it’s more important the actor who plays T’Challa be of genuine African decent or at least be able to pull that off.”

            Where do I give any indication that I have a problem with him being black or not black? In truth you are only half-right about him being black in the first place, just like how you felt the need to correct ironjedi on the Rock being Samoan, it seems to be a semantics issue and arguing-for-the-sake-of-argument position

            Now I state directly why I would be hesitant for him to be T’Challa and the reasoning is perfectly reasonable to most. As for Luke Cage, I figured his being “pure” African American (and by that I mean someone who’s recognizable as not a mixed-race, say Tyrese Gibson, Idris Elba, etc. etc. There clearly is some confusion among people on him being black) would fit into the Luke Cage story a bit better, if they traced it from a childhood in the middle-70s to today.

            “Also Blade, I think he’d make an epic Blade. Though I see no reason why Snipes can’t return to that role”

            Now here’s a role where his being part-black wouldn’t affect the core of the character nearly as much. He never knew who his real father was (and has “two fathers” in the sense that Deacon Frost is one, I’d be down for a reboot with Dwayne as blade to not only see Dwayne as Blade but to also see the Quad-Fanged Deacon Frost who’d hopefully become a main villain instead of being killed in the first movie)-Between that and being half-vampire it’d be an interesting dichotomy and I think it would be a meaty character for him to bite into. Pun intended.

            PS: On another post you say I “deafened” you by making some WORDS in all CAPS, yet you did that in a few posts as well, all-caps to enunciate a word or some words. You make a deal out of it and it invites scrutiny on your end as well. All this to say, I’m going to do my best to avoid these little argumentative-traps you set up in the future. “It takes two to tango” and all that…

            • What all caps are you talking about?

              Everything after the Luke Cage is black line is wildly irrelevant.

              If you kept choosing black characters (the part of the argument that means absolutely nothing) for him to play, what was up with the “even though he’s black”?

              Stop wasting my time with your off topic talking points and tell me exactly what you meant with that statement about Luke Cage and I’ll understand you.

              BP and Blade and all those guys are not where my initial statement came from.

              What does you knowing Luke Cage’s ethnicity mean?

              • “If you kept choosing black characters (the part of the argument that means absolutely nothing) for him to play, what was up with the “even though he’s black”?

                I already explained why, you chose to ignore it. Your attempts to paint me as some kind of wild, angry, pseudo-racist (or whatever you’re trying to get at) are sad and a waste of my time. Adios.

                • No one’s trying to paint you as anything, you did that all on your own with your reactions (whatever it is you’re supposed to be Idk/c)

                  You didn’t answer anything you just deflected to why he could play other characters.

                  You’re sensitive about this subject and I understand. (I don’t. You need to get over yourself but I’ll I do)

                  Have a good day.

        • Hermes is the greek god of speed
          Mercury is the Roman god of speed

    • Uhmmm you do know that the Rock is taller and bigger than Batfleck? Also Hardy is a tiny dude… Like Tom Cruise size…

      • “Uhmmm you do know that the Rock is taller and bigger than Batfleck? Also Hardy is a tiny dude… Like Tom Cruise size…”

        Uhmmmm, I stated this in my post? (lol)

        Also taller? You sure about that? Ben Affleck is 6’3, Dwayne Johnson is 6’2-3. If anything he’s an inch shorter, but his bulk would make him appear bigger. You’ll notice in my post that “The Rock with 2-inch lifts would make a perfect Bane to the new Batman”

        Finally, what is your point about Tom Hardy? 1) He’s most certainly not Tom Cruise size, certainly not in musculature and he’s taller, to boot
        2) What does that have to do with anything? It seems like you completely misread my post!

        and 3) “”Uhmmm you do know that the Rock is taller and bigger than Batfleck?” Yes, he is bigger than Ben Affleck in musculature, which is precisely why you would want someone his size to be cast as Bane IF they were to do a new Bane at some point. The entire point I made about Dwayne being Bane is that he could physically do the role and I have full confidence he could pull the role of Bane off from an acting perspective.

        I’m really curious as to why you thought Dwayne being bigger than “Bat-fleck” would be an issue for him being cast as Bane and why you even brought Tom Hardy up at all in the same sentence. It’s really odd, sir. Truly.

        • The Rock is 6’5″

          Ben Affleck is 6’3″

          If anything that means he’s taller than Batman HELPING your Bane argument

    • I immediately thought Captain Marvel. He’s got to be a good guy. But how does he call himself Shazam when introducing himself would change him into Billy.

      • Lol! That’s a good point right there. It’d make for a funny scene. They might end up just referring to him as “Cap” or “Marv” which is okay, Marvel has a Captain Marvel as well so no matter what you variation of Captain Marvel’s name you use someone will inevitably be comparing it to the Marvel Cpt Marvel :P

        Or maybe they’ll change it to wear he can say Shazam in conversation, but if he says “Can you smell what the Shazam is cooking?!” he’ll go all Marvel-y

    • It’s like this……Iron Man > Cyborg > Steel

      And dwayne johnson should be black adam…nothing else

  2. I love the Rock. And whoever he will be he will do a great job.

  3. I was thinking Amazo.

    But it could be anyone he’d make a sick Darkseid…

    • Amazo! Now that’s an interesting choice.

      I’d totally be down for him to play Darkseid. With prosthetic and a smidge of CGI he’d basically fit the bill perfectly.

  4. I think Dwayne Johnson will play Cyborg. And one question who is Lobo can somebody explain it to me?

    • wikipedia or google it

    • Blackknight…

      lex’s (oddly appropriate) dismissal aside…

      Lobo is the last Czarnian…because he killed every other member of his species. He is foul-mouthed (and foul-odored), rough-and-tumble, rude, blunt, and (likely) misogynistic. Strangely enough, as a brutal intergalactic bounty hunter of some repute, he does SEEM to possess a weird sense of honor when dealing with people…and he NEVER gives up the chase when pursuing a bounty. Lobo has a large, ugly pet “dog” (probably the only creature that can stand to be near him for more than minutes at a time), an even larger preferred weapon–a long, thick chain with an evil looking hook at one end–and a ridiculously huge space hog–his mean-looking flying motorbike. Lobo is NOT subtle. He IS functionally immortal, as he can regenerate himself completely from even just a singly cell. Lobo puts both the “bad” and the “a$$” in “bada$$”…much to the chagrin of Superman, et al…

      Hope that helps. :)

      • P.S. The above is based on the pre-New52 incarnation of Lobo.

      • Lobo kind of reminds me of a mixture of Joe Fixit (Gray Hulk) mixed with The Maestro. Which powerwise and physique-wise wouldn’t be that far off. Actually even a Gray-Hulk Maestro would heal as quick as Lobo, be stronger, and could totally pass for his dad. That’d be a really funny crossover :P

  5. Watch people get pissed off if he isn’t Lobo, Green Lantern, Black Adam, Atom or Martian.

    • Lol

    • I would be okay with almost any character he plays. The thing is, what movie is he playing in? Who is the director? Is he a late add on to the Batman vs Superman movie? If so then all obvious choices go out the window. I would be highly upset if they casted him as Barry/The Flash.

  6. At first glance, Green Lantern with “Dwayne Johnson” willpower is a LOCK.

    However, it is the Story of The Martian Manhunter, and how it couldsuccessfully transition the movie-going audience into a larger JL universe that would be the true, almost Marvel-like homerun. I say it’s Jon J’onzz (Did I spell thgat right?)

  7. I hope it is Shazam or Black Adam. Shazam had been given allot of grief, due to the 70′s TV show. It’s time for people to move past that and make the Shazam that he was supposed to be. Plus we could use some magic in this universe.

  8. Guys, he’s most likely gonna be Cyborg. He played for the University of Miami’s football team back in the early 90′s before joining the WWF, so he’d be more comfortable with the background of the character. Snyder already said he was gonna explode the DCCU, so who’s to say that Cyborg doesn’t get a power boost that makes him look impressive against the Man of Steel, among other liberties? (like an underdog boxer against the best in the world that) Cyborg is a popular character from the Teen Titans show that fits right into the age demographic, and Geoff Johns (one of the films producers) wrote up a popular retelling of his origins that integrated Cyborg into the JL (We may even get a “Booyah” while he scores a touchdown or something corny that only the Rock can pull off). I can go on…

    • Great points!

  9. Im gonna go with Black Adam for this one.

  10. Sometimes I wish I was a famous actor just so I could troll fanboys like this. I bet The Rock is both itching to say which character he is going to play and enjoying dropping hints and watching the reactions.

  11. Shazam!

    • That was from 2012

  12. I think he may be talking about Steel (John H. Irons). I mean, he isn’t that well known, and I think he could do a better job at it than Shaq did (even though he wasn’t that bad).


  14. great now this project just reached JJ Abrams level secrecy, let Dwayne be whatever character is he, he will do justice to it, but please do not replace Hal Jordan with John Stewart, Hal Jordan and Barry Allen team up and chemistry is pretty awesome and Hal is funny moreover Ryan Reynolds has the star power to attract more people, so yeah

  15. Dwayne has shown stoic with Hobbs in fast 6

  16. Hobbs has it in spades

  17. Ares in a wonder woman standalone movie

  18. I think him as J’onn (the martian manhunter) would do very well. It fits all three of his requirements and Dwayne Johnson could make a great J’onn.

  19. What if he’s just throwing us off the scent, and he’s playing a normal character, maybe Crispus Allen.

  20. I just want him to scream: “BOOOOYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

  21. My sources say he will be playing CYBORG….

  22. cyborg seems legit

  23. It will be Steel.

  24. Great suggestions listed in the thread but surprised that no one (or at least I didn’t see any mention of it) thought of ICON or HARDWARE for the ROCK/DJ to portray. Both are from the DC/Milestone universe which I believe has now been collapsed to just DC. ICON has been featured in the animated series Young Justice but outside of the comic book run, I haven’t seen much of him or HARDWARE. There are some great characters from Milestone that would be fun to see on the big screen. And if done right, could make a decent splash much like the movie that launched this superhero bandwagon of films, BLADE (the only rated R superhero movie. Nice.)

    Just a thought.

  25. DARKSIED!!!!!!