Rumor Patrol: Will Dwayne Johnson Play Green Lantern John Stewart?

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Batman vs Superman Dwayne Johnson John Stewart Rumor Patrol: Will Dwayne Johnson Play Green Lantern John Stewart?

One can tell if the anticipation for a movie has reached peak levels when even the most tangential piece of information about its development can spark a small Internet firestorm. Such has been the case with the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, the film still going by the placeholder name Batman vs. Superman.

In previous weeks, rumors and counter-rumors regarding various actors and characters involved with the production have flown thick about the Web. One of the most persistent involves actor Dwayne Johnson (Fast and Furious 7) speaking with DC Comics regarding a mystery role in their evolving film universe. Now, yet another tenuous rumor connects Johnson to a role previously whispered to be going to Denzel Washington – that of the Green Lantern, John Stewart.

Writer Peter Georgiu of ThinkMcFlyThink shared the rumor that Johnson is being considered for the role of John Stewart earlier today via Twitter feed:

Later, Georgiu clarified that the information is a rumor heard “… through the industry grapevine,” but is hardly confirmed. He acknowledged that the assertion is currently nebulous, but that also that the rumblings were interesting enough that he, “… thought if [he] put it out there, people would look into it.”

The rumor has been given some strength by a Tweet exchange dusted off by Comic Book Movie, in which Johnson seemed to hint at being in talks for the role of Green Lantern. Though it dates from April of 2013, scuttlebutt has apparently put Johnson in contact with DC Comics regarding an eventual film role.

Given even the initial source’s acknowledgement of this rumor’s tenuousness, it should be taken only after overturning an entire salt shaker. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting proposition that merits a bit of pondering.

Dwayne Johnson Faster Rumor Patrol: Will Dwayne Johnson Play Green Lantern John Stewart?

John Stewart has long been characterized (in both his comic book and animated incarnations) as the most straight-laced and military-minded of the human Green Lanterns. This makes Johnson a curious choice for the role, given that a straight adaptation of the character would strip away the grinning swagger that made Johnson so compelling a ringside presence during his days in the WWE.

This is not to say that Johnson would be bad for the role – even after appearing in many mediocre films, the former wrestler remains a consistently engaging screen presence. Additionally, his recent turns as a taciturn federal agent in the Fast and Furious franchise show that he can play grim stoicism just as well as he can goofy bravado.

Until any kind of hard evidence or confirmation of this rumor floats to the surface, we at Screen Rant will treat it more as a fun thought experiment than something to worry over. Any role for The Rock in the DC film universe would be a coup – whether it’s as a heroic space cop or as an anti-heroic space bounty hunter.


Batman vs. Superman will rock theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Twitter [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. I support this.

  2. Muscles need love too.

  3. it’s like Idris Elba is the only good black actor

    • Listen man, I didn’t support Idris Elba for Lex when that rumor was floating around, because he doesn’t fit the role. But he certainly fits Jon Stewart’s role like a glove. The only explanation here is the fact Idris is already Hamidal on Marvel’s Thor franchise. As for Johnson, he’s a massive beast of a man… I don’t think Jon Stewart ever was that much of a giant. Imagine how higher he’ll hulk over Clark when they meet up.

      • Exactly, and wasn’t it the other day he was rumored the role to be Lex Luthor, now switching to the good side? I’m sorry I’m confused here.

    • hes not that good.

  4. Idris Elba or gtfo.

    • + what you said, Elba is JS lantern

    • I would rather they not waste Elba on the impending train wreck.

  5. That`s ridiculous, Dwayne is a freaking Beast there’s no way he can be John Stewart idk

  6. why not, i think this role would be good for him, and i love the rock.

  7. Rather him be luke cage but whatever dc wants

  8. The aspect of John Stewart that always intrigued me is he’s an architect. Something about the mind of an architect building constructs with a green power ring is kind of cool to me. Maybe I’m just a little biased that my professional world gets some comic book world credibility. That said, I would want to see some intellect associated with Stewart’s portrayal. Maybe Dwayne is capable of such a performance. But I’ve yet to see him do much more than play either action hero or a radical opposite to the type (Be Cool).

  9. I like the Rock, I just think he’s a little too silly for this role.

  10. There’s only one character the Rock should play and he is Black Adam! Make it happen DC!

  11. I like the Rock, but not as Jon Stewart. So I guess Hal Jordan is dead again?

    • They could just explain that Hal is off earth patrolling the sector.

      • Or dead
        Or never existed.

  12. I think if the rumors are true he’ll get the role. The Rock was the highest grossing movie actor for 2013. His movies make bank. I think it would be interesting to see what he could do with the role. I never got into the GL comics too much, but in the Justice League cartoons John Stewart had swag.

    • Yes,he could make solo films very successful for wb/DC but he would also be a perfect cyborg(+he played football nd is giant as everyone mentions)

  13. I severely doubt that DC will invest in a top-dollar star to play a character they were scheming to kill off just last year.

    • They will if they want to make the character more attractive to the general public. I support this, but I would like if he were Cyborg more.

      I would like this for the lineup(assuming there going for more than the big five)

      Superman – Henry Cavil
      Batman – Ben Affleck
      Wonder Woman – Gal Gadot
      Green Lantern – Idris Elba
      Flash – Chris Pine
      Cyborg – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

      If they go for 7 then…

      Nightwing (Another human on the team that as a bonus could do some awesome teamwork fighting scenes with Bats) – Sam Claflin or Matt Bomer

      • I’m not so sure about Chris Pine. Would he want to be locked down in two franchises simultaneously?

        And: as much as I appreciate Matt Bomer due to his devil-may-care swag in White Collar, Nightwing should strictly be kept in the Batman solo flick universe and never show up in the big team-up. Also, he’s 36 years old – yes, he’s got that youthful quality about him that could be enhanced with make-up, but still for this reason he wouldn’t be an ideal casting choice.

        I’d love to see him in in the DCCU in some capacity though, maybe as Green Arrow (should WB decide against Stephen Amell) or, yeah, make him Flash. He may be ‘hungrier’ to prove himself than Pine.

        • Idk know why he should never be in Justice Leauge. I think hes a great supporting character that could move up easily and the team could benefit from another human, esspicially one so close to Batman. Plus, he’s badass and I think main stream audiences will like him. I like Bomer as him, but I like Claflin more actually. He proved himself in Catching Fire for me greatly.

          Flash, I think Pine is perfect and would do great. Yes, Im not sure he’ll sign up for it though, but it would be the best franchise for him to sign up for imho. If not Pine Im not sure who. Im suee theres someone else but I like Pine for the role.

          • My main gripe with Bomer was his age compared to Affleck’s.

            And: if Batman includes one or several members of his ‘crime-fighting family’, what would stop Superman (Kara?), Green Lantern (alien or human Corps members) or any of the others from doing the same, which would result in an overcrowded movie.

            I can certainly appreciate your thinking when it comes to adding more non-metas. But why not choose Green Arrow for that role instead?

  14. Hal can show up and be remorseful for being to over worked to help stop the destruction in Metropolis… And needs help… Enter the architect help rebuilding Metropolis The Rock!

  15. Dwayne Johnsen is not playing John Stewart, he’s playing Cyborg…

    • If he’s an antagonist then I’m fine with it.

    • I looked up this link and learned that it leads towards a horribly put together fan-artwork that has Dwayne’s head on a Green Lantern dress-up costume. :D

  16. I don’t like Dwayne as gl. he’s a decent actor, but idris elba is a better fit heimdall never gets any play in thor so it’d an easy decision for him. Dwayne Johnson I think is a good fit for lobo, I think he fits that character like a glove.

    no one has mentioned ralph fiennes as lex luthor. he was already a big villain in a warner bros property idk why he hasn’t been mentioned.

    and to end my rant please screenrant can we stop being bombarded with rumors everyday. I find it’s diminishing the anticipation for the film. when something is set in stone and released to the press then you should post.

    in a 2 week span you’ve put rumors for 3 possible grren lantern candidates. the movie I’ve been waiting for my entire life is starting to drop down a few notches

    • dont blame sr when your readin the articles of rumors.

    • I’d never thought of Johnson as Lobo, but that’s actually pretty good. I still think Jason Momoa is the perfect Lobo. Johnson IMO would be the perfect Prince Namor Sub Mariner in the Marvel universe.

  17. My head is a mess already for too many rumors and sh*t!
    I like The Rock as Green Lantern, btw.

  18. I will watch The Rock in everything … And yes i have seen toothfairy

  19. There is also “John Henry Irons (Steel)”. all they said is that the rock is in talks with DC.

  20. I do not support this move. I think that Zack Snyder and company have been given to much free roam when it comes to DC’s vault and I think Warner Bros should just wise up and give him the axe. I do think the first mentioned actor Denzel Washington would be a much better choice…A) Because he can act, B)Because he can be taken seriously, and C) Because he can act…(Oh did I say that already?) I think Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is better off as F%F and WWE than he was in anything else, and if DC was to pick him up it should be in an entirely different role like Black Adam or Bizarro. I think this Justice League wannabe that is Batman Vs. Superman is going to be a heap of junk, and Avengers Age of Ultron will DESTROY it in box office. Which is a shame because truth have it, I think Justice League would have made for a much better Silver Screen movie than Avengers, had it been done right. But the world may never know. I know I personally have penned 2 scripts one is being reviewed at the moment for a Digimon Live Action movie with Bandai and have finished up a Justice League Origin story which would be my direction for interpreting the JLA is to give each Super his own Origin and how the unite, then culminate them into a final movie of them altogether. I think it would much better than the trek Warner Bros will be putting out 2014

  21. I’m not too keen on having a Green Lantern that looks way more physically imposing than Superman and Batman. As a villian it would be fine, but seeing as Green Lantern’s power is not his strength but his ring it just reads odd to have such a behemoth as Johnson.

  22. How about this…Rock as cyborg…nw that i can live with…

  23. Um, what? If this is true then it makes no sense.

    GLs do not need to be muscular, their power is mind/ring based. Hiring someone like D. Johnson to play John Stewart is dumb. There are far better choices for John Stewart.

    Johnson has a god range, has screen presence and is HUGE. He is 6’5″ and HUGE. For reference the current Superman is 6’0″

    It would not work visually. Whatever role he might play, it won’t be GL John Stewart.

    • well last time I checked some people work out for fun and being that John Stewart was an ex-marine would say he would have a kind of stature anyway, Johnson looks like a real like superhero give the dude a chance I say he has played military characters in other films and suprisingly has a good range, don’t slate him before you watch him.

      • He is 6’5″ and built like a tank. If he is cast he will be not be GL John Stewart. I’d put money on it.

  24. i love the rock i think he will give it his all. give him a chance

  25. “Oh no! Ben is batman!” -”Why isn’t Christian bale batman!” (That’s where the virus began and spread) “Oh no Gal doesn’t have big enough boobs”-”idris is the only black actor I know so he must be john Stewart!”-”he’s not old at all….”-”oh no the rock is involved now! This movies gonna suck” …….. 2years of constant complaining… EVERYONE on here WILL watch ManOfSteel2…
    It’s a guarantee. “Marvel is so much better” “we can’t wait to see a story that’s already been done in the comics!…oh wait man of steel is its own original story, its gonna suck” Get over it

    • LOL, it’s funny but also this is a film that’s a train wreak waiting to happen. Truthfully, I want this film to succeed but I am also not as hyped up for this movie as I once was. It has sort of become the Robocop movie sort of feeling now in which the ideas sound okay but it’s not all that impressive

  26. So where are all the “comic book purists” (not racists) that hate the idea of MBJ as the Torch on this lne? The Rock is half black, so that’s okay? So if MBJ was half-white, he’d be fine? Yeah, bull. These people would still be complaining. “Make more half-Samoan, half-black superheroes; don’t change ones that are already established!”

    That being said, I hope MBJ gets to play Torch and while I’m not sure I see Johnson as John Stewart, it could be worse. Rather see him as Luthor or Doomsday and Momoa as Lobo.

    • Maybe it’s because this is just a rumor, and no one knows what he is talking to DC about.

  27. Idris Elba is the best choice for John Stewart. The Rock would be great for Black Adam or Lobo though. Maybe even Doomsday.